Wolf-Garten ZMi15 Multi-Change Lightweight Aluminium 150cm Handle
Wolf ZMI 15 ALUMINIUM Handle Multi-Star
Wolf-Garten B40M Multi-Change Patio Brush
The multi-change patio brush makes light work of removing dirt and stains from paths and patios. Durable PVC bristles ensure a long-lasting performance, even after years of use and the 37cm working width allows you to clean large areas quickly .
Wolf Garten ZMV4 Multi-Change Telescopic Handle Extends from 220 - 400cm
The popular lawn edge iron allows you to maintain straight, neat lawn edges at all times. The traditional, half-moon design cuts cleanly through lawn and turf to ensure a precise result, every time.
WOLF-Garten UIMC Multi-Change Leaf Rake Lawn Care Tool Head, Red
Cleaning flower beds yard and lawn areas and covering seeds is particularly easy thanks to the UiMC Multi Star Leaf Rake. This high quality plastic rake is especially light and flexible due to its 21 robust basket-like plastic tines. The working width of this quality product is 42 cm. The ZM140W ash handle is ideally suited to the multi star Fan Rake. Article-No. - 3554000 Dimensions - W - 42 cm Application - Cleaning Handle - Recommended ZM140W
Wolf-Garten FBM Multi-Change Weeding Brush Cleaning Tool Head
Quality weeding brush - Removes weeds and moss from between paving slabs - Clears even large areas quickly and while keeping a straight back - Part of the multi-change click system -any handle fits 50 tool heads - Use with the correct handle to suit your height to work with a straight back
Wolf-Garten BS40M Multi-Change Decking Brush
Wolf Garten Decking Patio Brush Broom 37cm BS40M The multi change sweeping range is designed for specific cleaning tasks in hard to reach places.Broad scrubbing brush with robust elastoflex bristles.Ideal for sweeping large areas on terraces, decking and patios.37cm working widthPart of the multi-change system, attaching it to a handle of the required height will prevent over straining.10 year guarantee covers every item in the range
Wolf-Garten EWM Multi-Change Window Washer
This multi-change window washer uses a premium quality mop that offers a superb cleaning performance. The mop head is adjustable through 110 degrees to make it easier to reach awkward windows.
Wolf-Garten RMM Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger
The WOLF Garden RMM Multi Star Lawn Edging Iron is the classic for straightening lawn edges. It cuts off overhanging grass cleanly with its sharp hardened blade. The working width of this quality product is 22 5 cm. The ZM-AD Aluminium D Handle is especially suitable for the Lawn Edging Iron.Article-No. -3312000Working area -W - 22.5 cmApplication -Cuts off overhanging grass
Wolf-Garten DRM30 Multi-Change Soil Rake
The Solid Steel DR-M 30 Multi Star Rake with a working width of 30 cm is eminently suitable for raking fine crumbling and smoothing seed beds. The ZM 170 Multi Star handle is ideally suited to this rake. Article-No. - 1657000 Dimensions - W - 30 cm Application - Raking aerating and broking up Handle / Grip - Recommended ZM 170 Extras -            Wide Tines
Wolf Garten Multi Change Tool Rack Hanger Holder Store UMMThe ideal accompaniment for your Wolf Garten handles and tool heads.A great space saving storage device of home and garden equipment.Keeps you tools tidy, safe and secure.Easily assembled in your garage or shed and comes complete with screws and wall plugs.Please note - tools not included.80cm in width.
Wolf-Garten RS4000 Anvil Premium Plus Secateurs
WOLF-Garten RS 4000 ''PREMIUM PLUS''
Wolf-Garten UAM Multi-Change Springtine Rake
Wolf Garten Springtime Curved Rake UAM Garden Multi ChangeMulti change lawn care range is a comprehensive range of premium quality garden tools for a beautiful lawn year after year. To create the perfect lawn it is essential to remove organic matter from the grass roots and to tidy up any straggly lateral growth, every 6-8 weeks. This range will help you create the perfect lawn.The specially-shaped round spring tines Rake will not get caught in the grass. Making the cleaning up of loose-lying moss and weeds simple, quick and thorough. The perfectly-matched spring properties of the tines and the ideal basket curvature perfect the cleaning of the lawn. The working width of this quality product is 50 cm. Part of the multi-change system, attaching it to a handle of the required height will prevent over straining.10 year guarantee covers every item in the range.
Wolf-Garten RCM Multi-Change Anvil Tree Lopper
Part of the multi-change Tree Care Without A Ladder range, the anvil tree lopper allows you to cut through even the highest of branches whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground, POLE NOT INCLUDED
Wolf Garten DAS Multi-Change Soil Miller
Wolf Garten Soil Miller 15cm DAS Multi Change Garden Tool Cultivation PlantingThe multi change cultivation range incorporates all the tools needed to keep borders in good health. Each tool has a solid robust design with tines, prongs and blades that will resist bending, wear and corrosion.The Multi Change Soil Miller will not only crumble soil into a fine tilth for sowing seeds for planting but will mix peat, manure and fertiliser into the soil.Mixes peat, manure and fertiliser into the soilAlso features a rear blade which helps keeps tool at a constant depth.Part of the multi-change system, attaching it to a handle of the required height will prevent over straining.10 year guarantee covers every item in the range
Wolf-Garten RR2500 Bypass Comfort Plus Secateurs
WOLF-Garten RR 2500 ''COMFORT PLUS''
Wolf-Garten LUGM Multi-Change Hand Fork
An essential tool for every garden lover, the multi-change hand fork has 4 extremely strong tines that are made from best quality steel and coated with anti-rust, long-lasting chrome lacquer. They are designed specifically not to bend or break.
Wolf-Garten ZM150 150 cm Multi-Change Wooden Handle FSC Certified
This 1.5 meter, FSC certified wooden handle is made of premium quality ash from well managed forests. It is ideally suited to those horticulturalists who are 5'4" or under in height as it allows them to carry out most gardening tasks with a straight back.