Centre punch for glass

JelBo Automatic Centre Punch Window Crusher 5inch Spring Loaded Glass Crushing Hand Tool, Determine Drilling Position for Steel, Wood, Plastic
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The center punch is a tapered tip at one end that uses the tip to make small dots on the workpiece as marks for the center of the circle or other dotted lines (such as the center or circumference of the hole) for ease of machining. And the best tool for emergency escape tools and window breakers.Automatic center punch features: The size of the center punching force can be finely adjusted through the top cover; Changing the diameter of the spring, the material can change the amount of force applied; The scribe line on the workpiece an be used as a stylus by the tip of the front portion of the sample punch.ONE TO TWO The automatic center punch is about the same size as the ball pen. It looks like a screwdriver. The back end is a round handle with a strong spring inside. The spring loaded design effectively increases flexibility and reduces stress.PRODUCT PARAMETERS Thimble diameter:4mm Total length:128mm Thimble:26mm Copper cap:31.5mm Length of handle:40.5mm Copper cover:30mm Width of handle:12mm Weight: 2.4 ounces Product size: 5.2 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches Packing: 1 x automatic center impact breakerPurpose:When drilling holes in different materials, the required impulse is not the same. For a softer material, the required impulse will be smaller and the spring diameter can be smaller. The shape of the stamping will be small and beautiful; for the harder material, the diameter of the spring wire will be increased, and the shape of the stamping will be awkward, and the external force applied by the artificially pressed spring will also increase, which increases the difficulty of the force exertor. Therefore, the use of the center punch in a softer material can better reflect its small size and light weight.
Features: 5" center punch tool is spring loaded and adjustable to accommodate various types of materials. Used in wood, plastic or metal to mark the area to be drilled and help the drill stay steady and on course. Brass body can withstand high impact force and the extremely strong HSS tip drill through hard surfaces. Active spring-load action makes punching easier, impact force can be increased or decreased. Can also be used to as an emergency glass breaker. Specifications: Material: Brass and HSS Color: black Handle diameter: 13mm Handle length: 104mm Total length: 133mm Tip diameter: 0.6mm Tip Hardness: 58-60HRC Package includes: 1 x Automatic center punch
SenSona Brass Body Automatic Centre Punch Spring Screw Auto Mark Hole Tool
Material: head punching needle is HSS, high speed steel material, hardness is HRC58-60. Cap diameter: 28mm,Punching pin diameter: 0.6mm,Length of punching needle: 26mm,Pole diameter :12.7mm,The total length :128mm Colour: Gold Quantity: 1 Package Contents 1 *Automatic Centre Punch
Luxury Sliding Bath Shower Glass Extending Screen Reversible Door Panel
This iBathUK designer bath screen features an extending sliding panel to give you extra coverage when you shower. Our bath screens are fully reversible, giving the choice of a left or right hand fitting. All iBathUK bath screens include a 10 Year Guarantee for your peace of mind.Product specifications:Manufactured from 4mm toughened safety glassReversible - giving choice of left or right fittingExtra tall 1400mm glass for no overhead spray180 degree sturdy pivot hinge10mm frame adjustment for uneven wallsExtends to the width of 820mmRetracts to the width of 516mm
On Ice Plastic Drinks Dispenser 6 Litres
For an effortless way to serve guests drinks, the On Ice Plastic Drinks Dispenser offers simplicity and practicality at its best. With a shatterproof construction.
60 x 45cm Rectangle Bathroom Mirror with Drilled Holes & Chrome Cap Wall Hanging Fixing Kit
Reflex Sales & Marketing Ltd
Wall mounted unframed bathroom mirror glass with 4 drilled holes. Wall hanging fixings included. Can be hung either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)
Arc International Luminarc Quadro Fridge Jug with Lid 110cl, 1 Jar
Arc International
acquire the following Article: 1 x 1,1 l jug QUADRO content Product Description: 1 piece, pitcher QUADRO capacity 1,1 l Height 244 mm - Diameter 89 mm with white plastic lid. Notes: Should there are any problems with the goods received, please contact us., please e-mail or call 0351/2849329 complaint shall add a photo. Please rate after receipt of the goods not be too hasty. We will in any case an optimal Find solution in your senses. We rely on a fair valuation, to future goods in a cheap price - performance ratio to offer.
bar@drinkstuff Giant Margarita Glass 1.3ltr - Giant Cocktail Sharer Glass for Decorative Drinks and Centrepieces
The Giant Margarita Glass offers a generous way to consume one of the most popular cocktails. The perfect solution to sharing cocktails or punch.
bar@drinkstuff Grande Acrylic Martini Glass 73oz / 2ltr - 25cm Oversized Plastic Cocktail Glass Ideal for Centrepieces
The Grande Acrylic Martini Glass provides the ultimate party piece for special occasions. Ideal for sharing cocktails or as a decorative table centrepiece.
BAUSCHER Stuttgart Bowl, 0.9L
Traditionally brandy glasses have a large bowl for swirling, but the Grande Brandy Glass takes it to a new level with a 7.2 litre bowl!
