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Powerball 250Hz  Pro Forearm Strengthener, Grip Trainer,Supernova, 250Hz
Work your arms and wrists in style with the Powerball Supernova. Featuring sapphire and white LEDs revolving on a clear rotor within a crystal clear shell. Put its rotor in motion and witness a visual spectacle as blue and white LEDs come in-front of your eyes. An inbuilt digital computer on the outer shell offers you complete control over how fast (or slow) to operate the ball and archives important data such as the highest achieved speed. Two cords are included. Suitable for ages 14 years .
DC Power Supply Variable, SKYTOPPOWER 0-30V / 0-5A 4 Digital Precision Adjustable Switching Regulated DC Bench Power Supply UK Power Cord Used For Lab Equipment…
Product Description: SKYTOPPOWER STP3010H series high precision dc bench power supply is designed for factory maintenance and scientific research, product development, laboratories, schools and electronic production lines. This device is a great ideal DIY tools while you need to repair the car and motorbike or electronics gadget. It was a quite and easy to control item. Both of the output voltage and current are can be continuously adjustable at nominal value. Featuring high accuracy, reliability, perfect overload and short circuit protection circuit. Technical Specifications: Output Voltage: DC 0-30V Output DC Current: 0V - 5A Overall efficiency: ≥95% Display resolution: voltage: 0.001V , current 0.001A  General Info: Dimension: 11.8*5*7.2 inch Net weight: 2.87 pounds Working temperature: 0~40°C Relative humidity: ≤80% Fuse: F5AL, 250VAC Voltage Regulations: Regulation rate: ≤0.03%+1mV Load regulation rate: ≤0.3% Ripple and noise: ≤ 3Vrms(5Hz-1MHz) Ripple and noise:
Duronic ST10W - 10 Way 2 Metre Surge Tower Extension Lead Socket - Engineered To Tell You When Its Surge Protected - White
Product Description The Duronic surge tower extension lead will help you cut the clutter under your desk. Our customers range from home users and corporate companies, everyone looking for the same simple solution of tidying the computer setup. Our range of towers have all had engineering done here in the UK to make sure they all meet the strict guidelines we have in the UK to make sure they are safe to use and they actually do the job. This model is engineered to tell you when it's surge protected and when it's not. Not all surge products have 2 neon lights. One for power indicator and one specifically for surge. The surge neon is assurance to the user that it is protecting your appliances and has not failed. In simple English, it means the surge function is working. A product without this function will never be able to tell the user the surge function is working or not. Provides you a lot of sockets from a single wall socket: ST8B and ST8W: 8 Sockets ST10B and ST10W: 10 Sockets ST12B : 12 Sockets You can have a maximum 10 sockets with up to a load of 3000W combined from all 10 plugs. Comes in Black or White, B in model number is for black a W for white model. All the plugs sockets are designed to be diagonal to cater for standard and larger plugs. A sturdy low profile strong base to hold all the plugs once plugged in. 2m distance between the tower and the cable plug. 2 Years Warranty Box Contains ST10B Surge Tower Extension lead User Manual
Innovateking-EU USB Load Tester Module Resistor 0.15A-3A Adjustable Constant Current Intelligent 3.7V-13V 15W Electronic Load Ageing Discharger Discharge Resistance With Cooling Fan Power Bank Tester
USB Load Tester Module Adjustable Constant Current Intelligent Electronic Ageing Discharger Discharge Resistance Load Equipment Module With Cooling FanSpecification:Applicable Voltage Range: DC3.7V-13VCurrent Regulation Range: 0.15A-3.00AContinuous Discharging With 15WFan Working Temperature: 40 ℃Weight:Approx 15gFan: Oil bearing fan.Feature1.The potentiometer of adjusting constant current value which can adjust 0.15A-3A discharge current.Clockwise rotation for increasing, Anticlockwise rotation for decreasing.2. The fan start/stop have Reserved interface. Fan starts or stops depend on the change of temperature. Connecting the middle bonding pad with ON pad, the fan will keep running, connecting the middle bonding pad with OFF pad, the fan will be closed.3.USb Positive and Negative Pole can be extracted separately for wide range of application.4.NTC Thermistor control the fan starts or stops automatically arround 40 ℃.Note:The test results of discharge resistance meet an error within 10%, so this is not an accurate tester but just for your reference.Due to severe heating, please mind your hands when using this product. Please avoid flammable and explosive objects and have someone on watch for the use.Reference video link: https://youtu.be/Qo9idBwfnD0Applications: 1. for power consumption to test, such as powerbank; 2. for general pourpose current to checking low voltage power supply and can make precision regulation of output load. 3. with the "UM25 / UM25C Tester", you can test very nicely the USB power supplies or power bank. and other USB power sources. 4. you can test a couple of charging plugs and check the quality of your local power supply.Package Including1 * USB Adjustable Constant Current Module
NETGEAR GS110TP 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Managed Pro Switch, 8-Port 53 W Power-Over-Ethernet, ProSAFE Lifetime Protection
Netgear ProSafe 8x101001000 SM GB Switch PoE GS110TP200EUS GS110TP200EUS Enterprise Computing Switches Hubs
Zoom Ms-70Cdr Multistomp Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply Replacement UK Adapter 9V UK
Effects Pedal Power Supplies
9v 500mA Regulated Linear Power Supply. Zero Hum, Noise Free Power Supply. Designed for Musical Equipment. Center-Negative Polarity. 2.1mm x 5.5mm Connection Size.
