Semlos 0.01 Resolution Digital PH Meter Large LCD Pen Water Quality Tester with Auto Calibration Function and 0.00-14.00 Measurement Range
Introduction Semlos PH Meter is the perfect device for determining the acidity or alkalinity of liquids.It's incredibly easy to use-just immerse the electrode and the readings are automatically displayed.Each unit comes with a carrying case and six buffer packets for precise calibration.With 0.01pH Resolution, you may get higher accuracy than other pH meters.The electrode is designed with more durability in order to offer a longer product lifespan. Specifications: - Measuring Range: 0.00 -14.00 PH - Resolution: 0.01 PH - Accuracy: 0.01 pH - Batteries: 2 x 1.5V (AG-13 button battery include) - Backlight Time: 20seconds - Operating Temperature: 0-80 - Lifetime: Approx. 500 hours - Dimensions: 15.3 x 2.9 x 1.6 cm - Weight: 52g How to use 1.Remove the protective cap. 2.Rinse the electrode with distilled water, and dry it with filter paper. 3.Turn on the meter,immerse the electrode into the test solution. 4.Stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilize. 5.Turn off the meter after use,rinse the electrode and dry it with filter paper. Package Semlos Digital PH Meter x1 User Instruction x1 Buffer Powder x6 Carrying case Note: *The meter was calibrated before off the factory. Do not need to calibrate the meter when first use. *The glass electrode is fragile, treat it carefully. Don't touch it by hard tools or fingers. *Please do not immerse the meter into the solution over the "warning line", to avoid damage to the circuit board. *If the "cal'(calibration) button is pressed and electrode exposed to air for a long time,calibration is required.
Semlos Multipurpose Laser Level Measuring Tape Standard and Metric Tape Ruler (8ft/2.5M)
Semlos Multipurpose Laser Level A good home improvement tool for hanging pictures, installing appliances, pasting wallpaper, adjusting furniture position more that your imagine. Feature Projects vertical and horizontal laser light beam Built-in 8 feet tape measure, with imperial and metric scale.Accuracy to 1/32" and 1mm. Class IIIA laser product,less than 0.5mW power output Two ways level bubbles Laser Adjustment -If the laser is Vertical level or Horizontal Level, you should not adjust the Beam. -Laser Error Range, that is given as "+/- 2mm at 10m and 25m". Specifications - Color:Black - Product Size:20(L)x 2.5(W)x 6(H)cm - Packaging Size:22.5*8*4cm - Net Weight:190g - Package weight:260g Attention Laser radiation, avoid direct eye exposure! This item is not for Children under 14. Misuse of the device can result in permanent eye damage. Package Semlos Multipurpose Level Laser x1 (included:3 x AG 13 Button-Cells) Screwdriver x1 Beam Adjusted Tool x1 Back up battery:AG 13 Button-Cells x3
Semlos Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Night Light with Built-in TF Card Slot Music Player and Timing Close Function for Kid's Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Black
Features: * 7 colorful light mode & rotate mode * Smart touch sensor key * Remote control * Built-in music * Auto off timer * TF card slot&Audio input * Angle adjustable Specification: Material: ABS/PS/Metal/Electronic Components Rated Volt/Current: DC 5V/1A Power: 160Hz-20KHz USB Cable Length: 1.2M Audio Cable Length: 0.6M Motor Specification:5V/13 Circle Size: 12.6 x 12.6 x 10.5cm Weight: 300g Build-in Music Include: *Forest Insert Sounds *Ocean Wave Seagulls Sounds *Flowing Water Birds Sounds *Merry Nature Sounds Package include: 1 x Projector Light 1 x Remote Control(not include battery) 1 x USB Cable 1 x Audio Cable 1 x User Manual
