Trend Digital Angle Rule 20cm TREDAR200
Trend Digital Angle Rule 20cm TREDAR200 400 mm digital angle rule that calculates angles quickly and accurately and is ideal for woodworking, construction and machining.Digital angle display. Stainless steel rule with metric/imperial scale, scale length 200 mm and 7 inch. Measuring range from 0º to 360º, with accuracy of 0.3º. Rule locking function. Easy operation with two press buttons. Auto-shut off in 6 minutes. Measuring range: 0º to 360º. Resolution: 0.1º. Accuracy: 0.3º. Weight: 162 g. Includes: 1 x 3V CR2032 lithium battery. TREDAR200
Digital Angle Ruler with LCD Display Angle Finder Protractor Gauge Ruler 200mm 8
45 days money back 18 months warranty 24/7 friendly service Warm Tips: You have to set the two rulers together on a flat surface to reset the counter to 0.0 before spreading to the angle. Wonderful Features: Auto switch-off after 5 minutes not in use. Measures 360° with high resolution of 0.05°. Clamp screw to lock the blade at any position. Easy to read LCD display of angle measurement. Accurately measures and sets angles at 0.1° accuracy. Using the zero calibration buttom to make measurement much easier. Useful for measuring, marking, and setting angles. Specifications: Length: 200mm/8" Material: Stainless Aluminum Working range: 0-360° Angle precision: ±0.3° Operating temperature: -10°C - 50 °C Storage temperature: -10 - 60 °C Waterproof Grade: IP 54 Package Included: 1*200mm Digital Angle Finder 1* cr2032 Battery
Neoteck Digital Angle Finder LCD Digital Angle Gauge Waterproof Protractor Inclinometer Bevel Box for Helicopter Bevel Angle of Miter Saw Automobile Test and Repair and ect-Blue
All Neoteck Product Comes With 18 Months UK Base Warranty Overview: This Digital Angle Finder, Whose Measuring Range is ±180°(0-360°), with a Powerful Built-in Magnets on the Base Which Secures the Attachment to Any Iron Surface, is Designed to Set or Check Relative Angles between Surfaces, to Work as True Digital Level for Tight Spots as Well. Features: Small and Light Makes it Convenient to Carry Values can be Clearly and Easily Read on the LCD Display Built-in Magnets on the Base Which Secures the Attachment to Any Iron Surface Provides Relative and Absolute Measurements and Zero Setting to Any Position Powered by 2 x LR03 AAA Battery Auto Power Off After 3 Minutes of No Operation Specifications: Measuring Range:±180°(0-360°) Resolution: ±0.01 Degrees at 0-1 and 89-90 Degrees; ±0.05 Degrees at the Rest Accuracy: ±0.01 Degrees at 0-1 and 89-90 Degrees; ±0.02 Degrees at the Rest 4 Units: °,%,IN/FT,mm/m Waterproof: IP54 Power: 2 x LR03 AAA battery(Not Included) Weight: 70g Package Included: 1 x Digital Level Box 1 x Bag 1 x User Manual
Digital Angle Finder 0-225° Digital Protractor with Battery And Pouch 400mm/16 inch Angle Ruler with Spirit Levels And Backlit LCD Digital Inclinometer Angle Measuring Tool
Description: It is a digital angle measuring device whose read is easier and exact than other scale indicated angle level. It is mainly intended for applications which involve lineation for woodworkers, measure and definition of the exact angles such as trays, sloping roofs and handrails. It also can be used as spirit level to quickly measure the horizontal and vertical angle. Features: Backlight design: keep its normal use on dark light. Data holding function: Help the use on dark light. Mechanical lock (Lock knob): Keep the angle invariable in the process of line or measure the angle. The value of the angle increases or decreases in the step of 0.1° as you open or close the angle. ON/OFF LED Lighted display ON/OFF Button Specification: Length: 400mm Increase/decrease angle: 0.1° Measuring range: 0-225° Measuring precision: ±0.5° Working temperature: -10°C~+50°C Battery: 9V 6F22 Operating Procedure: 1. MEASURE ANGLES FUNCTION 1) Switch on SK99G. 2) Unfold the arm of ST99G, the opening angle increases or decreases on LCD display. 3) Adopt the comparative method to measure the angle or set the lineation angle. 4) You can fasten the Lock Button to keep the angle invariable when drawing the angle line. 5) Open the backlight when the beam is dark. 2. Spirit level Function: Quickly measure the horizontal and vertical degree. CAUTION: 1. Do not move the screws and components at random. 2. Please handle your angle meter with care, use even strength to rotate the Rotate Arm, and do not use too much strength. 3. Do not keep the backlight open for a long time. 4. When the low power Alarm icon appears on the display, please change the batteries Package Include: 1*Digital Angle Finder1*9V Battery 1*Portable Bag 1*User Manual
