InSinkErator 75275 Stainless Steel Evolution 200 Food Waste Disposer
This is the largest and most powerful food waste grinder we sell and it will make mince meat of all your food scraps - literally. The Evolution 200 is ideal for the largest of households and is great if you like hosting parties but hate all the rubbish left behind in bulging bin bags. Simply leave the tap running and scrape food, peel, seeds, cores and bones into your sink where it conveniently gets ground down by the unique 3 grind stage process and disappears. This model comes with extra sound proofing that is up to 60% less loud than standard food waste grinders despite being a lot more powerful - it also comes with a boost circuit that increase torque when you need it most. The Evolution 200 comes with a built-in air switch so you can easily switch the garbage grinder on from your kitchen worktop. Evolution 200 Features: 60% quieter than that Model 45 Evolution 3-stage grind technology Auto-Reverse Grinding Action High-torque Dura-Drive induction motor Power Booster Circuit for Hardcore Food scraps 6 Year guarantee Stainless Steel grind chamber Continuous feed Overload protection Quick Lock mounting for easy assembly Air switch included Detailed Specifics: Type of Feed: Continuous On/Off Control: Built-in Air Switch Motor: Single Phase Reversing: Auto-Reverse Grind System Lubrication: Permanently Lubricated Upper & Lower Bearings Shipping Weight: 11.6 kg Overall Height: 344 mm 3-Stage Grind Technology with Microprocessor technology Power Booster Circuit Anti-Vibration Mounting Quiet Sink Baffle Multi-Layer Sound Insulation Stainless Steel Strainer Basket and Plug Grind Chamber: 1180 ml Capacity Motor Protection: Manual Reset Overload Average Water Usage per Person/Day: Approximately 5.0 L Average Electrical Usage: 2-3 KWH per Annum Drain Connection: 1-1/2" (3.81 cm) Dishwasher Drain Connection: Yes Load: 380W
InSinkErator 76933 Evolution 100 Waste Disposal Unit
The InSinkErator 76933 Evolution 100 Waste Disposal Unit is a top of the range food disposal unit. Featuring two stage grind technology, it is also one of the quietest models in the range and grinds all food.It also has a built in air switch for easy installation and added convenience, providing excellent value for money The Insinkerator Evolution 100 Waste Disposal Unit features:Evolutionary technology in a space saving compact design.40% quieter than standard models.Three stages of food grinding - grinds all food to the finest grind.Built in air switch accessory for easy installation and added convenience.Power booster circuit with micro processor increases torque to tackle the most difficult dried foods.Stainless steel grind chamber (1005ml) and stainless steel superior grinding elements handle all waste.Cover control available for conversion to batch feed use.Auto reverse action for extended product life and trouble free operation.Comes with a 5 year parts and labour warranty.
Insinkerator 3573 Instant Hot Water Tap | Includes H1100C Chrome Tap, Tank & Filter
InSinkErator TAP 3573 - Instant hot water tapThis tap from InSinkErator provides instant, up to 98'c water when you need it.This is great for making Tea, Coffee and preparing food.This item comes complete with a 2.5 litre boiler unit that keeps the water at your chosen temperature ready for when you need it.This tank can dispense up to 60 cups of water per hour!For the safety conscious, this tap is also fully insulated to avoid burning.3573 features:Easy to install either on the work surface or the sinkSpace saving compact design98ºC steaming hot water instantlyEasy to replace filterEnergy efficient and economicalUnobtrusive 2.5L tank fits under sinkTool-Free Tank ConnectionsProvides 60 cups/hour of near boiling waterTechnical details:220V - Plug already attached6.25 amps750 WSpecifications:Warranty/guarantee details: 2 year manufacturer's guaranteeHandles: 1Finish: ChromeRequired hole diameter: 35mm-38mmRequired supply pressure: 172-862 kPa (1.7-8.6 bar)(25-125 psi)F-201R Filter includedTHE 9.5MM to 15MM CONNECTOR IS NOT SUPPLIED WITH THIS PRODUCT
InSinkErator 77969 Model 46 Waste Disposal - Black (No Air Switch)
1-stage grind technology;High-torque Dura-Drive induction motor;Overload protection
InSinkErator 77970H Model 56 Food Waste Disposer with Air Switch
A food waste disposer is a must-have appliance for the modern kitchen. A waste disposer from InSinkErator doesn't just offer practical, contemporary convenience; it provides an environmentally responsible answer to the growing problem of food waste. This is the easy way to deal with food waste disposal. Fitted easily and discreetly under the sink, a waste disposer effortlessly grinds food waste into tiny particles that are automatically flushed away down a standard kitchen drain into the local waste treatment system or a septic tank. You save time dealing with messy food waste that would otherwise encourage smells and germs. You save the hassle and time of going back and forth to fill and empty bins. And you do your bit for the environment because less food waste ends up in landfill to contribute to methane and other greenhouse gas emissions. That's good news for carbon footprints, with less waste being collected and transported to the landfill sites. With its unobtrusive, compact design, an InSinkErator food waste disposer is installed easily into new or existing kitchens and can be fitted to most sinks. All that's needed is standard plumbing and a power source nearby.
