Mainly for driveways, but looks great as ground cover. Will settle well and can be used for paths. This really is a nice warm finish and goes down well and also wears well. Also know as Buff Limestone or Cotswold Chippings. 
Buildershop UK 20mm Cotswold Buff Chippings Bulk Bag
Buildershop UK
Bulk bags weighing a minimum of 850kg. An angular mellow buff/cream limestone. Mainly for driveways, but looks great as ground cover and is often used for paths. Also known as Cotswold Chippings and Buff Limestone. If an order is placed and then cancelled before delivery has been attempted/taken place, the return pallet cost will be charged as we will incur this cost if it has been collected by the pallet company. **Any queries regarding delivery or if you're unsure whether or not delivery will be possible to your property, please check before purchasing and we will be able to advise** **PLEASE NOTE, THIS PRODUCT CAN'T BE SUPPLIED TO SCOTLAND OR NON MAINLAND POSTCODES**
30KG Gravel Chipping Stone Slate Deter Weed Garden Patio Pathway Plant Topping - Cotswold Stone Chippings
Life Improver
Brighten up your dull pathways, gloomy driveways and lifeless plant pots with these Chippings. They are made from organic materials leaving a natural impression on your house, creating a decorative feature in your garden. They also help deter weeds on beds and borders, promoting a healthier, cleaner garden. Create features such as alpines or rock gardens to complete the perfect outdoor look. -----Coverage Rates: ---With a driveway, the chippings are laid to a depth of 5cm. For 10kg chippings can cover about 0.115sqm. ---With a pathway, the chippings are laid to a depth of 3.5cm. For 10kg chippings can cover about 0.16sqm.
20 Kg Chipping Gravel Decorative Stones Landscape Garden Pebble Driveway Aquarium (Cotswold)
Decorative landscape gravel Exotic and striking gravel, Weight: 20 kg bag A bag covers 2 x 3 sq feet (approx) Bag dimensions: 50 x 38 cm, thickness 6 cm There may be a slight difference in colour, please note: red flame is more on a pinkish red side so please note this before purchasing. Please note: these gravels are also available in 1 ton bags (price ranges from 239.99 - 279.99 for 1 ton bag with free delivery)
CED Cotswold 20mm Aggregate 25kg
Cotswold Aggregate is a classic cream colour when dry‚ with richer and more golden tones when wet. Naturally angular in shape‚ these Cotswold chippings are suitable for mulching of borders‚ paths‚ loose driveways and general landscaping.
Buildershop UK 20mm Gravel/Shingle (Bulk Bag)
Buildershop UK
Bulk bags of stones varying from 10mm - 20mm in size, weighing between 800 - 1000kg. 1000kg will cover approximately 10m2 at 50mm thick. 20mm gravel is ideal for drives and gardens. 20mm is the recommended size for driveways as the 10mm has a tendency to get stuck in car tyres. Around the garden, gravel/shingle is most often used around flowerbeds, in pots and on paths where it provides a comfortable walking surface. It is also used as a good weed suppressant as it blocks the weeds from coming through. Other uses are for mixing with sand, cement and water to form concrete. PLEASE NOTE. COLOUR/TYPE OF GRAVEL VARIES DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION IN THE UK.
Cotswold Limestone Chippings
Decorative Chippings
Free bulk bag kerbside pallet delivery. A popular Buff angular Dolomitic Limestone 20mm chipping, photos show wet and dry variations. Not fish friendly. Beautiful natural colours, ideal for a variety of landscaping designs and solutions including paths and driveways. The photographs are a guide only and like any natural products colouring can vary. Chippings and gravels are gaining an increasing presence especially within environmentally sensitive surroundings where water conservation is an issue. Chipping and gravel products create a natural, decorative SUDS compliant solution which can help reduce the effects of storm water run off and of course, promotes natural drainage. Alluvial gravels are an ideal solution for driveways, paths, borders, roofing, surfacing and many landscaping designs can benefit from this natural range of decorative products. Rough guide to coverage: a tonne of gravel laid at 40mm depth will cover approximately 12-15 square metres. Approx. 875Kg Bulk Bag (Delivery times subject to seasonal demand, please plan ahead to avoid disappointment) Telephone number essential for delivery For non UK mainland delivery including some parts of Scotland please contact us for a quote.
