Axentia 235933 Bucket with Lid and Plastic Handle 16 L
Kunststoff, mit Kunststoffbügel, farbig sortiert
Axentia Tea Lights/Burning Time 100Stk. White 38 MM 4h in Metal Case
This little Candles Tea Lights in Metal Coating always inspire wieder. whole Hundred items you receive the tea Lights hier. each of the small candle also has a burn time of 4 hours, the hours They can then warm, romantic kulinarisch or provide stability. tea lights are an integral Part of successful decoration not more from our domestic wegzudenken. Extra Tea light holder or small vessels by Candlelight hindurchschimmert, the only create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, Tea, with a reducing and matching decorative ornaments, you can use the atmosphere in the living Room aufwerten. on the coffee table or window can be perfectly arrangieren. and Tea Lights Tea Light Tealight in the bathroom can be placed in the bath in order to boost the Wellnesserlebnis and the romantics, they may also, in containers with a tea light not are lacking. Bedroom in addition to the many decorative ideas is the tea lights can also be used as a Heat source nutzbar. for One tea warmer, for example the Energy of the flame for warming food and drink hot tea be used in the jug a, this is the perfect addition to a Combination, but also other sensual experience to use of tealights will be attributed to the burning of Mixes Aromaölen or at the candles and the like properties Christmas Pyramid with several Kerzlein can be operated UNDEFINED Technical data: Contents: 100 pieceColour: weissGröße 38mmBrenndauer: approx. diameter: approx. 4 hours