AVR-Tools L20 Sharpening Stone in Blister Pack
Sensenwetzstein Silifix 230X33/10X13Mm - EAN:4007739723008
Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry
Learn to easily build gadgets, gizmos, robots, and more using Arduino Written by Arduino expert Jeremy Blum, this unique book uses the popular Arduino microcontroller platform as an instrument to teach you about topics in electrical engineering, programming, and human-computer interaction. Whether you're a budding hobbyist or an engineer, you'll benefit from the perfectly paced lessons that walk you through useful, artistic, and educational exercises that gradually get more advanced. In addition to specific projects, the book shares best practices in programming and design that you can apply to your own projects. Code snippets and schematics will serve as a useful reference for future projects even after you've mastered all the topics in the book. Includes a number of projects that utilize different capabilities of the Arduino, while interfacing with external hardware Features chapters that build upon each other, tying in concepts from previous chapters to illustrate new ones Includes aspects that are accompanied by video tutorials and other multimedia content  Covers electrical engineering and programming concepts, interfacing with the world through analog and digital sensors, communicating with a computer and other devices, and internet connectivity Explains how to combine smaller topics into more complex projects Shares downloadable materials and source code for everything covered in the book Projects compatible with many official Arduino boards including Arduino Uno; Arduino Leonardo; Arduino Mega 2560; Arduino Due; Arduino Nano; Arduino Mega ADK; LilyPad Arduino and may work with Arduino-compatible boards such as Freeduino and new third party certified boards such as the Intel Galileo Exploring Arduino takes you on an adventure and provides you with exclusive access to materials not found anywhere else!
KUNSE 5.5-6.5KW AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator Rectifier
Description: 5.5-6.5KW AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator Rectifier Specification: Material: Plastic+wires+power Power: 5KW-6.5KW Starting mode: Electric start Size: As shown in picture Features: Internal control of the generator exciting current size to control the high and low voltage generator issue. Regulators are automatic electrical regulator designed to maintain a constant voltage level. It uses an electromechanical mechanism, or passive or active electronic components. According to the design, which is used to manage one or more AC or DC voltage. In addition to the shunt regulator, the regulator operates through a number of fixed internal comparison of the actual output voltage of the reference voltage. Any differences are used to control the zoom and regulatory elements. Application: Fit for gasoline generator Package Included: 1 x Voltage regulator
LEVEL R250 AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator Module 85-139V AC 50-60Hz Board Brushless Generator Accessory
DescriptionSupply range/Voltage detection: 85-139V AC/50-60HzCurrent: continuous is 8A, non continuous is 10A within 10 secs. Voltage regulator can be used for regulating the generator voltage.Made of metal and plastic material, lightweight, tough and durable.The regulation quality is independant of load applied.Specification:Color: show as pictures.Material: metal and plastic.Size: show as pictures.Supply range/Voltage detection: 85-139V AC/50-60Hz.Current: continuous is 8A, non continuous is 10A within 10 secs. Voltage regulation: ±0.5% at steady state and constant speed.NoteThere might be a bit color distortions due to different computer resolutions.There might be a slight errors due to different hand measurement.Package Included: 1 x Voltage regulator module. 1 x User manual.
AVR-Tools AVS151 VBS 215 mm Gartenschere

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