AZDelivery ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Camera Module OV7670 640x480 300KP VGA for Arduino
AZ-Delivery Camera Module OV7670 for Arduino has high sensitivity for low-light operation, compact design and many image control options, such as Auto Image Control: AEC, AGC, AWB, ABF, ABLC, Image Quality Control: Color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness and anti-blooming, image scaling and lens shading correction. AZ-Delivery Camera Module OV7670 for Arduino uses standard SCCB interface compatible with I2C interface. AZ-Delivery Camera Module OV7670 for Arduino is perfect choice for many Applications, for example: Cellular phones, PDAs, Toys etc., and can be used in Arduino, Maple, ChipKit, STM32, ARM, DSP, FPGA platforms. If you are looking for the high quality products for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, AZ-Delivery Vertriebs GmbH is the right company to get it from. You will be provided with numerous application examples, full installation guides, eBooks, libraries and assistance from our technical experts.
For Arduino Kits accessory 2-Axis FPV Camera Cradle Head + OV7670 Camera Set For Robot/R/C Car - Black + Blue
HLY Trading
Please check the model, voltage, and other parameter.Specially designed for R/C car and robot; Can be moved in top / down, smaller than 180 degree; The ov7670 camera can be used for Arduino robot and R/C car to taking scenes. A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards. Camera: - 3V3: Input power voltage- GDN: Grounding- SIO_C: SCCB port control clock (some low MCU need to up control, similar to I2C)- SIO_D: SCCB port serial data input / output port (some low MCU need to up control, similar to I2C)- VSYNC: Frame sync signal (output signal)- HREF: horizontal synchronizing signal (output signal)- PCLK: pixel clock (output signal)- D0-D7: data ports (output signal)- RESTE: reset port (pull up in normal use)- PWDN: power consumption choose mode (Pull down in normal use)- OV7670 image sensor is small, low working voltage; Can provide functions of VGA photographing and image processor of MCU; Can output whole frame, sub sampling and other 8bit data via SCCB bus control; VGA image up to 30fps; User can totally control image quality, data format and transmitting way; All image processors, including gamma curve, white balance, degree of saturation and color, can be programmed by SCCB port.- Standard SCCB port, compatible w/ I2C port; Output format: RawRGB, RGB(GRB4:2:2, RGB565/555/444), YUV(4:2:2) and YCbCr(4:2:2); Supports VGA, CIF, and all sizes from CIF to 40 x 30; Variopixel sub sampling method; Auto control functions: Auto exposure control, auto gain control, auto white balance, auto light strip eliminating, auto black level calibration; Image control include color saturation, primary color, gamma, acuteness, anti-bloom; ISP has function of noise cancelling and dead pixel compensation; Supports image zooming, lens light compensation; 50/60Hz auto check; Saturation auto adjust (UV); Edge enhancing auto adjustment and auto adjust noise reduction.-
Fenteer Mini Camera Shield OV2640 2.0MP Module Mini DIY Board for Arduino UNO 3.3V
Welcome to our shop, all the high quality products and low prices to meet your requirement!Description: - The OV2640 image sensor features 2 megapixels (1600x1200 pixels) - With high sensitivity, high flexibility, support for JPEG output and so on. - And can support exposure, white balance, color, saturation, contrast and many other parameters set to support JPEG / RGB565 format output, to meet the needs of different occasions - Sensor size: 1/4 inch - Pixels: 1600 * 1200 (200W)Specification: - Size: Approx. 27*27*25mm / 1.06x1.06x0.98inch - Material: Plastic - Output format: RGB565 / JPEG / YUV / YCbCr and so on - Control interface: SCCB - Working voltage: 3.3VPackage Includes:1 Piece of Mini Camera Module
MakerHawk M5Stack ESP32 Camera Module, OV2640 2 Mega Pixels Camera 1632 * 1232 UXGA, With Type C Port and 3D WiFi Antenna, Mini Camera Board for Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and Pi 2B B+ IOT DIY
