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Spanking Pleasures
Come join our spoiled young brat complain about her parents leaving her home alone for the very first time just after her eighteenth birthday. How they have trusted her to act like a mature young woman and with the money to pay the plumber Monday morning.Of course, this spoilt princess is outraged that she won’t be able to have a hot shower after her morning aerobics and is worried that her beautiful body will develop a small role of fat. But not so worried that the cash her father had left has been spent on a party with her two devoted celebrant friends.Monday morning is arriving too quickly - with an impending knock on the door how will this gorgeous girl try to get away with not paying the plumbers bill in full, loose-fitting top, super tight cut off shorts and fluttering her eyelashes?When she says “I’ll do anything” to the sweating ruggedly handsome muscular tradesman and his pimply faced Apprentice after they have already finished the hard work, what did she expect? It wasn’t to be touched so forcefully by calloused hands and hoisted up on the cold kitchen counter with the apprentice not just watching as her back arches in bare bottom naughty girl delight. They have done the hard work, and now she is about to be pinned helplessly between them to return the favor.Our moaning and drooling heroine will quickly learn a passionate lesson from these two strong men that don’t need college degrees to rock her sheltered world - About Payments Promised and Painful Plumbing.Click on the Cover for a Heated Peek Inside, Borrow or Buy - Today!
Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer and Jointing Compound, Yellow
Ideal for use on compression joints and screwed fittings|Never sets rock hard, joints can easily be undone|Ready to use, no mixing|Does not shrink or crack with age|Suitable for use from below freezing point to above boiling point of water|Completely safe to use with drinking water|WRAS â€" Approved Product
Professional THRU WALL Outside Garden Tap Kit meets Water Regulations GT1 DIY
Be sure to sure this flange is long enough to go through the wall and past the kitchen cabinets, otherwise buy a longer 450mm flange THIS KIT COMES COMPLETE WITH :- 1 X HOSE UNION OUTSIDE TAP with Double Check Valve 1 X 15mm COMPRESSION TEE with EASY TURN ISOLATING VALVE 1 X 15mm THRU-WALL FLANGE 365mm Long 3 X 2" X 8 BRASS COUNTERSUNK SLOTTED FIXING SCREWS. 3 X BROWN PLASTIC PLUGS 1 X ROLL PTFE TAPE 1 x 300mm 1/2BSP to 15mm Push Fit flexi connector If this kit is not exactly what you need ; Check out my other items! The Kit provides a professional way to add a outside garden tap We have found this kit allow the average DIY person to fit a outside tap; This kit is superior to many of the kits sold in DIY stores, eBay or Amazon which have self tapping tee's which often in 18months tend to leak If you do not find what you are looking for we are happy to vary components, email us at These kits give a professional finish, the through the wall flange has several advantages over the wall plate type fixing There is no exposes pipe work to freeze in winter The PTFE tap and tap can be tightened onto the flange before fitting, making sure it a good fit and vertical The kit can be used on modern 15mm or old 1/2 inch copper The isolation valve should be fitted above the lever of the outside tap to ensure that during the winter months the garden tap can be turned off and outside tap opened. This will prevent the outside tap freezing Please note certain plastic items colours may vary. GT1 Tap Kit
Kingfisher Electronic Water Timer
Bonnington Plastics Ltd
Electronic water timer. Battery operated. Up to 24 cycles per day controlled watering. Ideal for watering plants when on holiday or leaving your garden unattended. Packed in a blister with full colour artwork. Requires 2 X AAA batteries easily programmable with inline filter. Up to 24 cycles per day controlled watering. Compatible with most brands of watering fittings.
