How to decide what tiles to use for your bathroom

An increase in interior designs has created a niche for tiles, especially in the washroom. This has created a huge dilemma for the homeowners who have to make major decisions on how they can remodel the bathroom and other rooms.

Particularly one major aspect is those which set the tone for the entire look and feel of the already finished space. With the right decision made the dream washroom is almost a reality.

Types of tiles to consider

Various companies have come up with various stylesand types which are tailored to meet the customer demands and make the interiors lively. These types include the ceramic sort which is perfect for cozy themed washrooms. This has been found to be durable and a good choice for those wishing to spend less. They have a wide range of designs and colors. However, compared to porcelain they may allow water to penetrate through.

The old-fashioned type namely terracotta creates a delightful ambiance in the bathroom. For those who are temperature sensitive, this is quite a good option since they don’t get as cold as the ceramic option. However, they require some level of maintenance. For instance, fastening with a sealing agent every two years to prevent and protect them from damage and stain.

Marbe type

Many may desire to create a level of beauty in the washroom. To achieve this, choosing marble type is an ideal option. They are highly polished and come in a range of sizes. They may be veined or patterned but add an interesting color to the washroom.

Linoleum type

Though expensive and susceptible to stains they are overwhelmingly beautiful. The linoleum floor is a suitable material for the washroom. They have a capability of repelling dust and dirt while still retaining color and texture.

They are really versatile and complement other decorating styles. They are also quite easy to install and durable but susceptible to scratch and can age in appearance hence require a great level of maintenance.

Corky type

In case you have children or the elderly you may consider the corky type when choosing. They can prove very effective and offer a level of protection against accidental trips or falls. For those who are bored up of taking long hours during cleaning, you are covered up since they are easy to clean and mop.

However, they must be sealed greatly and perfectly to repel water and may even scratch easily. When selecting the right tiles the practicability of the finishes should be fully considered. How easier will it be to clean them?

Heavily embossed versus smooth types

Heavily embossed and pebble-like types may have water settle on them causing them to be tenacious hence hard to clean. Considering smooth types which are easy to clean could prove effective but care should be taken not to picking the extremely smooth kind which may be excessively slippery.

Tile size

The tile size to the room size ratio should be considered during the selection. The smaller ones complement up a small shower while the larger rooms require the large format ones.

Grout lines

Having more grout lines makes the smaller space look bigger hence creating a busy look. However, for small rooms, the larger types may prove hard to cut in order to fit.
Playing with the scale helps create a balance by combining small and large-scale patterns.

Consider choosing three types, for example:

  • The tiny hexagonal mosaics for bats and walls
  • The large oblongs for the floor
  • The medium hexagonal kind for the basin surround

This will help create a harmonies look at the shower. With such knowledge, applying the principle of diy when shopping for the materials could easily work out no expert should be involved. diy is also very simple to implement when doing changes.