M5Stack ESP32 Camera Module, OV2640 2 Mega Pixels Camera, with Type C Port and 3D WiFi Antenna, Mini Camera Board for Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and Pi 2B B+ IOT DIY Parameters: ESP32 Chip: Dual-core Tensilica LX6 microprocessor Up to 240MHz clock frequency 520kB internal SRAM 4MB Flash memory Integrated 802.11 BGN WiFi transceiver Integrated dual-mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE) Hardware accelerated encryption (AES, SHA2, ECC, RSA-4096) CP2104 USB TTL OV2640 sensor: Standard SCCB interface, compatible with I2C interface Output Formats(8-bit): YUV(422/420)/YCbCr422 RGB565/555 8-bit compressed data 8-/10-bit Raw RGB data Maximum Image Transfer Rate: UXGA/SXGA: 15fps SVGA: 30fps CIF: 60fps Scan Mode: Progressive Camera: CMOS size: 1/4" Field of View : 65 degree Maxmium Pixel: 200M pixels (Because of the small RAM, the board can't obtain it. It can output images up to 800*600 JPEG.) Package Including 1 * M5Stack EESP32 Module Development Board with OV2640 Camera
Charmed Labs LLC Pixy2 Smart Vision Sensor - Object Tracking Camera for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black
Ever wanted your microcontroller to sense images without eating up all your processor speed? Or wish that you had an image sensor that wasn't limited to RGB - but could sense hue and saturation as well? Or just want a kickstarted, open source camera sensor with a cool name? Enter the Pixy2 CMUCam5 - an image sensor for your microcontroller that you can teach what to look for. It's a plug-and-play smart vision system for Arduino-compatibles, Raspberry Pi, or other microcontroller/computer systems. The Pixy2 is an image sensor with a powerful processor that you can program to only send the information you're looking for so your microcontroller isn't overwhelmed by data. The Pixy2 also exports its information in a variety of useful ways - UART serial, SPI, I2C, digital out, or analog out - so your microcontroller or microcomputer can communicate easily while still doing other tasks. It's so unobtrusive that you can even hook up multiple Pixy2's to one microcontroller!Pixy2 is smaller, faster and more capable than the original Pixy. Like its predecessor, Pixy2 can learn to detect objects that you teach it, just by pressing a button. Additionally, Pixy2 has new algorithms that detect and track lines for use with line-following robots. The new algorithms can detect intersections and "road signs" as well. The road signs can tell your robot what to do, such as turn left, turn right, slow down, etc. And Pixy2 does all of this at 60 frames-per-second, so your robot can be fast, too. The Pixy2 uses hue and saturation as its primary means of image detection - rather than the normal RGB. This means that lighting or exposure won't affect the Pixy2's detection of an item - which is a frustrating problem with many image sensors. It's also a vast improvement over previous versions of the Pixy CMUCam, adding increased flexibility when it comes to lighting and exposure changes. It can also remember seven different color signatures, find hundreds of objects at the
Raspberry Pi v2.1 8 MP 1080p Camera Module
Raspberry Pi
The upgraded Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is high quality 8 megapixel using the Sony IMX219 image sensor. With a tiny size at around 25mm x 23mm x 9mm and a weight of just over 3g it makes it the perfect accessories for mobile or other applications where size and weight are important. The Camera v2 is the new official camera board released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is a custom designed add-on board for Raspberry Pi, featuring a fixed focus lens. It's capable of 3280 x 2464 pixel static images, and also supports 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p90 video. It attaches to Pi by way of one of the small sockets on the board upper surface and uses the dedicated CSi interface, designed especially for interfacing to cameras.
