ECOBOARDS Tranchiere M-Profi chopping board made from treated Laurel): approximately 35 x 25 CM
Ecoboard - This high-quality cutting boardThe chopping board made from antibacterial camphor laurel wood is ideal for cutting and preparing food of all kinds such as meat, bread, vegetables. The 4ft Bay Laurel Kamph Eröl has a permanent antibacterial effect and give the board a distinctive fresh scent that does not on your food transfer.To care for, the board easily with lukewarm water and prolong GGF washing-up liquid. The occasional care fitted with a Ben Sayers lightweight plant oil protects the wood and stores to its natural beauty.... but at a fraction of the cost.Each board is a unique handmade, so the grain and is partly in the shape from the photo depending on your monitor settings.Size: Approx. Approx. 35 x 25 x 2,5cmhandgefertigtjedes board slight variations may occur Material: Kampher Lorbeerholzmit hanging eyelet and juice groove