kenable External SHIELDED CAT6 Outdoor Use COPPER Ethernet Cable FTP Reel 100m
Our kenable Cat6 FTP outdoor cable is designed with FULL COPPER 23AWG twisted pairs and is Foil Shielded to ensure any interference is kept under control, it also has a drain wire so can be earthed! Our cat 6 FTP cables also have a divider to separate the twisted pairs reducing cross talk. Its inner film enhances the already weatherproof UV Resistant PE sheath and keeps away any condensation that may build up. Suitable for burying underground mounting to buildings or installing indoors the 7mm copper cable is durable and easy to install delivering gigabit speeds (subject to your network). Supplied in 50m 100m and 305m Lengths. RoHS Compliant CAT 6 Solid Roll of Ethernet Cable - BLACK Foil Shielded Drain Wire 100 metres long 4 x pairs (8 wire) Conforms to ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568A Approximately 7mm thick UV resistant 4x2x0.50 Copper 0.95HDPE+Aluminium foil+1x0.5 CCA drain+5.5PE This cable requires 7mm cable clips See QS: 04499 We recommend to use faceplates with full copper cables as oppose to crimping them, for our plates see the QS numbers below: Cat 5e Single: QS: 001074 Cat 5e Double: QS:001075 Cat 5e Quad: QS: 001277 Cat 6 Single: QS: 001334 Cat 6 Double: QS: 001335 Cat 6 Quad: QS: 001409
kenable USB 2.0 High Speed Cable Printer Lead A to B Black 1m
The standard A to B cable connects a computer to a peripheral, such as printer or scanner. For all devices check then type of connector needed. Colour : Black Length : 1m Connections : A plug (flat) to B plug (Square) USB v2.0 is a high speed connection method which is 40 times faster than USB v1.1 (480Mbps as opposed to 12Mbps). It is plug & play and hot swappable (no need to turn off your PC to plug a device in or out). It is faster than Firewire (IEEE1394/iLink) but not as qiuck as IEEE1394b (800Mbps). USB v2.0 cables will still work with USB v1.1 computers (they are backwardly compatible) and peripherals, but only if both Computer and Peripheral are USB v2.0 will they work at High Speed (480Mbps). USB v2.0 peripherals will not work at High Speed (480Mbps) unless they are connected with a USB v2.0 cable and connected to a computer equiped with USB v2.0 ports. For Full box quantities is 200
kenable Power Distribution Unit 6 Way Surged UK 19 Horizontal Rack PDU C14 Plug 1.8m
Looking for high performance power distribution for your heavily loaded systems? The newly developed 13A heavy-duty horizontal PDU using the IEC-C14 plug input connector which is ideal for many device requirements including server, network and other industrial-type equipment functions such as broadcast and HVAC applications. Combining a fully certified IEC-C14 plug input combined with a compatible heavy load power flex means you can be assured this PDU can work without problems, 24/7. Furthermore, incorporated onto the horizontal form-factor are industry standard UK sockets, ideal for data, telco and broadcast equipment with the added benefit of integral electrical surge protection. Robust in design, with an integral neon illuminated rocker switch for assured functionality, the PDU is designed to deliver maximum electrical power today and tomorrow. Horizontal Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Certified IEC-14 power input plug Compatible, heavy-load power cable 6x UK power sockets Robust, black aluminium design for industrial use Neon on/off power switch for assured control Maximum power rating - 4000W 1.8 metre (approx.) power cordage Ideal for data, telecom, broadcast and HVAC applications
kenable External CAT6 Outdoor Use COPPER Ethernet Network Cable Reel UTP 50m
Our kenable Cat 6 outdoor networking cable has FULL COPPER 23AWG twisted pairs and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Its ideal for long or short runs and is UV resistant thanks to its PE sheath, ensuring it wont erode over time like standard networking cables when left outside. Our Cat 6 cables are also waterproof and can even be buried underground! The cat 6 cable has a divider that separates the twisted pairs reducing any chance of cross talk ensuring you receive the best possible speed whilst reducing the chance of interference. Cat 6 is capable of gigabit speeds (this is dependent on your network). Our cat 6 cables are high spec 23 AWG cables that are easily installed and provide reliable results every time! Available in 50m 100m and also 305m (1000ft) CAT6 Gigabit - Pure Copper Cable Approx 7mm diameter cable 4x2x0.56 Copper / 0.98HDPE + 4.5 Separator + 6.0PE UV resistant This cable requires 7mm cable clips See QS: 04499 We recommend to use faceplates with full copper cables as oppose to crimping them, for our plates see the QS numbers below: Cat 5e Single: QS: 001074 Cat 5e Double: QS:001075 Cat 5e Quad: QS: 01277 Cat 6 Single: QS: 001334 Cat 6 Double: QS: 001335 Cat 6 Quad: QS: 001409
kenable 5.5 x 2.1mm DC Power Plug to Socket CCTV Extension Lead Cable 5m
A DC Power Extension Cable, With a 2.1mm socket. Ideal for connecting power Cables Ideal for CCTV Equipment Extends an existing 2.1mm DC cable Moulded ends for a secure connection
kenable Power Extension Cable IEC Male to Female UPS Lead C14 to C13 1.8m
Extends a standard IEC Power Cord (e.g. the one powering your PC) or can connect from your PC base to your monitor. Also used inconjunction with UPS s.
