Ballistol Universal Spray - Transparent, 200 ml
Ballistol oil 200 ml Spray
Ballistol 82176 Universal Oil Spray, 400 ml
Ballistol 82176 Universal Oil Spray, 400 ml
Ballistol 82174 Universal Oil, 500 ml
Ballistol 82174 Universal Oil Spray, 500 ml
Ballistol Spray 400 ml *
Ballistol Spray 400 ml *
Ballistol 29766 Oil 500 ml
Ballistol 29766 Oil 500 ml - Ballistol universal oil - Biodegradable - Prevents rust without hardening the material to which it is applied - Volume: 500 ml
Ballistol 82175 Universal Oil, Spray, 50 ml
Special Ballistol Universalöl engine oil for cars, motorcycles, industry, crafts, DIY and Agriculture. Nourishes, protects and lubricates all materials are made of metal, plastic, rubber, leather and wood. It disinfects and neutralized weak acids, such as hand sweat. Seeps into the smallest nooks and crannies, doesn't harden over the years. Food safe, medically pure and fully biodegradable. Lubricates the mechanism and protects against rusting, maintains wood and leather, protects against rot and mold and mildew growth. Also ideal for cleaning of stainless steel and aluminium. Description on the label in addition in Italian and French.Rust protection Kontaktöl Ages, penetrating oil, lube oil leather care cleans and maintains neutralises acids not, verharzt not disinfects protects Removes dirt skin friendly, not harmful to your health Environmentally friendly tested for skin compatibility with "Very Good 'Container Type: Spray can contents: 50 ml
Ballistol 21353 Pumpsprüher empty 650 ml 1 St.
Pump, 18468.48 fl oz (650 ml) by the following-allows user-friendly application of LIQUID-Adjustable regulierdüs'allows setting of mist and Jet-Spray for Large Surfaces-easy to use-for love to the environment can spray head, suitable for all 14206.52 (500 ml fl oz oil container from BALLISTOL)
Ballistol 10 Care Wipes
Ballistol 10 Care WipesOld-tried and unrivaledYou don´t want to miss out on your Ballistol while on vacation, but you can´t take it with you on the plane or you don´t want to transport sprays or glass bottles? Here are the practical wipes with Ballistol universal oil. Clean and individually packaged, the wipes are suitable for care in between and on the way for shoe cleaning, for hunting or for hand care and of course for all other purposes to which you have always used Ballistol.Lubricates skin-friendly, cleans environmentally friendly, cares for biodegradable, rust protection without resin.Ballistol universal oil is widely used in the following areas:- Handyman, Industry and Craft- Car and Motorcycle- Household and Garden- Wood- and Leathercare- Anglers, hunters, shooters Inhalt: 10 wipes
Ballistol 82172 Universal Oil Spray, 100 ml
Ballistol oil 100 ml SprayThe classic all-round oil. The effective ingredients have a natural origin and the base oil is medically pure white oil. Ballistol is absolutely resin and acid free and has no 'best before' date! All ingredients are biologically decomposable and environmentally harmless. Its minimal surface tension means that Ballistol can seep in to the smallest corners, lubricating and protecting on the way. Even leather can be protected effectively against drying out, against water and other damage. Ballistol regenerates dry, hard leather making it soft and pliable. Wood, too, can be protected by Ballistol - highlighting the grain and protecting against damp and rot. Protects and cleans pets! For a multiplicity of applications in the outdoors, leisure time, everyday use and professionally. Makes rubber pliable, creaking joints silent, jammed bearings free and protects metal and plastic.
Ballistol Stichfrei, set of 3, a 100 ml pump-spray mosquito repellent insect spray
F.W. Klever GmbH
Ballistol Stichfrei provides up to 8 hours of reliable protection against annoying mosquitoes, brakes, ticks and grass mites. It moisturises the skin and contains sunscreen-active UV-B filters. At the same time, it has a refreshing effect and reduces the cooling of muscles during exercise. Ballistol Stichfrei is dermatologically tested for skin compatibility with "Very Good” and has a pleasant scent. Ballistol Stichfrei is also suitable for tropical and long-distance travel. Application: Spray Ballistol Stichfrei from a distance of approx. 20 cm to the skin, even under thin clothing. Repeat if the effect wears off. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. Not suitable for small children. Active ingredients: sec-Butyl 2 (2-hydroxyethyl) Piperidin-1 – carboxylate (Icaridine) 20g/100g, Reg. no.: 33738. Keeps irritating and dangerous insects away up to 8 hours.Protects against ticks, mosquitoes, brakes.Tested in tropics during expeditions.Refreshingly pleasant smell.Contains UV-B filter (SPF 6). Box contents: Ballistol Stichfrei mosquito and tick protection 100 ml pump spray. Pack of 3.
F.W. 21000 Ballistol Oil 50 ml
Ballistol Universal Oil 50 ml - Ballistol Universal Oil, the original. pulische, lubricates and protects in time natural way.
Ballistol Mosquito Repellent Stichfrei Kids 125ml Lotion Dispenser
'BALLISTOL Stichfrei Kids Mosquito Repellent skin care cream for children Lotion has a pleasant fragrance Dermatologically' very good tested For children aged 2 and months Protects against mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies Protects for up to 4 hours Provides the skin with moisture Contains ethically-sourced mosquito rep ellent Also suitable for pregnant women
Universalöl Ballistol, 200ml Spray
Universalöl Ballistol, 200ml Spray - Ballistol oil spray - High creep - Highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly - Biodegradable - Content: 200 ml
Ballistol To Go First Aid Kit - Multi-Colour
Dimensions: Height: 9.0 cm Width: 17.0 cm Depth: 4.5 cm According to EC Directives Hazardous Substances Ordinance.Product safe use.  Always read label and product information before use.