Y Hose Screw Connection 45 Degrees for Connecting a Drain Hose of Two Washing Machines or Dishwashers
Product features: For connecting a discharge hose of a 2-part Washing Machine or dishwasher. Material: Plastic. With 1 internal thread. 1 x 20-24 mm. Colour: white.  
Wolfpack 4110005 T-219 PP Double Outlet Connector for Washing Machines
Connection t-219 PP double outlet for washing machine. - connection with 2 washing machine or dishwasher outlets - input:20 mmDiameter; output:40mmDiameter.
Xavax Hose Splitter, Inner 17 mm, Outside Diameter: 20 mm
110875, Y-splitter for drain hoses.: 1/BL.
WOLFPACK 4110010 P.P. T-216 1 1/2 connection with Washing Machine Outlet
A Forged Tool S.A.
P.P. Connection.T-216 1 1/2 PP with outlet for washing machine. Connection with 2 washing machine or dishwasher outlets. Inlet:20 mm.Diameter; outlet:40 mm.Diameter.
McAlpine V33WM Twin Connector, White
Twin Adaptor - Connect 2 of your appliances to one waste pipe
McAlpine WM11 Sink Trap with Twin 135 Degree Nozzles, White
1½\" x 75mm Water Seal Adjustable Inlet Tubular Swivel 'P' Trap with Multifit Outlet and twin swivel 135° inlet connections for the discharge from domestic appliances