Automach Flat Round 12mm Blade for HCT-30A Power Carver
Tokyo Automach Co., Ltd.
Use this Automach Flat Round 12mm Blade for your Automach Power Carver (HCT-30A), for the newest advancement in woodcarving technology. When paired with the Power Carver (sold separately), these blades move at 10,000 vibrations per minute, leaving a smooth cut surface.
AutoMach Large Recipricating Wood Carver CH-80
This robust reciprocating carver is made for rough carving, big timber, totem poles and log houses. The 55mm blade allows for carving of large wood in short time. Light weight (4.8 lbs). Safe to use, since it does not reciprocate unless blade is pressed against the wood. Smooth finishing cuts due to the ultra high speed 12,000 vib/min. Set includes carver and 55mm gouge.
Automach Adapters (20) by FLEXCUT TOOL COMPANY. INC.
20 per pack, used for AutoMach carvers
Flexcut Power Gouge Sweep #8, Razor Sharp High Carbon Steel Blade, 3/8 Inch (RG402)
This Flexcut #8 3/8 inch Power Gouge Sweep blade brings Flexcut's outstanding carving performance to reciprocating carving tools. These blades fit power carvers by Ryobi, Auto Mach, Proxxon, and as well as flexible shaft reciprocating carvers. They can also be used by hand with Flexcut's RG102 Handle Adaptor (sold separately) for ultimate control. The high carbon steel blades are razor-sharp and ready to go, right out of the package.
Flexcut SK109 QC Universal Adaptor
A universal quick connect adaptor from Flexcut that will accept the SK range of carving tools. For use with many popular power carvers including AutoMach, Proxxon, Wecheer, Ryobi and others.
sourcing map Rotary Drill Tool Flex Shaft Attachment, 42
sourcing map
Specification:Length : 108cm/42inchInner Thread Dia : M20Fit Collet Grinding Dia : 3mm/ 1/8inchSpeed : 8000-30000RPMMaterial : Carbon Steel , Aluminum , Plastic Package Content :1 x Drill Drive Shaft Instructions:1. First, if is your rotary tool has a threaded collars on the motor end, you will need to remove it by turning ccw (counter clock wise). You will need the collar when you attach a tool directly to the rotary tool. You will not need it with the flex shaft.2. Hold the flexible shaft by the silver color fitting end (you will be able to see the inner shaft core). And pull the inner core about 2 inches. If you need a pair of pliers to hold it, that is normal.3. The flex shaft is there to transfer the rotation, that is it. It is just like an extension. Push the core of the flex shaft into the rotary tool collet and tighten the collet. You can use the collet lock button to prevent it from turning while you are tightening the nut.4. You can now screw the silver color fitting end of the flex shaft onto the rotary tool housing. This is where you removed the collar.5. The other black end of the flex shaft is where you will insert the desired attachment tool such as a diamond disc. You will be using the silver chrome L shaped piece for this stage. There is a hole on the side of the black side of the flex shaft. And there is another hole under the black side. When you align these two holes by turning the silver tip on the black end, insert the L shaped metal. The inner metal part on the black end of the shaft will want to turn as you try to attach the tool. The L shaped metal is there to help you hold it while you try to twist the tip.6. You can now attach the bit. And tighten the nut at the tip of the black end of the flex shaft.