UniBond Aero 360° Moisture Absorber Neutral Refill tabs pack of 1 / 4 x 450g
New design: wave shaped with a hollowed out centre. 2 in1 technology: anti-moisture and anti-odour.. Supplier reference: 2106199 Our code: 137057.
Unibond Aero 360º Pure moisture absorber
UniBond 1807937 Aero-360 Pure Moisture Absorber Device
UniBond RE-NEW silicone sealant, White
Keep sealant looking and performing like new with this Unibond Sealant Re-New. Simply apply on top of old sealant and use the integrated smoothing tool for a finish that looks as good as new! The sealant features triple protection mould resistance; repelling, killing and preventing any future build up. This pack contains 100ml of ice white special silicone, which is enough for a standard bathroom suite (approximately 5 - 7 metres). Avoid direct contact with water or cleaning products for 6 hours.
UniBond Pearl Moisture Absorber Neutral Refill Tabs, Pack of 2
Only use with the UniBond Humidity Absorber (Small Device)Each Power Tab lasts 6 - 8 weeks300gPacked 2
UniBond 2079356 Anti-Mould Sealant / White Silicone Sealant for Kitchen and Bathroom / 1 x 274g Cartridge
Henkel Ltd
1 x Unibond Anti-Mould Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant Cartridge White 274g.
Unibond Aero 360 1989246 4 x 450 g Lavender Refills Dehumidifier
UniBond Aero 360 Lavender Refill 2 x 450g. 2 in 1 technology - absorbs moisture and neutralises odours. Helps combat consendation, damp rooms, allergens in the air, mould and mildew. Suitable for use in rooms of up to 20 metre square (living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms etc). Exciting and attractive design. Reinforced bottom edge
UniBond 2008967 Bubble Spring Fresh Scented Refills
1 x Unibond Small Moisture Absorber Spring Fresh Power Tab Refill Pack of 2
Unibond Super PVA Adhesive Sealer Primer Can - 1 L
Unibond Super PVA Adhesive Sealer Primer 1 Litre UNI260949 Safe and simple to use, UniBond Super PVA adhesive and sealer is the toughest, fastest, strongest and longest lasting PVA you can buy. Suitable for the majority of bonding jobs in the home, office and on-site. Use UniBond Super PVA for woodworking, hobbies and crafts, general repair, priming old porous or dusty surfaces, priming gloss paint to take wallpaper and stiffening fabrics.Bonds most materials* including cardboard, carpet, ceramic tiles, chipboard, fabrics, glass, paper, plaster and wood (*provided one of the surfaces is porous). Sets for handling after 30 minutes, reaches full strength after 24 hours. Size: 1L. UNI260949
3X UniBond 1807937 Aero-360 Pure Moisture Absorber Device
UniBond 1807937 Aero-360 Pure Moisture Absorber Device
UniBond Anti-Mould Kitchen/Bathroom Sealant Tube - 150 ml, White
Unibond Anti-Mould Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant Tube White 150ml UNI1576549 UniBond Anti-Mould sealant is a waterproof, anti-mould silicone sealant that is suitable for most sanitary sealing tasks around your home. Ultimate shower and bathroom sealant using the latest in silicone technology to give waterproof protection with fantastic flexibility. Mould protect system makes it suitable for power showers and wet rooms and the lifetime guarantee makes Unibond Anti Mould sealants the first choice to finish off that bathroom project. Suitable for interior use on showers, baths, toilets, power showers, wet rooms, sinks and basins, worktops, tiled areas and fixing sealant strips.NOT suitable for exterior use or dado rails, coving, uPVC windows and wooden frames.Comes in a handy squeeze tube for easy of application with no cartridge gun required.150mlColour White UNI1576549
UniBond One For All Crystal Adhesive & Sealant / Transparent, Strong Adhesion, All-Purpose Glue, Solvent Free / Bond, Seal, Mount, Fill / 1x 290g
Crystal clear silicon sealant by Unbind in regular sized container with separate application tube attached
2 X Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Device Dehumidifiers Unibond Boxed New
The Unibond Optimum Moisture Absorbing System helps prevent condensation, damp and bad smells, as well as the development of mould and dust mites, which could cause allergies. Ideal for every room inside the home and caravans/boats. No noise and no electricity. Suitable for large rooms up to 20m². The Unibond Optimum Moisture Absorbing System helps preventcondensation, damp and bad smells, as well as the development of mouldand dust mites, which could cause allergies. Ideal for every room inside the home and caravans/boats. No noise and no electricity. Effective for up to 3 months in a 20 m square.Pack contains: 1 x Aerodynamic absorber device. 1 x 450g refill tab
Unibond Repair Extreme
Unibond Repair Extreme 20g UNI743676 Unibond Repair Extreme Power Glue resists shocks, impacts and water and can cope with temperatures between -50°C and +120°C. Suitable for interior and exterior use, even in damp conditions.It is transparent and odourless.Suitable for bonding glass, mirror, metals, plastics, wood, rubber, paper, ceramic tiles, concrete, stone, leather and many other surfaces. UNI743676
Unibond Aero 360º Aromatherapy Vanilla Refill tabs, 4 x 450 g
UniBond Aero 360° Refill Tabs Comforting The refill tabs for the moisture absorber Aero 360° absorb excess moisture from the air while delivering a cosy scent of vanilla. They are ideal for rooms of up to 20m² over a time-span of up to three months. The tabs are composed of ultra-absorbent crystals and an opening in the centre to boost performance. The tabs come with a patented technology and contain essential oils.
UniBond PVA Super Jerry Can - 5 L
Unibond Super PVA 5 Litre UNI1448672 UniBond Super PVA is a multi-purpose agent ideal for use as a primer and bonding agent on plaster, or priming and dust proofing porous surfaces. It bonds together most common building materials, as long as one is porous. Suitable for use in dry service conditions. Dilutes 5-1 and conforms to BS 5270 Plastering, BSEN 204.The universal adhesive, primer and bonding aid. The only BBA accredited PVA in the market. UNI1448672