Scotch Corporation

Scotch Corporation Liquid Instant Hair Grease Remover for Drains 1 Litre
Scotch Corporation
The unique formulation dissolves hair clogs from bathroom drains and creates heat to melt grease from kitchen sinks. Strongest caustic formulation on the market. Safe for all piping.100% Consumer Guarantee. Guaranteed Unique formulation dissolves hair clogs from bathroom drains and creates heat to melt grease from kitchen sinks - Safety packaging - Safe for all piping - Box Contents 1 x 1 Litre bottle of Hair & Grease Remover
Scotch Corporation Heavy Duty Liquid Drain Opener 1 Litre
Scotch Corporation
Guaranteed Economical treatment for all household drain clogs Clears blocked sinks and drains Dissolves grease and hair clogs Strong caustic formulation Safe for all pipingHeavy Duty Drain Opener is the economical treatment for all household drain clogs. Clears blocked sinks and drains. Dissolves grease and hair clogs. Strong caustic formulation. Safe for all piping. 100% Consumer Guarantee.
HG Liquid Drain Unblocker 1L - Unblocks your drain within 30 minutes
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd, uk home improvement, HGHAG
Dimensions: 8cm x 26cm x 8cm After 30 minitues the blockage will be clear
Scotch Corporation Slow Drain Liquid Build Up Remover for Drains 1 Litre
Scotch Corporation
Slow Drain Build-Up Remover is the environmental solution to drain maintenance. Contains billion of enzyme producing organisms that digest and break up drain clogging materials. Clears slow running drains and when used regularly, keeps your drains flowing free. Cleaning first floor drains should be cleaned first in a 2-story dwelling. Enzymes digest, breakup and remover years of clinging drain clogging deposits.
Mr Muscle Kitchen + Bathroom Drain Gel, 2 x 1L (2 Packs)
Mr Muscle
Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Gel is the powerful solution to clear slow running sinks, plugholes and pipes in your bathroom and kitchen. It's a combination of two powerful liquids that activate on contact to unleash a powerful cleaning foam that will remove gunge and hair from the entire width of the pipe, leaving your waste pipe clean and fresh. It will not damage septic tanks or pipes of any type. As with all cleaning products, it is important to read the instructions carefully before use. Avoid gold plated fittings. Do not use in sinks with waste disposal units or in toilets. If in doubt about whether it is suitable for use on your surface, refer to manufacturer's instructions. Instructions for use:. To keep sinks and plugholes clear, use 250ml of Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Gel weekly. IMPORTANT: Open carefully. Do not squeeze bottle. Avoid splashing. When using product, keep hands, face and children away from the treated area. Do not use a plunger afterwards as product may still be present if the plughole did not clear. Do not re-use empty container. Pour the entire contents of the bottle down the plughole. Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Gel powers through standing water straight to the blockage. Allow to work for 15 minutes. For tough clogs, leave to work overnight. Flush with hot water from the tap.Brand: Mr Muscle.Type: Cleaning Products.
3 x 1 Litre of Pro-Kleen Sink & Drain Blitz - Plughole/Drain Unblocker - Dissolves Hair & Grease - Super Strength Formula: up to 12 Treatments
Pro-Kleen Sink & Drain Blitz for powerful deep cleaning of sinks and drains Looking for an easy to use, powerful sink and drain unblocker capable of clearing even the TOUGHEST of blockages? Look no further. Pro-Kleen's Sink & Drain Blitz completely dissolves hair and grease providing an easy, deep clean suitable for ALL pipework. The unique, powerful formula is 20x stronger than other brands and provides up to 4 treatments per 1L! Easily clean all types of drains and sinks and restore complete efficiency. Why choose Pro-Kleen's Sink & Drain Blitz? Completely dissolves hair and grease Easy to use SUPER STRENGTH formula 20x stronger than other brands Suitable for ALL pipework Restores efficiency Up to 12 TREATMENTS per bottle! Clears even the TOUGHEST of blockages Usage Up to 12 treatments per bottle when using 250ml per treatment! (Use 500ml for more severe blockages) Click 'Add to Basket' to get your Pro-Kleen Sink & Drain Blitz today!
HG Duo Unblocker Extremely Powerful - The unblocker for when nothing else works
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd, uk home improvement, HGHAG
Barcode: 8711577078836
Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker, Dissolves hair and sludge 300ml, Pack of 6
Challs International
Please Note: This product was formerly known as Buster Bathroom Drain Clear. Buster Bathroom Drain Plughole Unblocker is specifically designed to beat bathroom blockages. Its special formulation dissolves hair and soap, leaving your pipes free flowing and fresh. Buster Bathroom Drain Plughole Unblocker is great on blockages and slow draining water. Used regularly on showers, baths and basins Buster Bathroom Drain Plughole Unblocker stops the build up before it starts. Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker is safe to use on septic tank systems.
