Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner 1 Litre
Bilt Hamber
Bilt Hamber AutoWheel is a non-acid, non-alkaline wheel cleaner - quick , safe for alloys and in over 90% of cases you don't even need to touch the wheel - just apply, leave and hose off. In most cases steel and alloy wheels are either lacquered or painted these coatings protect the metallic surface from corrosion and provide attractive finishes to automotive road wheels. As vehicles brake the dust generated from pads discs and drums is at elevated temperatures, amongst this hot cloud are thousands of particles of hot metallic particles, these bombard the wheel finishes and effectively embed themselves in the finish. Once lodged they are extremely difficult to remove, acid based wheel cleaners attack these metal particles and effectively attack the particle reducing its size allowing the particle and dirt clinging to it to escape, caustic wheel cleaners are less effective than acid ones on brake dust but can attack organic coatings such as lacquers and paints on short exposure they attack any organic matter accumulated around the embedded particle and produce a seemingly clean surface, however with continued use they will dull and diminish the coating leaving a wheel surface that needs refinishing. Safer AND more effective - auto-wheel works in an entirely different way, and has proven itself by winning independent tests conducted by the UK's biggest selling automotive magazine even against powerful acid and alkaline cleaners. Keep material away from children. Avoid skin contact with neat liquid wash from skin or eyes with copious quantities of clean water immediately. Do not ingest.
Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose
Hozelock 2595 AutoReel Retract Hose System + 40 Metres of Hose HOZ2595 This Hozelock wall mounted hose reel automatically rewinds the hose without any kinks, tangles or effort. It has a 180º pivot allowing it to reach every area of the garden. It also has a child lock to prevent misuse and a padlock function to stop theft.The Hose Reel includes:2m feeder hose to connect to the tap (this can be extended using any 12.5mm hose). Spray nozzle with variable spray options. All necessary fittings (3/4 inch and 1/2 inch tap connector, Hose end Connector and Water Stop connector). Wall bracket and fixings. Full instructions on installation and use.The HOZ2595 AutoReel is supplied with 40 metres of premium anti-kink hose. HOZ2595
Ring RAC635 Preset Digital Tyre Inflator, Air Compressor Tyre Pump, 3 Min Tyre Inflation, LED Light, Carry Case, Valve Adaptors, 12V
Inflates a tyre in under 3 minutes, saving you time Simple rotating dial to preset which automatically stops at your desired pressure Red light for SOS and white light for night time illumination, helping you to inflate your tyre on the roadside in the dark Complete 3 piece adaptors suitable for inflating sports balls and small inflatables Complete with handy storage case allowing you to safetly store the compressor in your boot when not in use
Autoglym The Collection - Perfect Wheels
The Autoglym Collection represents the very best in car care. It's 3-step routine that has been designed to make it easier for you to experience that perfect, long-lasting Autoglym finish. Once tried, nothing else will do. This collection contains three carefully chosen products to help you clean, polish and protect your car wheels. Set Contains: - 500ml Clean Wheels: Clean wheels is the perfect cleaner for regular alloy wheels. The fast acting formula removes dirt and brake dust from your wheels quickly, effectively and safely - 500ml Instant Tyre Dressing: Dressing your tyres returns them to a natural black sheen, making older rubber look new again. This is an essential step for the perfectionist. - 450ml Wheel Protector: Wheel protector is a protective coating for all types of wheel. It is easy to use and makes on going wheel care simple. Dirt is caught on the coating rather than attacking the wheel directly.
Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease
Hay House Inc.