Semlos 12 LED USB Rechargeable Torch with Power Display Function and 4pcs Batteries 300M Lighting Distance for Camping Hiking Night Fishing
Specifications: -Light irradiation distance: 300m -4 Mode:High/Medium/Low/Strobe -Lifespan: 50,000 hours -Material: Aluminum Alloy -Operating voltage: 4.2v -Charger input: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz -Runtime: Recommend to half hours (high mode) -Battery: 4x rechargeable batteries(Included) -Charging Way: Powered by USB cable(Included) How to use the led flashlight better: *The led flashlight can run with only one battery. *Strobe settings: To press the button for 3 seconds, the strobe mode will be activated/on. Press once again, this mode will be turned off. *About Charging: When the batteries are fully charged, the indicator light on the led flashlight turns green. Please unplug it out by then. Package Included: 1 x 12x CREE XM-L high lumen torch light 4 x batteries 1 x USB charging cable 1 x User manual
Semlos Magical Colorful Rainbow Light Children's Nursery Projector Light for Bedroom Living Room Childrens
Description: Wonderful rainbow projector produces a beautiful and vivid rainbow in any room. Multicolored LED lights make a rainbow with intense, realistic-looking colour and that curve in a natural arc across your walls and ceiling, just like a real rainbow. This projector also has an automatic shut-off function to preserve the battery after you have fallen asleep. When with a loved one this projector can create a romantic calming atmosphere.For children, this projector can be used to brighten up their bedroom, turning it into a magical wonderland that makes them drift off to sleep quickly. You can even change the rainbow shape by adjusting the reflector plate located on the projector. Features: Material: ABS Battery-operated: 4 x AAA batteries, you can use it anytime and anywhere. You can use an AC adapter(not included) instead of batteries Power: 1W Dimension: 23*10*15CM How to operate: On the bottom of the base, select Mode1 or Mode2. a. Mode1 turns rainbow on at once b. Mode2 turns rainbow on one color at a time Press the button on the top of the rainbow to turn it on/off The rainbow will turn off automatically after 10 minutes. The rainbow will show again once the switch button is pressed. Package included: 1X Rainbow projector 1X English User manual
Semlos Laser Levels Multipurpose Laser Measuring Tape Double Sided Tape Measure Set,Self Leveling Retractable Horizon Vertical Standard and Metric Ruler (8ft/2.5M)
Semlos Multi-purpose Laser Level This Semlos multipurpose laser level combines a tape measure, three different bubble levels and a laser line- projector level into one tool. Is suitable for hanging pictures, installing shelving,laying flooring, hanging wallpaper,etc. Features: Laser light: on/off power switch Class IIIA laser Product, 3.5mW Max Power Output. 3 kind of level line: Horizontal, Vertical, Cross Note: 1. Laser Ranging Error,that is given as "+/-2mm at 10m and 25m". 2. If the laser is the Vertical Level or the Horizontal Level, you shouldn't adjust the Beam. Specifications: Product Size:19cm x 6cm x 2.8cm Packaging Size: 23.5*8*4.5cm Color : Black Net Weight: 185g Package Include: 1 x Level Laser (3 x AG13 Button-Cells included) 1 x Screwdriver Back up battery:3 x AG 13 Button-Cells Note: ▲Laser radiation, avoid direct eye exposure! ▲A laser device is not a toy and must not be allowed to fall into the hands of children. ▲Misuse of the device can result in permanent eye damage. ▲Any correction measures that are aimed at increasing the laser power are forbidden.