All Pond Solutions UV Steriliser Filter Pump
All Pond Solutions
The All Pond Solutions All-in-One CUP-311 System combines everything required to to run a healthy algae-free small to medium sized pond. Designed as a single smart unit with a single power cable it allows for a much easier installation compared to a standard pond set up. The CUP-311 includes a built-in 11w UVC Lamp and filtration system combined with a 2500 litres per hour pump eliminating the need to purchase an external filtration system, which can be difficult to integrate around the landscaping of a small pond. The included filtration media includes a large coarse filter foam that water must pass through first and also three filter media baskets, two are filled with ceramic biological filter media and the last one with K1 filter media. Alternatively you could change the included media inside these baskets for an alternative pond filter media of your choice. Access to the inners of the CUP-311 is extremely easy thanks to the four clips positioned 2 on opposite sides of the unit. Once these are removed you have full access to all filter media areas for cleaning and maintenance. Removing the pump and steriliser is achieved by unscrewing 3 screws, allowing these parts to be removed completely clear of the CUP-311 base. Model: CUP-311 Pump power: 2500 Litres per Hour Height max: 2.5m Max depth of use: 200cm / 78" Max depth for fountain Use: 525mm / 20" Pump power: 19w UV power: 11w Outlet fits 12, 20 and 25mm hose / 0.5", 0.75" and 1" Dimensions: 380 x 275 x 130mm / 15" x 10.8" x 5.1" (L x W x H) Cable length: 10 MetresInstruction manual is translated in English, French, German, Spanish & Italian.
Jebao XTP-10000 Compact Super Eco Energy Saving Submersible Dirty Water Filter Pump 10000L/H GS/CE approved
Jebao are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of quality pond pumps. Jebao pumps are often re-branded and distributed in the UK by some of the best known names in the pond industry. When comparing pump prices it is worth remembering that if it looks like a Jebao Pump then it probably is a Jebao Pump. Jebao pond pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a pond filter or a waterfall. The pumps cage is specially designed to prevent it clogging by providing the maximum surface area. They have vortex impeller blades and a ceramic shaft for problem free transport of dirt particles up to 6mm.
VicTsing Submersible Water Pump, 400Gph 1500L/H Ultra-Quiet Fountain Water Pu mp Withstands 48 Hours Dry Burning, Replacement Pu mp For Pet Fountains/Pond/Aquarium/Fish Tank/Statuary/Hydroponics
Product Description Dry burning-resistant protection function Did you still remember that your once favorite water pump burnt out when you were on a business trip or when you forgot pouring water into your fish tank? Then our submersible pump is the right choice for you. Unlike other common pumps, this one can support about 48 hours dry burning, which means that it still works when it have worked for 48 hours without water. No more worry about the not enough water or no water when you are on a short business trip. Refresh Water Keep circulating and aerating the water in your tank and give your beloved fish or turtles a near-natural environment, ideal for small to medium size aquarium, ponds, water gardens and desktop water fountains. Note: 1. Please use socket with stable voltage and keep the motor running within rated power to ensure long lifespan. 2. Put the pump into water first before connecting power supply. When changing water, please disconnect power supply. 3. Please clean it regularly in case of debris blockage, the pump would make noises if blocked. 4. It is advisable to use a lubricant when the motor makes loud noises. The lubricant oil of electric hair clippers is a good choice. 5. Better to avoid dry burning even though it can withstands 48 hrs dry burning. 6. The maximum flow rate is 400GPH(1500L/H). But there may be a plus-minus tolerance. Insufficient power or low water quality would slightly lower the water flow rate. Specifications: Product Dimensions: 58*72*82mm/2.3*2.8*3.2in Net Weight: 597g/21oz Max Flow Rate: 400GPH(1500L/H) H-Max (Lift Height): 6.56ft (2m) Voltage: 220-240V @ 50Hz Length of Power Cord: 4.6ft(1.4m) Power:25W Color: Black Package Included: 1 x 25W Water Pump 1x Nozzle (13mm/&0.51in) 1x Nozzle (16mm/0.62in) 1 x User Manual
Jebao XTP-3500 Compact Super Eco Energy Saving Submersible Dirty Water Filter Pump 3500L/H GS/CE approved
Jebao are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of quality pond pumps. Jebao pumps are often re-branded and distributed in the UK by some of the best known names in the pond industry. When comparing pump prices it is worth remembering that if it looks like a Jebao Pump then it probably is a Jebao Pump. Jebao pond pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a pond filter or a waterfall. The pumps cage is specially designed to prevent it clogging by providing the maximum surface area. They have vortex impeller blades and a ceramic shaft for problem free transport of dirt particles up to 6mm.
Bailey 5431 Universal Drain Rod Set in Carry Bag (3 Pieces)
Bailey 5431 Universal /4in Drain Rod Set 3 Tools In Carry Bag BAI5431 For professional people who require their tools to be at hand on a regular basis, this purpose designed set comes complete with a heavy-duty blue waterproof Bailey carry bag and supplied with adjustable shoulder straps. The compact nature of this set allows them to be easily stored in the works, shed, garage or van.This Universal Drain Rod set includes 30 feet of the finest Bailey Blue Rods® with varying tool options. The quality, reliability and strength of this equipment ensures that the toughest jobs can be tackled - an essential product for the builder, plumber, chimney sweep or handyman.The Bailey BAI5431 Universal Drain Rod Set includes 3 popular tools with the following contents:10 x 3ft x 3/4 inch Blue Rods1 x 4 inch plunger1 x 4 inch drop scraper1 x double worm screw BAI5431
Blagdon Inpond 5 in 1 Pond Pump and Pond Filter, 6000 Litre, 5 W
Interpet Ltd
An efficient complete in-pond solution for small ponds or water features this Inpond All-in-One Pump and Filter also includes a UV clarifier and an automatic LED spotlight and can run either a fountain or waterfall decorative display. It includes a T-piece to run the additional water features and also has an adjustable fountain extension and ball joint flow control adjuster. With its mechanical and biological media filtration system to ensure healthy fish and plants and the 9W UVC eliminating green water all you need do is position in your pond for beautiful clear and healthy water plus an attractive and reliable fountain and waterfall display. This Inpond All-in-One Pump and Filter is a fully integrated in-pond filter with an efficient integrated pump for low running costs and long life. Features:Bell jetDaisy jetTulip jetTriple jetAutomatic White LED night light1/2 waterfall/feature fitting2 year guaranteeTechnical:UVC: 240V 50Hz 9W10 mains cablePump: Max Flow: 1500lph Max. Head : 1.3m10m LV cable transformerWeatherproof transformerLED:0.76WPhoto sensor activatedOverall Dimensions: L38 x W41 x H20cm"
Blagdon Minipond Pump, 900 (Pond Pump to Run Fountains for Standard Ponds up to 2250 L)
Too low to display
An outdoor water feature creates a peaceful oasis and an air of tranquillity promoting a relaxing environment. The gentle sound of running water enhances your surroundings. This compact pump is ideal for pebble pools small pond fountains and water features. Easy to install and maintain it is supplied with unique and comprehensive fittings to allow you to personalise your display with 3 attractive fountain head options to give you full freedom to create a spectacular focal point. There are sectional riser pipes for adjusting height to pond depth and a flow control valve. This high performance yet economical pump would be a welcome addition to any garden space. Product specifications:3 Fountain heads: Daisy Two tier Daisy Bell jets20cm extension pipeFlow control valveMax. Flow: 900L/hr (198 gal/hr)Max. Height: 2mPower: 18W
Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump with Fountain Attachments 3000L/h #PF3000
These Submersible Pond Pumps are designed for constant usage and will pump water through your pond / aquarium filtration system or internal / external water feature.
