Have your toolbox filled with the right tools

Not every toolbox will have the same items in it, but every toolbox needs a few good tools to round it out properly. Whether you are a bit of a handyperson or you just do the occasional DIY project, or you just want to be prepared, a toolbox needs to be stocked with a few old reliable go-to gadgets. Even if you do not have many instruments, these are the gizmos you will really want to have if nothing else.

The Hammer

First off, you will want to have a good, reliable hammer. A hammer is a must for hanging pictures, pulling nails, and tapping things into their proper place. A good hammer should be lightweight and have a long handle to give you the leverage you need when completing those bigger projects such as ripping a wall down. A good, reliable hammer will do the job.

The Philips Screwdriver

A cross or x-shape screwdriver, also known as the Philips screwdriver, comes in handy for a variety of projects and you can even get a screwdriver with interchangeable tips if you have a small toolbox or just want to limit the number of tools that you have.

The Flathead Screwdriver

If you do not have an interchangeable screwdriver, you will also want to have a flathead screwdriver. This is another common screwdriver that is often used since many of the screws in your wood furniture, and other wood things have either cross or flat screw heads. It is a good idea to have at least three different flathead screwdrivers that range in size from small to large, so that you can tackle all of those DIY jobs.

A Tape Measure

A tape measure is very important especially if you are measuring things like hardware and need to ensure a proper fit. A tape measure is handy for all sorts of projects around the home and as they say,“measure twice, cut once.“ Having a tape measure can save you a lot of time, wasted materials, and headaches.

The Level

A level will make all of your work perfectly straight. Guessing and eye-balling it will only get you so far. Grab a level and get it done right the first time.

The Utility Knife

This is one of those tools that you may never have given a second thought to, but when you need it, you need it. It is just the thing you need to score straight lines and can be used to trim carpet, drywall, paint, caulking, and can be used for so much more.

The Putty Knife

A putty knife is an invaluable tool to have when you are working with glues, paints, and putty. It can also be used to spread spackle and paste. You should have a one 1/2-inch size as well as a 5-inch size. The smaller size is ideal for scraping, and the larger size is best for spreading.

The Pliers

Pliers will come in handy when you need to hold objects still, and a good pair can be used to pinch, bend, or pull various materials.

The Adjustable Crescent Wrench

The adjustable wrench has a screw built into the head that is adjustable so that the size of the opening can be made to fit pretty much any nut that is hexagonal in shape. It prevents the nut from getting stripped.

Hex Key Tool

The hex key tool, also known as the Allen wrench, is handy for tightening those odd-shaped screws or for putting together that bicycle or do-it-yourself bookshelf. The jackknife-style set is ideal, but you can buy them separately as well.

Having the right hardware for the job will not only make your life easier, but your project will have a much better outcome as well. It is worth investing in a few good gadgets to keep in your toolbox.