Jantex GD836 Centrefeed Towel Dispenser, White
A space saving dispenser is designed for areas that require fast access to towels such as commercial kitchens and care homes. Attractive, hygienic and modular, in a contemporary design. Unique tear-off mechanism minimises paper waste and environmental impact. GD836
Jantex CF977 Dishwasher Rinse Aid, 5 L
Helps to minimise streaks and smears and ensures quick drying.
Jantex Glass Washer Bar Easy Use And Cleaning Nylon Brush Round 180X140mm
A simple glass washer for easy and straightforward cleaning of glassware. Nylon brush.
Jantex DL921 Centrefeed Roll, Blue (Pack of 6)
Different colour refills - blue for food areas, white for general use. Universal refills suitable for most dispensers. Remove inner tube before use.
Jantex CF968 Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser, 750 mL
Handy spray ready to use, effectively disinfects and de-greases a range of kitchen surfaces.
Jantex CW707 Dishwasher Detergent, 5 L (Pack of 2)
This powerful grease-stripping detergent from Jantex comes supplied in a translucent container, helping you to monitor usage and the remaining levels so you can restock in advance and avoid being stuck with low stocks during busy periods. The strong formula is ideal for a busy kitchen or catering environment with a regularly high demand for dishwashing tasks. The detergent is effective in both hard and soft water areas.
Jantex CF989 Floor Polisher, 5 L
For best results use after stripping for a highly polished, non-slip surface. Suits all types of water-resistant flooring.
Jantex GM986 Pro Kitchen Cleaner and Sanitiser, 5 L
Non fragranced concentrated kitchen cleaner. Ready to use cleaner with active biocides For professional use only Contents: 1 x 5Ltr
Jantex Colour Coded Mop Bucket with Handle, Blue, 14 L
This easy to fill polypropylene mop bucket has a 14Ltr working capacity which will help with the floor cleaning duties. The blue colour coded bucket will help to identify which areas of use the bucket is suitable for and avoid cross contamination.
Jantex Adaptable Soap Dispenser 900ml/250X115X115mm Mounted Bathroom Holder
A soap dispenser by Jantex which can accomodate liquid soaps only. Featuring an arm lever free design with a lockable and refillable reservoir.
Jantex GG934 Fragranced Soap
A lightly fragranced pink liquid hand soap by Jantex, providing great value in an easy to dispense 5 litre tub. Use with pelican pump (GF368) Ready to use Capacity 5Ltr Dimensions 275(H)x 190(W)x 130(D)mm
Jantex CK946 Floor Cleaner, 5 L
Hard Surface Cleaner. Concentrated neutral cleaner Contents: 1 x 5Ltr
Jantex CF988 Jantex Floor Finish Stripper, 5L
Quick-acting stripper for easy removal of stubborn floor polish, and with minimal foaming for manual or machine use.
Jantex CF984 Disinfectant and Floor Cleaner, 5 L
High-duty disinfectant ideal for drains, toilets and washroom surfaces. Dilute for daily use.
Jantex CW714 Lemon Floor Cleaner, 5 L
Specially formulated cleaner for removing even the heaviest deposits of oil, grease and grime from floors and hard surfaces in the household, commercial or retail outlet.Light Soiling Dilute 30:1 with hot or cold water.General Soiling Dilute 20:1 with hot or warm waterHeavy Soiling Dilute 5:1 - 10:1Can be used in wet-mopping equipment for regular cleaning and maintenance. Specially formulated cleaner Heavy soiling dilute 10:1 For professional use only Contents: 1 x 5Ltr
6 Pack Of Professional Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser - 750ml - Comes With TCH Anti-Bacterial Pen!
A ready-to-use bactericidal cleaner which removes dirt, mould, mildew and bacteria leaving a clean surface. This cleaner has passed EN13697 & EN1276 and kills 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA, E-coli, Listeria & Salmonella.
Velox Unisex's Jantex High Temperature Tub Tape, Transparent, One Size
Double-sided tape for gluing a tubular tyre on to a carbon or alloy rim. No waiting time for glue to dry! High temperature resistance (up to 300degC) for maximum safety.One roll is enough for 2 wheels
Yellow Jantex Household Glove (Medium)

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Lightweight yet protective natural latex gloves.
Jantex Stainless Steel Sack Holder Bag Bin Silver Commercial 430X300X880mm
Pedal operation sack holder. Free Standing. Full stainless steel. Simple pedal operation allowing hands-free use, perfect for clearing scraps from plates and helping to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen. Easy bag replacement.
Jantex Bio Fresh Socket Mop Blue Cleaning Floor Kitchen
This antibacterial mop head is highly absorbent and is a fantastic floor cleaning solution that is easy to assemble.Suitable for use with the interchangable handle (DN819), this mop head is also colour coded in blue which makes for easy identification and avoids cross contamination where health and safety is paramount.