Drain Cleaning Equipment

Silverline 656602 Drain Cleaner 10 m
For cleaning blocked waste pipes. Length 10 metres with a 9mm diameter. Corkscrew end with plastic handle.
Drain Cleaning Tool,Toilet Plunger Kitchen Sink Sewer Dredge Tool, Hair, Garbage, Vegetable, Bathtub Cleaning Hook, Used for Kitchen, Bathroom, Dredge Pipe, Sewer Drain Blaster Drain Cleaner
Instructions for use: 1.Install the appropriate plug according to the size of the pipe diameter, 2.Pump up the hand pump about 10-20 times, until could not pump into the air to get high pressure gas Pull the trigger to release the high pressure gas.(you could have it repeated till dredge the pipeline.) Product Material: ABS plastic Size: 27.5 * 28cm, Packing: Air gun cartridge, 4 different types of sucker plug, a manual. Precautions:Matters needing attention: sucker mouth and the mouth of the toilet or pipe mouth to seal tight, otherwise it will leak, you can add a little water so that sucker completely immersed in water, prohibit the use of children. Sewer pipe Unicom, there are other outlet, you must plug the other outlet, or can affect the effect of a shot, or dirty water from other outlets. This product is a pneumatic tool, please stay away from children and do not disassemble yourself. This product is based on the principles of fluid dynamics, easy to clean the pipeline in a variety of domestic waste and debris caused by blockage. In order to prevent splashing during work, we give customers a waterproof membrane。The gas pump is full of gas and passes through the hole in the splash film to start working
Silverline 447122 Drop Scraper Head Drop Scraper Head, 100 mm
Collects the obstruction and pulls it back to the operator. Universal joint. Use with rods (code 44934) and (code 37178) not included.
Pipe Cleaning Spiral, 5 m
- Head Size: 20 mm diameter of spiral with handle: 10 mm
Techlifer Drain Cleaning Machine Ø20-100mm 400RPM 250W Pipe Drain Cleaner Auger Pipe Cleaning with 12.5m Spirals (GQ75)
250W Electric Drain Auger Pipe Cleaner Cleaning Machine with Cutter Introduction: The spiral adapter is suitable for winding outlets and for small diameter pipes. The spiral set consists of three partial spirals, which can be connected by means of the T-slot coupling. Thanks to the spiral collecting basket, the set can be easily stored and transported. The extensive drill set is equipped with everything necessary to clean drain pipes mechanically without the addition of chemicals. The drill heads can be easily coupled together with the cleaning spiral by means of the T-slot coupling. Feature: With a powerful motor that turns the spiral clockwise and counter-clockwise at 400rpm Three-stage switch for turning the spiral in the desired direction or stops the rotation Spiral adapter suitable for winding outlets and for small diameter pipes The extensive drill equipped with everything necessary to clean drain pipes mechanically The drill heads can be easily coupled together with the cleaning spiral by means of the T-slot coupling Specification: Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz Power: 250W Rotation speed: 400 rpm Cleaning pipe dia.: 20-100mm/0.8-3.9inch Adapter set with spiral Spiral length: 4.5 m Spiral diameter: 9.5 mm Spiral set 3 spiral in the spiral basket Spiral length: 12.5 m (2x5m+1x2.5m)/41(2x16+1x8)inch Spiral diameter: 16mm Package Contents: 1 x Complete kit of pipe cleaning machine 1 x Spiral kit 6 x Cutting tools 1 x Key 1 x Leather glove
Gemini_mall® Drain Cleaning Tool, Drain Hair Clog Remover Catcher Drain Clog Snake Cleaning Tool, 17 inch
Drain Snake, Hair Drain Clog Remover,Drain Clog Cleaning tool This is an amazing household equipment and must-have for every home. Product Details Material: ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic Whole Length: 43 cm, about 17 inch Package Included: 1x Drain Cleaning Snake Features 1. Easy to use: Simply insert the device into a pipe and pull out 2. Durable, flexible and functional: Really easy to clear slow-moving or clogged drains 3. Widely used for your bathrooms, sinks, tubs, dredge pipe, clean drain, sewers etc.
