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Camylle Voile de Sauna Polynesia
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CAMYLLE voile de sauna Polynesia Camylle offers better quality accessories, suitable for the sauna. The comfort and well-being are important for more relaxation. Breathe in the scent Soothing Regenerating, calming and stimulating while still under the dry heat of your sauna, and vanilla and fruity aromas. A sophisticated, jasminé, easy with the exquisite fragrance and exotic at the same time soft and in flower. Bottle of 250ml
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Increases the calcium hardness (th) Compatible with all types of powder increases the calcium hardness of water filtration to dissolve quickly without residue. For best results use Provide For more powder 150g of OVY th/10 m3 of water to increase the th 1 °F (1 °F = 10 mg/l of CaCO3) directly into the basin (S) (S), filtration. Was the calcium hardness in pool water is the TH. The hardness of the water can be a problem: Scale on the walls and pipes and accessories by corrosion deposits. Here's how to is considered to be the hardness of water (mg/l). Fresh Water: 0-60 in hardness: 60-120 hard water: 120-180 very hard - 180 and more special features: Compatible with all other treatments used in pool compatible with all filtration equipment, quick-dissolving powder increases the th packaging: 5 kg
Disfrute del baño: Playas, ríos y pantanos (Spanish Edition)
OCU Ediciones
Playas, ríos, pantanos, lagos… España cuenta con muchas zonas de baño, tanto de costa como interiores. Por desgracia, hoy día no existe ningún sistema de calificación de playas y zonas de baño propiamente independiente. Por ello, desde la Organización de Consumidores y Usuario (OCU), le ofrecemos esta guía práctica con la información y los criterios que le pueden ayudar a elegir la mejor playa o zona de baño interior. En una primera parte del libro, encontrará, por un lado, informaciones y consejos de seguridad para disfrutar adecuadamente del baño y los deportes acuáticos, para protegerse del sol, la deshidratación, las intoxicaciones alimentarias, los insectos, etc. Por otro lado, se recogen datos sobre las playas, las zonas de baño interiores y las piscinas relativos al mantenimiento, calidad del agua o prestaciones, entre otros datos útiles. Junto con estas informaciones generales, y gracias a los datos que nos envían los usuarios, incluimos una selección de más de 45 playas y zonas de baño continentales. Recogemos, en forma de prácticas fichas, información sobre su mantenimiento, calidad del agua, prestaciones, servicios, carencias y otros datos que le pueden ayudar a decidir si es el lugar apropiado para las vacaciones o actividades de ocio que está buscando.
Sauna Camylle veil of Asia
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"CAMYLLE's VOILE DE SAUNA is totally soluble in water, and diffuses in generous quantities when the diluted solution is poured onto the hot stones of the stove (10 to 20 ml diluted in a litre of water). Essential oils are fatty particles that remain on the surface when they are poured into the water. As a result, most products used in saunas give off scents that are created by the calcinations of the essential oils when they come into contact with the burning hot lava stones. VOILE DE SAUNA's secret manufacturing method prevents this phenomenon and improves the diffusion and persistence of the aromatic plant molecules. Purifying body and mind... As soon as you enter a sauna cabin, you can feel the heat invading your body. Make yourself comfortable, lie down and let the heat work its way gently into your limbs and the various parts of your body. Feel your heartbeat slow down and your mind begin to relax... All is quiet except for the breathing of the hot wood and the clinking of the stove and the lava stones-a magical moment of peace and well-being. After a few minutes, pour some CAMYLLE VOILE DE SAUNA on the burning stones and feel yourself suddenly enveloped by hot, silky steam bearing restorative plant molecules. Breathe slowly but deeply to absorb the essential oils: some of them are soothing and relaxing, while others are reviving and stimulating..."
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Combination of treatment for chlorine and chlorine granular active oxygen - Enriched with the active oxygen treatment enriched with active oxygen Special Features: Compatible with any other treatment used in pool reactive as disinfectant chlorine Compatible with all equipment Council for use: Family Pool: disinfection impact 150g ovygène/10 m3 of water in the skimmer packaging: 1kg/3kg/5kg - FREE SHIPPING FOR RIGHT 50 & # x20AC; purchase from seller AZ swimming pool
Flocculante liquido 5 lt ocedis
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Chiarifica le acque agglomerando le particelle in sospensione. Efficace con tutti i tipi di PH, utilizzare anche dopo clorazione shock. 2l/100 m3 diluito direttamente in vasca a filtri spenti.
Floculant Liquid
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Flocculante liquido 1 l
AZ Piscine
Flocculante liquido per chiarificare l'acqua della piscina permette l'agglomerazione delle micro particelle in sospensione. Facile uso rispetto al prodotto in polvere. Efficace su tutti i livelli di pH compresi tra 6.9 e 7,8. Adatto a tutti tipi di filtrazione a sabbia. In caso di torbidit elevata o dopo una colorazione shock immettere zero 2 l ogni 10 m di acqua.
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Antical calfix Aerator
AZ Piscine
AZ Piscine
Ph plus 1 kg
AZ Piscine
Prodotto granulare a rapida dissoluzione. Aumenta il pH ed compatibile allo stato di sciolto con tutte le tipologie di trattamento dell'acqua. Versare 200 g di pH plus granulare ogni 10 m per aumentare il pH di 02 unit.
PH Plus Liquid
AZ Piscine
AMAZONAS AZ-1014150 Lambada Hammock - Apple
Weight: approx. 1,4 kg Total length: approx. 320 cm Load capacity: max. 150 kg Lying surface: approx. 210 x 140 cm
Ph minus 1,5 kg
AZ Piscine
Polvere di soluzione rapida compatibile con tutti i tipi di trattamenti dell'acqua della piscina. Aggiungere 150 g di prodotto ogni 10 m di acqua per abbassare il PH di 0,2 . Si consiglia di ridurre il PH in tranches di 02 unit ogni due ore in assenza di bagnanti.
Ph minus liquido 5l
AZ Piscine
Versare 1 l di pH minus ogni 100 metri cubi di acqua per abbassare il Piacca di 05 unit direttamente nel bacino davanti alle mandate con la filtrazione in funzione. Procedere sempre l'abbassamento del Piacca attraverso dei dosaggi ripartiti in pi apporti in tranches da 0,2 unit di pH intervallati da due ore. Procedere sempre in assenza di bagnanti.
PH Minus Liquid
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Bromine Shock Powder
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