Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator
Axminster Tools & Machinery
This positive pressure powered respirator eliminates the drawbacks encountered with standard negative pressure face masks. The motor unit blows filtered air down over your face at a rate of 160L/min. Fatigue caused by having to suck through a filter is no longer a problem; breathing is normal and comfortable. The air exiting around the sides and bottom of the mask is at slightly higher pressure than that outside, so forms a most effective seal. Beards are not a problem. If you wear glasses, these will not fog or mist up as you breathe out. With the motor and filters mounted on the peak of the bump cap and the battery at the rear, the balance of the APF 10 Evolution unit is excellent. Combined with the low overall weight (680g), it is very comfortable. The Li-Ion batteries give you a run time of 8 hours on a full charge. The filters are easy to inspect and replace. The bump cap's outer cover is removable for washing. The unit provides respiratory protection to EN12941:1998 + A2:2008 TH1P. The bump cap gives head protection to EN812. The clear visor gives you a wide field of vision along with impact protection to EN.166.B.1. Supplied with an 8-hour battery, plus charger, two filters, a flow-rate meter and complete instructions all within a strong storage box. Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) should not be used as the only means of control as it should complement other control measures such as a dust extraction system. Each RPE type and class is categorised by an assigned protection factor (APF). The APF is a number rating that indicates how much protection that RPE is capable of providing. For example, RPE with an APF of 10 will reduce the wearer's exposure by at least a factor of 10 if used properly, or, to put it another way, the wearer will only breathe in one-tenth or less of the amount of substance present in the air. Evolution is a registered trade mark of JSP Ltd, used under licence by Axminster Tool Centre Ltd.
Axminster Trade Saw Horses (Pair)
These all-steel, folding sawhorses are immensely strong, durable and highly portable. Constructed of high-grade steel, each sawhorse can support a weight of 590kg; a pair has a capacity of 1,180kg. With their fast-open mechanism, setup is straightforward and simple. Unfolding the sawhorse reveals a material support arm at each end, designed to take 95mm high timber and 4x2 CLS timber. Alternatively, you can trim your timber to the required size. With two sawhorses, a couple of lengths of trimmed 45 x 95mm timber and a suitable sheet of ply or OSB, you can create an instant, rock solid site worktable. The sawhorse legs are telescopic, allowing you to adjust each one individually to compensate any unevenness on the ground. Also fitted with non-marking feet. Powder coating and zinc plating protect the sawhorses from corrosion and ensures a long life in a working environment. The legs fold neatly sequentially into the top rail, forming an 84 x 150 x 895mm long package, which is easily stowed in the back of a van. The sawhorses include a carry handle for easy transportation and rolled edges mean there are no sharp corners. Sawhorse length when open: 1,070mm, minimum height: 648mm (width 464mm), maximum height: 826mm (width 622mm). The sawhorses are now fitted with non-marking feet.
Axminster Hobby Series BTS10ST Table Saw - 230V
Axminster Hobby Series
Axminster Hobby Series BTS10ST Table Saw - 230V
Axminster Hobby Series AW16BMST2 Bench Morticer
Axminster Hobby Series
Deservedly our best selling morticer, this bench top machine is predominately made from heavy cast iron and has the huge benefit of both sideways and front to back table movement. The workpiece is manoeuvred into place with the table using the convenient hand wheels. There's no more jigging and shimming to get the mortice positioning spot on. The table work clamp has multiple locating pin positions and can even clamp tapered work such as table legs. The table and head stock both run on dovetail slides and are provided with adjustable jib strips ensuring years of accurate use. A gas strut counterbalances the weight of the head and motor and gives great downfeed control. An upgraded, quiet and cool running alloy bodied motor provides ample power for any job. Stops are provided for both vertical and horizontal movements for repeat work. A useful optional accessory is our unique spacer block that can raise the headstock by 50mm, allowing even taller workpieces to be accommodated. Add the optional drill chuck and you have a capable small bench drill as well. This is a perfect morticer for home use.Please note, however good any morticing machine is, it is only as good as the chisel and bit fitted! Supplied with mortice auger chuck and key, chisel bush and service tools. N.B. It takes 3/4" shank chisels only. Long shank mortice bits may need the shank length reducing.