Universal 5 Meters PH Indicator Litmus Test Paper Strip Roll, PH 1-14 Universal Full Range Litmus Strips Tester For Water, Urine, Saliva - Gearmax
Productdetails About PH: PH is a measurement of your body's electrical balance and helps to regulate several bodily functions. If your PH varies too much it's difficult for enzymes to function properly, which can lead to illness. For urine & saliva: Using either saliva or urine you can test your pH to determine if your body is too acidic or too alkaline. It is very important to your health, can't be ignored. For water: It is important to control the pH of water since it can be an indicator of other water problems. This applies in particular to private water supply, ponds, aquaculture and aquariums If the PH value is too high, the disinfectant can not sufficiently exert its effect. If the PH is too low, metal parts could be corroded. Features: Size: 2.24 x 0.55 inch Weight: 22g Length: 5m Widely use: monitoring urine, cosmetics, saliva, human body, pH and PH value of various liquids. Range: 1~14 Instructions: 1. Take one strip from the roll £¬Take a small amount of liquid with a glass rod, apply to the colored end of the test paper, and then compared with the color card to determine the PH. 2. Quickly match this color against the color chart on the surface of the pack to obtain the PH. Don't wait or let it dry! 3. The number next to the color is your PH. The pH scale ranges from 1 (very acidic) to 14 (very basic), 7 is neutral. Note: If the paper is directly immersed in the liquid, the paper indicator is easy to dissolve in water. After diluted in water, the color display is not accurate. Package included: PH 0~14 Universal Full Range Litmus Test roll
Essentials pH Meter
The ESSENTIALS pH Meter The ESSENTIALS pH Meter is truly the most rugged glass type pH tester around. It is water and drop resistant. Even if the tester is accidentally dropped into the water, it will remain afloat. This means you are able to retrieve the meter immediately without damaging the electronics. It is easy-to-use as you can just dip the sensor into the test solution - stir and wait. This unit will deliver a stable reading in about 20 seconds. The meter has a minimum lifespan of about 1 to 3 years depending on the rate of sampling. The energy saving feature shuts off the tester when it is not in use. The unit also displays a low battery symbol to warn you before it degrades the accuracy of important readings. It has digital calibration at the push of a button and a lit screen for when under dark foliage. All Orders Are Sent In Plain Boxes or Bags
Proster Digital PH Meter High Accuracy PH Tester Range at 0.00-14.00 Pocket Size PH Pen PH Measuring
All Serakadig Product Comes With 18 Months UK Base Warranty! Description: This PH Meter is the perfect device for determining the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It's incredibly easy to use (just immerse the electrode in liquids) and the readings are automatically displayed. With 0.01pH resolution, you may get higher accuracy than other pH meters. The electrode is designed with more durability in order to offer a longer product lifespan. Applied Range: the production and drinking of purified water, electroplating liquid, boiler water, water in fish tank, water of swimming pools, photograph flushing fluid, well water, deep phreatic water, laboratory, aquaculture, food processing, etc. Features: Fast and Accurate ReadingsLarge LCD Display Makes It Easy to Read. Full Measurement Range of pH 0.00-14.00Portable DesignWide ApplicationSpecifications: Display: LCD DisplayMeasure Range: 0.00-14.00pHResolution: 0.01pHAccuracy: ±0.05pHPower Supply: 2 * 1.5V LR44 Batteries (Keep working more than 500 hours) Operating Temperature: 0℃~80℃Dimensions: 15.3 x 2.9 x 1.6 cmWeight: 52gPackage Content: 1 x Digital PH Meter2 x 1.5V Batteries1 x User Manual
PH Meter Tester Preciva 0.01 Resolution Digital Automatic Water PH Meter Hydroponics Pen with LCD Screen Large Backlit for Kitchen,Aquarium,Pool,Laboratory with Calibration Powder
Preciva Digital pH value meter, pH tester, pH value meter with 4 sachets for calibration pH stands for power of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered to be neutral. A pH less than 7 is said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline. Why is it important to control the pH of water or body? Because a too high or too low pH is a health indicator for water and body. A healthy level has a basic pH. By regular control of the PH value one can handle the water or its body quite well. Ideal for household and pH testing laboratory applications Protects the environment The measurement results are displayed quickly and precisely Modern design and a large, illuminated display Good readability Fast and accurate measurements at the push of a button Convenient auto-off function 0.01 resolution, ± 0.01 accuracy, full pH 0-14 measurements Temp. Compensation (ATC): 0 ° C to 50 ° C, max. 95% humidity Re-Calibration Procedure: 1: Immerse the electrode in PH6.86 (under the temperature of 25°C ) standard buffer solution of phosphate, and gently shake the electrode. 2: Regulate the trimmer with a screwdriver until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained. 3: Immerse the electrode in ph 4.01 or ph 9.18 the standard buffer solution of borax. After about one minute, until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained. Note: Do not calibrate the instrument before using it for the first time. If the instrument is not used for more than 4 weeks, the calibration must be carried out again. And if there are white dry residue, do not worry, and it will automatically dissolve to auxiliary measure. This is the property of the product itself and is safe.
