Bubble Wrap 500mm x 50m Small Roll Handy Size/Easy Storage Bubble Wrap for Packing
Small handy roll of 50m x 500mm bubble wrap. This small roll is perfect space saver! Pre-Cut in 50m which makes this the ideal choice for bubble wrap. Perfect to wrap and protect your fragile items for the post.
Bubble Wrap for Moving House - 80m x 300mm - Fully Recyclable (300mm X 80M)
Small air pockets provide cushioning Protects fragile and awkward items UK Manufactured This recyclable bubble wrap is ideal if you are planning to move house or send a fragile parcel through the post. It is the perfect material for protecting valuables and delicate household items. The wrap itself is recyclable.
Small 4 m x 300 mm Bubble Wrap
Bubble wrap
A great roll of all purpose bubble wrap that can be easily folded and cut to size. Perfect for protecting fragile items whilst posting, ideal for home and office use. Product Information: Bubble Wrap Packaging essential Fragile Size: 30cm x 4m
Jiffy Bubble Film Protective Packaging 5mm Bubbles Roll 750mmx75m (Clear)
Antalis Packaging
Combines lightness, strength and excellent cushioning properties, for protecting fragile and delicate articles. All-purpose wrap, easy to cut, fold and seal. Bubbles of 10mm diameter and 5mm deep.
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Roll 600mmx25m Clear Ref. JB-S20L-060025
Pregis Ltd
All-purpose bubble wrappingProtects fragile and awkward articlesRoll 600mmx25mClear
500mm x 100m Roll of Quality Bubble Wrap Roll (Small Bubbles) Made in The UK
KARAN IMPEX 500mm x 100m Roll of Quality Bubble Wrap Roll (Small Bubbles)
Schott Packaging SP500MM 500mm x 100m Roll of Quality Bubble Wrap - 100 metre Small Bubble roll | Strong and Great for House Moving and Removals | Fast & Free UK Delivery
Schott Packaging
Small roll of 500MM wide bubble wrap, this rolls is 100M long and is produced in the small bubble format. The bubble wrap roll contains a cardboard dispensing tube in the middle for easy dispensing. Perfect for a fast-paced warehouse environment. Great alternative to packing paper or packing peanuts. This bubble wrap is a perfect start for your moving supplies. The length means this is plenty bubble wrap for moving home or office.
Herlitz Bubble Wrap Roll – 1 Roll – Pack of 5 m x 40 cm
Pelikan Group - First Order
Bubble Wrap Packaging film. PE bubble wrap 70 microns. 5 metres x 40 cm. Transparent. Rolls, in a polythene bag.
1000mm x 50m Large Bubble Wrap - Premium Large Bubbles Used for Picking & Packing Bubble Rolls
1 Meter Wide Large Bubble Wrap By 50m Length. Fantastic quality "LARGE" bubble wrap rolls. This bubble wrap is ideal for the picking/packing department. This bubble wrap is manufactured by Start Supplies.
Bubble Bags Small Bubble Wrap with Cardboard Tube, 1000mm x 100m
This is very high quality bubble wrap which doesn't burst easily. Its there to protect your fragile items. The width of the roll is 1 meter with 100 meter length. Its made from virgin re-gram plastic which means you will will hardly find a bubble on the roll without air. Now that's exactly what bubble wrap is suppose to do, protect your items! The bubble wrap comes with a cardboard tube for easy dispense. This is excellent bubble wrap to protect your items during a house move, or the for the warehouse.
Triplast 500 mm x 75 metres Roll of Bubble Wrap - Small Bubbles
A roll of high quality strong small bubble wrap, 500mm wide x 75 Metres long. Manufactured in the UK and branded by 'Triplast'.
REALPACK® | 1 x Small Bubble Wrap Roll | Size - Wide 500mm x 100m Length | Strong Enough Ideal for House Moving | Fast Free UK Delivery*
"Small bubble wrap" refers to the fact it is manufactured with small bubbles. Each has a diameter of 10mm and a height of 3.5mm. It is suitable for both heavy and lightweight items on longer storage or journey cycles. Our small bubble wrap rolls are manufactured using air retention technology which protects your product with long term cushioning properties. Air retention technology prevents the bubble cells from collapsing and reducing the amount of air escaping meaning protection is maintained throughout packing, transit and storage. The protective air-filled bubbles cushion fragile products to prevent breakage. This small bubble wrap is lightweight and flexible not only making it ideal for wrapping or interleaving a variety of products but also reducing delivery costs. Small bubble wrap rolls are available in various widths and no cutting is required; the wrap tears in a tidy, straight line. Every small bubble wrap roll from REALPACK® is 100% recyclable, a major consideration in the current business world. We are able to offer our customers rapid and free delivery. Our small bubble wrap products are available in a range of sizes, with each roll containing 100m of wrapping. Each roll of bubble wrap is between 1500mm and 300mm wide, allowing customers to find the exact product they require.
Jiffy 500mmx10m Bubble Roll - Clear
Combines lightness, strength and excellent cushioning properties for protection All purpose wrap that's easy to cut, fold and seal 10mm bubble Size: 500mmx10m
500mm x 100m Premium Quality Small Bubble Wrap Roll Picking/Packing/Moving Strong Bubbles (1)
Crafted from PREMIUM grade plastic, this 500mm x 100m Small bubble cushioning wrap is highly durable and can be reused more than twice, making it friendly for the environment by producing less waste. A new innovative air layer improves it's shock absorbing quality and each roll can be formed and shaped to match the specific dimensions of your item. Plus, each roll features a cardboard tube in the middle of the roll for quick set up to a dispenser! All of our bubble wrap rolls are consistent manufactured from high grade plastics. With its competitive price, it surely is one the best deals you will find in the market with next day delivery.
500mm x 10m Roll of Quality Bubble Wrap - Small Bubble Protective Wrap
High quality strong small bubble wrap, 500mm wide x 10 Metres long. 'Small bubble wrap' meaning bubbles are small (10mm wide). UK manufactured.