Axminster Precision Ruler Square/Stop
Axminster Precision
The Rule Stop has an anodised aluminium body with a brass locking screw. The Rule Stop fits onto virtually any standard steel rule between 22mm(7/8") and 30mm(1.1/16") wide. Once fitted to your rule, precision machining ensures the body is always square to your rule's edge. Effectively, it allows you to use a rule in a similar way as you would use a combination square. You can scribe lines parallel to the edge of timber, or use it as a depth stop, a transfer gauge, a small square and a useful tool for setting sharpening jigs. The Rule Stop is real gem, invaluable for accurate marking out. It is easy to align the edge of the Rule Stop with engraved scale graduations. The brass locking screw won't damage your rule's edge. The knurled knob is 15mm diameter making it easy to tighten without it getting in the way of the stop's functions.
Axminster Hobby Series AHBGDL Wide Stone Grinder
Axminster Hobby Series
This Axminster bench grinder is a super value-for-money machine. It features the usual general purpose grey grinding wheel on the left hand side whilst on the right is a 40mm wide 80 grit aluminium oxide white wheel, perfect for touching up edge tools. This stone is wide enough to accommodate the majority of carving, turning and general woodworking tools and, being of aluminium oxide, is less likely to burn the edge of the tool. The grinder is equipped with adjustable tool rests, spark guards, NVR switch and eye shields. An excellent machine for any keen woodworker. Wheel diameter 150mm(6"), bore 12.7mm(1/2").
Axminster Evolution Series Tool Post 16mm x 90mm
Axminster Evolution Series
Axminster Evolution Series Tool Post 16mm x 90mm
Axminster Rider Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone
Axminster Rider
These 200 x 65mm double sided premium quality diamond stones give two options, just by flipping them over. We tested these extensively, medium 400G (36 micron) on one side and fine 1,000G (15 micron) on the other. Nickel plating permanently fixes the diamond particles onto the 8mm thick steel base. A chequered pattern carries away metal particles so maintaining the stone's cutting efficiency. On first use the diamond surface may seem aggressive, this is the same with all diamond sharpening stones. This is called the break-in period and will have no impact to long term performance. After a few sharpenings the stone will smooth. The resulting surface is more than capable of sharpening modern hard steels, ceramic knives as well as traditional tool steels. A protective non-slip rubber surround keeps the stone in place when in use. You can use it dry but it works far better with a splash of water.
Axminster Trade AT200HDG/AT8G2 Heavy Duty Grinder
Axminster Trade
This is a Trade rated workshop grinder with plenty of power, good design, 200mm diameter wheels and solid construction. The base is 200 x 320mm and has four fixing points. The 900W induction motor runs exceptionally smoothly and provides adequate power for all types of grinding. The guards are very solid and have 40mm diameter outlets at the rear for connection to an extraction system. The tool rests and eye shields are robustly made, the eye shields being fully adjustable to any position. Finally, to finish off a good job the grinder is fitted with an LED work light and no-volt-release switch. Supplied with aluminium oxide 36g coarse stone, 60g medium stone. Please note, SIT Wire Brushes not compatible with this grinder.
Axminster Trade Vices Moxon Vice
Axminster Trade Vices
Early records of this vice appear in the 1650s; the fact that it is still popular today is testament to its usefulness. The Moxon Vice clamps to any supporting work surface, transforming it into a workbench. On an existing workbench, the Moxon vice raises up a workpiece to a more convenient height. It is especially effective when cutting dovetails or hand sawing tenons. The Axminster Trade Moxon Vice comes complete with solid beech wood jaws. At 45mm thick and 140mm deep, the jaws guarantee a rock-solid work holding. European made, our Moxon vice features two rolled screw threads 20mm diameter with a 4mm pitch and two 130mm diameter cast iron hand wheels. The mass of the hand wheels and the polished acme screw threads allow the wheels to spin freely, drawing the jaws together effortlessly. A large brass washer behind each hand wheel spreads the load on the front jaw. The 350mm gap between the screw threads allows work on the ends of wider boards. The vice is able to clamp tapered workpieces. Fast and effortless, the Axminster Trade Moxon vice will make your joinery even more pleasurable.
Axminster Workshop 4 Piece Square Set
Axminster Workshop
A set of engineer's squares made to a good standard with the blades precisely ground for straightness. Manufactured from hardened spring steel for durability. The set includes: 50mm(2"), 75mm(3"), 100mm(4") and 150mm(6") squares. An accurate set at an economical price.Suitable for all kinds of engineering and woodworking tasks. Supplied in a storage case.
Axminster Air AW50N 18G Brad Nailer
Axminster Air
The most popular air nailer in our range, this lightweight trade-rated nailer fires 18 gauge T-headed brad nails from 15mm to 50mm in length and with its low air consumption can be used with any of the smaller 25L capacity compressors. It can be used with standard trigger firing or in bump mode where, with the trigger engaged, a nail is delivered each time the safety stop is depressed, useful for fast fixing. The gun is easy to load and has a re-load sight so that the operator can see when the magazine is empty. Other useful features are the depth adjustment which controls the depth to which the nail is driven, the adjustable air exhaust outlet and the quick release front cover to give easy access for clearing jammed nails. A 1/4" BSP male bayonet fitting is provided in the back of the tool for direct connection to the airline using quick release bayonet fittings. Details of suitable airlines and fittings can be found in the Air Hose's section. Supplied in a plastic storage case.
Axminster Trade AT350WL Woodturning Lathe
Axminster Trade
The AT350WL utilises the very reliable inverter technology usually found on much larger machines. Electronic variable speed is a desirable feature for woodturners, enabling fine tuning of speed to suit delicate work, larger diameters or out of balance work pieces. A three step poly-V pulley system allows three speed ranges which coupled with the load sensing inverter ensure maximum torque and stable spindle speeds. The magnetic backed switch unit can be placed on any convenient position on the lathe bed or headstock to suit the work in hand. It incorporates on/off buttons, a speed control knob and a forward and reverse switch. An LED digital read-out of the spindle speed in RPM is a useful feature that helps control your work. A 400mm(16") between centres and a 350mm (14") swing over the bed capacity is generous on a lathe this compact. Spindle indexing is achieved in 15° segments by insertion of a magnetic dowel pin. Threaded holes (3/8"x16 UNC) are provided at each corner of the lathe for bench mounting. Tool post diameter 1" (25.4mm). This lathe has proved to be very popular for both teaching and craft demonstrations, not too big nor heavy but with enough capacity to show off your skills. Supplied with four prong Axminster drive centre, Axminster revolving tailstock centre, 75mm faceplate and a centres knock out bar. N.B. The distance between centres will vary and be dependent on the type of centres or accessories used. This machine was previously known as the AT1416VS.
Axminster 300mm Tool Rest 25mm Stem
Axminster Hobby Series
A 300mm tool rest, for use with the Axminster AWVSL900 or Perform CCL woodturning lathes. Stem size 25mm.
Axminster Craft AC305WL Woodturning Lathe
Axminster Craft
For those looking for a bench mounted woodturning lathe with slightly larger capacities and motor power plus the convenience of variable spindle speed with electronic control, but still within a reasonable budget, this model would be a great choice. Receive a free 3-hour woodturning session or a discount on a skill centre woodturning course, see banner below for more details. Made almost entirely in cast iron, the bed of this lathe has a finely ground top surface ensuring stability and minimal vibration during operation. The thick walled cast iron headstock and tailstock provide rigidity, coupled with strength and years of trouble-free turning pleasure. The tailstock has a 9mm bore allowing the use of a standard long-hole boring auger and features automatic ejection of centres. Quick release levers allow for easy and accurate positioning of tool rest and tailstock. The lathe is powered by a 550W DC motor with electronic speed control that provides full torque across the speed range. The spindle speed range is from 500 to 4,080rpm, with a choice of two belt ratios. The spindle nose has the very common 1" x 8tpi thread and a 2MT internal taper, so a large range of accessories is available. Solid rubber feet help to eliminate movement whilst in operation. The tailstock barrel has 50mm of movement and includes a 2MT bore. An additional bed extension is available, giving an extra capacity of 670mm between centres. This is a great lathe for those looking for that extra power and capacity but retaining portability. Supplied with Axminster drive and live centres, 150mm tool rest and 75mm faceplate. N.B. The distance between centres will vary and be dependent on the type of centres or accessories used.