InSinkErator 77971H Model 66 Food Waste Disposer Built-in air Switch
This little gadget is designed to slot under your sink and eats up all that kitchen waste that can’t be recycled. It does this by grinding the waste down into fine particles before disposing of it down the drains.  It’s a fast, convenient way of vastly reducing the amount of waste your kitchen produces on an annual basis. Benefits:• Minimises trips to the outside bin and reduces the amount of waste going to landfills.• Simple to use – just turn it on, pop in your waste and watch it work its magic.• A hygienic and clean way of waste disposal.• Compact in size.• Simple to install and can be fitted under most new and existing sinks.• 4-year manufacturer guarantee. Features:• 1-stage grind technology.• Powerful grind with a high-torque Dura-Drive® induction motor.• Operates with a built-in air switch that’s finished in chrome.• Stainless steel grind elements ensure a long life.• Continuous feed model.• Overload protection.• Quicker installation with a Quick Lock® mounting assembly.• Cast lugs.• Reduced noise level with a removable sound baffle. Key technical information:• Single phase motor.• Intermittent time rating.• Features permanently lubricated upper and lower bearings.• Approximate shipping weight: 8.7kg.• Overall height: 318mm.• Grind chamber capacity: 980ml.• Average water usage: Approximately 4.0 litres per person per day.• Average electrical usage: 3-4 KWH per year.• Includes a dishwasher drain connection.
InSinkErator 77969H 46AS Waste Disposal Unit with Air Switch
Insinkerator Model 46A/S Undersink Food Waste Disposer with Air Switch, As an entry-level option, the Model 46 waste disposer is just right for people living in flats and apartments, or those working to a smaller budget. It is simplicity itself to install, it is completely safe (there are no blades), and it disposes of food waste quietly and efficiently. Designed and manufactured in the United States for the highest levels of quality and reliability. BENEFITS, Food waste is grounded into particles and flushed away in seconds Clean, hygienic, convenient and simple to use Easy method to manage food waste in the home, saving you time and helping to minimise trips to the outside dustbin Permanent in-house solution that is compact and sits under the sink without taking up valuable storage Easy to install into new or existing kitchens and can be fitted to most sinks Environmentally responsible, helping reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites
Insinkerator New Replacement ISE Steaming Hot Water Tank & Filter Pack HWTF-1
Product FeaturesGuarantee - 2 YearAdditional InformationThe latest Insinkerator replacement boiling hot water tap replacement boiler unitReplaces all old boiler unit and is compatible for use with any Insinkerator boiling water tapsThe latest boiler unit has the latest built in technology and is a vast improvement over the previous dark grey models with touch controlsThis boiler is a direct replacement for the existing old style Insinkerator boiler, It will replace boilers of all ages previously sold and supplied by InsinkeratorThe new boiler can be installed easy, literally as one out, one in installation, no need to employ expensive plumbers as simple installation instructions show you howLatest UK specific 240v modelThe replacement boiler kit also includes a genuine replacement water filter cartridge worth £50.00ContentsNew style hot water tankReplacement Insinkerator FilterFittings
Insinkerator ISE Model 56 Sink Food Waste Disposer | Disposal Unit with Air Switch
Disposing of food this way is much more environmentally friendly and convenient than throwing the food away as your local water treatment centre will separate food waste from the water supply and use this as a source of renewable energy or even fertiliser rather than ending up in landfill in a plastic bag and releasing green house gases into the atmosphere. At least 20% of household waste is food waste that can now be discreetly washed away - no smells, no dirty bins and no dripping bags! Insinkerator Waste Disposal Units are incredibly safe to use - they don't use a blade and in case of a jam the grinder reverses. The Model 56 comes ready with a built-in Air-Switch. All this is, is a clear plastic tube the goes into the Waste Disposer and a push button that you install