GutReise UK Safety RCD Socket Adaptor Home Circuit Breaker Cutout Garden Power Tools Trip Switch
how it works when the leakage currents >10mA or 30mA.The plug can quickly power off within 0.1 secons, not only can protect the personal safety ,but also protect electrical equioment from damage. With Test and Reset Button: 1 Put into main socket. 2 Press RESET to show red indicator. 3 Press TEST-red indicator should disappear DO NOT USE IF RED INDICATOR REMAINS. 4 Press RESET for use. rated voltage:200-260v rated current :13A Endurance test time:more than 20000 Color:white Tripping time:less 0.1s Breaking Capacity :250A PACKAGE LIST:1 pcs UK rcd 1 user
Power Master 488700 Plug-in Active RCD 13A UK 250V~ 50Hz, White
Active (non-latching) plug-in 13A/3200W residual current device (RCD) to prevent electric shock from faulty mains devices or water ingress. Active type is recommended for power tool use to prevent unexpected starting. Easy plug-in design for convenience and portability. Large reset and test buttons plus power indicator. Suitable for use with UK 13A mains sockets. Operating current 30mA with 30ms or less trip speed. CE tested and certified.
Garden Tool Mower Safety Power Breaker RCD 3 Pin Plug Adaptor
The mep rcd safety adaptor plug simply plugs into the mains, uk 3 pin sockets, then you plug your electrical appliance into it. If there is a fault or a short in the tool you are using, the unit cuts the power very quickly, reducing the risk of electrocution the mep safety rcd adapter continuously monitors the power supply to an electrical appliance and cuts off the power within 40 milliseconds if an earth current fault is detected. This is fast enough to prevent a fatal electric shock. The mep rcd safety adaptor plug is an ideal way to protect yourself when using portable electrical tools, like lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and mains powered drills. Electrical appliances can become dangerous if the wiring becomes loose, or their power cords become damaged or if they get wet. Not only power tools and lawnmowers can cause electrocution is also possible if fingers, wet hair or other conductive bodies enter the appliance. In all these cases the mep safety rcd is a must. Not suitable for pond pumps and other pond equipment as when these are removed the installation is unprotected. Safety rcd (circuit breaker) can be used with any 240v appliance. Particularly recommended for use with power tools.
RCD Plug Adaptor Leakage Protection Breaker (240V , 13A) for Household Devices and Tools(UK plug) - White
ANEKEN H3E Safety RCD Adaptor (White)  This portable RCD adaptor earth leakage protection device is widely used between wall socket (or any power socket) and your power tools & home appliances, such as pressure washer, hair blower, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, bathroom heater, aqaurium, pool pump and all the Christmas cords that plug into each other. It will trip off when it detect current difference between hot wire and neutral wire, to protect people from electrical shock. How to use  (1) Just plug it into a wall socket or any power receptacle simplely.  (2) Test it and make sure the red indicator light is ON before using.  (3) Plug any of power tools or home appliances to the RCD adaptor  (4) The RCD adaptor will trip off once it detect any current loss to protect people from electrical shock. How to test  (1) Plug in power supply  (2) Press RESET button, red indicator light ON  (3) Press TEST button, red indicator light OFF Specifications  Name: Portable RCD Adapter  Color: White  Rated Voltage: 250VAC, 50Hz  Rated Current: 13Amp  Residual Current: 10mA  Tripping Time: ≤0.1ms  Voltage Withstand: 2000V  Endurance Test Time: 6000 times  Limited Current: 250A Package Content:  1x Safety RCD Adaptor (White); 1x User Manual
Greenbrook PowerBreaker J02-C Safety RCD Adaptor
Powerbreaker J02-C Whiite RCD Safety Adaptor 13A
BSEN60898 May be used as direct replacement for rewireable fuses Circuit Breaker Mounting: Plug In Current Rating: 6A No. of Poles: 1
Greenbrook PowerBreaker J02-C Safety RCD Adaptor
Powerbreaker J02-C Whiite RCD Safety Adaptor 13A
BSEN60898 May be used as direct replacement for rewireable fuses Circuit Breaker Mounting: Plug In Current Rating: 6A No. of Poles: 1
Hager Automatic fuses Line circuit breaker B16 A
Hager MBN116. AC input frequency: 50/60 Hz, Nominal current output: 16 A Power -AC input frequency: 50/60 -Nominal current output: 16 A Features -Number of poles: 1P -Number of modules: 1
Qiorange Circuit Breaker, DC 12-24V 150 Amp Fuse Holder Trolling Motor Auto Car Marine Boat Bike Stereo Audio Inline Fuse Inverter Relays (Type B 150A)
Working voltage (V): minimum 5V DC, highest 50V DC Current product: 150 Amp Open circuit protection: when the current gets to the cut off value, long handles automatically bounce off, cut-off power supply, skips is generally short circuit conditions, such as troubleshooting. After the long deal with by back again can form pathways. Manual powers: we need to disconnect the circuit when converted, the insurance directly to the oval red button pressed, the long deal with automatic bounce off, cut-off power supply. Put the long handle back in place as it is above. Method of use: The connection in (BAT) lane. OUT (AUX). Press the oval button, the long handle is unlocked. The breaker is off. (make sure to press the oval button, if you use the handle directly with the handle, the breaker is broken and there is no guarantee.) After the laborious process of the flick is reset, the circuit breaker is energized. Effect: Prevent excessive current, protect the electrical appliance. Use Scope: Commonly used in the automobile industry, demo products, winch, dc power supply equipment, electric vehicles, chargers, motors and other electrical products over-current protection situations. Package Include: 1x 150 Amp Circuit Breake
Aramox 5 A / 8 A / 10 A / 15 A / 18 A / 20 A / 30 A Thermal Switch Reset, Current Overload Protection Device Circuit Breaker Manual Reset Circuit Breaker Overcurrent Protector(8A)
Specification: Condition: 100% brand new Rated voltage: DC 50 V, AC 125 to 250 V, 50/60 Hz Current: 5 A / 8 A / 10 A / 15 A / 18 A / 20 A / 30 A (option) Material: Plastic, metal Color: Black Size: Display as image Package weight: Approximately 26 g Package List 1 * Overload protector
RCD Safety Plug
The RCD safety Plug from Lloytron is ultra fast cut-out. Plugs into any standard wall socket with less than 40 millisecond trip time. The maximum load: 3.2kw or 13A. Reset and test buttons IP40 rated for outdoor use. Colour: Orange.
Masterplug PRCDKB Non-Latching RCD Safety Plug - Black
RCD adaptors are the simplest way of power protection for in and around the home. They are ideal for lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, or any portable power tool. Ideally you would use an RCD adaptor with any electrical appliance. Maximum load 3120 watts, 240V AC, 30 milli-amp trip speed, 40 milli-seconds (typical) double pole contact break. 13 amp fused. Manufactured to BS 7071 1992. Added protection against fatal electric shocks.
Status SRCDX3 Power Circuit Breaker - White
AutoMotion Factors Limited
Case Quantity 6 Provides added protetion from electric shocks Trips out within 40 millisecondsBS7071