Multi-Sharp 1901 2-in-1 Knife and Scissor Sharpener
The Multi-Sharp® 2-in-1 Knife & Scissor Sharpener can be used to sharpen many different knife blades, including: kitchen, table and household knives, cleavers and mezzalunas. The Tungsten Carbide Sharpening Heads put a very sharp edge even on large, blunt kitchen knives, right up to the tip. It has a comfortable, ergonomic handle fully protects the user's hand and also sharpens left and right-handed scissors. Replaceable sharpening heads are available.
Multi-Sharp 1501 4-in-1 Garden Tool Sharpener
Multi-sharpÂ. Multi-Sharp 4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener ATT1501 The Garden Tool Sharpener sharpens scythes, grass hooks, weed knives, pruning knives, straight edge loppers, kitchen knives and pocket knives to an extremely sharp edge.Simply place the guard over the cutting edge and draw the sharpener across the blade.The diamond honed tungsten carbide cutters quickly bring back a razor sharp edge in minutes.WARNINGNot suitable for scalloped or serrated edges. ATT1501
Multi-Sharp 3500 Diamond Tool Sharpener
Multi-Sharp 3500 Multi Sharp Diamond Tool Sharpener ATT3500 This Multi-Sharp Diamond Tool Sharpener is a highly versatile sharpener, with 3 sharpening surfaces. The sharpener has thousands of high quality industrial grade diamond particles permanently bonded to a steel alloy. Diamond is widely used in industry as the top sharpening material. It is very long lasting, retains its flatness and sharpens the hardest materials (including carbide, ceramic and stainless steel).The sharpener has a strong anodised aluminium case with a pocket clip, which protects the sharpening rod.A simple twist action releases and locks it.The 3 sharpening surfaces consist of: Flat surface, ideal for chisels, penknives, secateus/loppers andmulti-tool scissors.Grooved channel, ideal for precision point sharpening, e.g. fish hooks.Half-round, ideal for serrated blades and smoothing glass chips.Sharpening area: 13.5cm². ATT3500
Spear & Jackson 4056BS Razor-Sharp 6-in-1 Blade Sharpener, Blue
Neill Tools T/A Spear Jackson
Spear & Jackson Razorsharp 6 in 1 Blade Sharpener For Sharpening Garden Secateurs, Shears, Loppers, Knives, and Scissors
Davaon® Pro Multi Tool Sharpener - Restores Blunt Blades Quickly - Diamond Coated 2 Sided Coarse & Fine - Best For Large and Small Garden Tools - Knives - Scissors - Comfort Soft Grip - Easy To Use
Davaon Tools - Manufactured For Excellence - Made With The User In MindThinking of throwing away a garden tool, scissors or knives because they no longer work well? Maybe it's just blunt?Like to maintain your cutting tools and need a good tool to help you do it? Introducing the Davaon Pro Multi Tool Sharpener - 2 Sided Diamond Coated - Coarse & Fine - Multi Use - Quality Made Guaranteed An essential addition to your gardening, DIY and Kitchen tools to help maintain or bring them back to life What more could you ask for....Yes it has 100% Money Back Guarantee too so you have nothing to lose.2 Sided Sharpening File Coating• CURVED COARSE SIDE (400) is ideal for heavy duty blade refurbishment• FINE SIDE (600) is perfect for blade finish honing tune upComfortable To Hold• TPR Soft Anti Slip Grip for a more comfortable gripr• Hand guard for help in protecting your hand whilst you sharpenMade To Last • Strong and durable constructionImagine Using a Superior Sharpener, just Click Add to Basket so you can Experience It Now at a Limited Extra Special PriceTrusted Quality So You Have Nothing To LoseExample of Use• Stage 1 Coarse - Use the half rounded side for initial front side blade refurbishment at approx 20° angle for a few passes along the blade• Stage 2 Fine - Use the flat of the sharpener to fine tune with a few passes of the blade at 20°• Repeat Stage 1 & 2 for the back of blade but keep blade nearly flat Burr should now be removed and blade should be smooth sharp again Give the blade a careful wipe with soft clothWhy Not Check Out Some of Our Davaon Gardening Tools Such Davaon Secateurs, Loppers, Pruning Saws and Shears - Just Search Davaon in the search barCopyright Davaon Limited 2015. Sold Exclusively by Davaon
Multi-Sharp 1110 38 cm/15 Inch Replacement Abrasives, Pack of 3
Toolbanks (outdoors)
Multi-Sharp® Spare Abrasive Pack 38cm (15 in) ATT1110 Spare Abrasive Pack for Multi-sharp® Cylinder Mower Sharpener ATT1110
Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens Razorsharp 4056KEW 6-in-1 Blade Sharpener, Light Green
Spear & Jackson
Features:- 4 sharpening options to cover a wide range of different blade types- Cleaning sponge and lubricating/anti corrosion oil stored inside handle- Soft-feel non-slip grip- Built-in hand guard...
Multi-Sharp 1105 30 cm/12 Inch Replacement Abrasives, Pack of 3
Toolbanks (outdoors)
Multi-Sharp® Spare Abrasive Pack 30cm (12 in) ATT1105 Spare Abrasive Pack for Multi-sharp® Cylinder Mower Sharpener ATT1105
Spear & Jackson 4053BS Razorsharp Blade Sharpener
Neill Tools T/A Spear Jackson
Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Blade Sharpener For Sharpening Garden Secateurs, Shears, Loppers, Knives, and Scissors
Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Ratchet Secateurs & Sharpener Set
Neill Tools T/A Spear Jackson
A Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Ratchet Anvil Secateurs & Blade Sharpener Gift Set is a must-have for any serious gardener! Featuring high carbon steel blades for lasting sharpness these ratchet action secateurs provide easy pruning in short steps. They also feature a lightweight cast aluminium body with a metal locking catch and are just perfect for cutting those thicker and tougher stems.The brilliant blade sharpener accompanying the secateurs has four sharpening options that cover a wide range of different blade types such as secateurs shears loppers knives and scissors to name but a few. Also the handle contains a cleaning sponge and lubricating/anti-corrosion oil. Soft feel non-slip gripsSpear & Jacksons products have become widely recognised for their Sheffield steel heritage and high quality. This strong durable gift set is a prime example of this quality and it comes at a great value price. It makes an ideal gift for any avid gardener.
Darlac Fine Diamond Sharpener
These sharpeners continue to sharpen even when they smooth out expsoing more sharpening edges to keep your tools and cutlery in like-new condition. Ther DP100f (fine) is particularly suited for the finer cutting blades and for finishing to a fine edgeSuitable for sharpening garden tools, workshop tools, kitchen knives, scissors and hobby tools.