Status Mixed Fuse - 2 x 10 pack fuses
Status International
Fast blowing;Suitable for industrial and commercial uses;Pack include 3 Amp, 5 Amp, 13 Amp fuses;Recyclable product;CE certified
20 x Mixed Electrical Ceramic Household Domestic Mains Plug Top Fuses 3A 5A 10A 13A
Standard Car Fuses,TKING 100pcs Assorted Auto Car Standard Blade Fuses Replacement Kit 2A 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A With 1 Fuse Extrator 1 Carrying Box (Car Standard Blade Fuse)
Packaging include:     2 AMP × 10 Piece   3 AMP × 10 Piece   5 AMP × 10 Piece   7.5 AMP × 10 Piece   10 AMP × 10 Piece   15 AMP × 10 Piece   20 AMP × 10 Piece   25 AMP × 10 Piece   30 AMP × 10 Piece   35 AMP × 10 Piece Fuse Extrator/Puller × 1  
Nartel® BS1362 Fuse Cartridge 13 amp - Pack of 10 (13 AMP)
Product Description Fuse Cartridge is ideal for replacing old fuses in all of your household appliances and suitable for 13 Amp plugs. The pack contains 10 fuse cartridges. Nartel Limited, a family-owned, West Country, UK based company, first established more than 40 years ago, designs, manufactures, sources, packages and sells high quality products to markets as diverse as DIY, hardware, automotive, security, ironmongery, electrical, domestic, fastener, plumbing, fixings, child safety, packaging, soft furnishings, shop fitting, flooring and gardening, as well as being an original equipment manufacturer for other manufacturers. If instructions for fixing, assembly or maintenance of the products are included in the packaging then please ensure that they are followed. Box Contains 10 x 13 amp Fuse Cartridge
Aussel 100PCS M5x20MM Glass Cartridge Fuse Fast Glow Tube Fuse Assortment Kit 0.2A-15A
 This 100pcs simple and practical 5x20mm fast-blow glass tube fuses in 10pcs different fuse Ampere values, and each amp includes 10pcs glass fuses. Packaged in a clear plastic box for well keeping the different Ampere values separated and easy to access. Size:5x20mm Value: 0.2A~15A Voltage: 250V Package includes: 10pcs 0.2A M5x20mm 10pcs 0.5A M5x20mm 10pcs 1A M5x20mm 10pcs 2A M5x20mm 10pcs 3A M5x20mm 10pcs 6A M5x20mm 10pcs 5A M5x20mm 10pcs 8A M5x20mm 10pcs 10A M5x20mm 10pcs 15A M5x20mm
Quick Blow Glass Tube Fuse Assorted Kit, 100 pcs, 5 x 20 mm, 0.2A 0.5A 1A 2A 3A 5A 6A 8A 10A 15A
Warn: -- Be careful when unpack the box. The fuses will jump out. -- Don't drop the box.
Maxxi BH02293 BS1362 Fuse Cartridge, 13 amp - Pack of 10 - Socket UK Houses - 240V - Ceramic Tube - Silver Plated Copper
This Genuine Swamann 13A fuse is suitable to be used with UK sockets and durable to last longer than others. Please carefully swap the broken fuse of your appliance and replace with our fuse and make sure everything is tight and safe to be re-plug. In case you have any questions, please contact us. Specs: Dimension: 25.4mm ,6.3mm Voltage rated: 240VMax current: 13A Power Dissipation: 1W Material: Ceramic Tube with Silver plated copper Complainer to BS1362
27pk Mixed Cartridge Fuse Set | High Quality 9 x 3 amp, 9 x 5 amp, 9 x 13 amp Fuses | Overcurrent Protection Device For Home & Office Mains Plugs by Keep It Handy
Keep It Handy
Nobody wants his/her property burned to the ground due to fire. It is heartbreaking, and the emotional and financial trauma that follows can be a huge burden. So if you have a much older home, with a much older power circuit set-up, why not limit the possibility of fires by making sure that your home’s electrical circuit is protected? And we at Keep In Handy can help you with that! Cartridge Fuses Can Keep You Safe If your home has an older electric circuit set-up, it needs to be protected by an overcurrent protection device – which is a fuse. Wires and circuits have a specific maximum current rating. When this current is exceeded your overcurrent protection device automatically shuts the power off to prevent fires from happening. Cartridge fuses has a metal strip inside of it that connects to both metal ends of the fuse body. If a short or fault anywhere in the circuit occurs, or if the circuit is overloaded, the metal strip heats up and quickly melts, which cuts the flow of electricity to the circuit, which shuts the power. Keep It Handy Fuses Comes In Three Different Amperes Every space requires, and consumes, electricity differently. This means that you need to use different cartridge fuses depending on what a specific space needs. A Keep It Handy Cartridge Fuse pack comes with three (3) different ampere types to choose from. Our set includes: 9 x 3 amp, 9 x 5 amp, 9 x 13 amp fuse cartridges. This is to ensure that the right cartridge is available to you, when you need it. So, what are you waiting for?! Click the “Add to Basket” button and get yourself a Keep It Handy Cartridge Fuse set now!
