Adcortyl in orabase for mouth ulcers

Aloclair Plus Spray Mouth Ulcer Treatment, 15 ml
Sinclair IS Pharma
Aloclair® PLUS are medicines to help relieve the pain of apthous mouth lesions or canker sores and prevent further severity of mouth ulcers. Aloclair® PLUS can help relieve pain caused by irritation of the mouth such as mouth sores, etc.. Aloclair® PLUS can form a protective layer over the wound that occurred in the oral mucosa and protects the nerve endings that are exposed. Aloclair® PLUS does not contain alcohol, so it does not create a stinging sensation when applied and can reduce pain in the wound in the oral mucosa in minutes and lasts up to 6 hours. Aloclair® PLUS is suitable for use in adults, children and infants. Aloclair® PLUS is safe if swallowed and has a very mild liquorice taste. Aloclair® PLUS does not react with other drugs, so it is safe if used in conjunction with other drugs
Oralmedic Mouth Ulcer Treatment - 2 x 0.2ml
Oralmedic Mouth Ulcer Treatment - 2 x 0.2ml
Activon Tube Medical Grade Manuka Honey 25g
A topical sterilized Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand for direct application to wounds, sores and ulcers.
Activon Medical Grade Manuka Honey 25g (Pack of 3)
Activon Honey is a sterile medical grade Manuka Honey which has a reliable level of antibacterial potency not found in other honeys. In addition to its antibacterial properties, Activon honey benefits patients with wounds in a number of ways; It has an osmotic effect that helps to debride and deslough wounds, it reduces wound odour and it maintains a moist wound healing environment.
Orajel - Mouth Gel
Orajel Mouth GelOrajel Mouth Gel contains benzocaine at a concentration of 10% w/w. It belongs to a group of medicines called local anaesthetics. It provides relief by numbing the area and therefore reducing the pain.Orajel Mouth Gel is used to temporarily reduce the pain, tenderness and discomfort of mouth ulcers and from wearing dentures
Hollister Adapt Paste - 2 oz
INDICATIONS: Hollister adapt skin barrier paste easy to sqeeze tube, ostomy care, # 79300 Adapt Paste prevents liquid drainage from getting between your skin and your skin barrier.
PURAO BIOMEDI+ Natural Wound Antibacterial antifungal Skin Aid Gel/Natural First Aid, Wound, Burn, Derma Treatment Gel with Medical Grade Manuka Honey 25ml
PURAO BIOMEDI+ SKIN AID GEL is a natural wound healing and protection gel used externally only, and an excellent product for the first-aid kit. It contains Medical Grade Manuka Honey and is 100% natural. This gel is easy to apply, creates a moist, low pH environment that promotes new tissue formation and wound healing. Apply and cover with a dressing or for minor skin conditions and irritations it can be left open. PURAO BIOMEDI+ SKIN AID GEL is suitable for use on burns, cuts and grazes, scratches, rashes, skin sores, wounds and irritations. It contains Medical Grade New Zealand Manuka Honey, Active Leptospermum, a unique antibacterial honey containing MGO (Methylglyoxal) which provides the unique antibacterial effect and Leptosperin, to ensure it is genuine, from New Zealand. The Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) is a native to New Zealand and has been used by the Maori people of New Zealand in ancient remedies for centuries. Today PURAO blends traditional techniques and modern science to create 100% natural products for your skin. Made, packed, tested, certified in NZ.