RockinColour Chilli Red 20kg decorative garden stone
RockinColour Ltd
Disclaimer The size of decorative aggregates should be considered where young children are present. Smaller sizes are not suitable for children under 36 months as this product may cause a choking hazard. RockinColour is a decorative colour coated stone; and as with all architectural products, the appearance will alter over time as a result of wear and UV light exposure.We recommend annual to biennial top ups to keep your RockinColour display fresh and maintain bright colour throughout all seasons. RockinColour is not suitable for driveways or any other trafficked areas. RockinColour is safe for pets, however it is not recommended for use either in indoor or outdoor aquariums. For technical and weather resistant performance refer to the download section on the website: www.rockincolour.com
Decorative Cotswold Chippings - 8Kg Bag, Beige/Natural
Gravel top dressing supplied in 8kg approx. bag. One 8kg bag covers approximately two plant pots with a diameter of 40cm x 40cm to a depth of 1 inches Aquarium friendly. Decorative gravel for water features and garden borders and top dressing your artificial plants and trees in plant pots, troughs and planters. Ideal for borders, water features and general landscaping. Helps suppress weed growth when used with suitable landscape fabrics. Increases moisture retention in summer and provides insulation in winter. Product has been sourced in the UK. Due to the natural characteristics of gravel, variations in colour, texture, particle size and shape may occur. Supplied in plastic packaging and can be stored outside without wastage. Some product images have been divided to show the darkening effect when wet against when the product is dry.
JT Atkinson
Applications: Screenscape, Water features, mulch, landscaping and aquatics.
JT Atkinson Decorative Aggregate Green Slate Chippings 40mm 25kg Bag
JT Atkinson
Applications: Screenscape, Water features, mulch, landscaping and aquatics.
Kelkay 14-22mm Cotswold Stone Chippings Aggregate Bulk Bag - Approx 750kg
UK Pro
This bulk bag of Cotswold Stone Chippings from Kelkay is an easy way to transform your garden in minutes. They are ideal for paths, driveways, ground cover and mulch as well as being suitable for most ponds and water features. They help keep weeds down and are great for security too.
TSO Decorative Aggregate Blue Slate Chippings 40mm 25kg
Applications: Screenscape, Water features, mulch, landscaping and aquatics.
Online Garden Centre Kelkay Pot Toppers White Ice Handy Pack 20-40mm White Coloured Stone **By
Kelkay Pot Toppers White Ice Handy Pack, 20-40mm White coloured stone, Alpines & Rock Gardens, Borders & Beds, Plant Pot Toppings, Products made up of natural materials will vary in size and colour, some significantly
5 Meter Grey Stone Effect Lawn Edging | Plant Bordering | Hammer In Cobblestone Garden Border | Flower Bed & Grass | 20 Pieces (5m) M&W
If you are looking for a perfect border for your garden lawn our hammer in, faux cobblestone lawn edging is the perfect choice for you. Made from weather-resistant ABS the heavy duty edging is highly durable and comes with a 2 Year Guarantee. The 13cm long stakes secure the border into even the hardest ground with ease. Designed with a special interlocking system, the panels will simply slot together to create a seamless, wall-like border around any patio, lawn or plants. You can also purchase multiple packs and connect them together to create an edging of any length you desire. The raised top of each edging piece not only looks great but also helps reduce weed transfer. The panels are a dark grey, and have a cobblestone-like finish. Please make sure the ground you are hammering the lawn edging into is loose, wet soil. As hard mud can cause the stake to enter at an angle, causing it to break. Specifications: Made from durable weather resistant ABS plastic Each section measures W24cm x H10cm (when dug into the ground) - Stake H13cm Pack of 20 - Covers a 5m long edging Features: Made from durable, weather resistant ABS, perfect for surviving any harsh winters. Easy installation, simply hammer into harder grounds with a rubber mallet. Pack of 20, covers 5 meters of border. Can be used on any shape border. Interlocking, lock together to form a seamless edging for plants, lawns or patios. Please note - Cobblestone effect is only 1 sided. All product images 2017 Maison & White (Xbite Ltd) Cat: LS01
Cotswold Chippings Aggregate from Buttercup Farm

This product offers a bulk aggregate solution for all your garden landscaping projects and is ideal for driveways, garden borders, paths and more. Please note aggregates are a natural product, therefore the exact colour or size can NOT be guaranteed. UK MAINLAND ONLY. After ordering we will contact you to arrange delivery. Access MUST be suitable to accommodate a rigid 16 tonne vehicle with tail-lift, the tail lift cannot operate on inclined surfaces. There must be someone present to accept delivery. A contact telephone number MUST be entered with the delivery details, to enable the delivery company to confirm the delivery date. If a telephone number is not provided the order will remain unprocessed until a time that we are provided with one. All deliveries are made to the nearest flat kerbside. A re-delivery charge of £40.00 (which is to be paid before the receiving the goods) may be applicable for any unsuccessful deliveries. Goods must be inspected before signing. Any damages to the product must be highlighted on the delivery note and given back to the driver. We will not accept any liability for damages to property caused during delivery. The delivery can be made from 08:00 - 18:00 unfortunately we are unable to provide timed deliveries or ETA's. Delivery to postcodes CA, DG, E, EC, EX, FK, G, KA, KY, LD, LL, ML, N, NW, PL, SE, SW, TA, TD, TQ, TR, W and WC may incur a surcharge, please ask before ordering.
Elixir Gardens Decorative Coloured Stones Cotswold 10mm-20mm 20kg x 1
Elixir Gardens
Cotswold 10mm-20mm is a classic favourite for pathways and decorative garden projects. The pale coloured stones will brighten up any landscaping project and provide a contemporary and professional finish.