ELEGOO 37-in-1 Sensor Pack Sensor Module Kit With Free PDF Tutorial Compatible with UNOR3, Raspberry Pi, MEGA2560, NANO
Elegoo 37-in-1 sensor modules kit is the most complete sensor module kit for beginner.It is easy to use and a lot fun to get into programming.The kit contains 37 sensor modules, 1 CD with free pdf tutorial and 100 pieces resistors in a plastic bag as a free gift for you :)Component listing:1 x Joystick Module1 x Relay Module1 x Big sound Module1 x Small sound Module1 x Line Tracking Module1 x Obstacle Avoidance Module1 x Flame Module1 x Linear hall Module1 x Metal touch Module1 x Digital Temperature Module1 x Active buzzer Module1 x Passive buzzer Module1 x RGB LED Module1 x SMD RGB Module1 x Two-color LED Module1 x Mini two-color Module1 x Magnetic Spring Module1 x Mini Reed Switch Module1 x Heartbeat Module1 x 7 Color Flash Module1 x Laser EMIT Module1 x Button Module1 x Shake Module1 x Rotary Encoders Module2 x Light Cup Module1 x Hydrargyrum-Switch Module1 x Tilt-Switch Module1 x Photo-Resistor Module1 x Temp and Humidity Module1 x Analog Hall Module1 x Hall Magnetic Module1x 18B20 Temp Module1 x Analog Temp Module1 x IR Emission Module1 x IR Receiver Module1 x Tap Module1 x Light Blocking Module
HALJIA VGA OV7670 300KP 0.3 Megapixels CMOS Sensor Camera Module Lens CMOS 640X480 SCCB Compatible W/ I2C Interface for Arduino
Color: Black + blue; Material: Glass fiber + plastic + iron Features Photosensitive Array: 640 x 480; IO Voltage: 2.5V to 3.0V; Operating Power: 60mW/15fpsVGAYUV; Sleeping Mode:
pzsmocn OV5640 Image Sensor Camera Board Module(A) with 5 Megapixel 2592*1944 Resolution 3.0F 1/4inch CCD
Specification -Pixels: 5 megapixel -Resolution: 2592*1944 -Sensor: OV5640 -1.4um * 1.4um pixel with OmniBSI technology, high sensitivity, low crosstalk, low noise -Automatic image control functions: AEC, AWB, ABF, ABLC, etc. -Image quality controls: color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness, lens correction, etc. -Supports image scaling, panning, windowing, etc. -Lens: -CCD size: 1/4inch -Aperture (F): 3.0 -Focal Length: 3.8mm -Diagonal: 60 degree -Output Formats: -YUV(422/420)/YCbCr422 -RGB565/555/444 -CCIR656 -RAW RGB -Compressed Data -Operating Voltage: 3.3V -Control Interface: SCCB (I2C compatible) -Data Interface: DVP 8-bit -Dimension: 35.70mm * 23.90mm -Weight: 0.006 kg Shipping List -OV5640 Camera Board (A) *1
Yosoo OV7670 300KP VGA Camera Module for Arduino
Material: PCB + plastic + metal Photographic array 640 x 480 IO voltage of 2.5 V To 3.0 V Power work 60mW/15fps Vgayuv sleep < 20 & # x3BC; a Package list & # XFF1 A; 1 * OV7670 Camera Module
Longruner Raspberry PI Camera Module 5MP 1080p OV5647 Sensor HD Video Webcam Supports Night Vision For Raspberry Pi 3 model B B+ A+ RPi 2 1 Camera LSC15
Attention: Upgraded and improved on 2017, better than before!!! Features: Raspberry Pi Camera Module, adjustable-focus Raspberry PI infrared night vision camera 500W+ photographic lamp light Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera, supports all revisions of the Pi 5 megapixel OV5647 sensor Camera specifications: Lens: 1/4 5M Aperture (F): 2.9 Focal Length: 3.29MM Diagonal: 72.4 degree Sensor best resolution: 1080p (2592×1944 pixels) Dimension: 25mm x 24mm x 6mm 4 screw holes Used for both attachment and 3.3V power supply Supports up to 2 3W high-power 850 infrared LED and/or fill flash Package Contains: 1 x RPi Camera 2 x Infrared LED Board 1 x 15-pin FFC
Pixy (CMUcam5) Smart Vision Sensor - Object Tracking Camera for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black
Charmed Labs
Pixy is a smart vision sensor you can quickly "teach" to find objects. It saves you time by only outputting the object data you're interested in. A multitude of connection options means you can use Pixy with almost any microcontroller. It connects directly to Arduino with the included cable, and fully supports Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black with included software libraries. Included in the box is mounting hardware to attach Pixy to your robot creation. The firmware, software and hardware are open source, so you can tweak to your heart's delight. Free tech support is included on the CMUcam wiki! Note: if you are using an Arduino shield in conjunction with Pixy, you may need to purchase Stackable Headers for the Pixy cable to fit. USB cable not included.
