Ayerbe LED Lamps – LED Workshop Lamp ay-60-led Cable 5 m
Workshop LED lamp 60led ay-60 workshop lamp special Ayerbe 620440, workshop, 60 LED, ABS, Cable 5 M. with switch.
Ayerbe – Asp. Bag Ay-1300 (Bag-5) 587031
Vacuum Bag ay-1300 (bolsa-5) 587031 -
Ayerbe – Car Wheel Impeller 260 mm
There is no decripción For The Product: Wheel 260 loose Solid metal 200 K
Ayerbe Folding Platform Trolley, 150 Kilograms
Trolley foldable platform - Ayerbe 580800 - 150 kg - 8429459808005
Ayerbe – Wheelbarrow Construction ay-350-cn Puncture Resistant
Maximum capacity: 350 Kgs. Grip: 2 Hands. Wheel Type: impinchables. Diameter: 260 mm Weight: 16 kgs. Platform Dimensions: 500 x 240 mm.
Ayerbe – ay-fr-led-8 W LED Headlamp
LED Headlamp ay-fr - 620460
Ayerbe Vacuum Cleaner Professional ay-1300 Deposito Stainless
Vacuum Cleaner Dust Liquid INOX 1300 W 20 L
The Cuban Revolution
Editora Unesp
For more than fifty years, the revolutionary experience in Cuba was the stage for such re markable personalities as Che Guevara and for dramatic events like the missile crisis. All these 20th century historic icons are interwoven with the deep internal restructuring of the Cuban economy and society, and the related challenge to the United States' prior unopposed hegemony over Latin America. The complexities of these elements should not be dismissed, for, in them selves, they are an explanation for the passions and interpretative battles that are evoked still today by this Caribbean revolution.
Ayerbe – Platform Trolley Aluminium Handle Folding Steel 250 kg
Maximum capacity: 250 kgs. Wheel Type: Rubber. Diameter: 180 mm Weight: 17 kgs. Platform Dimensions: 900 x 610 mm.
Ayerbe AY-180KT2+1 - Cultivator
The GTC1900 cultivator is the tool, if you are looking for GTC1900 efficiency and perfect power and performance.6.5 CV Motor on the back of this cultivator, it is the perfect instrument for difficult business.
Os court
Ayerbe – Professional LED Headlamp say-fr-led-12 W
ayfr12 LED Headlamp 3 X AAA 620470 of the brand Ayerbe
Ayerbe – Sack Truck Aluminium Folding ay-90-al 90 kg
Wheelbarrow Folding Aluminium 580830 -
Ayerbe transpaletas – transpaleta ay-2100-pca Spade Short/Wide
Fork: 1,000 x 685 mm wheels Material: Nylon. Max load capacity: 2,000 kgs. Weight: 70 kgs. Rollers: Ø 80 mm/4 Pack. Wheels: Ø 180 mm/2 Pack.
De Clinton a Obama: políticas dos Estados Unidos para a América Latina (Portuguese Edition)
SciELO - Editora UNESP
Os ensaios reunidos estudam as correntes de pensamento na formulação da política externa estadunidense após o fim da guerra fria e concepções estratégicas dos Estaos Unidos sobre a segurança internacional dos governos de Bill Clinton, George W. Bush e Barack Obama, Verifica ainda os interesses nacionais norte-americanos na América Latina entre 1993 e 2009, além de tratar dos cem primeiros dias do governo Obama.