Aviditi P1512W Fibreboard 3-Ply Spiral Wound Mailing Tube with Cap, 12
1 1/2 x 12" White Mailing Tubes with Caps. Attractive White Mailing Tubes are great for storing or shipping posters, blueprints etc. 3-ply, spiral wound construction for strength. White end caps (included) snap into place to hold contents secure. Caps will not pop off during shipment. Tubes are reusable and recyclable. Sizes listed are usable space. Actual tube lengths are longer. Additional 1 1/2" End Caps
Aviditi 93871 Brass Compression Coupling, 1/2-Inch Iron Pipe x 5-Inch by Aviditi
1/2-inch iron pipe (3/4-inch copper pipe) connectors;5-inch length;Durable brass construction for long life;Corrosion-resistant
Aviditi 94743 3/8-Inch Outside Diameter Flow Bend Clip for Poly Tubing, (Pack of 5) by Aviditi
The Aviditi 94743 Flow Bend Clip for Poly Tubing has a 3/8-inch outside diameter. It is made from durable plastic and is used with plastic tubing.
Aviditi 91677 3-Inch Copper Fitting with Coupling less Stop, C by C by Aviditi
The Aviditi 91677 Copper Fitting, Coupling less Stop, has 3-inch C x C connectors. Durable copper construction ensures long life. It is corrosion-resistant, and easy to join and install.
Aviditi JB321W Rigid Fiberboard Jewelry Box, 3-1/16
High quality two-piece construction. Fully assembled to save time. Each box is filled with non tarnishing jeweler's cotton. Constructed from rigid white lined fiberboard. Recommended use: Earrings.
Aviditi CPHD1616 Heavy-Duty Chipboard Pads, 16
Sturdy kraft fiberboard construction. Use to top layer cartons to help protect damage from box cutters and knives. Sold in case quantities.
Aviditi PB3523 Poly Reclosable Bag, 7
This clear reclosable poly bag is an excellent product for shipping & packaging applications. The reclosable poly bag protects items from various elements during shipping & packaging process. This material is packaged 1000 per case. Dimensions for this product are 7 in length, 3 in width and 2 mil thick. It is important to consider the construction of the reclosable poly bag. This product is constructed from 200#/ect-32-b corrugated.
Aviditi PL408 Poly Envelope, Legend
Legend "PACKING LIST ENCLOSED", Pressure sensitive packing list envelopes secure and protect documents that are attached to the outside of shipments, Full face, colored and pre-printed, Hot melt adhesive backing provides strong adhesion to paper and corrugated products, Measures 7-inches long by 5-1/2-inches widths.
Aviditi CTBS5A Nylon Beaded Security Tie, 5 Length x 0.06 Width, White (Case of 5000) by Aviditi
Aviditi CTBS5A Nylon Beaded Security Tie, 5" Length x 0.06" Width, White (Case of 5000)
Aviditi 91295 2-Inch Copper Tube Strap with 2-Hole, (Pack of 10) by Aviditi
The Aviditi 91295 Copper Tube Strap accommodates 2-inch pipe. The durable copper construction will last a long time and the 2 screw holes hold pipe securely in place.
Pick Proof Seals - TSA Accepted Luggage Locks (3 Packs = 60 Total Seals)
Universal Sourcing Solutions, LLC.
Pick Proof Seals have a Unique ID and cannot be reattached once broken. Thieves know this and quickly move on to an easier target. These seals also prevent someone from sticking something in your bag without your knowledge...ie drug smuggling rings. We sometimes get the question: What if TSA searches my bag and breaks the seal? First of all, TSA rarely searches a bag sealed with a Pick Proof Seal because they know a traveler would not be stupid enough to put something illegal in a bag they themselves sealed. We have had international travelers tell us that since they started using our Pick Proof Seals their bags have never been opened. 99% of the time, your bag is not searched which means it goes on its way through the baggage handlers, where most of the theft takes place, with a Pick Proof Seal that sends thieves on to an easier target. However, there remains a very small chance (1%) that your bag could be opened, if it is you can place another seal inside it to be used to reseal it, or worst case, it simply goes on its way without a lock which is not much different then a lock that can be picked. Our customers prefer the additional Pick Proof protection for the 99% of the time their bag is not inspected. Therefore, add to your Peace-of-Mind by using the number one Theft Deterrent Seal on the market. It is a great feeling seeing your bag come off the baggage claim carousel with the seal in tact. The feeling is not the same with the false sense of security you get from a pickable lock. Safe Travels everyone!
Aviditi 30701 1/2-Inch C.P. Shallow Escutcheon, Chrome, 25-Pack by Aviditi
Chrome finish; Fits tub/shower faucets; Easy to replace; Genuine repair part
Aviditi CT26120 120# Cable Ties Natural, 26 (Pack of 100) by Aviditi
Nylon Cable Ties permanently secure cords, cables, bags, etc; General Purpose Ties; Tamper proof - designed to lock tight will not stretch or slide