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Auto Finish Mirror Gloss Sealant 500ml
Auto Finish
Mirror Gloss Sealant
2 X 400ml (14 floz) Chrome Effect Spray Paint Quality Mirror Finish Auto Car DIY
brand new 2 X 400ml Chrome Effect Spray Paint Auto DIY Car Trendy Foil Mirror Finish Metallic Rejuvenate tired and worn wheels and chrome work, using Auto Extreme Chrome Effect Quick Drying Chrome Effect Ideal for Cars, Motorcycles and Bicycle Parts The Chrome Effect Spray is suitable for a wide range of applications Many Other Artistic or Household Uses Perfect for painting sculptures, gates and metalwork. Chrome 400ml PRODUCT INFORMATION: This spray paint is specially formulated for both interior and exterior application. It also has excellent coverage and adhesion and is both quick and is easy to use with minimal loss. Quick drying, bright finish, makes surface smooth. Each spray can contains 400ml Please Note: This chrome paint gives a good chrome finish if applied correctly. It is not suitable for high temperature use. If you're looking for a 100% Chrome Finish or require it to stand high temperatures the only way is to get your item Chromium Plated.
400ml Auto Extreme Professional Quality Perfect Gloss Finish Blue Gloss Interior & Exterior Aerosol Spray Paint Cans For Cans Bikes Vans & Other surfaces (4)
This product can be applied to a multitude of other surfaces such as Metal, Wood, Plastic and even Glass with the correct preparation. This blue body Spray Paint will renovate and transform your wheels. With a classic, smooth touch, Gloss finish, it brings a new lease of life to tired alloys. Furthermore, this Gloss spray paint has been specially designed to give a stunning finish to other parts of your vehicle. You can even use it on furniture in your home. Simply apply and leave for 16 hours to dry - a great way to revamp your home, all the while keeping costs down. Covers 2m² per litre on average. In addition - Surface preparation: For best results, ensure surface is clean, dry & free from loose paint, mould & mildew, wax or oil. If wax has been used, clean the surface thoroughly with white spirit. We recommend that bare wood should be sanded before painting. Hard glossy surfaces should be abraded before painting. Cover surrounding areas to protect from spray mist. Also - You can apply this to a multitude of other surfaces such as Metal, Wood, Plastic and even Glass with the correct preparation. Interior & Exterior Coverage - 2m² per litre Drying time - 16 hours Recoat time - 4 hours Touch dry time - 1 hour Paint/Stain/Varnish base - Solvent-based VOC description - Very high Highly concentrated
Autosmart Finish, Exterior Dressing, 5L, Official
Finish is a highly concentrated trade strength dressing designed to instantly rejuvenate and protect vinyl, rubber and plastic. Shines, rejuvenates and protects vinyl, rubber and plastic For interior trim, dashboards and engine bays Highly concentrated, can be diluted for a natural finish Solvent free, suitable for vehicle interiors and confined areas Buy with confidence direct from the manufacturer:- Quality assured - trade strength guaranteed Latest formulation Packaged and labelled for home use Full factory back up and support UK Trade Specification
Autoglym AG 185003 Fast Glass, 500ml
Altro Ltd.
AUTOGLYM FAST GLASS - 500MLFast Glass is a quick spray on, wipe off cleaner for glass, mirrors, Perspex, acrylic and plastic windows.This cleaner is for use inside and out and cuts through dirt easily.Fast Glass is free from abrasives and quickly removes road grime, insect remains, tree sap, oil, grease and bird droppings.Pro Tip: Fast Glass can be used to remove polish, wax and sealants from unpainted rubber and plastic trim.
Autoglym ITD500US Instant Tyre Dressing, 500ml
Altro Ltd.
Dressing your tyres returns them to a natural black sheen, making older rubber look new again. It is the perfect way to finish your wheels and an essential step for the perfectionist. Instant Tyre Dressing is an easy to use spray on product that can be applied to wet or dry tyre walls. The product can be applied to give a light sheen or matt finish. Pro Tip: Ensure the side wall of the tyre is free of dirt and old coatings so the dressing has maximum contact with the rubber.
Large Autoglym Bottle Quality Bodywork Shampoo, 2.5 Litre
Altro Ltd.
Careful regular washing removes traffic film. Greatly assists in preserving the finish and appearance of your vehicle. Special additional ingredients form a glossy water-repellent barrier. Protect and extend the effect of Autoglym polishes.
