Acetic acid 80

Acetic Acid 80% - Ethanoic Acid - 1 Litre
Ethanoic acid, more commonly known as acetic acid, has a chemical formula of CH3COOH. It is the ingredient which gives vinegar its characteristic flavor and acidity. Acetic acid may be best known as a component of vinegar, but it is much more commonly used in the production of various chemicals used for paints, solvents, inks and coatings.
Acetic Acid 80% - Ethanoic Acid - 5 Litres
Ethanoic acid, more commonly known as acetic acid, has a chemical formula of CH3COOH. It is the ingredient which gives vinegar its characteristic flavor and acidity. Acetic acid may be best known as a component of vinegar, but it is much more commonly used in the production of various chemicals used for paints, solvents, inks and coatings.
Acetosur Acetic Acid 80%
Speyer und Grund
Ingredients:acetic acid 80%, does not contain any declarable allergens, contains reference to additives, does not contain any declarable additives. Nutritional values:Nutritional information/100 energy, 15 kcal energy, 65 kJ fat, 0.1 g saturated fat, 0.1 g carbohydrates, 0.1 g sugar, 0.1 g protein, 0.1 g salt, 0.03 g.
Acetic acid 100 %, 1 litre, food grade
Acetic acid made using plants as raw material. It is a colourless, hygroscopic fluid with a pungent smell and is mixable with most organic compounds like water, ethanol, ether and glycerine. Vinegar contains up to 5%, vinegar essence up to 30%, cleaning agents up to 2%. Acetic acid can also be used as an impregnation agent in the textile and leather industries. 2-3% acetic acid is used for preservation of food and kills bacteria. Because of their weak acidity, vinegar is preferred when cleaning toilets and windows, as well as descaling water cookers and coffee machines. When stored in copper pots, toxic copper ethanoat develops. -
Acetic Acid 99.85% ACS,USP,EP,FCC,FG (Food Grade) 1L Including Courier Delivery
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Acetic acid is one of the simplest carboxylic acids. It is an important chemical reagent and is used in many staining procedures in a dilute form
Flortis corroborante Liquid Concentrated Acetic Acid 1000 ml Protects Against Weeds
Irca Service
corroborante obtained thanks to the action of bacteria of the genus Acetobacter, which in the presence of air, tarnish the ethanol content in the wine in fruit, turning it into acetic acid. The percentage of acetic acid resulting varies according to the type of fermentation. The vinegar used in the kitchen typically contains a volume of acetic acid between 3 - 5%, while this product comes to have a percentage 5 times. Thanks to its acidity, the vinegar is used as corroborante to lower the pH of water when running or decrease the treatment with organic products some of which lose their effectiveness to pH neutral and alkaline. To contact with all types of green plants (eg flowers, weeds etc..) exercised caustic action, namely in contact with plants alter its in depth the fabrics up to weed bruciarli (action). UseDilute 1 litre of product in 1 litre of water. Features- Formulation: Liquid Concentrated- Packaging: Bottle of 1 lt
Ersolin 10 Litres (2 x 5 L) Acetic Acid 60% Descaler Vinegar Cleaner Technical
Instructions:Ersolin 60% acetic acid is a colourless, corrosive and pungent-smelling liquid with a distinctive odour. It is very versatile in the household and is especially popular for decalcification, removing urine stains, cleaning toilets or cleaning windows. Our acetic acid is a technical product.Storage:Keep out of heat and sunlight. Keep container closed, and store in a cool, well-ventilated place. Please note:Avoid contact with eyes and skin. When used in the open, facilities with local extraction should be used where possible. Use care when opening and handling the container. Do not eat, drink or smoke during use.Please Note: Keep out of the reach of children.
Crossgates Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar with Mother - Unpasteurised 5 Ltr
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a well-known food supplement, water purifier and natural antibiotic. Since early times it has been known as mother nature's perfect food. This English ACV is from an award winning producer, made from whole sweet organic apples rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes and trace elements. It is non-pasteurised, and is literally "alive" (though it contains no harmful organisms). ACV contains bioflavonoids (vitamin P), beta-carotene, vitamins C, E, B1, B2 and B6, and 19 minerals essential for the maintenance, growth and repair of the body.
MalAcetic Aural Ear Skin Cleanser for Pets 118ml
Malacetic otic is a unique, all natural environmentally sensitive solution for routine ear cleaning and drying.A multicleanse 2% acetic acid and 2% boric acid solution withsurfactants, for use in pets.Instructions: apply liberally to the ear. Gently but firmly massage the base of the ear. Apply cotton ball to remove excess solution.
GutActive Horse 1000 ml
cdVet Naturprodukte GmbH
GutActive Horse 1000 ml
Atlas 772 M Nitrile Elbow Length Chemical Resistant Gloves, 26
100% Liquid proof;Wide range of chemical resistantance;No uncomfortable seams;Elastic in upper sleeve keeps glove on;Nitrile provides better dexterity than PVC gloves
Lee Kum Kee - Sauce for Spicy Garlic Aubergine - 80g
Lee Kum Kee
Ingredients: Salted Chili Peppers (Chili Peppers, Salt), Garlic, Sugar, Rice Vinegar, Water, Modified Corn Starch, Acetic Acid.
Lkk Sweet & Sour Sauce (for pork) - 80G

General Information Lee Kum Kee brand This sauce has an appetizing flavour for preparing sweet and sour pork/spare ribs, the favourite Cantonese style dish. Store in a cool, dry place, once opened consume immediately.   Product of China        Ingredients Water, sugar, corn syrup powder, concentrated pineapple juice (7%), tomato paste (4%), modified corn starch, food acid (acetic acid/E260), salt, paprika, stabiliser (xanthan gum/E415), colour (b-carotene/E160a)
Excilor Fungal Nail Infection
Excilor Treatment for Fungal Nail Infection - 3.3ml Excilor Treatment for Fungal Nail Infection Effective nail fungus treatment Optimal penetration TransActive technology One minute a day. No filing required. Results will be visible when the nail begins to grow back. Fungal nail infections are difficult to reach and to treat as the infection grows on both the inside and outside of the nail. Excilor was specifically developed to treat fungal nail infections and is based on 3 priniciples: Effective mode of action: Excilor changes the pH level inside the nail, creating a hostile environment for fungi (dermatophytes). This inhibits futher growth of the fungi and damage to the nail. Superior and complete nail penetration: Excilor immediately reaches the fungi providing healthy re-growth of the nail. Product dries within seconds without leaving a visible film. Convenience: Excilor is simple to apply and there is no need to file the nail. Effective treatment requires compliance to the treatment regime: once in the morning and once in the evening, in total 1 minute a day. How to use Always read the product information before use. Hazards and Cautions Consult a doctor if you are a diabetic or suffer from poor circulation.For external use only. Ingredients Enriched with glycerol, nail care lipids and biotin. Ethyllactate, acetic acid, penetration enhancer, film-forming agent, water, glycerol, polysorbate 80, cetyl acetate, acetylated lanolin alcohols, biotin and preservatives (contains no parabens).
Focus On: 80 Most Popular Antiseptics: Antiseptic, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Sodium Hypochlorite, Tea tree Oil, Thyme, Silver Nitrate, etc.
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