Digital Angle Finder Neoteck 400mm/16 inch 0~225°Backlit LCD Digital Inclinometer Protractor Electronic Spirit Level Gauge Meter with Portable Bag for Industrial Applications Renovation Works
All Neoteck Product Comes With 18 Months UK Base Warranty Overview: This Digital Angle Finder is an Excellent Device for Industrial Applications Involving the Definition of the Exact Angles, Which can Measure Angles with a Great Precision and Easily Read Data with Backlit LED Display. Features: Easily Readable LCD Display Shows the Exact Angle at Once Automatically Shut Off after Five Minutes to Prolong the Batteries' Life Backlight Design to Keep Its Normal Use on Dark Light Data Holding Function to Help the Use on Dark Light Mechanical lock(Lock knob) to Keep the Angle Invariable in the Process of Line HOLD button to lock angle Powered by 9 Volt Battery Specifications: Length: 400mm Increase/Decrease Angle: 0.1° Measuring Range: 0~225° Measuring Precision: ±0.5° Working Temperature: -10°C~+50°C Battery: 9V 6F22 Package Included: 1 x Digital Angle Finder 1 x Angle Finder Case 1 x Portable Bag 1 x User Manual
FIXKIT Digital Angle Ruler with LCD Display Angle Finder Protractor 400mm 0-360 Degree
A wide range of applications,Ideal for woodworking, construction and machining. Stable locking function can lock the measurement at any angle. Using the zero calibration button to make measurement much easier. ▶Specifications: Length: 400mm/16" Material: Stainless Aluminum Working Range: 0-360° Angle Precision: ±0.3° Operating Temperature: -10°C - 60 °C ▶Package: 1* 400mm Digital Angle Finder 1* 3V CR2032 Battery
Angle meter, RISEPRO® 2in1 Digital Angle Finder Meter Protractor Ruler 360° (2 X 300mm) 82305-300
Brief Description: RISEPRO® This 2-in-1 Angle Meter with Ruler measures and lays out both angle and length. You can instantly measure angles within a 360˚ range, making it useful for layout work, machine set-up (table-saw blades, jointer fence etc) and trim installation. The flat and straight edges of the meter are perfect for marking accurate lines with a marker or pencil. Features: Measure angle and length (metric and imperial scale) Easy to measure all kinds of angle and draw lines Ruler made by durable stainless steel Zero Setting function Analogue quadrant for easy reading Long Battery Life (more than 5000 hours in continuous use) Stable locking function can lock the measurement at any angle Compact structure to achieve convenient carrying and use Specifications: Measuring Range (Angle): 000.0 ~ 999.9˚ (More than 999.9˚ incorrect display) Measuring Range (Ruler): 280 mm (11 inch) each blade/arm Resolution: 0.1˚ Accuracy: 0.3˚ Total Ruler Length: 600 mm Working Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ˚C (32 ~ 122 ˚F) Working Humidity: ≤85 % R.H. Working Current: ≤30 µA (More than 5000 hours in continuous use) Power: 1 x CR2032 3V Lithium Battery (Included) Item Size: approx. 317 (L) x 35 (W) x 20 (D) mm (12.5' x 1.38' x 0.79' inch) Item Weight: approx. 245 g (8.64 oz) One Set Included 1 x Digital Angle Meter with Ruler (360˚) 1 x Instruction Sheet 1 x CR2032 3V Lithium Battery Standard Factory Package
Digi-Pas DWL80E Pocket, Black, 10.5 x 1.8 x 5.5 cm
The New Digi-Pas DWL80E is an aesthetic & innovative pocket-size digital level having a resolution of 0.1° & Alternate Zero feature. The impact resistance ABS-PC Polymer material case is moulded to tough aluminium based with built-in magnet. The high quality & affordable price of DWL80E is suitable for entry level users seek to have an amazing experience of precision digital levelling technology. Please visit for more information.