Samsung MS23H3125AK - Solo Sensor Microwave Oven in Black Finish
Samsung MS23H3125AK - Solo Sensor Microwave Oven in Black Finish
Pikes Peak

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Autoglym Super Resin Polish, 1L
Altro Ltd.
Why Choose Autoglym Super Resin Polish? We honestly believe SRP is the best polish around, its so easy to use, ideal for the beginner and trusted by professionals. In 2012 Autoglym have further improved the UK's number one best selling polish to allow for even easier removal. This product cannot damage your paint and can be left on for any period of time before removal with a clean microfibre cloth. Just follow the simple instructions on the bottle and be amazed at the results. See below for handy tips and demo video clip Autoglym Super Resin Polish is exceptionally easy to use and will impart an exceptional shine to your paintwork. The new and improved 2012 formulation is virtually dust free allowing even easier removal saving you time and furhter enhancing the end result. Periodic polishing gently removes harmful surface residue and imparts a tough, glossy, protective barrier to preserve your pride and joy from the environment. Ideal for all types and colours of new or moderately deteriorated vehicle paintwork, including metallic, clearcoat and waterbased paint finishes. Note We also supply Radiant wax 5ltr which is Autoglym's improved formula of Super Resin Polish. Handy Tips Apply polish to entire bodywork and complete all other valeting tasks, i.e., cleaning glass and dressing plastic trim, before finally removing polish to reveal shine. This technique will avoid marking polished paintwork if other tasks are carried out first. Use a suitable 100% cotton cloth to apply polish, i.e. Autoglym Perfect Polishing Cloth. Other cloths with synthetic fibres may cause fine scratching. Apply polish to the cloth, not directly to your vehicle. Spread in large, circular overlapping motions. Before it dries, even out into long straight lines, along the axis of the vehicle. Take care not to apply polish to absorbent surfaces i.e., unpainted plastics and rubber trim.
Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner 1 Litre
Bilt Hamber
Bilt Hamber AutoWheel is a non-acid, non-alkaline wheel cleaner - quick , safe for alloys and in over 90% of cases you don't even need to touch the wheel - just apply, leave and hose off. In most cases steel and alloy wheels are either lacquered or painted these coatings protect the metallic surface from corrosion and provide attractive finishes to automotive road wheels. As vehicles brake the dust generated from pads discs and drums is at elevated temperatures, amongst this hot cloud are thousands of particles of hot metallic particles, these bombard the wheel finishes and effectively embed themselves in the finish. Once lodged they are extremely difficult to remove, acid based wheel cleaners attack these metal particles and effectively attack the particle reducing its size allowing the particle and dirt clinging to it to escape, caustic wheel cleaners are less effective than acid ones on brake dust but can attack organic coatings such as lacquers and paints on short exposure they attack any organic matter accumulated around the embedded particle and produce a seemingly clean surface, however with continued use they will dull and diminish the coating leaving a wheel surface that needs refinishing. Safer AND more effective - auto-wheel works in an entirely different way, and has proven itself by winning independent tests conducted by the UK's biggest selling automotive magazine even against powerful acid and alkaline cleaners. Keep material away from children. Avoid skin contact with neat liquid wash from skin or eyes with copious quantities of clean water immediately. Do not ingest.
Chemical Guys (CWS_995_16 Meticulous Matte Auto Wash for Satin/Matte Finish Paint - 16 oz
Chemical Guys
The Meticulous Matte Auto Wash for Satin Finish and Matt Finish Paint is designed to clean matte wrap and matte painted finishes. This wash is formulated with citrus extracts to easily remove dirt and road grime from the surface of the matte finished vehicle. The advanced formula is designed to provide your vehicle with a satin appearance which compliments your matte painted or wrapped finish. The unique cleaning polymers give zero streaks for the ultimate matte appearance. The pH balanced formula can even be used in direct sunlight providing the user with the ability to wash their matte car, truck, motorcycle, or RV in any environment. Meticulous Matte Auto Wash is formulated with advanced slickening agents that allow your wash mitt to glide gently over the surface to ensure your matte wrap or painted surfaces stay scratch-free and looking good for years. Meticulous Matte Auto Wash is super concentrated to a 1:4000 dilution ratio for maximum cleaning power. Simply mix 1 ounce of Meticulous Matte Auto Wash to 5 gallons of water for the perfect weekly wash.