PK Green Solar Fountain Pump Submersible Pump for Small Pond, Garden, Water Feature, Bird Bath 2w Panel 70 cm Height
PK Green
Always wanted to incorporate a water fountain into your garden, but couldn't stand the idea of clunky mains cabling? Or perhaps a water feature - without the complicated set-up.This premium 50cm solar fountain from PK Green can be used as both, and that too, with no mains power, no dangerous cabling and a rapid 3 minute set-up. Combine that with a maintenance-free motor and no electricity costs, it saves you hassle, time and money. In optimum conditions, the powerful 2W solar panel in combination with the brushless pump is capable of delivering a 70cm water lift (tube head height). Three different nozzles are included for a range of fountain effects, and the nifty float pad allows easy installation in deeper water. If you plan to use the pump as a water feature, we've got that covered too. We include 70cm of clear plastic tubing so that it's ready to use for that intricate water feature you have in mind. We're so confident that you'll love this solar pump for water feature - we offer a 2 year warranty as standard. The reason? Well, the pump has state-of-the-art features ensuring countless years of use. It has a brushless motor with no failure-prone carbon brush and shaft seal - this means minimal maintenance is needed, and affords a robust, lengthy service life for the pump. It is extremely quiet, courtesy of the in-built ceramic axis. Specifications - Solar panel: 2W, 6V- Operation voltage: DC 6V- Maximum water height: 0.5m @ 6V- Maximum flow rate: 170 Litres per hour @ 6V- Built-in flow rate regulator dial- Cable length: 5m- Pump dimensions: 7cm length, 3cm width, 5cm high What you get - Solar fountain pump with 5m cable- 3 different nozzles- 2W solar panel with ground stake- Float pad- 1m length clear plastic tubing- Instruction manual.
Mitras - MK1 Mark 1 Gas Meter Surface Box Cover and Door (450 x 506 x 227mm) This item is designed and manufactured to hook over a backplate and is commonly ordered as a replacement cover for broken or split lids. Where there is no backplate and the dimensions of the cover are suitable, it may be hooked over a similar device e.g baton fixed to the wall. It will house G4/U6 wall mounted gas meters or regulator assemblies. Manufactrued from glass fibre (dough grade 43-18-80) and fire retardant to BS476, Part 7 Class 2, this meter box is fully national grid approved. Service and entry holes are located at the bottom left hand side and the box can be easily sawn if holes in other locations are required. Please check your dimensions match those shown prior to ordering. Dimensions: Width: 450mm Height: 506mm Depth: 227mm Product Details: Mark 1 Surface Meter Gas Meter Box Cover Drop down door type Supplied With 1 x Meter Key This Meter Box is fully approved to National Grid Specifications Complies with BS8499 2009 specification for Gas Meters Please Note: This is an updated version with new hinges to replace the use of plastic ties. The new redesign has improved the overall appearance and functionality of the cover, as well as reducing difficulty when opening and closing the door. These boxes are for outside use, due to the nature of the material used in manufacturing, these may have cosmetic imperfections including scuffs and scratches.
151653 750W Heavy Duty Submersible Garden Pond Dirty& Clean Water Pump
Voltage: 230V~50HzPower: 750WMax flow: 12500L/hMax lift: 8MMax depth: 7MThread: 1", G1", 1 1/2"Speed: 2800RPMPhase: SingleInsulation: B
Decdeal 5W Solar Fountain Solar Water Pump Power Panel Kit for Fountain Pool Garden Pond Square 380L/H
* Solar panel power consumption: 12V 5W * Brushless pump power consumption: 12V 300mA * Maximum height of water: 160CM * Maximum flow: 380L / H * Start: The water pump will not working without sunlight, It will restart within three seconds once the sunlight re-appear. * Useful life period: ≥20000Hours * Working hours in the sun: 8:00 AM-5: 00 p.m. * Delay: ≤3s * Restart: if sunshine is off, can restart within 3 seconds when sunshine is back * Color: Black and silver (as shown in the pictures) * The size of solar panel: 180 * 280 * 30mm / 7.1 * 11.0 * 1.2in * Net Weight: 871g * Package Weight: 880g
Aqualisa Thermostatic cartridge - Universal - Grey
This is a replacement thermostatic cartridge for the below selection of Aqualisa showers: Classic 200, Aquavalve 600, Aquavalve 605, Aquavalve 609/Colt Concealed, Dream, Aquavalve 700, Shiraz, Aquastream Mk3, Aquamixa, Axis Thermo, Quartz Thermo, Opto Thermo, Hydramax Concealed Range These cartridges are suitable for use on all water systems and being thermostatic they ensure that water temperatures are kept at a constant level. The bonus of this being that you wont be shot with icy cold or boiling hot water, a brilliant feature for households with vulnerable people.