General Tools Digital Angle Finder Rule, 5-Inch (822)
General Tools
Digital stainless steel ruler and angle finder combo makes precise measurements for easy woodworking;Digital protractor has lock and reverse angle functions that make all types of work easy and fast;Hinge mechanism on the angle rule allows a full 360-degrees to measure inside outside and reverse angles;Woodworking tool can be zeroed at any point in the swing; digital measuring stick has a length of 5 inches;Protractor comes with a large easy-to-read LCD display; never guess or eye ball the angle and length again with one convenient tool
KKmoon 0-200mm/8 inches Stainless Steel Digital Protractor Angle Finder Ruler with Reversible Reading Hold Function
This digital protractor combines ruler and protractor, can measure both length(in metric/imperial unit) and angle. It calculates angles accurately and shows on the digital display clearly. Made of stable stainless steel, great for various fields.Features: Practicability: it can both measure length (0-200mm/0-8 inches) and angle(0-360°) quickly and accurately. Wide Applications: woodworking, adjusting angles of saw, vehicle maintenance and repairing, construction, drawing, etc. Digital Display: instant and clear digital readout for easy viewing. Easy Operation: 3 buttons to achieve all functions: reset function, hold data function, reverse display function. Convenient Locking Screw: it helps lock two rulers so that the protractor can be held at any angles by it. Low Power Consumption: powered by a CR2032 button cell(not included). Stable and Portable: made of stainless steel, compact structure for convenient carrying.Operating Instructions: 1. Press HOLD/Rev. button to hold the data("H" will appear on the upper left corner). To return to measure mode, press the button again. 2. Press HOLD/Rev. button for 3 seconds to get reverse display.Specifications: Material: stainless steel + plastic Measuring Range: 0-360°; 0-200mm(8 inches) Resolution: 0.05° Accuracy: ±0.3° Repeatability: 0.05° Battery: 1 * 3V CR2032 button cell (not included) Item Size: 28 * 3 * 2.5cm / 11 * 1.2 * 1in Item Weight: 185g / 6.5oz Package Size: 32.5 * 8 * 3.5cm / 12.8 * 3.1 * 1.4in Package Weight: 222g / 7.8ozPackage List: 1 * Digital Protractor
YOTINO 200MM Digital Angle Ruler with LCD Display 360°Angle Finder Metric & Imperial Protractor Gauge Ruler (with Button Battery)
YOTINO Digital Angle Ruler can measure the distance between 0-200mm (0-7.8inch), but also easy to measure all angles. Accurate measurement data, measuring angle range 0-360°, accuracy ±0.3°. locking nut design, can be locked at any angle. suitable for woodworking, construction and machining. Durable materials - Made of 304 stainless steel with good hardness, not easy to deform, maintain high precision size, suitable for high intensity industrial work. Easy Angle Measurement - Measuring angle data through LCD display, reading easy, high precision, work by CR2032 lithium battery, 10,000 hours, drawer-type battery, easily to replace the Battery. Specifications: Length: 200mm/8" Material: Stainless Aluminum Working range: 0-360° Angle precision: ±0.3° Working temperature: -10℃ - 50 ℃ Dimension :28.7*11.18*2.794cm Average life of battery:000h Weight: 300g Package Included: 1x Digital Protractor Angle Ruler 1x battery
Digital Protractor Angle Finder 0~ 225° with LCD Level, 400 mm/16 inch Angle Measuring Tool for Vertical Horizontal Spirit Level
Digital Angle Finder details: Length: 420mm Body thickness: 21.5mm Material: stainless aluminum Increase/decrease angle: 0.1 degree Measuring range: 0~225 degrees Measuring precision: ±0.1 degree Net/Gross weight:400g/499g Working temperature: -10 to 50 C° Battery: 9V 6F22 (battery not included) Packing: craft bag Application: wood processing, machining, construction [OPERATING PROCEDURE]: A. MEASURE ANGLES FUNCTION 1 Switch on 2 Unfold the arm of Protractor, the opening angle increases or decreases on LCD display 3 Adopt the comparative method to measure the angle or set the lineation angle. 4 You can fasten the Lock Button to keep the angle invariable when drawing the angle line. 5 Open the back-light when the beam is dark. B. MEASURE Level Function Quickly measure the horizontal and vertical degree. CAUTION: 1. Do not use it directly in water; 2.Do not move the screws and components at random; 3. Please handle your angle meter with care, use even strength to rotate the Arm, and do not use too much strength. 4. Don't keep the back-light open for a long time. 5. When the low power Alarm icon appears on the display, please change the batteries
