Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry
Learn to easily build gadgets, gizmos, robots, and more using Arduino Written by Arduino expert Jeremy Blum, this unique book uses the popular Arduino microcontroller platform as an instrument to teach you about topics in electrical engineering, programming, and human-computer interaction. Whether you're a budding hobbyist or an engineer, you'll benefit from the perfectly paced lessons that walk you through useful, artistic, and educational exercises that gradually get more advanced. In addition to specific projects, the book shares best practices in programming and design that you can apply to your own projects. Code snippets and schematics will serve as a useful reference for future projects even after you've mastered all the topics in the book. Includes a number of projects that utilize different capabilities of the Arduino, while interfacing with external hardware Features chapters that build upon each other, tying in concepts from previous chapters to illustrate new ones Includes aspects that are accompanied by video tutorials and other multimedia content  Covers electrical engineering and programming concepts, interfacing with the world through analog and digital sensors, communicating with a computer and other devices, and internet connectivity Explains how to combine smaller topics into more complex projects Shares downloadable materials and source code for everything covered in the book Projects compatible with many official Arduino boards including Arduino Uno; Arduino Leonardo; Arduino Mega 2560; Arduino Due; Arduino Nano; Arduino Mega ADK; LilyPad Arduino and may work with Arduino-compatible boards such as Freeduino and new third party certified boards such as the Intel Galileo Exploring Arduino takes you on an adventure and provides you with exclusive access to materials not found anywhere else!
AVR-Tools L20 Sharpening Stone in Blister Pack
Sensenwetzstein Silifix 230X33/10X13Mm - EAN:4007739723008
KUNSE 5.5-6.5KW AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator Rectifier
Description: 5.5-6.5KW AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator Rectifier Specification: Material: Plastic+wires+power Power: 5KW-6.5KW Starting mode: Electric start Size: As shown in picture Features: Internal control of the generator exciting current size to control the high and low voltage generator issue. Regulators are automatic electrical regulator designed to maintain a constant voltage level. It uses an electromechanical mechanism, or passive or active electronic components. According to the design, which is used to manage one or more AC or DC voltage. In addition to the shunt regulator, the regulator operates through a number of fixed internal comparison of the actual output voltage of the reference voltage. Any differences are used to control the zoom and regulatory elements. Application: Fit for gasoline generator Package Included: 1 x Voltage regulator
SainSmart New 4 Axis TB6560 CNC Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board Kit,57 two-phase,3A
Sain Store
The ST330 is a compact single axis bipolar 3.0A/phase stepper motor micro stepping driver with step and direction inputs, DIP switch settable step mode (full, half, eight and sixteenth-S3/S4), torque (100%, 75%,50%, 20%-S5/S6) ,work Current (0-3A-SW1/SW2/SW3)and decay mode (0%, 25%, 50% and 100%). Features * Stepping Motor: 57 two-phase, lower than 3A * Single-chip motor driver for sinusoidal microstep control of stepping motors * Power on in indication led * 3Amps-34Volts(Supply voltages:12-30DC) * Full step, half step, eight step and sixteenth step(selection with dipswitches) * torque (100%, 75%,50%, 20%) * work Current (0-3A selection with SW1/SW2/SW3) * 4 Wire,6 Wire,8 Wire stepper motors can be used * Two phases bipolar driver * Easy wiring with standard screw terminals * Step frequency up to 100khz * fuse protection on power supply rail(protects the board,but also your power supply and motor) NOTE: The link below is the document for SainSmart New 4 Axis TB6560 CNC Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board Kit https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/sain-amzn/20/20-019-201/20-019-201.rar
Sintron] NEW! Starter Kit with UNO R3 board Components Sensors LED etc.for Arduino AVR Learner.