PH Meter(ATC), Digital PH Meter / 0.01 PH high Precision Water Quality Tester/PH Tester,0-14 pH Measurement Range for Household Drinking Water,Swimming Pools, Hydroponics, School Education etc(Red)
UROPA HERO PH METER WATER TESTER pH Meter is the ideal little tool for home and laboratory uses; Suitable for testing pH balance of drinking water, pools, aquariums, RO system, Spas, hydroponics food, wine and beer making and more. ►Easy to Use: you just remove the protective cap and immerse the PH meter electrode in the solution and turn on the PH by "ON / OFF" switch to be measured. ►Easy to Calibrate:You can simply follow the instruction on the provided packet of solution 4.01 or 6.86, immerse the PH tester in the solution and adjust with the provided calibrated screwdriver to dial it in. ▼ STEP 1: Turn open pH meter, Clean the electrode in distill water ▼ STEP 2: Immerse the electrode in pH 6.86 standard buffer solution ▼ STEP 3: Calibrate with a calibrated screwdriver. Wait until the display digital is 6.86pH and steady ▼ STEP 4: Clean the electrode in distill water and dry it, immerse the electrode in Ph 4.00 standard buffer solution ▼ STEP 5: Calibrate with a calibrated screwdriver. Wait until the display digital is 4.00pH. Then complete pH 4.00 calibration .❤ Warm tips: -Clean the electrode with distilled water every time before and after use. - Be careful with the glass probe since it may be a little fragile when you use. - Remember to gently wipe it with a clean, soft cloth when you're done before capping it again.-Open the battery case or replace battery, then need to recalibrate the meter.►Specifications: - Measuring range: 0.00-14.00 pH -Resolution: 0.01 pH-Accuracy: 0.01 pH-Batteries: 4X 1.5V LR44 (included)-Automatic temperature compensation: 0-50℃(32-122℉) -Dimensions: 5.9inch*1.2inch*0.6 inch-Net Weight: 1.9 oz ►Package Contents: -1 * PH Tester -1 * Carry case -1 * Calibration screwdriver -2 * ph buffer powder(for calibration) -1 * User manual
LiNKFOR PH Test Digital PH Pen Meter Portable Large LCD PH Tester for Water 0.01 Resolution 0-14 Measurement Range PH Meter with Auto Calibration
Introduction: This PH Meter is the perfect device for determining the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It's incredibly easy to use-just immerse the electrode and the readings are automatically displayed. With 0.01pH Resolution, you may get higher accuracy than other pH meters. The electrode is designed with more durability in order to offer a longer product lifespan. Applied range: the production and drinking of purified water, Electroplating liquid, Boiler water, Water in fish tank, Water of swimming pools, Photograph flushing fluid, Well water, Deep phreatic water, Laboratory, Aquaculture, Food processing, etc. Features: 1. Fast and Accurate Readings: Just turn it on, dip in liquid and read display, no need to work with color charts or test strips; Large LCD display makes it easy to read. 2. Automatic Calibration: No need any adjustment screwdrivers, just finish the calibration with auto calibration button and buffer powders (not included). 3. ATC Function: Automatic Temperature Compensation accounts for changes in temperature automatically, directly show the values after compensation, to ensure more accurate readings; Full measurement range of pH 0- 14, 0.01 pH resolution. 4. Portable Design: Handheld pen style and compact carrying case makes it conveniently fits in your pocket or bag and goes anywhere. 5. Wide Application: Ideal for home and laboratory pH testing applications, including drinking water, swimming pools, aquariums, hydroponics, etc. Specifications: Display: LCD Digital Measure Range: 0.00-14.00pH Resolution: 0.01pH Accuracy: ¡À0.05pH Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V LR44 Batteries(Keep using more than 500 hours) Operating Temperature: 0¡æ~80¡æ Calibration: automatic calibration Dimensions: 15.3 x 2.9 x 1.6 cm Weight: 52g Package Content: 1 x Digital PH Meter 1 x User Manual