Axminster Trade Series BS11-INV Bandsaw
Axminster Trade Series
This benchtop bandsaw is made to exacting standards to encompass all the features found on top quality floor standing machines. Designed in house, we set out to create a bandsaw with many unique features. The one piece frame is made from heavy gauge welded steel and is extremely rigid to withstand high blade tensions. A cast iron deep section table is fitted, featuring a ground table surface and a rack and pinion tilt mechanism with indexing stops for common angles. The heavy gauge alloy rip fence is mounted on a cast alloy bracket which also incorporates a fine width adjustment. The fence is clamped with a cam action lever, easily released to allow swift adjustment. Blade guides are all ball bearing with micro adjustment for accurate control. The top guide is mounted on a steel hexagon bar for stiffness and adjusted for height by a small rack and pinion system. A pair of cast iron band wheels, nicely machined and balanced are driven by a multi V belt with a choice of two ratios. The 750W induction motor features an inverter drive to control the motor speed. This gives a speed across the range of 42-1001 m/min. By using the lower belt speed and reducing the motor speed, this machine can be used for cutting some types of metal, for example by using a fine pitch M42 blade this bandsaw will handle mild steel plate from 2 to 10mm thick. Thinner or harder materials cannot be cut in volume on this bandsaw. This model is a true all round machine, suitable for many projects using all kinds of materials. To read a review supplied courtesy of My Time Media's Good Woodworking magazine, please go to "Downloads".
Axminster Trade Clamps Clamp Head Set
Axminster Trade Clamps
Separate clamp heads, offer complete flexibility in the choice of both length and material for the bar. Use timber for lighter weight and ease of working or metal box section for the ultimate in rigidity. Our clamp heads are cast iron and steel and feature an ingenious elongated pinhole, which improves the clamping performance. Pressure to the jaw faces drives the clamp heads down against the bar with equal force, maintaining the jaws at 90° to the bar. The maximum bar width is 25 mm and the depth is unlimited (within reason!).
Axminster Rider 6 Piece Bevel Edge Chisel Set Hornbeam Handle
Axminster Rider
Woodworkers love wood, so we decided to fit our Rider bevel edge chisels with handles made from dense European Hornbeam, chosen for its resilience. Sanded smooth and a light oil finish, the Hornbeam has a superb feel in the hand. The wider chisels have slightly larger handles to maintain balance across the range of sizes. It is a subtle difference, but enough to make each chisel feel 'right' in the hand. Each handle ends in a polished stainless steel ferrule with a shock absorbing leather washer between the handle and the chisel's bolster. The blades are fine-grained, chrome manganese steel, carefully hardened and tempered to 59 HRC. Sharpened and ground with a 25° bevel, the blades require only final honing to achieve a fine, long lasting edge (we suggest a 30° micro-bevel). In cross section, the blades are slimmer than a standard chisel with a narrower land on each side, to a little over 1mm. This allows much improved clearance when working into a corner such as cleaning dovetails. Supplied in a strong wooden case; this 6-piece set comprises the following sizes: 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm. The blades are approximately 100mm long with the overall length varying between 265mm to 280mm. European made.
Axminster Trade Clamps Forged Flat Bar Clamp 200 x 80mm
Axminster Trade Clamps
Axminster Trade Clamps Forged Flat Bar Clamp 200 x 80mm