ROKOO OV7670 300KP VGA Camera Module 640x480 3.3V SCCB W/I2C Lens CMOS Auto Exposure Control Display Active For Arduino
Features:Pin     3.3V:3.3V SupplyGND:GroundSDIOC:SSCB(I2C) ClockSDIOD:SSCB(I2C) DataVSYNC:Vertical SynchronizationHREF:Horizontal SynchronizationPCLK:Pixel ClockXCLK:System ClockD0 - D7:Pixel data outputRESET:ResetPWDN:Sleep ModeCharacteristic:Photosensitive array:640X480 IOIO voltage 2.5V to 3.0V ( internal LDO to core supplies ) theOperation power:60mW/15fpsVGAYUVSleeping Mode
ELEGOO Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit with Tutorial for Arduino UNO R3 MEGA 2560 Nano
Elegoo Upgraded 37 sensor modules kit is the most useful and highest cost performance sensor kit in Amazon market. It is 100% suitable for Arduino beginners. And it is also 100% compatible with Raspberry PI and STM32. But if you want to use it with Raspberry PI and STM32, you may find the tutorial by yourself. We only offer the tutorial for Arduino in our CD. The kit has only sensor modules, if you want to use it, you will need the wires and controller boards. Warning Tip: The input voltage of Elegoo Power Supply Module is 6.5v - 9v (DC) via 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug . Please DO NOT over charge it otherwise it will burn your board and chips. Component listing: 1 x Joystick Module 1 x Relay Module 1 x Rotary Encoder Module 1 x DS-3231 RTC Module 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor Module 1 x HC-SR501 PIR sensor Module 1 x Flame Sensor Module 1 x Linear Hall Module 1 x Metal Touch Module 1 x Digital Temperature Module 1 x Big Sound Module 1 x Small Sound Module 1 x RGB LED Module 1 x SMD RGB Module 1 x Two-tone Color Module 1 x 7 Color Flash Module 1 x Laser Emit Module 1 x Shake Module 1 x IR Receiver Module 1 x IR Emission Module 1 x Tilt Switch Module 1 x Button Module 1 x Active Buzzer Module 1 x Passive Buzzer Module 1 x 18B20 temp Module 1 x Photo-resistor Module 1 x Temperature and Humidity Module 1 x GY-521 Module 1 x Photo-interrupter Module 1 x Tap Module 1 x Membrane Switch Module 1 x Avoidance Module 1 x Tracking Module 1 x Magnetic Spring Module 1 x Water Lever Sensor 1 x Power Supply Module 1 x LCD1602 Module (with pin header)
HALJIA 5PCS RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Motion Sensor Module Human Body Induction Switch Module High Sensitivity for Arduino, Long Sensing Distance, Wide Sensing Angle for Detecting Moving Objects
Using Doppler radar technology, this is a microwave sensor module specifically for detecting moving objects and human body. The module has many advantages such as high sensitivity, long sensing distance, wide sensing angle, high reliability, wide range of operating voltage. Widely used in human body sensing lighting system, anti-theft alarm system. Features: - Working voltage: 4-28VDC - Operating current: less than 3 mA - Output voltage: 3.3V (from 3V3 pin) - Output Current: 100mA maximum - Detecting range: less than 120 degrees taper angle within 7 meters - Trigger mode: repeat trigger - Delay time: 2 seconds (the default value), by soldering capacitor in different capacities on C-TM pads to adjust it - Active Level: high (when it detects a moving object) - Output Interface: 3V3 (3.3V power supply output), GND (power ground), OUT (output signal), VIN (power input), CDS (detection can be turned off during the day by soldering an external photoresistor to ground). Only need to use GND / OUT / VIN in general applications. - Application: Automatic lighting, smart home, DIY projects Packing List: 5 x Microwave Radar Motion Sensor Module
Charmed Labs LLC Pan/Tilt2 Servo Motor Kit for Pixy2 - Dual Axis Robotic Camera Mount
Charmed Labs
This is a kit for a pan/tilt mechanism designed specifically for Pixy2. Assemble the kit, connect Pixy2 (sold separately), and start following colored objects using the Pan/Tilt demo in PixyMon (free download). It includes two durable laser-cut plastic pieces for the base, two servos for the pan and tilt axes, and all the mounting hardware and cable ties you need to assemble. Assembly instructions are located on our wiki.
ILS - VGA OV7670 CMOS Camera Module Lens CMOS 640X480 SCCB With I2C Interface
Features: 1. High sensitivity for low-light operation2. Low operating voltage for embedded application3. Standard SCCB interface compatible with I2C interface4. With AL422 3M-Bits FIFO. 5. Raw RGB, RGB (GRB4:2:2, RGB565/555/444), YUV (4:2:2) and YCbCr (4:2:2) output format.6. Support VGA, CIF and from CIF to 40 x 30 format7. Vario Pixel method for sub-sampling8. Auto image control: AEC, AGC, AWB, ABF, ABLC9. Image quality control: Color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness and anti-blooming10. ISP includes noise reduction and defect correction11. Support image scaling12. Lens shading correction13. Flicker 50/60Hz auto detection14. Color saturation level auto adjust15. Edge enhancement level auto adjust16. De-noise level auto adjust Parameters: IO voltage: 2.5V to 3.0VOperating power: 60mW/15fpsVGAYUVSleeping mode:
keyestudio USB Host Shield ADK Shield Communicate with USB Flash Disk, Keyboards, Mice, Joysticks, Digital cameras for Arduino UNO MEGA R3 Mega2560
Description: - Keyestudio USB Host V1.5 shield is an add-on board for Aduino USB Host. - Directly plug it to Aduino board and it will allow Aduino to have USB Host function. - Aduino with host function can communicate with USB devices, such as USB flash disk, keyboards, mice, joysticks, digital cameras. - Among these functions, the most attractive one is supporting the connection of android phones to achieve Google ADK function. - It enables your phone as a control terminal to control your robot or other devices. Meanwhile, it can display the collected data on your mobile terminal. Package Includes: 1 Piece Keyestudio UNO USB Host Shield V1.5 We will do our best to guarantee a wonderful service.
OV7670 300KP VGA Camera Module 640x480 3.3V SSCB I2C Lens Arduino
This module is ideally suited to adding imaging to your project. This lets you take pictures and videos while using microcontrollers such as the Arduino. Furthermore this module features an adjustable lens to allow you to focus on your subject without moving the entire project.This is a standard module, however can be complex to understand and implement within a project. A number of helpful resources are available across the internet; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulty getting started.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the module's operation.
DollaTek M5 ESP32 Camera Module, OV2640 2 Mega Pixels Camera 1632 * 1232 UXGA, With Type C Port and 3D WiFi Antenna, Mini Camera Board for Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and Pi 2B B+ IOT DIY
DollaTek ESP32 Camera Module, OV2640 2 Mega Pixels Camera 1632 * 1232 UXGA, With Type C Port and 3D WiFi Antenna, Mini Camera Board for Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and Pi 2B B+ IOT DIYParameters:ESP32 Chip:Dual-core Tensilica LX6 microprocessorUp to 240MHz clock frequency520kB internal SRAM4MB Flash memoryIntegrated 802.11 BGN WiFi transceiverIntegrated dual-mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE)Hardware accelerated encryption (AES, SHA2, ECC, RSA-4096)CP2104 USB TTLOV2640 sensor:Standard SCCB interface, compatible with I2C interfaceOutput Formats(8-bit):YUV(422/420)/YCbCr422RGB565/5558-bit compressed data8-/10-bit Raw RGB dataMaximum Image Transfer RateUXGA/SXGA: 15fpsSVGA: 30fpsCIF: 60fpsScan Mode: ProgressiveCamera:CMOS size: 1/4"Field of View : 78°best sensor resolution: 1600 * 1200IO voltage: 1.7V-3.3VAnalog voltage: 2.5-3.0v (internal LDO powers 1.2V to the core)Power Consumption: TBD Sleep andlt;20μATemperature Operation: -30°C to 70°CStable work: 0°C to 50°CMaximum rms rate: 15fps SXGASensitivity: 1.3V/(Lux-sec)Signal to noise ratio: 40 dBDynamic range: 50 dBScan Mode: ProgressiveElectronic exposure: Line 1 to Line 1247Pixel area: 2.2μm x 2.2μmDark current: 15mV/s at 60°CPackage Included:1x ESP32 Camera Module, OV2640 2 Mega Pixels Camera 1632 * 1232 UXGA, With Type C Port and 3D WiFi Antenna, Mini Camera Board for Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and Pi 2B B+ IOT DIY