Act Assorted Auto Car Standard Blade Fuse 2A 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A (pack of 100)
Total 100pcs. Packaging include: 10PCS x 2 Amp 10PCS x 3 Amp 10PCS x 5 Amp 10PCS x 7.5 Amp 10PCS x 10 Amp 10PCS x 15 Amp 10PCS x 20 Amp 10PCS x 25 Amp 10PCS x 30 Amp 10PCS x 35 Amp
13 AMP Domestic 240V Household Mains Plug Fuse Electrical Cartridge Fuses 10 Pack
13 AMP Domestic Fuses for Household Mains Plug - 10 Pack HEAVY DUTY FUSES TOP QUALITY Switch off the Mains before changing fuses Complied to BS-1362 - If in doubt consult a qualified electrician. Domestic Household Electrical Appliances Commonly Used In Mains Plugs
Mixed Household Fuse Set - 3, 5 & 13 Amp. 8 Pack
Mixed Household Fuse Set - 3, 5 & 13 Amp. 8 Pack. Rated 240v ac
Nartel 10 Pack Of 1 Amp Fuses BS646 Electrical Household Spares Plug Fuses Cartridge style suitable for shaver adapters.
Ginsco 110pcs 5x20mm Quick Blow Glass Tube Fuse Assorted Kit Amp 0.2A 0.5A 1A 2A 3A 5A 6A 8A 10A 15A
Description : Size : 5 x 20mm Current : 0.2A-15A Models : 0.2A, 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A, 6A, 8A, 10A, 15A Operating principle: When the circuit failure or abnormal, with the rising current, and the increased current in the circuit may damage the device or precious some important components, or even burning of the circuit may also cause a fire. If the circuit fuse correctly placed, then the fuse will be in the current exception is raised to a certain height and heat when its fuse cut off the current, and thus play a role in the safe operation of the protection circuit. Package included : 1 x 110pcs Electrical Glass Fuse with box
220pcs Car Truck Blade Fuses Set Assortment Car Fuses 2A 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A 40A for Auto Car Truck with 1 Blade Fuse Extrator and 1 Storage Box
Feature: Mini size fuse, suitable for most of Europe cars General color and type marks, help quick matchand fixing Come with storage box, easy to take and storethis handy case Transparent case of fuse, help quick check andreplace the fuse   Package includes:  ATO/ATC/ATS/APR Fuse 2 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 3 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 5 AMP Car Fuse: 10p 7.5 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 10 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 15 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 20 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 25 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 30 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc 35 AMP Car Fuse: 10pc ATM Mini Fuse 2 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 3 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 5 AMP Car Fuse: 12p 7.5 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 10 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 15 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 20 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 25 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 30 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc 35 AMP Car Fuse: 12pc
Assorted Box of Domestic Fuses 1 2 3 5 7 10 13 a amp Plug Top Fuse Qty 280
DH & JS Trading
280 Assorted Domestic Fuses High quality partitioned box Box Consists of 7 Partitions Contents • 1amp x 10 • 2amp x 10 • 3amp x 50 • 5amp x 50 • 7amp x 10 • 10amp x 50 • 13amp x 100
FEPITO 140pcs Mini Car Fuses Assortment Blade Fuse for Auto Car Truck with Storage Case(2A, 3A, 5A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 35A, 40A)
Specifications: Model: mini car blade fuse Material: Zn alloy/plasti Fuse Size: 0.63 inch x 0.43 inch/ 16mm x 11mm Carrying box: 6.89 inches x 3.9 inches x 0.9 inches/ 17.5cm x 10cm x 2.3cm Quantity: 140 Pieces assortment car fuse Feature: Mini size, suitable for most of Europe cars General color and type mark, help quick match to correct fuse Small carrying box, easy to take and store this handy case Transparent case of fuse, quick check and replace the fuse Package includes: 10pcs x 2 AMP Lt Gray 10pcs x 3 AMP Violet 10pcs x 5 AMP Tan 20pcs x 7.5 AMP Brown 10pcs x 10 AMP Red 20pcs x 15 AMP Blue 10pcs x 20 AMP Yellow 20pcs x 25 AMP Clear 10pcs x 30 AMP Green 10pcs x 35 AMP Purple 10pcs x 40 AMP Rose red Fuse Puller Note: Please use the right fuse to protect the vehicle and electronic equipment from short-circuit/overload.