Crisa Grande Martini Glass 52.8oz / 1.5ltr | Giant Martini Glass, Large Handmade Martini Glass, Sharing Cocktail Glass, Punch Bowl Martini Glass
Enjoy a supersize cocktail with the Grande Martini Glass! This large capacity 1.5ltr glass has been designed for sharing cocktails.
Roughneck 61480 Ball Pein Hammer 40.oz F/glass Handle
Roughneck Ball Pein Hammer 1134g (40oz) Fibreglass Handle ROU61480 Ball pein hammer manufactured from hardened and tempered drop forged alloy steeland with a fully polished head, epoxy bonded for added strength.It has a solid core fibreglass handle with polypropylene jacket.Unique treble injected PTE ergonomiacally designed soft-grip handle for comfort during use and for reducing fatigue.Weight 1130g (2 1/2lb) ROU61480
bar@drinkstuff Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl 3ltr / 18.5cm - Case of 18 Party Fishbowl | Diameter: 185mm | Non-Decorative Clear Fishbowl (Props not included: Fish, Straws, Ice and Lemon Slice)
For all you party drinkers out there, or even party hosts, this is a must have drinking novelty. The only thing you need to do is add the drink.
Kilner Glass Vintage Drinks Dispenser, Cocktail, 6 Litre
Fruity or fizzy, when it comes to party time, you'll have refreshments on tap with the Kilner Classic Cocktail Drinks Dispenser. The generous 6 litre capacity means you can fill it with your party drink of choice and leave guests to help themselves - so you can spend more time mingling and less time playing bartender.Created especially for cocktails, the extra-wide opening makes it easy to add ice, fruit and botanicals to whip up a batch of the most delicious mojitos, G&Ts or tipsy punches, and the stainless steel screw-top lid keeps things fresh until you're ready to serve. Better still - let guests help themselves! The easy-to-use tap means they can top up their glass whenever the mood takes them - and filling the drinks dispenser once is so much easier than having to make dozens of individual drinks, so it's good news for the host!Sleek in design, the shape of this gorgeous glass drinks dispenser gives a nod to vintage-style cocktail shakers, and it's embossed with Kilner's iconic logo, as well as 'Classic Cocktails' wording so your friends and family know exactly where to head to get their hands on a glass of punch. Made from durable glass, with the quality we've come to expect from Kilner, it's a brilliant piece for anyone planning a party or hosting a barbecue for a crowd, and will be in good use all year round; fill with water for dinner parties, soft drinks for children, fruit-packed Pimm's on sunny days, or Christmassy cocktails so your guests can help themselves time after time after time. Bottoms up!Please note: when it comes to decanting your drinks, the lid needs to be unscrewed a little way to allow air into the top, so the liquid nectar can flow. If you've filled it with a carbonated drink, the lid should not be screwed on tightly to avoid a build up of pressure.6 litre. 25 x 20 x 32cm H.
bar@drinkstuff Glass Cocktail Fish Bowl 2.6 Litre / 16.5cm Fish Bowl | 4.5 Pint Fish Bowl, Party Fish Bowl, Drinkers Fish Bowl - Fishbowl for Cocktails
If you're a fan of oversized drinkware, this Glass Cocktail Fish Bowl from bar@drinkstuff is the perfect addition to your party glassware collection.
ROKOO High Speed Steel Semi-Automatic Center Punch with Cap Locator for Car Glass Breakers
Features:The use of the body of the spring to generate the impact force to punchingHSS high speed steel materialHardness up to HRC58-  65 degreeTo prevent drills and screws from wandering in metal, wood, or plastic, use the  Automatic Center Punch to mark a dimpled starting point. Quick and easy to use, it delivers an automatic spring-driven strike when it's pressed against a surface. An adjustable cap allows you to regulate the striking force. The premium brass body has a deeply knurled nonslip surface for sure handling and control.Specification:Material: High Speed SteelOuter Diameter: 12.7mm Total length: 134mmColor: Random ColorIncluded:1 x Semi-Automatic Center Punch
Yale Locks P2 Double Security Nightlatch DMG/PB Finish 40 mm Backset Visi Pack
Yale Locks P2 Double Security Nightlatch DMG/PB Finish 40mm Backset Visi YALP2DMGPBYale's high security P2 double security nightlatches are suitable for timber external doors and are ideal for glass panelled doors. The lock is key operated from the outside and both key and lever handle operation from the inside. The internal handle is lockable for increased security. The latch automatically deadlocks on closing the door and the snib function (bolt hold back button) enables the latch to be held back.The lock uses a 6 pin high performance cylinder, and has a 20mm bolt which is anti-carding. It also has a 2 year guarantee.The P2 double security nightlatches have a 40mm backset, this is the measurement from the edge of the door to the centre of the keyhole. Locks with a 40mm backset are normally used where there is restricted space, such as on a narrow glass panelled door.Case Width: 60mmCase Height: 88mmCase Depth: 30mm.Yale P2DMGP has a hardened case finished in Dark Metalic GreySupplied with 2 x keysSecurity Rating: HighYALP2DMGPB