Autoglym Super Resin Polish, 1L
Altro Ltd.
Why Choose Autoglym Super Resin Polish? We honestly believe SRP is the best polish around, its so easy to use, ideal for the beginner and trusted by professionals. In 2012 Autoglym have further improved the UK's number one best selling polish to allow for even easier removal. This product cannot damage your paint and can be left on for any period of time before removal with a clean microfibre cloth. Just follow the simple instructions on the bottle and be amazed at the results. See below for handy tips and demo video clip Autoglym Super Resin Polish is exceptionally easy to use and will impart an exceptional shine to your paintwork. The new and improved 2012 formulation is virtually dust free allowing even easier removal saving you time and furhter enhancing the end result. Periodic polishing gently removes harmful surface residue and imparts a tough, glossy, protective barrier to preserve your pride and joy from the environment. Ideal for all types and colours of new or moderately deteriorated vehicle paintwork, including metallic, clearcoat and waterbased paint finishes. Note We also supply Radiant wax 5ltr which is Autoglym's improved formula of Super Resin Polish. Handy Tips Apply polish to entire bodywork and complete all other valeting tasks, i.e., cleaning glass and dressing plastic trim, before finally removing polish to reveal shine. This technique will avoid marking polished paintwork if other tasks are carried out first. Use a suitable 100% cotton cloth to apply polish, i.e. Autoglym Perfect Polishing Cloth. Other cloths with synthetic fibres may cause fine scratching. Apply polish to the cloth, not directly to your vehicle. Spread in large, circular overlapping motions. Before it dries, even out into long straight lines, along the axis of the vehicle. Take care not to apply polish to absorbent surfaces i.e., unpainted plastics and rubber trim.
Autoglym VP9SBWI The Collection - Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors
This collection contains nine carefully chosen products and accessories to help you clean, polish and protect your car bodywork, wheels and interior
Autoglym ITD500US Instant Tyre Dressing, 500ml
Altro Ltd.
Dressing your tyres returns them to a natural black sheen, making older rubber look new again. It is the perfect way to finish your wheels and an essential step for the perfectionist. Instant Tyre Dressing is an easy to use spray on product that can be applied to wet or dry tyre walls. The product can be applied to give a light sheen or matt finish. Pro Tip: Ensure the side wall of the tyre is free of dirt and old coatings so the dressing has maximum contact with the rubber.
Large Autoglym Bottle Quality Bodywork Shampoo, 2.5 Litre
Altro Ltd.
Careful regular washing removes traffic film. Greatly assists in preserving the finish and appearance of your vehicle. Special additional ingredients form a glossy water-repellent barrier. Protect and extend the effect of Autoglym polishes.
Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax Complete Kit
Altro Ltd.
Autoglym Aqua Wax is specially formulated to impart a brilliant smear-free finish on ALL exterior surfaces, even when the vehicle is wet. The immediate benefit is that there is no need to dry the car between washing and polishing. Autoglym Aqua Wax is suitable for all paint types including metallics, as well as rubber, plastic and glass. Autoglym Aqua Wax is extremely easy to use - simply wash the vehicle, remove excess water, spray the Aqua Wax sparingly on all external surfaces(avoid use on windscreen). Spread it evenly over the applied surfaces with one of the microfibre cloths included in the pack, whilst also removing the remaining water. Finally, use the second microfibre cloth to buff the finish to a high shine. Autoglym Aqua Wax is extremely durable and needs only to be reapplied when treated surfaces cease to repel moisture or when an improvement in appearance is desired. •A durable real wax finish in half the time •No need to dry between washing and polishing •Contains carnauba wax •Supplied in a carry case with two premium quality microfibre towels
Autoglym AG 185003 Fast Glass, 500ml
Altro Ltd.
AUTOGLYM FAST GLASS - 500MLFast Glass is a quick spray on, wipe off cleaner for glass, mirrors, Perspex, acrylic and plastic windows.This cleaner is for use inside and out and cuts through dirt easily.Fast Glass is free from abrasives and quickly removes road grime, insect remains, tree sap, oil, grease and bird droppings.Pro Tip: Fast Glass can be used to remove polish, wax and sealants from unpainted rubber and plastic trim.
Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care, 500ml - White
Altro Ltd.
Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care conditions and protects interior and exterior trim Creates an anti-static barrier resistant to dust, moisture, staining and the long-term effects of strong sunlight
Autoglym Bodywork Wash & Protect Complete Kit
Squeaky clean paintwork with a lasting shine is easy to achieve with our Bodywork Wash & Protect Complete Kit. Bodywork Shampoo removes everyday contaminants from your vehicle. Rapid Aqua Wax, the best kept secret in car care, protects that beautiful clean shine. Our carnauba based Rapid Aqua Wax can be applied directly to a wet vehicle straight after washing, giving you a stunning hard wax finish in just a fraction of the time.
Autoglym 945107155 Magma Liquid Clay 500ml, 500 ml
Autoglym Polar Blast Een volle schuimende sneeuwdeken welke u aanbrengt met een hoge drukspuit of schuimpistool. Polar Blast sneeuwschuim kan worden gebruikt als een extra stap voorafgaand aan het echte wassen, doordat het schuim zich aan het vuil vastklampt wordt de ergste verontreiniging al bij voorbaat verwijdert wat de kans op krassen tijdens het wassen met de spons aanzienlijk vermindert. De pH neutrale samenstelling doet geen afbreuk aan reeds op de lak aanwezige wax-lagen! Werkwijze: Voor u begint eerst checken of de auto en de wielen niet warm zijn en niet werken in de volle zon Polar Blast kan in verschillende verhoudingen worden toegepast, ga uit van een verhouding 100 ml product op 500 ml water. Stel het pistool bij indien u meer of juist minder schuim wilt. Spuit Polar Blast over de auto en werk van onder naar boven en verzeker u ervan dat alles onder het schuim bedekt wordt, ook ramen en wielen. Laat de Polar Blast zo'n 10 minuten zitten en het aanwezige vuil losweken maar laat het niet opdrogen. Als laatste spoel goed af met water en werk van onder naar boven Dit prodcut bevat: - 2.5L Autogylm Polar Blast - Productcode: 945107145 - EAN: 5016366006179
Autoglym Interior Shampoo, 500ml
Interior Shampoo is suitable for all of your interior fabrics and hard surfaces. Your mats, doors, headlining, dashboard, steering wheel, switches, pedals, handles and stalks can all be cleaned with this safe, easy to use shampoo. It quickly removes built-up dirt and grime leaving a fresh clean fragrance. If your vehicle has a leather interior, clean with Leather Cleaner.
Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes, x10
Altro Ltd.
Autoglym Bird Dropping Car Cleaning Wipes are ideal for use on windows at home, car, caravans, vans etc.
Autoglym Clean Wheels, 1L
Altro Ltd.
Clean Wheels Trigger 1 litre is a super effective spray on,brush and wash off cleaner which rapidly dissolves most contaminants from alloy, chromium, painted and plastic trimmed wheels.Supplied in a 1 litre trigger pack.Also avaialble in a 500ml sizeAutoglym products are highly respected in over forty countries worldwide. They are approved by many of the worlds leading car manufacturers including Jaguar & Aston Martin.All Autoglym products are designed for ease of use as well as being unbeatable in their effect and combine to provide great value for money too!
Autoglym Scratch Removal Kit
Autoglym's Complete kit contains everything required to remove all traces of minor scratches and restore as new appearance to complete panel. Perfectly balanced Scratch Remover. Specifically blended to combine the appropriate level of cut and gloss to restore an as new finish. No haloes or clouding as seen with some other competitor products. Scratch Remover Applicator that is carefully designed with selected foam that optimises performance and makes application easier. Come with Super Resin Polish and Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth to ensure renovated area blends in to rest of panel. User will never know that a scratch ever existied. Contents: 100ml Scratch Remover 100ml Super Resin Polish Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth Scratch Removal Applicator
Autoglym AG 205008 Autofresh, 500ml
Altro Ltd.
Autoglym Autofresh is an in-car air freshener for direct application to vehicle interiors. The non-staining spray formulation contains a long lasting, refreshing fragrance. Simply apply to carpets or trim fabric, as required, to counteract unpleasant odours caused by dampness, pets, tobacco and traffic fumes.
