Headlamps of Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec Quad Tactical MPLS LED Headlamp (78 Lumens, Multicam)
The Princeton Tec Quad Tactical MPLS is a compact head lamp that suits to military specifications. Three easy to swap the colour filters: - Red: to maintain the night vision capabilities - Blue: For Nachsuche (e.g. Sichtbarmachung a blood trace) - Green: For safety at night and four your own operating are available. Included in the box contents include an NVG adapter plate for helmets for a mounting bracket for MOLLE and headband. Features: LED: 4 Ultrab right LED's - 45 lumens Super-bright Camping Flashlight/Underwater Cluster Lighting Flashlight Lighting time: - Full Power approx. 105 hours, of which approximately 1 hours constant brightness - Light range approx. 35 m - Capacity: 99 hours, of which about 10 hours with constant brightness - Illumination range approx. 23 M - The smallest power 97 hours Which are approx. 31 hours constant brightness light range approx. 15 m - Flashing 110 hours, of which 5 hours constant brightness - Light range: approximately 35 m Waterproof: up to 1 meters/6.6ft depth batteries: 3 AAA batteries (alkaline) included Weight: 96 g - Batteries included Made in the USA
Princeton Tec Quad Industrial Headlamp by Princeton Tec
Princeton Tec
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Princeton Tec Impulse Multi-Purpose Light (10 Lumens, Green LED, Black Body)
Princeton Tec
Short Description Impulse, Black Body, White LED, Uses 2 x Coin Cells
Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp (150 Lumens, Black w/Red LED's)
Princeton Tec
Red light is anti-glare and doesn't affect night vision, perfect for hunting
Princeton Tec AMP League LED Dive Light (260 Lumens, Black)
Princeton Tec
League 100 - Black Light weight and comfortable shape make Princeton Tec's brand new handheld waterproof dive light, the League 100, the ideal backup light in the water. This light even feels good enough to become your favorite on dry land. This unobtrusive light hides out of the way until it is turned on. The sculpted shape makes it feel like an extension of your hand and it provides impressive output for its size. Specifications: POWER. 210 Lumens. LAMP. 1 Maxbright LED. BURN TIME. 10 Hours. BATTERIES.4 AA Alkaline. WEIGHT. 203 Grams
Princeton Tec Remix Pro LED Headlamp (150 Lumens, Black)
Princeton Tec
When the US Military makes a request, Princeton Tec takes action. The Remix Pro is powered by a single CR123 battery providing excelled performance in cold weather as well as light weight. This headlamp has multiple output levels to meet any situation, and it always starts in low mode to ensure light discipline. Combining these features with a large on/off button, an easy access battery door and a stable asymmetrical bracket, Remix Pro is equipped to endure the rigors of anything you get into.
Princeton Tec 40 – LANTERN, Yellow
Princeton Tec
Princeton Tec 40 - LANTERN, Yellow
Princeton Tec Quad Headlamp Blue (Old Version)
P. Tec
At a mere 96 grams, the Quad is the lightest in Princeton Tec's line of regulated LED headlamps. 4 Ultra Bright LED's power through the darkest conditions. The LED's are safe forever inside a tough waterproof housing that will survive severe impacts and water submersions up to 1 metre. The wide beam of the Quad is perfect for tasks around camp and is bright enough for technical scrambles and brisk runs on dark trails. Weight conscious users will love the Quad's sophisticated circuitry that allows the use of lithium AAA batteries. They reduce the Quad's weight to 82 grams, perform in extremely cold temperatures and significantly increase regulated burn times on all modes. Equipped with regulated LED's that maintain constant brightness and a battery power meter, this light just may be smarter than you are.
Princeton Tec Sync LED Headlamp (150 Lumens, Gray/Black)
Princeton Tec
Princeton Tec Sync 150 Lumens HeadlampDescription:Evolving the next generation of the Family series was no easy task. When developing the Sync we started with the proven foundation of our stable asymmetrical single arm bracket, integrated essential modes to please a wide variety of discerning users, and tied it all together with an easy to use interface. Sync allows direct access to a red LED, spot beam, and flood beam by a twist of the power dial. For those times that require max output a further rotation of the dial activates Dualbeam mode - spot and flood at the same time.Features:3-AAA:3 AAA Alkaline (Included)FOCUSED NARROW BEAMS: This pattern creates a long, powerful beam of light excellent for illuminating distant areas. The resulting long-throw spotlight is especially well-suited for night hiking and search and rescue.FOCUSED WIDE BEAMS This beam pattern is an excellent choice for multipurpose activities. At close range, focused wide beams simulate normal daylight conditions and allow you to take advantage of your peripheral vision.Lumen 90 The light output of Princeton Tec lights is measured in lumens. A lumen is unit derived by the International System of Units (SI) for measuring light output.MAXBRIGHT LED: The highest quality LED available from Lumileds, Princeton Tec's Maxbright LED is extremely bright and efficient. This single LED emits a smooth, powerful, white light useful for a wide range of tasks. Princeton Tec uses collimators or reflectors with the Maxbright LED depending upon the application.MULTIPLE BEAMS: This beam pattern combines focused narrow and focused wide beams to allow for the most versatility. At close range, the focused wide beams simulate normal daylight conditions so you can take advantage of your peripheral vision. The focused narrow beams create a long-throw spotlight ideal for night hiking and search and rescue.MULTIPLE MODES: Multiple settings on many of our products give you the flexibility to adjust your light's brightness a