KKmoon 0-360° Digital Inclinometer Electronic Protractor Aluminum Alloy Shell Digital Bevel Box Angle Gauge Meter Magnets Base
This is a practical digital inclinometer. It has a big LCD screen for display the data. The bottom measuring surface with built-in magnets brings great convenience to you, allowing you to attach the cube to any steel object. Portable and lightweight.It is great for precision angle measurements.Features: Ultra light aluminum alloy shell has great durability. Portable size, convenient to co-work with other measuring tools and enlarge measuring range. Relative/absolute measurement interchange at any position. Built-in magnet in bottom surface, which is convenient to be attached to the object measuring workpiece. Quick display of the measured value on big LCD screen. Data hold and slope function. Used for angle measurement in automotive, woodwork, building, drilling machinery etc.Specifications: Material: aluminum alloy Electrical source: 2 * AAA batteries (not included) Measuring range: 4 * 90° Working temperature: 0~40℃ Accuracy: ± 0.2° Resolution: 0.05° Repeatability: 0.1° Item size: 57 * 55 * 27mm / 2.24 * 2.16 * 1.06oz Package size: 80 * 65 * 35mm / 3.15 * 2.56 * 1.38in Package weight: 84g / 2.96ozPackage List: 1 * Digital Inclinometer 1 * User Manual
Bosch 603676000 PAM 220 Digital Angle Measurer & Mitre Finder, 1.5 V, Green, 1
Measure precise angles at the push of a button, calculate mitre angles and transfer: The PAM 220 digital angle measurer from Bosch quickly determines any angle with a measuring accuracy of ± 0.2 degrees. Calculation functions for mitre angles and complementary angles, a leg extension, the illuminated display and the possibility of manual levelling make carrying out efficient precision work effortless. Bosch PAM 220 digital angle measurer The easy, convenient solution for measuring, calculating and transferring angles Save time when measuring angles or calculating mitre angles. The PAM 220 digital angle measurer from Bosch does both of these jobs quickly and precisely. This digital angle measurer makes your work much easier, especially when calculating angles for cutting wood or wooden materials. Transfer the calculated or measured value to a saw and cut your workpiece accurately. Thanks to the measuring precision of ± 0.2 degrees over a measuring range of 0 to 220 degrees, the results are extremely precise. The integrated calculating functions of the measuring tool are particularly useful. For example, you can use the PAM 220 if you need to calculate a double mitre for decorative ceiling strips. The result: No headaches and perfectly fitting workpieces. Precise results A conventional joiners angle measurer soon reaches its limits for more challenging new construction and renovation and repair work in particular. There are very few projects that can be completed using right angles alone. Precision work is particularly important when cutting flooring and ceiling strips, such as in bays or edge areas. With the precise measurements provided by the PAM 220 digital angle measurer, you can transfer the angle to the compound mitre saw and cut your workpiece exactly. Simply position the angle measurer in the corresponding corner of the room and calculate the angle at the push of a
Trend DLB Digital Level Box, Black
Find the angle on a surface quickly and accurately. Magnetic base for hands free use - ideal for table or mitre saws. Accuracy to +/- 0.2 degrees for all angles. Angle sensor technology. Zero button to determine the angle changes from initial meaurement. Absolute level sensor. Large backlight for easy reading of angle. Automatic digital inversion. Auto shutdown in 5 minutes. Measures in relative and absolute measurements. 1 x AAA battery included. For UK sale only.