in your worktop or the front of your cupboard. When you press the button, air shoots down the tube and switches the Insinkerator on or off so you don't have to install expensive electric switches Model 56 Features: 1-stage grind technology High-torque Dura-Drive induction motor 3 Year guarantee Stainless Steel grind chamber Continuous feed Overload protection Quick Lock mounting for easy assembly Air switch accessory included Detailed Specifics: Type of Feed: Continuous On/Off Control: Wall Switch Motor: Single Phase Time Rating: Intermittent Lubrication: Permanently Lubricated Upper & Lower Bearings Shipping Weight: 7.2 kg Overall Height: 318 mm Grind Technology: 1-Stage Grind Technology Grind Chamber: 980 ml Capacity Motor Protection: Manual Reset Overload Average Water Usage per Person/Day: Approximately 4.0 L Average Electrical Usage: 1/2 KWH per Month Drain Connection: 1-1/2" (3.81 cm) Dishwasher Drain Connection: Yes Load: 370W
InSinkErator Water Filters for InSinkErator Hot Water Taps Twin Pack F701R
Exclusively designed for the steaming hot water tap system from InSinkErator® UK, our filters deliver the clean water you demand and represent excellent value. They improve the taste of water by removing or significantly reducing chlorine and other impurities in tap water. The filters also reduce scale and remove solid particles. To ensure that you enjoy a continuous filtered water supply, replacement filters are available in packs of two. It is recommended that you change your water filter every 6 months. Features and benefits:• Inhibits scale formation in hot water applications• Removes 99.99% of bacteria• Sold in two pack carton
Insinkerator 3N1 U Shape Instant Hot Boiling & Mains Water Tap, Tank & Filter
3n1 u shaped insinkerator tap Tap features: Solid, high-quality low lead brass Complete installation kit for solid surface mount Capacity: 2.5 litre stainless steel tank dispenses up to 98°C filtered steaming hot water Required hole diameter: 35-38mm Required supply pressure (cold): 172-862 kPa (1.7-8.6 bar) (25-125 psi) Required supply pressure (hot): 50xPa (0.5 bar) (7 psi) Insulation: Meets U.L. 94HF-1 flammability specification Tap Specifications: Warranty/guarantee details: 2 year warranty Handles: 2 Finish: Chrome Shape: U Shape Required hole diameter: 35mm-38mm Tank features: Model: HWTF-1 Easy to install Space saving compact design 98ºC steaming hot water instantly (around 100 cups) Easily replaceable filter Energy efficient and economical Unobtrusive 2.5L tank fits under sink WRAS Approved Specifications: Warranty/guarantee details: 2 year manufacturer's guarantee on the Tank Required supply pressure: 172-862 kPa (1.7-8.6 bar)(25-125 psi) 1300W
Insinkerator 45094 Steaming Hot Water Tank 2.5Litre Stainless Steel Touch Screen
Bring the coffee shop home with you, with the Insinkerator Steaming Hot Water Tank. With this high-performance tank, you can now get on demand hot water, meaning that you can have a cup of tea or coffee at any time of the day. This tank is can produce steaming hot water at 98C on demand. The tank has a slim and compact design, meaning that you can install it undeath your sink out of the way and out of sight. The tank is manufactured using the very latest technologies to ensure a quiet operation, thus creating a fuss-free and silent boiling process. Features and benefits:• 2.5-litre stainless steel tank• Touch screen electronic temperature control from 88c - 9c• Maintains the precise temperature• Tool-free tank connections - Easy installation• For use with Insinkerator steaming water taps• 2 Year Guarantee
Insinkerator Air Switch Button and Bellows
Insinkerator Air Switch Button and Bellows Genuine Insinkerator air buton and bellows replacement, for use with all compatible Insinkerator waste disposal unitsInstallation: Push one end of the PVC tubing onto the spout of the push button bellows, feed the other end of the tube through the hole in worktop and through the nut underneath the worktop. Fit the push button bellows into the hold and then screw up the nut underneath the worktop until it is hand tight. Do not use a spanner to tighten the nut. Then simply take the other end of the air tube and push it over the spout of the air switch, which is located on the underside of the waste disposer (or into the transformer if using the ISE Air Switch separate unit).
