Axminster Trade Series

Axminster Trade Series BS11-INV Bandsaw
Axminster Trade Series
This benchtop bandsaw is made to exacting standards to encompass all the features found on top quality floor standing machines. Designed in house, we set out to create a bandsaw with many unique features. The one piece frame is made from heavy gauge welded steel and is extremely rigid to withstand high blade tensions. A cast iron deep section table is fitted, featuring a ground table surface and a rack and pinion tilt mechanism with indexing stops for common angles. The heavy gauge alloy rip fence is mounted on a cast alloy bracket which also incorporates a fine width adjustment. The fence is clamped with a cam action lever, easily released to allow swift adjustment. Blade guides are all ball bearing with micro adjustment for accurate control. The top guide is mounted on a steel hexagon bar for stiffness and adjusted for height by a small rack and pinion system. A pair of cast iron band wheels, nicely machined and balanced are driven by a multi V belt with a choice of two ratios. The 750W induction motor features an inverter drive to control the motor speed. This gives a speed across the range of 42-1001 m/min. By using the lower belt speed and reducing the motor speed, this machine can be used for cutting some types of metal, for example by using a fine pitch M42 blade this bandsaw will handle mild steel plate from 2 to 10mm thick. Thinner or harder materials cannot be cut in volume on this bandsaw. This model is a true all round machine, suitable for many projects using all kinds of materials. To read a review supplied courtesy of My Time Media's Good Woodworking magazine, please go to "Downloads".
Axminster Trade Series ST-480 Drum/Brush Sander
Axminster Trade Series
The ST-480 is a compact, single drum finishing sander that can also be easily converted to a brush sander. Based around a cast iron base and frame, this is an extremely rigid and accurate drum sander. It is supplied as a bench mounted single drum machine that can handle boards and flat panels up to 960mm wide in two passes. The machine will sand work pieces as short as 60m to 90mm in length. Features include a variable speed conveyor controlled by a load sensing electronic system to prevent overheating of the sanding abrasive. A polyurethane conveyor belt is fitted, which has good grip but is non-marking. The sanding drum is balanced to prevent vibration and the abrasive loadings are spirally wound and secured by spring-loaded clips. A simple tool is provided to ease the abrasive changing task. The sanding drum is powered by an inverter driven induction motor. The variable drum speed provides a further control of the finish and also allows the use of the optional sanding brushes. The silicon carbide sanding brushes are supplied as a complete exchange kit. Available in a wide variety of grits, they are simple to fit in place of the sanding drum. Brush heads are very effective for profile sanding, denibbing and preparing mouldings for finishing. You can sand sealer coats and primers with the most uniform control of the finish. There is also a wire brush attachment, used to distress new wood to look weathered or create a grained look. This can also be used for brushing metals. With these options, this drum sander can be used for many tasks and will bring processes only previously available in larger machines to the small, growing workshop. A single 100mm dust extraction outlet is provided, efficient dust extraction is vital with these machines, please make sure your system is adequate. An optional, wheeled floor stand with a large storage cupboard is also available.
Axminster Trade AT340PD/ATDP13B Bench Pillar Drill
Electrically interlocked chuck guard and LED work lamp included Features include belt cover safety switch and separate emergency stop switch This is the smallest of our bench top Trade Series pillar drills. Robustly made from cast iron and machined steel, it has a highly accurate quill and spindle assembly, running in NSK ball race bearings to ensure consistent drilling. Powered by a smooth running 550W induction motor, there are 12 belt speeds between 210-2,580rpm. The Japanese made belts are of the multi-vee type, chosen for maximum grip and the lowest level of vibration. The belt cover also has a safety switch to prevent the drill being run with the cover open. The down feed is via a one-piece cast iron handle with soft rubber grips and there is an accurate drilling depth control. A quality 3-16mm keyless chuck is fitted. The chuck guard is electrically interlocked for safety and is easily adjustable for height. The switch system has a separate locking emergency stop switch, plus there is a switch for the integrated LED work light. Table height is controlled via a rack and pinion system; the whole table assembly can be swivelled away to allow the base to be used as a work support. This trade rated drill offers a whole lot more but is still compact in size. A great choice for any trade or school workshop, or maybe the discerning home workshop. Please note, morticing attachments are not suitable for this machine.
Axminster Trade Bitz 11 Piece Long Series Bit Set
Axminster Trade Bitz
Universal double hex shank fits any quick change system including Festool's Centrotec . Our 11 piece set comprises an 85mm quick release bit holder with a universal shank (compatible with all makes of tool) and 10 sand blast finished colour coded bits in a steel case. All bits are fitted with a double groove which makes them specially designed to work with any chuck including quick change systems such as Festool's Centrotec system. Drive screws with better accuracy as the geometry of the tip is designed to form an exact fit with the screw head to prevent the screws being stripped. Each bit is sand blasted to give you better grip and is made from S2 grade steel which makes them more resistant to wear.