Bump keys uk set

Full Set - 24 Bump Keys - to fit 99% of UK door locks.
Bump keys designed to open locks. Like any bump key should be (shoulderless) these keys will open most of the locks you come in contact with. Choosing a set or just one key at a time, building a collection of these keys is a must for any locksmith. Please note: We do not want bump keys getting into the wrong hands, we will only send to a traceable address, please make sure at checkout you state the company name and address these are for, with a land line phone number.
20-Piece Lock Pick Set with Transparent Training Padlock and Credit Card Lock Picking Tool Kit by LockCowboy + Guide for Beginner and Pro Locksmiths
If you've ever wanted to learn how to pick locks like a certified locksmith, look no further than the most comprehensive lock pick set ever created! No, picking a lock isn't just for criminals looking to make off with your flat screen TV. On the contrary, it's a very useful skill to have; just ask Jason Bourne, James Bond or any secret agent that ever needed to get into a room quickly and discretely. While you may not be a super spy trying to fill out your spy kit, the Lock Cowboy 20-Piece Lock Pick Set with amenities will give you all the tools, training and knowledge you need to unlock yourself out of a jam. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO LEARN AND SUCCEED Lock picking seems like it would be a challenge, right? Well, luckily for you, our lock pick set is so versatile and comprehensive that we've given you everything you need to start and continue. From lock picking tools to a transparent padlock for training to a lock pick set for your wallet, we've got you covered. So whether you're looking to impress your friends, need a way to keep you from locking yourself out of the house again, or you just want to add to your locksmith set, choose Lock Cowboy, and you'll never need another lock pick set again. Complete Professional Lock Pick Set Includes: 15-Piece Lock Pick Set with Leather Case 5-Piece James Bond Credit Card Wallet-Size Lock Picking Kit Transparent Cutaway Padlock with Keys and a Case Beginner's Quick Start e-Guide with 2 Video Illustrations Advanced MIT Guide to Lock Picking Try Risk-Free with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!Click "Add to Basket" above, and every locked door on the planet will start to fear you!
Professional Locksmith Bump Key Set 1
UB Keys
Bringing to you the fantastic Bump Key Set 1 containing some of the most popular lock makes on the market. This set contains Yale, Era, Legge, Schlage, Hiatt, Morgan, Paton, WMS, Yale 5 Pin and Yale 6 Pin
Lock Jiggler keys - 3 piece set.
Walker Locksmiths
A set of all three lock jiggler keys: A set of small jiggler keys suited for small locks and padlocks Medium size jiggler keys for wafer and pin tumbler locks such as filing cabinets, lockers, padlocks etc. Larger jiggler keys for some cars and larger wafer locks and pin tubular locks such as large padlocks etc
Brockhage Bump Hammer (Standard Flex)
Bringing you the Brockhage Bump Hammer Flexi Plus. Having the right choice of hammer can be key (excuse the pun) to bumping your lock. Having this Brockhage hammer will ensure you will have just the right amount of flexibilty and of course with the reliablty you get from Brockhage tools.There are other hammers on the market but we Brockhage offer the best for value and quality.
Universal standard Bump Key 6 Pin (will bump 4,5 & 6 pin locks)
6 Pin Bump Key;STRONG BRASS KEY;This is a Locksmith Tool;Universal UL2
6 Piece Universal Bump Key Set with FREE Easy Pickings Book
UB Keys
The UniversalBumpKeys 6 Piece Universal bump key set comprises of 3 normal and 3 reverse universal bump keys which are precision cut to ensure maximum effect.These Universal Bump Keys profile will fit an amazing amount of locks such as Chubb,Yale,Era,Winkhaus,Chavo,Asec,Master,Tessa,Viro,Ruko and many many many more
Fire brigade master key set
Walker Locksmiths
A set of 6 Fire brigade master keys as used for communal doors, entrances, barriers, padlocks, utility cupboards etc Commonly known as FB Keys. Fire Brigade keys are used on access points where the Fire Brigade may need to gain access in an emergency. We have the full range of FB Keys
Lock Pick Set, Eventronic 17-Piece Lock Picking Tools with 2 Clear Practice and Training Locks for Lockpicking, Extractor Tool for Beginner and Pro Locksmiths
Want a brain teaser ? Want to learn how to pick lock like a certified locksmith? Want a challenge with your friend ?Well, this is the best choice for you!This set is ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Our lock pick set is so versatile and comprehensive that we've given you everything you need to start and continue. From lock picking tools to a transparent padlock for training to a lock pick set for your wallet, we've got you covered. After you're familiar with the padlock opening skill, EVENTRONIC will have a series of products ready for your challenge and enclose unlocking instruction for higher precision locks. Features--Supplied with full lock picking instruction, includes 2 different types of locks for Practice\Use, Great for beginners training tool --With 17 individual pieces that can help you compromise locks of all shapes, styles and sizes--Transparent padlock - You can see clearly that how the lock works--Smooth working condition and durablity for repetitive practice--It's all neatly packaged in a durable, snap-over case that makes it easy to carry wherever you go What's in the box A 17-piece Lockpick Set, including 12 picks and 5 torque wrench A transparent exercise padlock with two keys A transparent exercise double cylinder lock with two keys A Case for picks A locking set User's Guide
3 Piece Universal Bump Key Set
UB Keys
The 3 Piece Universal bump key set comprises of 3 cutsof a universal bump key. They are precision cut to ensure maximum effect.These Universal Bump Keys profile will fit an amazing amount of locks such as Chubb,Yale,Era,Winkhaus,Chavo,Asec,Master,Tessa,Viro,Ruko and many many many more
Credit Card Pick Set
Walker Locksmiths
This pick set is the same size and almost as thin as a credit card so pits perfectly into your wallet. It slides open up to reveal a double ended tension wrench and 4 picks / rakes.