Autoglym AG 255003 Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit
Altro Ltd.
Regularly cleaning your soft top will keep green algae at bay and its original colour looking vibrant. Our Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect complete kit contains everything you need to clean and protect your mohair, double duck, fabric or canvas fabric hood. If you have a vinyl hood, clean thoroughly with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner then protect with Bumper & Trim Gel.Contents: -500ml Soft Top Cleaner -500ml Soft Top Protector -1 x White Cleaning SpongeHow to use this product: 1. Mask off bodywork area and dampen convertible top with water. 2. mShake Soft Top Cleaner well before use and spray over entire convertible top surface. 3. Agitate with sponge provided and thoroughly rinse using a low pressure hose or watering can ensuring all product is removed. Pat surface dry to remove surplus water. 4. Spray Soft Top Protector over the entire convertible top surface and remove any overspray from windows and bodywork immediately. 5. Allow Soft Top Protector to fully dry before driving. Store product at room temperature and do not allow to freeze. Before use, please refer to the full instructions detailed on the enclosed bottles. Wash the supplied accessories as required in clean, warm water and allow to air dry.
Autoglym Leather Clean & Protect Complete Kit
Automotive leather is a hard wearing, yet comfortable material. To ensure it remains healthy and supple it must be cared for regularly. Leather care is simple, step 1 is to clean, step 2 is to protect. The Autoglym leather range has been developed with leading automotive brands to clean and protect without discolouring or affecting the natural matt finish.
Autoglym AG 163254 Bumper & Trim Gel, 325ml
AUTOGLYM BUMPER & TRIM GEL - 325MLThe unpainted external plastic and rubber surfaces on your car can fade over time from a deep black to a washed out grey. Bumper & Trim Gel restores the original colour and leaves a glossy water repellent film.The gel does not contain colouring or dye so can be used to restore all unpainted plastics to their original colour.Use on external plastics, vinyl and rubber, including moulded plastic bumpers, grilles, mirror cases, mouldings, wheel arch trims, door handles, vinyl roofs, rubber bumpers, spoilers and mud flaps.Pro Tip: Bumper & Trim Gel can also be used on rubber door seals in winter to prevent sticking in freezing weather.
Autoglym Perfect Bodywork + Interior collection twin car care cleaning gift set
Autoglym perfect interior kit: Craftsmanship deserves expert care. Interior is a collection of our best selling products designed to keep your car's interior looking its best. Your car has been passionately crafted and it deserves to be lovingly cared for by hand. Autoglym is scientifically proven to reveal the natural beauty of your car's interior - just as the designers intended. It makes the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the pleasure of driving. Contents: - 500ml Interior Shampoo - 500ml Fast Glass - Commended in 2015 Auto Express product awards - 500ml Vinyl & Rubber Care How to use this product: 1. Clean with Interior Shampoo 2. Polish glass with Fast Glass 3. Protect with Vinyl & Rubber Care Autoglym Perfect paintwork kit: The finishing touch to design excellence. Bodywork is a collection of our best selling products designed to keep your car's paintwork shining. It makes the ideal gift for anyone who strives for paintwork perfection. Your car has been passionately crafted and it deserves to be lovingly cared for by hand. Autoglym is scientifically proven to reveal the full spectrum of light to your eyes so your paintwork keeps its full beauty - just as the designers intended. Contents: - 325ml Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner - 325ml Super Resin Polish - Four time winner of Detailing World's Polish of the Year award - 325ml Extra Gloss Protection How to use this product 1. Clean with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner 2. Polish with Super Resin Polish 3. Protect with Extra Gloss Protection
Autoglym Ultra High Definition Shampoo, 1L
From one of the leading brands in car care comes the all-new Ultra High Definition shampoo. Autoglym's UHD shampoo is luxurious, high-foaming formula which glides across paintwork for an effortless clean. It effectively tackles dust and road traffic film while its gentle Ph balance avoids harming your paintwork and trim. Its unrivalled, high-gloss finish is incredibly smooth to the touch and leaves an even shine - That's the Autoglym way, Always has been. 1 litre bottle