The #1 New York Times best-selling author and beloved healing authority reveals how taking your liver off overload can help resolve a wide range of symptoms and conditions--and transform your health in ways you've never imagined.What if you could focus on one aspect of your well-being to transform all the others--and at the same time prevent health problems you didn't even know were lurking beneath the surface?In today's world, we have no idea how many symptoms, conditions, and diseases are rooted in an overloaded liver. It's not only about liver cancer, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. Nearly every challenge--from pesky general health complaints to digestive issues to emotional struggles to weight gain to high blood pressure to heart problems to brain fog to skin conditions to autoimmune and other chronic illnesses--has an origin in an overloaded liver and can improve and heal when you harness the force of this humble organ.Medical Medium Liver Rescue offers the answers you should have had all along. With his signature compassion, Anthony William, the Medical Medium, shares unparalleled insights into undiscovered functions of our life-saving livers, explains what's behind dozens of health issues that hold us back, and offers detailed guidance on how to move forward so we can live our best lives. Find out for yourself what liver rescue is all about: being clearer-headed, more peaceful, happier, and better able to adapt to our fast-changing times. Learn how to sleep well, balance blood sugar, lower blood pressure, lose weight, and look and feel younger. A healthy liver is the ultimate de-stressor, anti-aging ally, and safeguard against a threatening world--if we give it the right support.
Morphy Richards Steam Generator iron Power Steam Elite with Auto Clean and Safety Lock 332012 Purple/Black Steam Generator Iron
Morphy Richards
The mountain of ironing before you always looks intimidating, but with the 332012 you can spend more of your time relaxing, with 6.5 bar pressure and 2400 wattage in order to get through everything rapidly without having to sacrifice on crease busting power. Safety Features Use the carry lock to easily lock the iron to the steam generator to cool down before storing away, also with cable management around the base. Automatic Shut Down is the best fail-safe mechanism possible, if left for longer than 10 minutes then the iron will automatically switch itself off, just in case it's been forgotten about. Vertical Steaming Using the deep penetrating heat and moisture, the 332012 Power Steam Elite can be used to remove creases from hanging curtains or even freshen up duvets and mattresses. If you have something you need dry cleaning you can also use this iron to do so with ease, vertical steaming is without a doubt one of the most convenient features on the 332012 Iron. Unique Auto-Cleaning Keep your steam generator working at it's finest for longer, resulting in ultimate performance. This unique feature allows the steam generator to look after itself and remove limescale, this allows you to sit back and relax without having to worry about buying filters too. The automatic process will begin after every 5Litres of steam has been used and will occur whilst your iron heats up so you won't even notice it!
Travelrest - Ultimate Travel Pillow / Neck Pillow - Ergonomic, Patented & Adjustable for Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs (Rolls Up Small)
WALL STREET JOURNAL "Best Travel Pillow! It makes 11 hours in a 17-inch-wide seat more bearable" BOSTON GLOBE "a nice way to nap" "it lived up to its name" USA TODAY "just begs you to snuggle up and take a nap" SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER "Best Travel Pillows" "two thumbs up" MSNBC "size-wise or price-wise, small is beautiful" "offers a different approach to airborne slumber" VAGABLOND "My new travel BFF" " I could just kiss (the inventor) for designing this snazzy little guy" CHICAGO TRIBUNE "The tether works, and the long, curved design of the pillow gives a delicious sense of snuggling up with one of those full-body bed pillows" CRUNCH GEAR "it works as advertised" "I was the only one waking up from my naps without a cramped neck" CURVE MAGAZINE "the best travel pillow out there thanks to its ergonomic shape" PEOPLE MAGAZINE "much more comfortable than those horseshoe pillows" HAPPILY TRAVELING "I slept like a well fed baby. I highly recommend it. No more stiff mangled necks here!" GEAR DIARY "I recommend this pillow over the stuffed horseshoe ones" GO EUROPE/ABOUT-COM "More stable than other neck pillows" HIP COMPASS "the most comfortable travel pillow I have ever used" LOS ANGELES TIMES "long flights can be a little more comfy with these compact travel pillows"