New Powerspin Evo Arm, Tricep & Shoulder Workout, Purple
Description POWERSPIN is a unique upper body & arm exerciser designed specifically to tone arms and shape your shoulders and upper body in the comfort of your own home or with an exercise group for encouragement. Powerspin looks deceptively easy and weighs less than 1kg but there is no upper limit to the resistance it can generate; the fitter you are, the faster you'll be able to spin the ball and the greater the force under your control, giving a serious shoulder workout and hitting your arms and abs quickly and effectively. Co-ordination is also improved as you keep the ball spinning.Works Quickly Grasp the center bar and you'll feel it working immediately, the resistance building progressively with each revolution of the inner ball and tightening your muscles within as little as 30 seconds, giving toned arms, a firmer back and solid abs. Spin slowly for 60 seconds and Powerspin will warm up and loosen out tight muscle tissue in the arms and shoulders, warming them in preparation for any sports activity or a full exercise workout. Increase your effort and spin at a medium pace for 60 seconds (70%-80% of your max effort) and you'll quickly firm and tone targeted muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and abs . Spin fast...as fast as you possibly can for an entire 60 seconds*....and Powerspin is 100% guaranteed to make even the fittest athlete grimace with muscle burn in less than one minute (extremely powerful tricep workout) (*Always use within your own physical ability levels - if in doubt consult your health care practitioner before use).Isometric Exercise Because it's isometric exercise, Powerspin works quickly and efficiently, engaging a higher percentage of muscle fiber during use compared to normal isotonic exercise (free weight resistance training), allowing you target individual muscles or entire muscle groups with each specific 60 second exercise movement. And, unlike conventional free weight workouts, Powerspin's resistance is 100% variable so it is fully effective for all ages and fitness levels. Whether recovering from from a shoulder impingement injury, looking to firm and tone up sagging arms or building solid muscle, the faster you spin the heavy over-molded steel ball inside, the harder Powerspin works - how long you use it each time and how fast you spin is determined only by your own personal fitness level and aerobic capacity. Measurable results are 100% guaranteed within 30 days. POWERSPIN includes its own workout DVD taking you through a full range of upper body exercises - further, higher intensity workouts are available online.