InSinkErator STP SS Disposal Stopper, Stainless Steel, 3-3/8
Heavy duty stopper Carded Stainless Steel Length: 0.75Width: 8.5Height: 5.75
InSinkErator HC1100 Boiling Hot & Filtered Cold Water Kitchen Tap + Neo Tank
Included Items:• High Quality Tap• Efficient Boiling Water Tank• Water Filter Fuel your tea addiction with this InSinkErator Hc1100 Steaming Hot & Cold Tap. You can now make up to 100 cups of tea every hour! Offering both hot and cold filtered and pure water from the same tap. The HC1100 can produce steaming hot water at 98°C on demand, and then just seconds after it can produce cold water, with ease. The tank is compact, so it can fit easily underneath your sink. There is nothing worse than a noisy appliance. Therefore, Insinkerator have used the very latest manufacturing technologies to create fuss-free and quiet boiling technology. The super simple installation ensures that you can fit the tap onto either your kitchen surface or sink. The tap is both energy and cost effective, meaning, in the long run, it will save you time and money. Features and benefits:• Precise and adjustable temperature control.• Temperature is adjustable from 88°C to 98°C.• Compact design - Saving you money and space.• Filter included• Double lever touch dispenser with a shut-off valve in filter head to automatically stop water flow, without so much as a drip.• An impressive 2.5-litre tank is supplied to be fitted underneath the sink.• Scale reduction technology is used to protect the heating elements.• Easy to replace filter.• 40% more efficient.• UK purchases come with a brilliant 2 year manufacturing guarantee.
InSinkErator F701R Replacement Water Filters (2)
InSinkErator F701R Replacement Water FiltersDesigned for use exclusively with the InSinkErator Steaming Hot Water Tap system, the filters remove or significantly reduce levels of chlorine and other soluble impurities which are found in tap water and can affect its taste. The filters also reduce scale and remove solid particles. Replacement filters are sold in packs of two.Features:Should be replaced every 6 monthsCleaner, healthier waterRemoves impurities and temporary hardnessQuick change cartridge with automatic shut off
Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap
This listing includes EVERYTHING! You get the Tap, the New Neo Tank, the Filter & the Fittings! The F-H3N1-C-1 will dispense up to 100 cups of near boiling water an hour thanks to its 2.5 litre stainless steel tank, however you can also adjust the temperature if you don't need it quite as hot. F-H3N1-C-1 features: Easy to install with the InSinkErator Solid Surface Mounting Kit Space saving compact design 98ºC steaming hot water instantly (around 100 cups) Easily replaceable filter Energy efficient and economical Unobtrusive 2.5L tank fits under sink WRAS Approved Self Closing Hot Water Handle with Easy Grip Made of solid high quality low lead brass Elegant one piece design Smooth laminar flow Designed and manufactured in Italy Specifications: Warranty/guarantee details: 2 year manufacturer's guarantee on the Tank and 5-Year In-Home Limited Warranty on the Tap Handles: 2 Finish: Chrome Required hole diameter: 35mm-38mm Capacity - 2.5 litre stainless steel tank Electrical - 220-240 volts, 1300 watts, 5.7 amps Thermostat - Electronic adjustable from 88˚C to 98˚C (factory pre-set at 96˚C) Insulation - Meets U.L. 94HF·1 flammability specification Supply pressure - 1-8 bar Shipping weight - Approximately 2.7 kg Tank, 4.7 kg w/filtration system