Ungfu Mall 45cm Flexible Sink Cleaning Brush Waterpipe Drain Dredge Tool Bath plug long hair cleaner Overflow Unblocker Cleaner Stick
Ungfu Mall
45cm Flexible Sink Cleaning Brush Waterpipe Drain Dredge Tool Description: This sink cleaning brush can effectively clean rubbish from the waterpipe or sink. The brush handle is flexible to change its shape so that it can smoothly insert to the waterpipe or sink to clean rubbish, hair and other obstructions. Specification: Material: iron wire and plastic bristle Length: about 45cm/ 17.72" Suit for : sink, waterpipe, drain Package Included:1 x Flexible sink cleaning brush
Silverline 395010 Drain Unblocker 6 m x 6 mm Diameter
Flexible rod for clearing drains. Rotating handle removes stubborn blockages. Ergonomic pistol grip.
SENHAI 7 Pack Drain Snake, 20 inch Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain Relief Auger Cleaning Tool (2 Stainless Steel and 5 Plastic)
NOTE: Please ensure that the sticks are out of children's reach as the teeth are pointed, as is the end of the product. This is not a toy. Do not use the product straight after using a chemical drain cleaner, to avoid contact with the eyes or skin. Please consider wearing appropriate eye and hand protector when using this product. Overview: Special design: Flexible and bendable spring loaded cable with easy comfortable grip handle on top and heavy duty steel spring and retractable claws on the bottom, which make this grabber tool accessible to most hard to reach narrow bended places. Quick and easy to clear slow-moving or clogged drains. Specifications: Stainless Steel Drain Clog Remover Material: Stainless Steel + ABS Plastic Length: 62cm / 24.5 inches Handle width: 2.3cm / 0.9 inch Plastic Drain Clog Remover Length: 50cm / 20 inches Handle width: 3.8cm / 1.4 inches Hook width: 0.7cm / 0.3 inch Packing List: 2 x Stainless Steel Drain Clog Remover 5 x Plastic Drain Clog Remover
Kungfu Mall Flexible Sink Drain Snake Hair Drain Cleaner Tool for Tub, Sink, Shower, Basins and Pipes, along with a free brush as a gift
Kungfu Mall
High Quality: Homo Trends clog remover is made up of high quality stainless steal while its handle is made of silicone, that makes it durable and long lasting to serve your home Perfect Working Partner: Our High Quality Declogger can work efficiently in hot boiling water, since it is designed to work perfectly in extreme conditions using high quality materiel. Easy to Use: Our Plunger Claw extension unclogging tool is easy to use for the removal of clog from drains and strainers, simply insert the snake in the pipe and rotate, it will plunge the clog and clean your drains. Beautiful Gift: Keeping in view the need of our customer and to give them a beautiful gift, we are providing a cleaning brush along with our efficient drain cleaner to serve our customers to the best of our capacity. About US - We are serving and providing best quality products to our customers through many brands from several years on amazon, You can contact us 24/7 regarding any issue or problem with any of our product, we will respond you within 12 hours and will be in touch with you till your satisfaction.
Scotch Corporation UB1770 1770 Instant Power Liquid Hair and Clog Remover for Drains
Scotch Corporation
100% Instant Power Guarantee Works in bathroom sinks, tubs and showers Clears the most common of drain problems-hair clogs in bathroom drains Continues to work clearing drain pipes past the fixture traps Safe for all piping
Rolson Waste Pipe Blast Unblocker
Designed to clear blocked drains by an injection of high pressure which dislodges most blockages.Suitable for most sinks, baths, and shower waste pipes
Extremely Fast Acting./ Quickly and simply clears blocked drains and sinks./ Dissolves sanitary towels, hair, grease, teabags, coffee grounds, etc., with ease./ Displaces standing water, penetrates and seeks out the blockage./ Read Instruction THOROUGHLY Before Use./ Wear suitable protective clothing, PVC gloves and face/eye protection when using this product. Personal protective equipment is available to order. Remove excess water from blocked drain, sink or toilet. Slowly pour recommended quantity directly into the blocked drain or bowl. Wait 15 minutes for drain to clear then flush with water./ ** NEVER ADD WATER TO THIS PRODUCT ** RECOMMENDED QUANTITIES PER APPLICATION: Sinks, Small Drains 1/4 of bottle Toilets and Urinals 1/2 of bottle Large Drains and Grease Traps 1 to 2 bottles.
Trade Chem DRAIN BLASTER 5L Sink & Drain Cleaner/Un-blocker - Kills 99.9% Bacteria (1)
Trade Chemicals
DRAIN BLASTER Clears, Cleans and Unblocks Drains - Internal or External Drain Blast will clear 99% of blocked drains Simply pour down the drain & allow time to work 5L is enough for at least 10 treatments Precautions: Keep out of reach of children & pets. Do not breath spray. Avoid contact with skin & eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed seek immediate medical advice and show this label. As with any household cleaner avoid prolonged skin contact, wash and dry hands fully after use. Do not use on painted surfaces, marble. Rinse away immediately after use on plastics to avoid possible damage.