Set of 3 Tools for All of Your Drain Unblocking Needs - Drain Blaster, Drain Cleaning Tool and Waste Pipe Unblocker
The set has all 3 leading tools for all sink drain and waste pipe blockages and is backed by a minimum 3 Year Warranty 1 x High Power Hand Operated Plunge Blaster (Sinks , toilets ,etc) Clear away tough blockages with the amazing Drain Power Plunger! It's innovative plunger design adds extra suction that loosens compressed debris in pipes, toilets, bathtubs showers, sinks and more. This unique plunger features a powerful plunging action that clears drains quickly and easily without any mess! The air-tight tube features a handle that increases back pressure as you pull, providing far more suction pressure than a regular plunger. Powerful suction clears tough obstructions without using harsh chemicals Durable, easy to use design Two interchangeable plunger heads (diameters 65mm & 160mm) For use on toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks and drains 3 Year Warranty 1 x 4.5 Metre Drain Cleaner Flexible flat spring steel coil with bulbous head Approx size: 15ft (4.5m) Can be used for unblocking sinks, small household pipes and urinals etc Supplied in storage holder 3 Year Warranty 1 x Drain Auger Strong plastic handle with spring steel corkscrew wire. Galvanised spring wire. Cleans debris and fat residue from sink / bath drains, traps and wastepipes. Can also be used to clear other household pipes. 6mm diameter 3 metres long Lifetime Warranty
VIPITH 6 Pack Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tool Kit for Kitchen Sink Bathtub Shower (1Pack Drain Snake Clog Remover + 5 Pack Drain Relief Tool)
Features: - Product Name: Drain Cleaning Tool - Material: ABS Plastic / Stainless Steel - Length: 51cm/20in; 60cm/23.6in - Quick & easy way to unclog the drainage, bathtub drain and more - Simply insert the device into a pipe and pull out - Great drain tool for unclogging shower and sink drains, flexes at p-trap where most clogs occurred - Drain snakes set can help you quickly remove hair, garbage or food in kitchen, bathroom , wash basin, drain, bathtubs and showers. How to use it : Hair Drain snake(Plastic Drain Snake) 1. Make the tip of drain snake into the sewer. 2. When out into the lowest, turning around several times. 3. Feel dirt get caught, put up. 4. Pull the dirt and clean up in the trash. Claw Clean tool (Stainless Steel Drain Snake): Squeeze the handle make the claw end to stick out, when you release the handle the claw begins to close on the object. If you want to pick up the stuck in a drain. you can just it in this way. Note: 1. This product can not excessive bending and be exposed in the sun, otherwise affect the service life. 2. Appropriate force using and then the product can be last much longer. Package Includes: 5 x Plastic Drain Snakes Tools 1 x Stainless Steel Drain Relief Tools 100% Money-Back Guarantee We're so sure you'll LOVE VIPITH drain snake that we're including a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE with your purchase. Please feel free to email us when you need any help from our side as we back all of our products with 1 year warranty.
Scotch Corporation Liquid Instant Hair Grease Remover for Drains 1 Litre
Scotch Corporation
Hair and Grease is the solution for most common drain stoppages. The unique formulation dissolves hair clogs from bathroom drains and creates heat to melt grease from kitchen sinks. Strongest caustic formulation on the market. Safe for all piping. 100% Consumer Guarantee.
Silverline 395010 Drain Unblocker 6 m x 6 mm Diameter
Flexible rod for clearing drains. Rotating handle removes stubborn blockages. Ergonomic pistol grip.
SENHAI Hair Drain Clog Remover, 8 Pack Drain Snake Equipment/Auger type Cleaning Tool
Overview: This drain cleaning tool is an amazingly fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow-running sink, shower and bath tub drains. It's specially engineered barbs combined with its flexible polymer construction make this tool effective and easy to use. There's no bulky equipment. No harsh chemicals and its non-toxic. A great, environmentally friendly alternative in clearing clogged drains. Protective eyewear recommended with use. Specifications: Material: ABS Plastic Color: Orange Length: 50cm/20 inches Handle width: 3.8cm/1.4 inches Hook width: 0.7cm/0.3 inches Package Includes: 8 x SENHAI Drain Clog Remover Attention Please ensure that the sticks are out of children's reach as the teeth are pointed, as is the end of the product. This is not a toy. Do not use the product straight after using a chemical drain cleaner, to avoid contact with the eyes or skin. Please consider wearing appropriate eye and hand protection when using this product.
Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Sticks – Helps to Prevent Blockages Forming  pack of 1 (12 pieces)
The Ecozone drain sticks are a new innovation in effective drain maintenance. The sticks break down almost anything that gets through the plughole which cause blockages and bad smells in the kitchen and bathroom. Using powerful natural bacteria and enzymes the drain sticks will keep your drains free flowing and clean smelling. Each packet of drain sticks contains 12 sticks, enough to help prevent blockages and bad smells for 1 year.
Monument Drain 3193 Flexicore Snake 25ft x 1/4in
Monument Drain
Size: 102mm x 22mm Bore x 12 Tooth
Kärcher 20 m Pipe and Guttering Cleaning Kit, Pressure Washer Accessory
The clever 2-in-1 solution for cleaning gutters and blocked pipes or outflows! The innovative gutter and pipe cleaning kit from Kärcher works all by itself with high pressure. It moves independently on a sled through the gutters, without the user having to stand permanently beside it on a ladder. The gutter and pipe cleaning kit is fitted with two different nozzles: one pipe cleaning nozzle with four rear-facing high-pressure jets and one gutter cleaning nozzle for mounting the hose to the sled. The user can quickly and easily switch between the applications at any time. A non-kinking hose with brass connector ensures durability. The hose is 20m long. The gutter and pipe cleaning kit is suitable for K 2 to K 7 pressure washers. - Effective and quick removal of pipe blockages - Moves easily through pipes - Protects hose from kinking - Durable Weight & dimensions -Weight: 2.79 kg Technical details -Type: Hand -Hose length: 20 m -Colour of product: Black, Yellow
Horobin 100 mm (4 Inch Drop Scraper Drain Gutter Moss Debris Unblock Rod attachment for Drain Rod
Horobin 100 Inch Drain Rod Tool Drop Scraper Attachment with Metal Thread Attaches so a standard 17mm drain rod