Overview: This is a very good kits for starter to study MCU programing. With This Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit, you are able to learn and do many experiment such as lighting up the LED, then get the LED to be a output display, and interact with you .also you can learn the basic concepts of buttons, IR remote control with IR receiver. how to read the data sheet and make use of IC (74HC595) to simplify the circuit. use sensors (flame, temperature sensor) to detect the environment, understand how module (RGB module) works and compare it with your own code. Package list includes: (1) Arduino-Compatible UNO R3 Board x 1 (2) 830 Point Solderless Bread Board x 1 (3) LED (Red) x 5 (4) LED (Yellow) x 5 (5) LED (Green) x 5 (6) 220 Ohm Resistors x 8 (7) 1k Ohm Resistors x 5 (8) 10k Ohm Resistors x 5 (9) Passive Buzzer x 1 (10) Active Buzzer x 1 (11) Push Button x 4 (12) LED Seven-Segment Display (1-digit) x 2 (13) LED Seven-Segment Display (4-digit) x 1 (14) Battery Case x 1 (15) Tilt Sensors/Switches x 2 (16) Light Dependent Resistors x 3 (17) Potentiometer (Adjustable Resistor) x 1 (18) Flame Sensor x 1 (19) Infrared Sensor x 1 (20) LM35 Temperature Sensor x 1 (21) 74HC595 IC (Shift Register ) x 1 (22) RGB Tri Color LED Module x 1 (23) 8x8 Dot Matrix Display x 1 (24) USB Cable x 1 (25) Jumper Cables x 30 (26) IR Remote Control x 1 (27) Storage Box x 1
Avron AVR-330530 Portable Battery Charger 4 A 12 V
Weâ€TMve all left a car light on by accident at one time or another and drained the car batteries until theyâ€TMre flat. And sometimes batteries just need a good, strong full charge to top them up and keep them running without problem. That is why you should get yourself this 12V 4 Amp Battery Charger from Brookstone, which is suitable for most cars, boats and motorbikes. The charger has an LED display so that you can clearly see the charging information about your battery and so that youâ€TMll know when it has been re-charged. A double insulated casing and protection against thermal overload gives you reassurance that this charger is safe to use when used correctly. And to help you to do this, the charger comes with easy to follow instructions, so that you can learn how to recharge your batteries correctly if youâ€TMre not too sure. The battery charger is compact and fully portable, so that you can carry around in the boot of the car without taking up much space, or store it somewhere in a safe place in the garage for that inevitable morning when you need to charge the car battery, to get you to work. Please read all safety advice on how to charge up the batteries carefully. Charger comes complete with 5 Amp plug & instructions. 2.8 ADC equates to 4 Amp RMS.
4pcs Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Module for PIC AVR Smart Cars
Wal front
Specifications: Size: 3*1.6cm/1.2*0.6in Weight: 3g(approx.) Quantity: 4pcs Package Includes: 4 x Sensor Modules
Xcsource Teensy 2.0++ USB AVR Development Board AT90USB1286 ISP U Disk Keyboard Mouse for Arduino TE502
Features: USB can be any type of device. AVR processor, 16 MHz. Single pushbutton programming. Easy to use Teensy Loader application. Free software development tools. Works with Mac OS X, Linux & Windows. Tiny size, perfect for many projects. Available with pins for solderless breadboard. Specifications: Chip model AT90USB1286, the ARV the SCM software developers learn the best experimental board, Bootloader program is installed, you can download the application directly by an ordinary USB interface code, very helpful for beginners SCM. Usage: Can be directly downloaded from the Internet Flip_Installer-3.4.1 software installation, use comes with usb drive, erase, programming, and checksum. Do not need to buy another burner Pleiades expensive. Package includes: 1 x Teensy ++ 2.0 USB AVR development board
Bascom AVR Programming
AX elektronika d.o.o.
Inputs & Outputs In microcontroller applications push buttons are used in most cases. How to use them without unwanted contact bounce (what is debouncing anyway?), how we can intelligently increase the number of I/O pins of a microcontroller, driving DC motors and becoming familiar with PWM, are topics of this chapter. Get your hands on an AVR microcontroller with help from Bascom-AVR and start controlling the world around you! Data Displays Data displays are very important in the world of microcontrollers. With modern graphic LCD displays, one can design smart-looking products. But in some cases the classic 2x16 alphanumeric LCD or even 7 segment LED display is better-suited. If you have a limited number of I/O pins on your microcontroller, you might even want to connect your LCD via an SPI interface. All this is covered in this chapter. Pick the right display and make sure that your product will stand out! Data Measurement Human beings live in an analogue world and feel comfortable there. But this is not so for microcontrollers, which live in a digital world. After successfully measuring data, we have to transform it into digital values. We can do this in many ways, by using smart sensors (and smart programming) to get temperature, air pressure or even a GPS location - all with AVRs. Get familiar with data measurements using Bascom-AVR! Development tools Having programmed microcontrollers for many years, we have become regular users of development boards. There are many available on the market. Some expensive ones attempt to achieve universality by handling many different MCU models and including many different peripherals on-board. Others are nothing more than a break-out board for a specific MCU device.In contrast, we have designed optimal development boards, that will meet most of your requirements while writing/testing your AVR programs. These boards emerged from extensive usage in our daily work, so there are very good reasons why our tools are designed as illustrated in this chapter. Use smart tools when writing your Bascom-AVR programs! Practical Projects There should be many practical projects in every book for programmers and this book is no exception. Bascom-AVR, in conjunction with AVR microcontrollers, is a winning combination when designing a simple (but very powerful) I2C analyser. Other projects, like a Frequency generator, Frequency counter, a simple but accurate clock and a Metal detector are just a few of the projects that can be found in this chapter. AVR microcontrollers are user-friendly, so get to know them better!
* REFURBISHHOUSE is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of REFURBISHHOUSE can sell under REFURBISHHOUSE listings. Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. REFURBISHHOUSE Relay ModuleSize Name: 5V 2-ChannelColor: blue,blackDimension: Approx. 5x3.8x1.7cmMaterials: PCB board and electronic componentspackage contents:1 x 5V 2 channel relay moduleNote:Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.