Honeywell ATP921R3100 Evohome WiFi Connected Thermostat Pack, 230 V, White
New evohome Controller with integrated Wi-Fi Access This is the new 3rd generation evohome controller with integrated Wi-Fi module. No need to buy the additional evohome Mobile access Kit. The evohome Wi-Fi Connected Thermostat Pack consists of an evohome controller, power lead and stand plus a wireless relay box. The kit is all you need to start controlling your boiler heating system wirelessly. The integrated Wi-Fi access allows you to control your heating from your phone or tablet, and the Radiator Controllers to allow control of multiple zones. evohome Controller The multi-zone evohome controller controls the time and temperature of up to 12 heating zones plus a domestic hot water supply if required. Each zone has independent time and temperature control. Multi-Zone Control Wireless control of up to 12 zones, with an unlimited number of radiators A number of radiators can be grouped together as a zone Controller can act as local thermostat on it's own Simple Touch panel control of your heating Leaning and Optimisation In-built optimisation features such as 'delayed start' and 'optimum stop', allow evohome to intelligently optimise start and stop times. A learning TPI algorithm ensures each zone adapts to the weather and the seasons. Quick Actions Day Off mode changes the schedule for all the zones to a pre-set day (change a week day to a weekend) The Heating Off button will turn all the zones off unless the frost protection temperature level is reached Simple Touch Panel
Honeywell THR0924HRT 4 x Wireless HR92UK Evohome Radiator TRV Heads Multi-Zone Kit, White
evohome is a sophisticated heating system that ensures you can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties. evohome will also control domestic hot water.evohome is suitable for any home with a hydronic (wet) central heating system. Zoning solutions can be designed for even the simplest of property layouts. evohome is ideal when looking to control temperatures in larger properties such as: luxury apartments; large family homes; homes with business use; multiple occupancy apartments and light commercial spaces such as doctors surgeries and small offices.evohome allows the installation of multiple temperature sensing devices around the property without altering existing pipework, disrupting décor or damaging fixtures and fittings.With touchscreen control, the user can quickly gain control of exactly where and when the property should be heated.Remote access is provided via a tablet or smart phone.
Evohome – Kit with Wi-Fi, 4 Heads HR92 and Table Stand
Thermoregulation System by wireless zones and programmable Honeywell Evohome. The kit includes: Colour Touch Panel - EVOTOUCH with Wi-Fi manageable through the application "Total Connect Comfort » (up to 12 zones). - 4 heads termostáticos HR92 with wireless backlit display adjustable.- Table Stand.
Honeywell ATF600 Wall Mounting Kit, 230 V
Honeywell Evohome wandhouder + voedingsmodule tbv inbouw doos
Honeywell evohome Antenna for HCE80, HRA80
Control your heating whenever you want, wherever you are, by app;Save energy through better control;Central control
Evohome HR924UK Wireless Radiator Multi Zone Kit, White
Honeywell Evohome HR924UK Wireless Radiator Multi Zone Kit Model: HR924UK The Honeywell evohome Radiator Multi-Zone kit provides 4 wireless radiator controller heads allowing you to create up to 4 zones - one head per zone. Individual radiator controllers are also available. The HR92 radiator controllers use two-way communication with evohome controller to ensure that commands are received and valves opened while maintaining boiler interlock. These slim, ergonomically-designed radiator controllers will fit on most standard TRV bodies. They are battery powered with a two-year battery life and a battery low reminder visible on both the radiator controller screen and the evohome controller screen. The flip-up screen is backlit and can be positioned so that it can be easily viewed or folded away flat. Honeywell Evohome HR924UK Wireless Radiator Multi Zone Kit Specification: Honeywell evohome Radiator Multi-Zone kit 4 wireless radiator controller heads Honeywell evohome Radiator Multi-Zone kit installation guide Honeywell ecohome user guide Honeywell ecohome installation guide
Evohome ATF500DHW Hot Water Kit, 230 V, White, 285 X 228 X 68
The Hot Water kit consists of a wireless cylinder thermostat, transceiver, optional unvented cylinder insertion sensor and an additional wireless relay box for control of the hot water zone valve.