kenable Cat6A SSTP Snagless RJ45 Network Ethernet 10GIG Cable 4m WHITE
RJ45 to RJ45 SSTP CAT 6A Cable Category 6A is designed for use in EMI (electro-magnetic interferance) environments such as factories, power stations, data centres, hospitals etc. The two most common uses are from hub to patch panel, and work area outlet (jack) to the computer. Speed: 10/100/1000/10000 Gigabits per second Stranded Snagless Network Cables Snagless boots offer the clip protection from other cables getting caught underneath the clip and breaking it off. Our snagless design features wings rather than a hood which encases the clip. The advantage of our design means you still have easy access to the clip. Flush Moulded Strain Relief Plastic is physically injected into the end of the connector ensuring both the boot and connector are the same size. Creating easier access for multiple network cables to be connected into a patch panel. This flush moulded design boot makes it virtually impossible to break the RJ45 connector from the cable. The strain relief element is a flexible moulded panel at the end of the boot protects the internal wires from any undue stresses or strains. SSTP: Short for screened shielded twisted pair Or: STP -shielded twisted pair or FTP - Foil twisted pair Individually fully shielded twisted pairs help reduce interference and all but eliminates alien crosstalk and greatly improving noise resistance making an ideal cable for use in EMI (electro-magnetic interference) environments such as factories, power stations, data centres, hospitals etc. Shielded Connectors Our CAT 6A also feature shielded connectors LSZH: Short for low smoke zero halogen The low smoke aspect means: In the event of a fire the cables will melt rather than burn. A clear smoke is emitted instead of a very dangerous black smoke. The Zero Halo
kenable FLAT CAT6 Ethernet LAN Patch Cable Low Profile GIGABIT RJ45 15m WHITE
This High quality low profile cat 6 network cable is ideal for gigabit connections. The FULL COPPER cable allows for speeds of up to 1000Mbps and its low profile design allows it to be run under floors or carpets easily as the cable is just over 1mm in height . Cat6 UTP FLAT Network Cable with moulded RJ45 ends only 1.4mm thick and 6mm wide. Cat 6 cables are backwardly compatible with Cat 5 devices Unshielded Twisted Pair (4x2 cables). Flat Cable so easily routed under carpets and easily hidden. CAT6 Gigabit compliant RoHS Compliant Cable Details: High Grade Pure Copper Stranded Cables - 32AWG RoHS Compliant White Cable
kenable Black Rubber Floor Cable Protector 19 x 9.5mm Inner Channel 3m 9ft
3M Rubber Floor Cable Protector Perfect for protecting cable that are laid along flooring. Ideal for offices, shops, laboratories, exhibition halls or any indoor environment where there is passing traffic of feet, trolleys and chairs. The underneath of the trunking splits open creating an easy to load system for a quick and easy install of your cables. Features curved, sloping edges allowing passing traffic such as feet, trolleys & chairs to safely pass over your protected cables. The cable trunking keeps cables tidy and organised and prevents accidents from tripping or falling over loose cabling. Designed for strength and sturdiness ensuring your cables are fully protected Internal channel is large enough to hold multiple cables Can be easily cut to the length you require Specification Dimensions outer: 76 x 16mm (W x H) Dimensions Internal channel: 19 x 9.5mm (W x H) Colour: Black
kenable CCTV Camera POE Power Over Ethernet Injector-Extractor Cable Cat6
CCTV Camera POE Power Over Ethernet Splitter Cables. Our POE cables are supplied in pairs and allow you to send a 2.1mm DC power over Ethernet RJ45 Cable. Our adapters allow you to send Data and Power over one RJ45 ethernet cable. Supplied in pairs 2.1 x 5.5mm DC connections (1 plug, 1 socket) Rj45 connections Cat6 ethernet cable - gigabit compatible - suitable for HD cameras 4mp/5mp+ Please note the cable used to send power over ethernet must be Copper Cable and not the Cheaper CCA (Copper Coated Aluminum) alternative
kenable Surface Mount Back Box Pattress Box 1 Gang 32mm
Surface Mounted Single Gang Back Box Single Gang 32mm Deep Conforms to BS5733 Threading holes approximately 6.5cm apart
kenable 3.5mm Stereo Jack to Jack Audio Cable Lead Gold 5m