PIFCO 2/2 m 6-Gang Surge Protected Extension Lead
Eurosonic 6 Way Extension Lead 2m cable length (approx) Surge Protected
Physix Gear Sport Kinesiology Tape - Free Illustrated E-Guide - 5cm x 5m Uncut Roll - Best Pain Relief Adhesive for Muscles, Shin Splints Knee & Shoulder - 24/7 Waterproof Therapeutic Aid (1PK NUDE)
Physix Gear Sport
YOUR SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT KINESIOLOGY TAPE IS FINALLY OVER! NEW DELUXE KINESIOLOGY TAPE from Physix Gear Sport - Is your current Kinesiology Tape PEELING easily, with no real support? - Suffer from Back Pain, Sore Muscles, Hematoma, Plantar Fasciitis, Aches and Pains, and Aching Joints? - Want to reduce swelling, Stimulate Muscles, and Increase overall health? INTRODUCING KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE BY PHYSIX GEAR TO THE RESCUE! - WON'T PEEL EASILY, like other cheap Kinesiology tapes - 4 WAY STRETCH TECHNOLOGY, designed breath-ability, sore muscles relief, reduce inflammation, and assist workout recovery - PERFECT ADHESIVE FOR, Shoulder, Knee, Back, Neck, Calf, Thigh, any skin surface! Bulk orders available! - SUPPORTS AND HELPS EASE PAIN with Shin Splints, musculoskeletal injuries, ACL and MCL Surgery Recovery, and Joint Pains (results may vary) - WATERPROOF TAPE, designed to expand and contract just like skin - ASSIST RANGE OF MOTION, and as seen the Olympics, offering support for sporting events. The ultimate Results & recovery formula - Also for EQUINE THERAPY WHEN YOU PURCHASE TODAY, YOU GET THIS BONUS! - 82pg eGUIDE DOWNLOAD! - Multiple User Friendly Step by Step Techniques for taping across multiple injuries and pains. Amazon Buyers Trust our Physix Gear Brand to be Quality Products BACKED BY OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! WE CAN'T GUARANTEE THIS PROMO WILL LAST, SO ORDER NOW! AND WHEN YOU DO CONSIDER GETTING TWO, ONE FOR YOU AND ONE FOR YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND!
1944: Forced To Fight [DVD]
High Fliers Films
This product has passed our meticulous quality checks and is guaranteed to be in great condition. You can buy from us with confidence.
Wireless Microphones Karaoke Bluetooth 4.1, LESHP S9-UHF Wireless Microphone System Professional with LCD Display Dual Handheld Mic for Karaoke Party Meeting Singing Church
LESHP S9-UHF wireless microphone system professional is great for home karaoke, performance, doing duets, church and public speaking. Portable receiver can be carried to anywhere for different applications. Buy and enjoy using this wireless microphone system now! Our Service: If you have any problem with the connection or something else, please feel free to contact us by email: Superlikeyou@outlook.com, we will answer you in 24 hours on working days. Pay attention: Please don't use a smartphone or a computer at the same time or as a speaker. You could connect the smartphone to the receiver by bluetooth or connect the computer(DVD or TV or Projecteur) to the receiver via "R+L in port" with the line that we provide. But you also need a real speaker to let the sound out via "R+L out" port. What You Get 1 x Wireless Microphone System receiver 2 x Microphones(battery not included) 1 x 6.35 to 6.35 audio line 1 x 3.5 to 3.5 audio line 1 x 3.5mm to 2-Male line 1 x Charger 1 x User Manual Specification: Brand: LESHP Model: S9 Material: metal Color: blackBluetooth: 4.1 Frequency range: 170-880MHZ UHF   Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz(±3dB) Frequency stability: <0.002% Sensitive: 2/MV Adjustable frequency interference ratio: >90dB Mirror interference ratio: >88dB Signal to noise ratio: >95dB Audio output: 0-300MV transmitter power: 10MW Current dissipation: <25mA Sputious emission: <principal wave 40dB Standard: fixed frequency Dynamic range: >95dB Distortion: <1%, 1KHz modulation Vibration pickup: 600Ω one touch Battery: 1.5V(battery not included) Operation range: 10-30 meters Receiving channel: line 2 Supply voltage: AC 100-240V Antenna: built in type Receiver size: 210*165*35mm Handheld transmitter Size: 253*54*54mm Plug type: UK
GHB Baby Monitor Video Baby Monitor with Camera Wireless Baby Monitor 2.0
GHB baby monitor enables parents to monitor their baby at any time and at anywhere. It supports automatic night vision, temperature monitoring and 2-way talk.Features* Automatic Night Vision* Temperature Monitoring* 2-Way Talk* 2.0" Color LCD Display* Multi-language (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German)* Lullaby* Compact size, easy to carryGeneral* Transmission Frequency: ISM 2400~2483.5 MHz* Transmission Power: 17dBm* Operating Range: 160ft (50m) for indoor; 850ft (260m) for outdoor(Without obstruction)* Spread Spectrum: AFH & TDMA* Modulation Mode: GFSK* Operating Temperature: 14 °F~122 °F (-10 °C~50 °C)* Operating Humidity: