Faithfull Engineers Squares Set 4Pc (2/3/4/6In)
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Faithfull Engineers Squares Set 4pce (50, 75, 100, 150mm) FAIESSET4 Carefully crafted from high quality tool steel, these squares are accurate to BS939 Grade B standard. The stock and blade are precision ground to ensure straightness and accuracy, and the spring steel blade is hardened and tempered for increased durability.Set of 4 in a wooden storage case containing 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm (2in, 3in, 4in, 6in). FAIESSET4
Faithfull Tools FAIDWKIT 290 x 70 mm Diamond Sharpening Stone - Clear
Faithfull Tools
The Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit contains a two sided diamond sharpening stone for quick, easy and effortless sharpening of any blade and many other tools. Two grits are provided 400G Fine 1000G Fine, each can be easily accessed by simply releasing the stone from the docking station and turning it over.The docking station is constructed using three solid, non-slip rubber pads and robust steel rods that are fitted with easy grip screw nuts for precise and firm fixing of the stone. The dock station is adjustable to except stones from 135 to 216mm in length and has a 6mm deep recess to provide a secure and firm base for all sharpening operations. Diamond stones will sharpen carbon steel, HSS and tungsten carbide tools and may also be used to abrade glass, ceramic tiles and porcelain and may be used dry or with water as a lubricant. Used for general purpose sharpening of knives, scissors, chisels, plane blades, cutting blades, TCT router bits and any tool that requires a sharp edge.The set also includes a handy pocket size folding sharpening stone that can be kept at hand to quickly restore a sharp edge to a blunt tool.
Faithfull MINISET5 Mini Tools (Set of 5)
Faithfull Set of 5 Mini Tools FAIMINISET5 A wooden presentation case containing 1 each of the following mini tools: FAIPLNMNP - Woodworking PlaneFAICGMNP - Combination Marking GaugeFAIBVLMNP - Sliding BevelFAITRYMNP - Try SquareFAIDV6MNP - Dove Tail SquareAll made from hardwood and brass fittings to the same exacting standards as their regular sized counter parts. FAIMINISET5
Faithfull CARPBAG Carpenters Tool Set (7 Pieces)
Faithfull 7 Piece Carpenters Tool Set FAICARPBAG A seven piece carpenters plane and tool set supplied in a padded carry bag. All seven tools are made to the highest quality from the finest hardwood, brass and steel. Carpenters 7 piece kit comprising of:No.4 Plane60½ Block PlaneSpokeshaveTry Square 225mm (9in)Sliding Bevel 225mm (9in)Marking Knife 175mm (7in)Mortice & Marking Gauge 150mm (6in)Supplied in a sturdy carrying and storage case. FAICARPBAG
Faithfull FAIPAN43 Storage Bin Set with Wall Panels (43 Pieces)
Blade thickness: 0.6mm.Size: 360mm x 130mm (14in x 5in).
Memories, Dreams and Reflections
Harper Perennial
This book is a more personal history than has ever before been written by or about Marianne Faithfull. Anecdotal, conversational, intimate and revealing, this is her no-holds-barred account of her life, her friends, her triumphs and mistakes. A decade after the publication of `Faithfull', one of the most acclaimed rock autobiographies of all time, Marianne Faithfull is back, vowing periodically leave her wicked ways behind and grow up, but finding that somehow strange things keep happening., A wry observer of her slightly off-kilter world, Marianne muses nostalgically about afternoons languishing on Moroccan cushions at George and Pattie's, getting high and listening to new songs. She fondly recalls the outlandish antics of her Beat friends Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs; is frequently baffled at her image in the press (opening the paper to read of her own demise: 'Sixties Star in Death Plunge'); terrified by the curse sent by Kenneth Anger; mortified by her history of reckless behaviour; not to mention her near-death experience in Singapore while looking for an opium den. Marianne peoples her anecdotal memoir with legendary characters one can imagine only Marianne assembling around her, both the eccentric and the beautiful, from Henrietta Moraes and Donatella Versace to Sofia Coppola, Juliette Greco, and Yves St., Laurent's dog. Here is Marianne on the dark side of the sixties and the bright side of the nineties, which saw her collaborating with the likes of Blur and Jarvis Cocker; compelling recollections of an unconventional childhood in her father's orgiastic literary commune to a hilariously decadent few days at Lady Caroline Blackwood's deathbed. Here she is her blossoming movie career, on her records as subliminal autobiography., This is as intimate a portrait as we've ever had of Marianne, as she meditates on sex and drugs, confronts her alter-ego, the Fabulous Beast, and faces her own mortality in her battle with br
Faithfull Zip Top Holdall 30IN
Faithfull Zip Top Holdall 75cm (30in) FAIH30 Made from a strong durable canvas featuring reinforced handles, heavy-duty zip fastener and a studded fibreboard base, end pockets and level holder. A good quality general purpose holdall.L: 750mm (30in)W: 200mm (8in)H: 165mm (6½in) FAIH30
Faithfull PLANE4AVB No.4 Plane & No.60.1/2 Plane in Canvas Carry Bags, Multi-Colour
This Faithfull Plane Set is supplied in two zip up canvas carry bags, designed to protect the planes against damage during transport or when in storage. Provides the essentials you need for planing wood:1 x No.4 Smoothing Plane, designed for smoothing and final finishing. Made with a quality grey cast iron body for strength and stability with precision ground base and sides for flatness and squareness. Machined seatings eliminate movement and blade judder. A lever cap with a brass locking screw secures the blade assembly and enables easy release for sharpening. Wooden handles and guidance knobs maximise user comfort. A solid brass blade adjustment nut completes the appeal of these traditional tools.Cutter Width: 50mm.Overall Length: 250mm.1 x 60.1/2 Block Plane has the plane iron set at 13.5°. It is particularly effective on end grain and plastic laminates. Block planes are designed for end grain work or in any situation where a single handed operation is required. The low angle cutter and fully adjustable mouth, from wide for coarse work to narrow for the fine shaving of awkward grain.Cutter Width: 35mm.Overall Length: 160mm.
Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box 17-inch (5 Tray)
Faithfull Metal Cantilever Tool Box 40cm (17in) 5 Tray FAITBC517 This rigidly constructed 5-tray toolbox has the advantage of displaying their contents when open, while being extremely compact when in the closed position. A tubular steel carry handle opens and closes the box as it is lifted and lowered. The lid of the closed box can be secured by a padlock (not supplied) for added security.Size: 40cm (17in) FAITBC517
Faithfull FLICKHD Heavy-Duty Plastic Body Hand Sprayer
Faithfull Heavy-Duty Plastic Body Hand Sprayer FAIFLICKHDThis hand operated wall coating sprayer is ideal for applying Tyrolean and Roughcast wall covering material on both interior and exterior walls.A heavy-duty plastic body sprayer with adjustable ratchet pressure bar.FAIFLICKHD
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Faithfull NAILPULL 600mm / 24-inch Nail Puller
Faithfull Nail Puller 60cm (24in) FAINAILPULL The Faithfull nail puller is the perfect tool for removing nails from most materials, lifting floorboards, opening wooden crates and dismantling wooden structures.This specialist tool can even extract nail heads recessed below surface level and features a malleable cast iron slide handle with a hinged, drop-forged gripping jaw fixed to a box joint for extra strength.The tool is used by positioning the jaws on either side of the nail head before slamming down the slide handle to drive the jaws into the timber and under the nail head. The handle is then levered forwards using the base heel as a leverage point to keep the jaws tight whilst extracting the nail.60cm - 24-Inch FAINAILPULL
Faithfull Spring Divider 8in
Faithfull Spring Divider 200mm (8in) FAIDIV8 Spring dividers have polished natural steel finish legs made of flat stock and are carefully balanced, with heat treated points. A strong but flexible bow spring and centrally located adjustment screw give a smooth and precise action.Size 200mm (8 in) FAIDIV8
Faithfull Carpenters An
Faithfull Carpenters Apron FAICA A traditional style carpenters apron manufactured from quality linen.Machine washable.One size fits all.Twin front pockets with tie straps.Ideal for hobby & DIY enthusiast. FAICA
Faithfull FAISDMINI7 Instrument Precision Screwdriver, Set of 7
This Faithfull Instrument Precision Screwdriver Set is ideal for watchmakers, model makers, instrument technicians, opticians. electrical and precision engineering shops and many other applications where fine adjustment, along with speedy removal and setting of fixings is required. The revolving body to permits single-handed use while leaving the other hand free when working on small items.The mini set consists of seven precision soft-grip screwdrivers designed for use on small screws. Each screwdriver features a chrome vanadium steel blade with a black tip.The set comprises:2 x Slotted: 2.5 x 50mm, 3 x 50mm.2 x Phillips: PH00 x 50mm PH0 x 50mm.3 x Torx Star: TX8, TX9, TX10.
Faithfull Leather Chisel Roll - 8 Pocket
Faithfull Leather Chisel Roll - 8 Pocket FAILCR8 Made from water-resistant, high quality suede leather which is double stitched at stress points.Has a long ribbon tie.Suitable for chisels and other small tools.8 Assorted Pocket sizes.100mm (4in) Depth.Approximate overall size: 33 x 47cm (13in x 18.½in) FAILCR8
Marianne Faithfull
Omnibus Press
Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull was the perfect icon of the Swinging Sixties; her life as colourful as the decade itself. A quiet but beautiful convent girl, she became internationally famous through her relationship with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones. Full description
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