Usually used to connect a headphone out (e.g. on a personal cd player) to another jack input (e.g. audio in on a PC). Used quite often in connecting PC s audio out/speaker out to the speakers on the side of monitors. 3.5mm Jack (headphone jack) to 3.5mm jack. 5 metres long
kenable RF Female Socket to F Type Screw Male Plug Adapter Converter
RF Female Socket to F Type Screw Male Plug Adapter Converter, Designed to converd a push in RF cable po a F t}pe Screw Connector for Satellite cables. Ideal for converting an RF cable to a screw type F male plug Small and compact design Nickel Plated All metal durable body RF Socket F type Male Plug
kenable F Type Connector Socket to RF Coax Aerial Female Adapter
RF CO-AX female Plug to F-connecter socket adapter Connector type A:TV Coaxial socket Connector type B:F Connector(female)
kenable CAT6 Cat 6 UTP COPPER Ethernet Network SOLID Cable Reel Wire 100m
100 metres long (330 foot) - 4 twisted pair (8 wire) 23AWG FULL COPPER Cable Our kenable cat 6 cables are made from a high grade 23AWG copper and are used indoors most commonly for networking although they can be used for sending signals over baluns or even CCTV equipment. The Cat 6 UTP cable has a divider that helps keep the pairs apart and reduces cross talk that may occur, enhancing the signal speed. Category 6 Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable Suitable for 10baseT, 100BaseT, 1000baseT Gigabit Ethernet Token Ring, ATM 155Mbs & 622Mpbs 4 Pairs insulated cables, Meter Marked Tested and verified according to ISO11801, EIA/TIA standards RoHS 23AWG This cable requires 7mm cable clips See QS: 05358 We recommend to use faceplates with full copper cables as oppose to crimping them, for our plates see the QS numbers below: Cat 5e Single: QS: 001074 Cat 5e Double: QS:001075 Cat 5e Quad: QS: 01277 Cat 6 Single: QS: 001334 Cat 6 Double: QS: 001335 Cat 6 Quad: QS: 001409
kenable XLR Microphone Male to Female Audio Cable Black 10m
This two core screened microphone cable is ideal for live or studio performances. The cable being screened prevents interference from near by audio equipment or power supplies. 3-pin XLR Plug to Socket microphone leads Tough, two core screened cable Cable diameter: 6mm All Metal Robust ends for reliability Pins connections: 1:1, 2:2 and 3:3 XLR connectors Male pins and Female Holes Pure copper conductors
kenable IEC Splitter Cable C14 Plug to 2 x C13 Socket Y Lead 1m (50cm+50cm)
DescriptionA 5A rated Y lead that is ideal for computer systems and office machinery Colour:Black Connector Type A:IEC Plug (pins) Connector Type B:2 x IEC Sockets (holes) Lead Length:50cm to y - each cable then 50cm - Total length 1m Cable Type:3 Core Voltage Rating AC:240V
kenable ADSL 2+ High Speed Broadband Modem Cable RJ11 to RJ11 10m WHITE
ADSL High Speed Modem Cable - 10m As ADSL speeds increase, your normal phone cable isn t up for the job so to be able to get you a faster Internet connection this High Speed Internet Modem cable will sort you out. Capable of passing 100Mbits of information per second, giving you the fastest possible Internet connection. The High Speed Broadband Modem cable attaches your modem/router to your main telephone wall socket and transmits 10 times faster than any normal telephone cable for a clean, and clear transmission. If you re using a fast broadband connection (2Mb/s or higher) or using the very fast ADSL2+, then this cable will make sure your not slowed down and reduce the number of transmission errors that are incurred at high speed. Product Features Up to 10 times faster than a regular phone cable to get the most out of your modem; Category 5 structured cable transmits data up to 100Mbites/sec; Supports analog or digital (DSL/ISDN) applications; Snagless molded strain relief provides added strength with flexibility even under extreme conditions; Compatible with all modem speeds. RECOMMENDED FOR ADSL 2+ 26 AWG
kenable Universal Hi Fi Surround Sound Speaker Brackets with 3 Swivel Arms
These speaker brackets are designed to work with all types of small home cinema and surround sound satellite speakers. The brackets can swivel left and right and tilt up or down allowing for optimu... Supplied with 3 sizes of swivel arms 6mmØ (20mm straight, 50mm right angled and 85mm right angled) Supplied in pairs Black