SkinPep Auto make-up - Professional Style Make Up Applicator, Easy To Use - SkinPep Best Choice For Premium Quality Make Up Applicator
Professional style make up applicator, easy to use, even smooth coverage. FAQ's Q. I understand that SkinPep® Auto Make-Up is an alternative to the traditional skin make up applicators (Brush, foam, pads) what kind of coverage can I expect? A.      SkinPep® Auto Make-Up Applicator is designed to provide even diffusion of the skin make up for a natural satiny finish. SkinPep® Auto Make-Up's unique vibration technology gives even coverage without streaks or unnatural build up that occurs from using traditional applicators. We recommend using high coverage makeup product with our SkinPep® Auto Make-Up for the best results. Q. Can I use SkinPep® Auto Make-Up with my regular skin makeup products? A.      Yes, you can use our SkinPep® Auto Make-Up with your regular skin makeup products. Q. Can I only use SkinPep® Auto Make-Up with my liquid or cream type foundation? A.      No, SkinPep® Auto Make-Up can be used to apply variety of skin products such as moisturizer, sun block cream/powder, BB cream, foundation, cream blush, powder pack and powder blush. Q. Is your puff made with hygienic and safe materials? A.      Yes, our Rubicell puffs are made of the highest quality anti-microbial foam and have been designed to provide you with softest and finest application. Q. How long does one puff last if I use it on a regular basis? A.      The life span of the puff depends on your usage; however, it can last for many months. Following a few simple instructions will extend the life of the puff. Be careful not to tear the puff while removing it from the SkinPep® Auto Make-Up applicator. Wash the puff with any type of gentle cleanser such as facial cleaner, foam cleanser an
Petastical Premium Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs | Waterproof Car Seat Protector for Pets and Kids | Use as Car Hammock for Pets or Back Seat Covers for Dogs | Quilted, Non-Slip Back
Marod Enterprises Limited
Are you looking for a car seat cover for your pet which is easy to install, easy to clean and has a design which goes well with the interior of your car? Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many amazing features and benefits: PETASTICAL DOG SEAT COVERS FOR CARS IN COLOUR PINK - Make your car pet-friendly and let him/her accompany you on a road adventure - Helps Achieve Peace of mind - as you always know that your dog is comfortable & safe behind and so is the car seat - Investment that's a good value for money - durable, easy to use and elegant design - Versatile - can be used to transport objects carrying lot of dust on the back seat without soiling the car seat, to protect the trunk or just as a protection below baby car seat - Easy to clean and folds to a compact form for easy storage - Easy to get the car ready for passengers in minutes - simply remove the cover - Makes an ideal gift for any pet and dog owner You need a seat cover (unless you LOVE car cleaning) Get your Petastical car seat cover today!
20 Litres - Vehicle Super Wash & Wax CLEENOL Car Shampoo. PBS Medicare Best Price Auto Cleen Car Shampoo - is a neutral car wax shampoo with an exceptionally high degree of cleaning power. Leaves vehicles with a deep, lustrous finish.
PBS Medicare
20 Litres - Vehicle Super Wash & Wax CLEENOL Car Shampoo. PBS Medicare Best Price Auto Cleen Car Shampoo - is a neutral car wax shampoo with an exceptionally high degree of cleaning power. Leaves vehicles with a deep, lustrous finish.
Miami Police Crime Simulator
Crazy Neuron Studio
Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite With Auto Clean And Safety Lock 332013 Steam Generator Red Black
Morphy Richards
The Morphy Richards Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite 332013 Steam Generator Iron delivers crease-curing steam to glide through layers of the toughest fabrics and the most stubborn creases, helping you get the job done faster. With the convenient auto clean function there's no need to clean or mess around with filters - it does all the hard work for you. Auto clean takes away all the hassle, reducing damaging limescale build-up, and helping to extend the powerful steam performance of your iron. Designed with you in mind, the Steam Elite has a generous 2.2 litre water tank so you'll spend less time refilling it and more time speeding through your ironing pile.
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Meguiar's A7301 Luxurious Lambs Wool Wash Mitt
Meguiar's Car Care Products
Our lambswool wash mitt will pamper your paintwork and is ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily. Gentle washing action of genuine lambswool is much better than sponges and conventional wash mitts - on the reverse side there is a special, non-abrasive bug remover.