Monument 138 138R Socket Forming Tool
Monument 138R Socket Forming Tool (15 & 22mm) MON138 These Monument socket forming tools (copper pipe jointers) come in 3 popular pipe sizes: 15mm, 22mm, 28mm and a 15mm/22mm combination. All are ideal for joining two pieces of copper pipe of equal diameter together without using fittings. The loose former allows easier withdrawal of tool after use, then the resulting capillary joint that is left can be soft or hard soldered to finish the joint.With two sizes in one tool, this socket forming tool is suitable for:Pipe diameters: 15mm and 22mm. Pipe thickness: 0.7mm and 0.9mm. MON138
The Monuments Men

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Monument Valley
ustwo Games ltd
Monument 2069 2069R Compression Fitting Spanner
Monument 2069R Compression Fitting Spanner 15/22mm DIN895 MON2069 heavy-duty Compression Fitting Spanner 24 x 32mm for 15 and 22mm DIN895 compression fitting nuts. MON2069
Monument 345v Adjustable Fitted 2 Jaws Wrench
Adjustable basin wrench for use in tightening or loosening nuts in awkward positions, particularly those underneath basins or baths. The teeth on the jaws will grip uneven shapes etc. The swivelling head allows access where fixed spanners will not operate. Solid steel handle has profiled end to allow attachment of socket and extension for longer reach. Correct heat treatment of all components einsures a long life. Supplied with small and medium jaws. Size 15 and 22mm, 1 /2 and 3 /4 in
Monument 3140 3140Q Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench
Monument Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench.Length: 150mm (6 inch). Jaw capacity: 34mm.
Hellhound (Ltd.Digi)
Rock Of Angels
UK Book Publishing
Monument MON2048 2048E Radiator Stepped Wrench and Ratchet
Stepped radiator spanner and ratchet handle. For use on most radiator valves, nipples, plugs, tank connectors etc.
Dog Triumph/Wall Of Sound
Monument MON2600 2600k Copper Pipe Bender 15mm 22mm
Monument 2600K Copper Pipe Bender 15mm & 22mm MON2600 A 15mm and 22mm copper pipe bender. This machine is also capable of bending 15mm stainless steel pipe.Tubular steel handles and a cast head, it comes supplied with 15mm and 22mm guides. MON2600
Monument 1459W Master Plunger Sink and Waste Pipe Unblocker
Monument 1459W Master Plunger MON1459 Plastic Master Plunger. To remove blockages from bath and sink waste pipes by building up pressure.Size 125mm (5 in). MON1459
Hair Of The Dog
Code 7 - Roar! Rock Of Angels
Monument 3450g Gas Torch CGA600
Monument 3450g Gas Torch (fits CGA600 Cylinder) MON3450 The Monument 3450G is suitable for soldering and brazing of copper, brass, aluminium. Use with propane/MAPP® gas. Features include:-Piezo ignition. Hot turbine flame. Flame lock button. Flame adjustment valve. Ergonomic hand grip. MON3450
Monument 2116 2116N Burrfect Square De-Burrer
The MON2116N cleans and deburrs 4 different sizes of plastic waste pipe, it is a high quality metal square with each side de-burring a different size of plastic pipe.Will deburr these sizes: 19mm (3/4in), 32mm (1.1/4in), 38mm (1.1/2in) and 50mm (2in).Includes a handy hanging hole and is made in Britain.
The Monuments Men [DVD]
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play. George Clooney co-writes and directs this adaptation of Robert M. Edsel's book that follows the men tasked with saving the world's greatest works of art from the Nazis during WWII. In the last months of the war, with the Third Reich teetering on the brink of collapse, the German army are ordered to destroy every piece of looted art in their possession. In a race against time, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt mobilises a seven-man platoon comprising museum directors and art historians to rescue the cream of the world's artistic and cultural treasures from the hands of the enemy, and return them to their rightful owners. But with no previous experience of weapons and tactics, the hastily assembled group soon face a rude awakening when they experience their first live action behind enemy lines. As well as Clooney, the all-star cast includes Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin.
Ballas is a drunk and a vagrant. In his eyes there is only greed, and in his heart only bitterness. Such a man is not suited to legend, he is fit only for an unmarked grave. And there are people who seek to hasten his journey there.When a young priest saves him from a beating in the street, Ballas soon finds a way to pay him back - he steals from him. What Ballas chooses to take can easily be hidden under a cloak, but it is no trinket to be sold in the market for a bowl of soup. It is known as the Monument. And the power it contains will bring a god of chaos and destruction into the world. Now Ballas has that power . . .MONUMENT is a masterpiece of storytelling - a new classic of fantasy fiction, now in ebook for the first time.Find out more about this and other fantasy adventures at