Titleist AVX Golf Balls 12 Pack - White
The explanation for why that isn't happening is just as simple. AVX is not an extension of the Pro V1 family. Sure, it offers 3-piece construction and a urethane cover, but with the exception of some technology borrowed from the new Pro V1 core to increase speed, we're talking about an entirely new golf ball. The AVX features not only a new dimple pattern but, as a result of a new catenary dimple shape, it has entirely different aerodynamic properties as well. The cover is cast urethane, and the material composition is different enough from that of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x that, in addition to white, Titleist can also make the AVX in yellow; a first for Titleist in the tour performance category. That small detail alone might attract some golfers to the AVX. What those differences amount to is a ball that provides softer feel and a bit more distance than Titleist players might be used to. That distance boost is what has the potential to separate the AVX from the other soft offerings on the market which don't quite live up to their billing. While the Pro V1 is true to the company's performance-driven identity, AVX is a preference driven product. To accept the inherent performance trade-offs is to accept that AVX isn't a Pro V1 - it's not supposed to be. It's designed for golfers who want soft feel and are willing to give up just a little bit somewhere else to get it.
Avengers vs. X-Men: Collected Edition (Avengers Vs X-Men)
Collects Avengers Vs X-Men #0-12, AVX: Vs #1-6, Infinite Comics #1, #6 & #10. The Avengers and the X-Men -- the two most popular super-hero teams in history -- go to war! And in AVX: Vs., experience the larger-than-life battles too big for any other comic to contain! Iron Man vs. Magneto! Spider-Man vs. Colossus! Captain America vs. Gambit! And more!
AVX Versus
TITLEIST AVX Golf Balls x 3 (Sleeve of 3 Golf Balls)
REMARKABLE DISTANCE WITH EXCEPTIONALLY SOFT FEEL The Titleist AVX golf ball utilises breakthrough core, cover and aerodynamic technology. AVX is a premium performance golf ball for golfers who prioritise distance and extremely soft feel with a piercing, low ball flight. It has been engineered to be the lowest flying, lowest spinning and softest feeling high performance golf ball in the Titleist line. The Titleist AVX golf balls offer superb distance and incredibly soft feel on all shots. The flight of the ball is penetrating with a very low flight and low spin. The premium ball is perfect for those seeking to add distance to their game and seek an excellently soft feel. The core is low in compression allowing for high speeds and greater distances while the cover is a proprietary GRN41 cast thermoset urethane giving premium scoring with excellent durability. The casing layer is high flexing to improve speed and helps maintain controllable spin. The 352 dimples are spherically tiled in the tetrahedral catenary style for an optimal and consistent flight path.
Avx 22Uf 16V Tantalum Smd Tajd226K016R 10%. Pack Of 10Pcs
10pcs of this tantalum chip capacitor. Case size D
Edward Avx Mains D Argent

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Avx 4.7Uf 25V Tantalum Smd 10%. Tajc475K025 Pack Of 10Pcs
10pcs of this tantalum chip capacitor. Case size C
Stanley 1-51-212 560g/ 20oz FatMax AVX Rip Claw Hammer
Stanley FatMax AVX Rip Claw Hammer 570g (20oz) STA151212 The Stanley FatMax AntiVibe AVX rip claw hammer has a one-piece, solid forged curved claw head for a larger sweet spot and better balance. The patented tuning fork design plus 24 torque stabilising bars help to reduce shock and vibration travelling up the arm.This claw hammer has a magnetic nail starter for hands free use and a new soft grip which reduces fatigue and allows for multiple holding positions.Weight: 570g (20oz). STA151212
Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System - 835 Handheld Set
The AVX-835 SET is the perfect digital wireless microphone for film projects. The system fully self configures and is ready to film within seconds. Its ultra compact receiver fits directly into the XLR audio input of your camera or recording device. The robust handheld transmitter is ideal for street interview situations.
Brass Bracelet Bangle 5-Rows Crystals Slip On by Avx Fashion Many Colors (Red Wine (L)
Golden India
This is a finely hand-crafted and artistic creation with a beautiful designs from India!! Comparable to Swarovski Quality crystals . Ideal for all occasion and a great gifting idea!!
ALLIMITY RC-762M Remote Control Replacement for ONKYO AV Receiver AVX-280 AVX-290 HT-R280 HT-R290 HT-R380 HT-R390 HT-R538 HT-RC230 HT-S3300
Fit for ONKYO AV Receiver AVX-280 AVX-290 HT-R280 HT-R290 HT-R380 HT-R390 HT-R538 HT-RC230 HT-S3300 HT-S3400 TX-SR308 HT-R280 HTP-380 SKF-380L SKF-380R SKC-380 SKR-380L SKR-380R SKW-380 HT-R390 HT-R290 AVX280 AVX290 HTR280 HTR380 HTR390 HTR538 HTRC230 HTR290 HTS3400 TXSR308 HTS3300B HTS3300
Celestron Telescope N 150/750 Advanced VX AVX GoTo
Celestron N 150/750 C6 telescope:This rightly very popular 6" Newtonian from Celestron boasts a diffraction-limited parabolic primary mirror, providing sharp stellar images right across the wide field of view. The optics are manufactured according to Celestron's high quality standards and deliver stars with textbox Airy disks.At 5kg, the OTA has been designed to be light and easy to handle. Its excellent value for money is another point making this Newtonian a very attractive proposition. All new Celestron mount AVXThe new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Now your smaller telescope can take advantage of All-Star Polar Alignment and autoguider support. You'll be able to track through long exposures using permanently programmable periodic error correction. Image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip, so you can seamlessly image the best part of night sky. The AVX features significantly larger base castings than our previous design, improving stability under heavier loads. Improved motors offer more torque and can handle slight load imbalances with ease. 
Keil Belt Slim Fan Belt XPA 800 LW AVX 12.5/13 x 818 La
Slim V-BELT XPA 800V-belt 1/2 "x 1/2" x 800 mm LWSlim V-BELT Flankenoffen, FormgezahntWirklänge LW/LD: 800 mmExternal Length/Height La: LW + 18 mmUpper Bout Width: 1/2in (12.7 mm).Lower Bout Width: 5.8 mmHeight: 10 mmSpecification on the strap: LW, LD, LQ
Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences (AVX: Consequences)
Collects AVX: Consequences #1-5.One team wins. One team loses. But everybody pays! Spinning directly out of the stunning conclusion of AVX, find out what happens next! Where do the Avengers and the X-Men go from here?