Axminster SIEG

Axminster SIEG C1 Tailstock Chuck
Axminster SIEG
A 10mm capacity chuck fitted with a No. 1MT arbor which just slots into the tailstock to give a secure and accurate location for drilling and similar operations.
Axminster SIEG SC2, C3 Rocker Tool Post
Axminster SIEG
The Rocker Tool Post is designed to eliminate the need for shimming, particularly of older lathe tools that have been sharpened many times. The height of the cutting edge can be changed by simply adjusting the two clamping screws, to set the tool's cutting edge on or just slightly below the centre line of the part being machined. This excellent value accessory reduces setup time and also extends the life and the usefulness of your older lathe tools.
Axminster SIEG C0 Woodturning Tool Rest
Axminster SIEG
An adjustable 150mm tool rest for the use of woodturning chisels. Supplied with a 4 prong drive centre for wood.
Axminster SIEG C1 Thread Cutting Kit
Axminster SIEG
The set of gears supplied with the Micro Lathe gives a slow feed screw speed for general turning work. This thread cutting kit contains seven additional gears, which give the option of a coarser leadscrew feed as well as a choice of five of the more common metric screw thread pitches. Pitches are:- 0.5, 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.25mm.
Axminster SIEG SC2/SX2 Spindle Speed Read-Out
Axminster SIEG
This is a digital read-out of the spindle speed, suitable for the SC2 and SX2 machines only. Self powered, it plugs into the provided socket and has magnets on the rear to allow placement on the headstock where convenient. Allows accurate setting of the spindle speed and takes the guesswork from your machining.
Axminster SIEG SC4 4-Jaw Independent Chuck
Axminster SIEG
A 4 jaw independent chuck, 100mm diameter. Allows eccentric turning and the holding of square bar. Replaces standard chuck, supplied with mounting bolts.
Axminster SIEG SC2 100mm 4 Jaw Ind Chuck & Backplate - Package Deal
Axminster SIEG
A 4 jaw independent chuck for the SIEG SC2 lathe. Supplied with backplate and all necessary mounting bolts.
Axminster SIEG Coolant System
A stand-alone coolant pump system, suitable for a wide range of machines and processes requiring a good flow rate, coolant lubricant of 12 litres a minute from the 27 litre tank. Fully self contained and supplied with 2 metre delivery hose terminating in a 440mm stay put articulated delivery tube with magnetic base and flow adjustment tap. The maximum delivery head is 3 metres. The coolant is then returned to the tank via a separate 2 metre large diameter hose to enable a continual flow rate. Rugged construction with a footprint overall of 530 mm long, 300mm wide, 355mm high housing a 40W pump controlled by an NVR switch. N.B. This is a universal system and requires a fitting to the machine for the return hose.
Axminster SIEG SC2 Fixed Steady
Axminster SIEG
A three pronged steady rest for the SC2 lathe.
Axminster SIEG C1 1MT Live Centre
Centres are used for the accurate location of work between the headstock and the tailstock. No 1 MT has a ball bearing for the tailstock.
Axminster SIEG SC2 Holder for ER32 Collets
Axminster SIEG
Axminster SIEG SC2 holder for ER32 collets. This holder is suitable for the SIEG SC2 lathe, ref. 211953 or 505102 and the old model C2A 600550 (80mm chuck version).
Axminster SIEG SC2 Vertical Slide
Axminster SIEG
Vertical slide for use on the Axminster SIEG SC2 Mini Lathe. This will allow simple milling tasks to be carried out on the lathe. Work can be held onto the slide using the clamp system provided. Milling cutters should be mounted in the headstock, chuck or collet holder.
Axminster SIEG SC2 Clamp Kit
Axminster SIEG
A clamp kit for use with the Axminster SIEG SC2 faceplate accessory.
Axminster SIEG SC2 ER32 Collets & Holder Set
Axminster SIEG
Collets are used where the very best accuracy is required. Each collet has a 1mm compression range and so can be used on metric dimensioned materials, so saving costs. Easy to use, and ideal for repeat turning operations, these will make the accurate machining of small parts a doddle. Basic holder complete with mounting bolts and 'C' spanner contained in wooden box. The kit comprises 7 collets: 4 - 3mm, 6 - 5mm, 8 - 7mm, 10 - 9mm, 12 - 11mm, 14 - 13mm and 16 - 15mm, plus the Collet Holder.
Axminster SIEG SC2 Quick Change Tool Post
Axminster SIEG
A quick change tool post system for the Axminster SIEG SC2 lathe.
Axminster SIEG 4th Axis with 80mm 3 Jaw Chuck
Axminster SIEG
A 4th axis system for all SIEG CNC milling machines. Essentially it is a powered 100mm rotary table which comes with a tailstock, faceplate and centres. It simply plugs into a port already fitted to the machine. This accessory gives these mills the capability to machine cylindrical objects, direct or indirect dividing, plate processing, radial slotting and cam curving. Fitted with an 80mm 3 jaw chuck. Please note that space for this accessory is a bit tight on the iKX1 mill because of the tool rack.
Axminster SIEG SC4 Clamp Kit
Axminster SIEG
Clamp Kit for the Axminster SIEG SC4 faceplate. Holds the work securely in place. Can be used on any faceplate that can accommodate 12mm bolts.
Axminster SIEG C2 Mounting Flange for 100mm 4 Jaw Independent Chuck
Axminster SIEG
SIEG C2 mounting flange for 100mm 4 jaw independent chuck.
Axminster SIEG C0 2 Way Tool Post
Axminster SIEG
Allows two, 8mm cutting tools to be fitted at the same time.
Axminster SIEG SC2 Faceplate
Axminster SIEG
A 160mm diameter face plate for the Axminster SIEG SC2 lathe. The chuck guard and mounting arm need to be removed to allow the use of the faceplate.