Mohoo Strong Lock Pick Gun Locksmith Tool Door Lock Opener (UP)
Description : Strong Lock Pick Gun Locksmith Tool Door Lock Opener (UP) Strong Pick Gun has a very strong spring which could easily pick pin tumbler and disc tumbler locks. It comes complete with 4 pick blades and 1 tension wrench. The coating of gun consists of lacquer can resist stain and rust. A convenient tool for you and it suit for both daily life use and professional lock smith, or lock picks hobby's need. Package included : 1 x Strong Lock Pick Gun 1 x Tension wrench 4 x Pick blades
28-Piece Lock Pick Set with Transparent Padlock Picking Tool Kit Practice Lock Set for Beginners and Pro Locksmiths by OKPOW
GET MORE USEFUL INFORMATION FROM THE FOLLOWING DETAILS AND ORDER NOW. This is a really good lock picking set for beginners and those more advanced. there is everything you need. It is a simple lock pick set but still it takes a lot of patience to unlock it. This set shows you how a lock works and gives you the tools to try other locks. One more thing, the plastic handles on the picks are comfortable and stop them digging into your hand, which is much more safe. HERE ARE SOME OTHER INFORMATION YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO CONFIRM Question: Is this lock set suitable for a 13 years old? Answer: Yes, this lock pick set is both entertaining and educational for teenager. It's easy to understand how the inside of the lock works. Question: Will these lock set open mortise locks? Answer: There are so many different kinds of mortise locks, it will depend on what kind of mortise lock your trying to pick. Question: Is there any instructions of how the lock set works? Answer: There would seem to be many different ways of picking locks, and you can find much information from YouTube. Question: Are the lock picks set strong enough for large padlocks? Answer: Yes, they are very strong for the large padlocks. You can take some practice at first, once you understand the principle, it's easy. Package Included 1xCase 2xLocks 2xLock Boxes 4xkeys 24xPick Set
Yale Superior BS TS007 1* Anti Snap Euro Cylinder 35/45 80mm Brass
The new Yale Superior euro cylinders are anti snap at both ends - so a 35/45 can be a 45/35, it does not matter which way round you measure them. Please check the measurement image - we measure to the centre of the fixing screw hole. We are a Yale Authorised Support centre, the Yale Superior is a high quality, high security euro cylinder which is used by the UK's largest installers - Everest, SafeStyle etc etc. You are buying a single lock with 3 keys and a code card. We are able to supply complete sets of these locks in all sizes keyed alike by our own Master Locksmiths. Contact us if you require a custom built suite of locks.
Winkhaus Professional Locksmith Bump Key
UB Keys
This professionally cut Winkhaus Locksmith Bump Key will open a wide range of Winkhaus locks. All of our keys are cut using the latest tools and the cut has been tried on tested on many locks to ensure maximum bump effect. Please note that this key will not work on every Winkhaus lock and it can take a lot of time, skill and patience to open a lock using these tools.
Universal 6 Piece Standard & REVERSE 5/6 Lever Bump Keys
universal 6 piece standard and reverse 5/6 lever bump keys
DON’T BUMP MY LOCK!: How Bump Keys Work, and How To Make Your Home Bump Proof

Bump keys have become a significant worry for homeowners in recent years, and this is a fact that has been broadcast and publicized with relish via social media, television, newspaper articles and public service announcements. There is no exaggeration in the claim that a burglar with a good working knowledge of lock bumping can open your door as quickly if not quicker than you can using your key. This is troublesome.This short but highly informative and most definitely timely book addresses the subject in two ways: It explains how and why these things work, in the firm belief that it is impossible to appreciate the seriousness of a threat without fully understanding it; and more importantly it will give you all the information you need to absolutely protect your home or business from burglars and intruders who might seek to use it against you.This book is the work of a locksmith with more than 32 years of experience. Because lock bumping is, in the final analysis, just another tool (and one that a great many practicing locksmiths use from time to time), the author of this book understands and appreciates its value for good as well as its potential for bad.Read, then take action, and you will have the peace of mind you have been looking for knowing that no one, but no one, will be able to use bump keys to enter your home!