CASEBOT Genuine Leather Case for All-New Kindle Oasis (10th Gen, 2019 Release & 9th Gen, 2017 Release) - Slim Fit Cover with SF Coated Non Slip Matte Finish Back Case with Auto Wake/Sleep, Burgundy
CaseBot, a premium series brought to you by Fintie! Compatibility: Custom designed for Amazon All-new Kindle Oasis (10th Generation, 2019 Release & 9th Generation, 2017 Release).Protect your 7-Inch Kindle Oasis with this Fintie Slim Case at all times! The Fintie Slim Case sports a simple and classy design. The back shell is made from durable polycarbonate material so you do not need to worry about any damages. It offers an easy clip-on application. The cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand. Our innovative cover was designed to specifically fit your Kindle Oasis and secures your device without any hinges or straps. Thin, lightweight, and durable, this cover is perfect for taking Kindle Oasis wherever you go. The Fintie Slim Case comes in a variety of bright, fun colours, the widest selections to suite your taste. Available in a variety of bright and fun colours.
Auto Extreme Automotive Grey Primer SprayPaint Perfect Finish Bike Car Van 250ml (4)
Wilsons Direct
Aerosol Spray Cans 250ml Cars & Vans Auto Spray Paint Each Can Is A Handy 250ml Cans Of Paint Contain No CFCs And Will Give Excellent Coverage And Adhesion Easy And Quick Spraying Operation Which Helps Minimize Loss Of Paint Quick Drying Bright Finish Makes The Surface Smooth And Good For Interior And Exterior Application
Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar Regular 200g
Bilt Hamber
Bilt Hamber auto-clay is a paint smoothing bar, designed to get your paintwork looking great and to keep it staying that way. By removing harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, Bilt Hamber auto-clay improves the durability of your paint work and increases the gloss level of subsequent waxes. Auto-clay removes particles from your car's paintwork which can't be removed by washing, waxing or polishing such as brake dust, insect residue, bird droppings or tree sap. Use of auto-clay will leave a glass smooth ultra clean finish ready for waxing. Bilt Hamber clays are supplied as a 200g bar - that's TWICE THE SIZE of many other bars! And unlike most competitors, Bilt Hamber clay bars don't require a separate special lubricant; ordinary tap water can be used. Comes with full instructions. Our top tip - keep the surface good and wet!
(Pack of 4) Autotek Silver Wheel Spray Paint 500ml Fast Drying Tough Hard Semi Gloss Finish for Car Van trailer Wheels
Autotek Silver Wheel Spray Paint 500ml Modern acrylic formulation Fast drying, easy to use Excellent resistance to weathering Excellent exterior durability and toughness Bright semi gloss finish Professional finish
1 x Vinyl Germany Flag Sticker Deutschland National Auto Moto Motocross Motosport Start Racing Number 7 Rally Race Car Bike Motorcycle Tuning N 257
Hot laminated stickers made of high quality vinyl.100% UV protection. High quality PVC film.The strong adhesive surface of the film is a guarantee of high quality and long-lasting bonding. The stickers must be glued on a smooth and clean surface! It is required that you clean the surface on which our stickers would be put with a clean cotton or woolen cloth. Package includes: 1pcs : 7 cm x 10 cm. 100% Brand Neu
Samsung MS23H3125AK - Solo Sensor Microwave Oven in Black Finish
Samsung MS23H3125AK - Solo Sensor Microwave Oven in Black Finish
Bilt Hamber Auto Foam (5 Litre)
Bilt Hamber
Bilt-Hamber's auto-foam, is the result of extensive in-house research and development. auto-foam will reduce even further the possibility of damage to paintwork by presenting you with beautifully clear FOD free paint, ready for subsequent detailing. There is absolutely no point in using expensive waxes and sealants striving to achieve a perfect end finish if you don't get the basics right at the outset. Most swirls and paint imperfections have to be addressed later on in the process because of poor detailing preparation and the effects of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) on paint (such as 'own goal' damage from grit and grime) having to be removed. However careful we all might strive to be, sometimes, we make mistakes and damage happens. So it makes sense to be as methodical and as careful as we can be, from the very first stages of the cleaning process, and not just at the end.