Semlos 4 Ports Sil3114 PCI Sata Raid Controller Card with 2 Sata Cables
Specification: PCI specification revision 2.3 compliant Serial ATA specification revision 1.0 compliant Support 32-bit at 66MHZ and 64-bit at 133 MHZ 4x Internal Serial-ATA port Silicon image SIL 3114 host controller chip Data transfer rate up to 150MB/s. (1.5Gbps) Supports RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), RAID 0+1 Support programmable and EEPROM, FLASH & EPROM loadable PCI class mode Support ATAPI devices: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc Support MS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/2003/2008/XP/vista/7/linux Package 4- Port SATA RAID PCI Card x1 SATA cables x2 Driver CD x1
Digital PH Meter, LIUMY Pocket PH Meter 0.01 PH Water Quality Test with 0-14 PH Measurement Range for Household Drinking Water, Pool, Hydroponics, Aquarium Water, PH Tester Design with ATC
Welcome to our shop LIUMY (by Luufuehy) LIUMY Digital PH Meter is an ideal instrument for anywhere you need to test all liquid pH values. It can meet all your needs through a pH tester. We have a professional designer, and a self-developed factory. Can bring different products and experience to customers. We take customer experience as a first priority. We will reply to the email within 24 hours. Application: Calibrate the pH meter with the calibration powder before testing the pH value of the solution. There are three different calibration powders. Follow the instructions according to the test fluid (second and third photo or the second small point of the product description). Package contents: 1 x PH meter. 3 x calibration packs. 1 x Carry Bag 2 x 1.5 V LR44 batteries 1 x English User Manual ±0.01PH Accuracy: The accuracy is listed as a range of + 0.XX pH units. This means that the meter can read as many pH units above or below the actual pH value of the product. Purchase a pH meter with an accuracy of +0.02 units or better. For example, a pH meter with an accuracy of +0.01 is a good choice, better than that of +0.05 or +0.1. Technical data: Measuring range: 0.00-14.00 pH Resolution: 0.01 pH Accuracy: ±0.01 pH Automatic temperature compensation: 0-80 ℃ (32-176 ℉). *Please note: 1). The glass bulb of the electrode is fragile. Treat it carefully. Do not touch it with hard tools and fingers, gently suck the water when cleaning.
Lineco pH Testing Pen for Paper or Paperboard Products. by Adorama

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The pH testing pen is a simple tool to easily and instantly spot test books, documents, paper and card for acidity. Used by archivists, librarians and conservationists to identify acidic or alkaline paper. Conforms to ASTM d-4236. The acid content in paper determines its life expectancy andis measured on the following pH scale
Kom Müzik
Digital Ph Meter Tester Water LCD Monitor Pen Aquarium By BuyinCoins
Features: Brand New and High Quality. An ideal instrument for aquarium, fishing industry, swimming pool, school laboratory, food & beverage etc. Excellent meter, very acurate and durable. With protective plastic case and calibration screwdriver. Since there has so many seller sell the item by using ours brand. So please look carefully about the brand Buyincoins we have . Hope you can understand We will try our best to avoid the harm for you. Well packed high quality and low cost will make the payment more happy. We will try out best to solve all the problem for you. Thank you for your understanding. And if you have any question about the item you bought, pls contact us immediantly before you leave feedback or review. We will solve the problem for you. Have a nice day Specification: Measuring pH Range: 0.0 - 14.0 pH. Resolution: 0.1 pH. Accuracy: ±0.1 pH (20°C), ±0.2 pH. Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C (32-122°F). Relative Humidity: