Valves Revisited
Radio Society of Great Britain
For over half a century, valves (or tubes) dominated electronics. They could be found in public address systems and hearing aids, televisions and computers, communications and medical equipment, and of course in the radio set in every home. Since the advent of the transistor and the silicon chip, valves have almost completely disappeared. However, valves are still the preferred device in specialist applications, usually involving high power, including microwave ovens and some transmitters. There are hi-fi enthusiasts who argue that valve audio amplifiers give a more accurate and pleasing sound than those using semiconductors. Valves Revisited is a wide ranging book that provides the basics of how valves work through to how to build your own. There are details of the use of valves in domestic radios, test equipment and amateur transmitters. There are also detailed descriptions of the use of valves in amplifiers, receivers, power supplies, signal generators along with guides to modulation, receiver design, measurement, fault finding and much more
Valve Handbook 3rd Edition
McGraw-Hill Education
Title: Valve Handbook Binding: Hardcover Author: Philip Skousen Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL Professional
Honeywell V4043H 1056 2 Port Zone Valve Normally Closed 22mm
CamelBak eddy Accessory Bite Valve Multi-pack
CamelBak Products LLC
Personalize your eddy bottle with 4 colorful bite valves.
SENZEAL Single Head Valve Removers Red with 4 in 1 Tyre Valve Repair Tool and 20pcs Valve Cores
Features: -Material:Durable Plastic Handle + robust steel shaft with corrosion-resistant plating -Plastic hande is easy for grip,Steel shaft will be not crack let you down. -Size: Length: 3.78" / 9.6cm -Combinated with 4 way valve core removal tool, come with 20pcs valve cores for replacement -Insert the valve stem, easy remove and install the valve cores. -Perfect repair tool for valve,increase service life of vavle.-4 way valve core removeal tool: One is for remove and install valve cores,one is for pick out gravel, release air one is thread chaser for inside, one is thread chaser for outside.Easy Use: Simply place valve removal tool over the valve cores and screw, then the valve inserts will be removed or installed. Package Included: -1 x Tyre Valve Core Remover Repair Tool - 1 x 4 in 1 Valve Key -20x Valve Cores
Rocket Valve Oil  for Brass instruments
Excellent value professional valve oil which offers great protection for your instrument. Suitable for all brass instruments. Also available as a pack of 5.
GI Universal Replacement Brass Ceramic Disc Tap Valve Insert Gland Cartridge Quarter Turn
Red O ring at the bottom : Turning clockwise for tap on , turning anti-clockwise for tap off. usually used on the right hand side Blue O ring at the bottom : Turning anti-clockwise for tap on , Turning clockwise for tap off. Usually used on the left hand side 1/2" 20 spline ceramic cartridges. PREMIUM QUALITY with metal reinforced silicone gaskets and the hardest ceramic available.
Medela Breastpump Replacement Valves and Membranes
Extra valves and membranes for most Medela breast pumps (except Freestyle)., BPA-free: All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA-free, giving moms peace of mind.
Ideal Standard SV93467 Pneumatic Dual Flush Valve - Multi-Colour
Ideal Standard
Ideal Standard SV93467 Pneumatic Dual Flush Valve - Multi-Colour, Features, Pneumatic Dual Flushvalve 1.5 inch thread 180mm Height 180mm Overflow
Honeywell V4073A1039/U 22 mm Mid Position Valve
Honeywell Mid Position Valve Honeywell Part Number: V4073A1039 22MM Compression Fittings 5 Wire Manual Lever Any Questions ??? Please Don't Hesitate To Ask
Buffalo Retro fit -Non Return Stainless Flap Valve to fit 4 inch (110mm) Sewerage Pipe. Rat and Water Stop.
The Flood Company Commercial Ltd
WHAT DOES THE UNIVERSAL FIT NON RETURN VALVE DO? ✓ Stops backflow of effluent into properties, businesses and homes during flooding. ✓ Stops rodents, frogs, snakes and other vermin from entering homes, businesses and other properties. Also prevents noxious fumes from entering properties. ✓ The flap has an inbuilt stainless steel plate to stop rodents biting through, providing efficient pest control. ✓ A lockable flap allows you to close down entry pipes to inspection chambers to allow essential maintenance to be carried out. ✓Simple and easy to install (less than 2 minutes) making it the most cost effective and efficient solution to prevent backflow and rodents. WHY IS THE W.A.R. VALVE UNIQUE? ✓ The valve can open on a 45 degree bend due to its unique flap design. ✓ The unique flap design also means the flap doesn't catch on the chamber walls - which could restrict its movement and operation. ✓ Unique funnel shaped body design means the flow of water is increased when passing through the unit; reducing blockages. ✓ Fits both Clay and Plastic 110mm or 4" pipes ✓ The only non return valve with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, AND WRc APPROVED (PT/377/0916). ✓ The valve is completely re-usable when used for maintenance purposes and can be inserted while work is carried out then removed and used again. ✓ 50% of flood damage is caused by the back flow of sewage into properties via the sanitary pipework, the W.A.R. valve provides protection against back flow damage. WHO IS THE W.A.R. VALVE SUITED TO? ✓ Extensively used in properties on flood plains. ✓ Ideally suited to the food and catering sector and hospitality sector. ✓ Anyone with a rodent problem. ✓ Anyone looking to protect their property from back flow and sewage.
100 x Balloon Valves Self Seal Helium Bottle and Disposable Cylinder Compatible
Compatible with Disposable Cylinders and all Helium Cylinders 1 Meter of Ribbon Attached Self Sealing and Suitable for all latex or rubber balloons up to and including 11" Valve Design May change without notice but will still be disposable compatible No Need to knot the Balloon and Pack Includes 100 Self Seal Valves
Coffee Gator Replacement Canister Valves - CO2-release - 6 Pack - 3 Year Supply
Coffee Gator
Coffee Gator CO2-release Canister Valves - Pack of 6 Replacements Pack of 6 replacement valves for Coffee Gator small, medium and large canisters. May be suitable for alternative containers - please contact us for details. Coffee Gator - #DrinkBetterCoffee
Nobsound Valve Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier MM RIAA LP Vinyl Turntable HiFi Pre-Amp
Parameters: Tubes: 2×6J1 Input impedance: 47KΩ Input sensitivity: 2mV Maximum input: 20mv 1KHZ Amplification: 100 Gain: 90 times at 1kHz Maximum output voltage: ±2.8V Power supply: AC18V or DC24V Chassis size: W60mm * H22mm * L83mm (Not included the protruding part) Net weight: 200g Package: 1× MM phono preamp 1× power supply 2× 6J1 tubes
Genuine Samsung Refrigerator / Fridge Freezer Twin MT Dispenser Valve (TD09 NW2)
CamelBak eddy Kids Accessory Bite Valve Multi-pack
CamelBak Products LLC
These colourful kids bite valves personalize any eddyTM Kids bottle. This bundle with 4 different coloursis perfect to keep on hand for spares or replacements. Due to their one-piece medical-grade siliconebuilt and anti-spillbit valve mouthpiece, the bite salves are able to prevent leaks. The bite salves are made from 100% BPA free and only recyclablematerials and are therefore child safe. Features: Please note:
Vintage Edison Light Bulbs Screw 40w - Pack of 4 Dimmable Decorative Filament Tube T45 Bulb, Spiral Radio Valve ES, Soft Warm White 2700K, by Brightfour
Vintage Edison Light Bulbs Screw 40w - Pack of 4 Dimmable Decorative Filament Tube T45 Bulb, Spiral Radio Valve ES, Soft Warm White 2700K
Christmas Sales ABEST Airbrush Hose Joint 3 way air Spliter Fitting 1/8
Feature: Supply air from a single air source change to 3. It come with 3 adjust knob valve to adjust the air flow from splitters. Compatible major brand such as Iwata, Devilbiss and Master Brand airbrushes. Airbrush Hose Joint 3 way air Spliter Fitting 1/8"male - female with adjust knob valve. ¡¡ Package includes: 1x 3 way Hose joint with adjustment knob valve
2x Presta to Schrader Brass Bike Valve Adaptors Converter with o-ring Seal
Lighter Price
Packing instructions£º2x Presta to Schrader Aluminium Bike Valve Adaptor Adapter Converter with o-ring Seal
TAGVO Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit for Universal Water Reservoir, 4 in 1 Cleaner Set-Flexible Long Brush for Hose, Small Brush for Bite Valve, Big Brush for Bladder & Collapsible Hanger for Drying
Features: If you have a hydration bladder, this kit is a must have. It made cleaning the bladder so much easier and not a chore. The brushes are very sturdy and easy to use without worrying about breakage. - The flexible brush is perfect for scrubbing inside of the hose; - The smaller mouthpiece brush allows you to precisely clean the mouthpiece; - The bigger brush is good for cleaning out the bladder itself; - The hanger is great for creating ventilation so that the that the hydration bladder can dry out completely. Package includes: 1* flexible long snake brush for bladder tube cleaning; 1* smaller brush for bite valve cleaning; 1* bigger brush for bladder; 1* collapsible frame for bladder drying. What Tagvo can do for you? Tagvo is engaged in Sports & Outdoors field with the aim to ensure you and your families an excellant experience in your journey and holiday by using the provided products. To make it, Tagvo develops the most popular products, shows the products details in its way, inspects the quality before shipping and provides the prompt & safisfied customs service. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you have any unsatisfaction for the quality the product, please feel free to let us know and we will send you a new replacement; If you have any question for the using of the product, please don't hesitate to contact us any time and we will reply you no later than 24hours.