Honeywell Evohome Gateway Starter Pack, THR992GRT
- Maximum comfort, better control and to reduce heating costs- Worldwide access to the system using a free app- Ready to use, also ideal for rented accommodation and for renovation- Simple menu system and configuration through configurations assistant- Individual, tailored day/week/heating profiles for up to 12
Honeywell CO8MS Wireless CO Carbon Monoxide Alarm, White
Draadloze koolmonoxidedetector voor evohome beveiliging. Waarschuwt bij een gevaarlijke concentratie koolmonoxide (CO) via een luid alarm en een melding op je smartphone. De ingebouwde geluidssirene wordt ondersteund met een rood knipperend licht. Kies het alarmsysteem voor jouw woning Evohome beveiliging is een draadloos beveiligingsysteem, dat je in staat stelt je woning te bekijken en te bedienen. Waar je ook bent. Zo kun je via de app altijd even kijken of alles in orde is. En mocht er iets gebeuren, dan krijg je direct een melding op je smartphone. Je hebt de mogelijkheid om tot 32 componenten uit te breiden. Zo groeit evohome beveiliging moeiteloos met je mee. Voordelen: Waarschuwt bij een gevaarlijke concentratie koolmonoxide (CO) via een luid alarm van 85 decibel en een melding op je smartphone. Er is zelfs een 24-uurgeheugen om je bij thuiskomst te waarschuwen wanneer CO-gas in huis is gedetecteerd. De belangrijkste specificaties: LED-indicatie CO-niveau Ingebouwde sirene, 85dBA 3 minuten Levensduur sensor: zes jaar Formaat 120 x 105 x 45mm Wat zit er in de verpakking? Draadloze CO-melder met montagebeugel. Quick start gids/insttructiehandleiding Conformiteitsverklaring Jouw connected home Slimmere woningen zijn connected woningen - geniet van controle en comfort via een enkele toets op je telefoon. Gebruik je smartphone om jouw veiligheid- en verwarmingsysteem te monitoren en te regelen. Wanneer je wilt. Waar je wilt. Total Connect Comfort app Total Connect Comfort geeft je de gemoedsrust die je wenst. Omdat je altijd in verbinding blijft met thuis en weet wat er gebeurt. Probeer het vandaag! Download de app en test hem in demo-modus. De app is compatible met iOS 8.0 en hoger en Android 4.1 en hoger.
Honeywell BDR91A1000 evohome Wireless Relay Box, White
Evohome HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller-5 Zones, Green
The Honeywell HCC80R Underfloor heating controller works within an evohome multi zoned system, allowing you to control the underfloor heating. The Underfloor heating controller can control up to 5 zones of and can be expanded by using the optional HCS80 extension module to control a further 3 zones. You can also use a combination of Underfloor heating controllers and extension to control up to the a maximum of 12 zones allowed by the evohome system. evohome multi-zone heatingevohome is a sophisticated heating system that allows you to easily create and individually control up to 12 heating zones as well as controlling your hot water. evohome is the perfect system for multi-zone heating control. Zones - Control of up to 12 zones (unlimited number of radiators) Touch screen Control - simple, convenient wireless control of your entire home's heating Remote access - control your heating from a smartphone or tablet Quick Actions - Day off, All off, holiday modes...Simple Installation - Wireless Radiator Controllers screw on to your existing valves without draining down or disturbing pipes or decor
Honeywell TAG4S RFID Tags, Black, Set of 4 Pieces
- Easy to use - The entire family can disarm your Honeywell home alarm with ease using these contactless tags. Swipe the tag against the RFID reader on the wireless contactless tag reader - Compatible with Honeywell Contactless tag reader (SPR-S8EZS) Weight & dimensions -Width: 30 mm -Height: 47 mm Colour -Colour of product: Blue, Grey, Red, Yellow Packaging content -Quantity per pack: 4 pc(s)
Honeywell HS911S evohome Intruder Alarm Kit 1, White
The Honeywells Evohome Connected Wireless Home Alarm Kit 1 is designed to easily be installed as the products are completely screw-free. Most of all, Honeywell Evohome security is designed to keep you safe, secure and comfortable. All products that are part of the evohome Wireless Alarm Kit can alert you to any possible intruders through your smart phone, either by sending you a text, emails or alerting you through the app. This Wireless Alarm kit consists of a Security Hub, Remote Control key fob, Wireless Door and Window Sensor and pet-immune motion sensor. Up to 32 accessories can be added to the central security hub, allowing you have the choice and be in control of your security system.