Ballistol Universal Spray - Transparent, 200 ml
Ballistol oil 200 ml Spray
Ballistol 82176 Universal Oil Spray, 400 ml
Ballistol 82176 Universal Oil Spray, 400 ml
Ballistol 82174 Universal Oil, 500 ml
Ballistol 82174 Universal Oil Spray, 500 ml
Ballistol 29766 Oil 500 ml
Ballistol 29766 Oil 500 ml - Ballistol universal oil - Biodegradable - Prevents rust without hardening the material to which it is applied - Volume: 500 ml
Ballistol 82175 Universal Oil, Spray, 50 ml
Special Ballistol Universalöl engine oil for cars, motorcycles, industry, crafts, DIY and Agriculture. Nourishes, protects and lubricates all materials are made of metal, plastic, rubber, leather and wood. It disinfects and neutralized weak acids, such as hand sweat. Seeps into the smallest nooks and crannies, doesn't harden over the years. Food safe, medically pure and fully biodegradable. Lubricates the mechanism and protects against rusting, maintains wood and leather, protects against rot and mold and mildew growth. Also ideal for cleaning of stainless steel and aluminium. Description on the label in addition in Italian and French.Rust protection Kontaktöl Ages, penetrating oil, lube oil leather care cleans and maintains neutralises acids not, verharzt not disinfects protects Removes dirt skin friendly, not harmful to your health Environmentally friendly tested for skin compatibility with "Very Good 'Container Type: Spray can contents: 50 ml
Ballistol Spray 400 ml *
Ballistol Spray 400 ml *
Ballistol Engineering Box - Multi-Colour
Ballistol Set Workshop Kit, 25060 - Assembly Spray - Tefflonspray - Workshop-Oil - Lubricant - Silliconspray
Ballistol First Aid Set - Multi-Colour
Ballistol First Aid Set - Multi-Colour - Minor injuries and wounds, your pet has incurred while playing with other dogs e.g - Also the effective insect repellent Stichfrei helps your animal to move blithely in the nature - When exploring, or playing with other dogs, it can quickly lead to injury
F.W. 21000 Ballistol Oil 50 ml
Ballistol Universal Oil 50 ml - Ballistol Universal Oil, the original. pulische, lubricates and protects in time natural way.
Ballistol Stichfrei Ticks and Mosquito Repellent Spray 125 ml K29854 Top Quality
F.W. Klever GmbH
'BALLISTOL Stichfrei provides up to 8 hours long reliable protection against mosquitoes, horseflies, ticks and grass mites. It provides the skin with moisture, containing Sonnenschutzaktiven UV-B filters. At the same time they are refreshingly and decreases the cooling of the muscles during exercise. Ballistol Stichfrei is dermatologically tested for skin compatibility with "Very well and has a pleasant scent. Ballistol Stichfrei is also suitable for tropical and far Travel. Use: Spray on Ballistol Stichfrei out a from a distance of approx. 20 cm without a gap on the skin, even under thin clothing. Repeat the decrease the effect. Avoid contact with eyes. When they come into contact rinse thoroughly with water immediately. Not suitable for small children. Active Ingredients: sec/Butyl/2 (2 Hydroxyethyl) Piperidin-1 - Carboxylat (ICA Ridin) 20 g/100 g), Reg.Number: 33738Keeps up to 8 hours irritating and dangerous insects outProtects against midges, ticks, mosquitoes, brakesTested and is in tropical at expeditionsRefreshing pleasant smellContains UV filters (SPF 6) Package included: Ballistol Stichfrei mosquito and insect protection 125 ml spray