Starrett 505P 7-inch Plastic Pro-Site Protractor
The L. S. Starrett Company Ltd
The combination protractors take the guesswork out of these functions: mitre cuts, single cuts, compound mitre cuts, included conversion table, protractor and roof pitches. The mitre protractors are ideal for carpenters, plumbers and all building trades that require the measuring and transferring of angles.Features & Benefits- Pro-Site protractors take error-prone calculations out of the process of mitre cuts- This easy-to-use tool has two laser engraved scales- Mitre cut scale transfers readings directly to the mitre saw for mitre joints- Single cut scale transfers readings directly to the mitre saw
Inclinometer, RISEPRO® Digital Protractor Angle Finder Level Inclinometer Magnetic V-Groove 0~360 degree with Backlight 82413B
RISEPRO® Digital Protractor is ideal for automotive, wood & mechanical industries, machinery, medical fields and etc. Specifications Base plate has V-groove with built-in magnets for attaching on curved surfaces or cylinders Large and clear LCD with blue backlight feature Measuring Range: 4 x 90˚, 1000mm/m, % : 100%, in/ft : 12in/ft Accuracy: 0˚ and 90˚: +/- 0.05˚, rest of angle : +/- 0.15˚ Resolution: 0.05˚ Hold Measured data Calibrate button to calibrate the meter to any reference surface Display remains UPRIGHT to enable viewing at all angles Absolute and relative measurement conversion Operating Temperature: 32 to 122 ˚F (0 to 50 ˚C) Operating Humidity: 0 to 85% R.H. Protection Grade : IP65 Power: 2 x AAA Alkaline battery (included) Battery Life: 3000 hours in continuous use Item Dimensions: approx. 5.94' x 2.36' x 1.26' inch (151 x 60 x 32 mm) Item Weight: approx. 10.3 oz (292 g) batteries excluded One Set Included 1 x Digital Protractor with V-Groove 1 x Protective Pouch 1 x Instruction Sheet Premium Color Box
Supfirefly Digital Angle Finder Bevel Gauge Digital Protractor Level Box with Strong Magnetic Base
Digital Angle Finder Bevel Gauge Digital Protractor Level Box with Strong Magnetic BaseMaterial: Environmental plastic.Features: Ultra-slim size; Portable design andamp; simple operation; Built-in 3pcs of strong magnet for attaching on metal surfaces; High accuracy and resolution; Measuring range of 4 x 90 degree (total 360 degree); Degree and Percentage of slope in conversion; Absolute andamp; relative measurement modes; Large and clear LCD display; Measured data hold; Calibrate button to calibrate the meter to any reference surface; Displayed readings remain upright to enable easy viewing at all angles.Application: Drainage angles and run-off slopes; Tool setting on Lathes; Setting blade angle of Circular Saws; Setting blade angle of Miter Saws; Setting work piece angle for milling; Grader and tractor work alignment; Platform monitoring; Check drill press table setting, table saw, jointer table, band saw, jointer fence or band saw table.Display screen: 1.6 inch LCD;Measurement range: 4 x 90 degree;Resolution: 0.1 degree;Powered by 2 x CR2032 3V batteries (included);Working temperature: 0'C~40'C;Relative humidity: 40%~80%;Readings can be shown in Degree or Percentage.Compared with traditional inclinometers, this product equips 3 pieces of strong magnet so that it can firmly be attached to metal surfaces; In addition, the reading is always displayed upright even the inclinometer is upside down;Moreover, you can simply place the meter on a reference surface zero to measure relative angle, then it will give a result of measured slope angle. With absolute angle measurement, you will able to test whether the working surface is on the level.
Portable Digital Protractor Angle Finder Level Inclinometer Magnetic 0~360 Degree for metal wood LCD Backlight Built-in Magnet V-groove base
TekcoPlus Ltd
This Digital protractor uses angle sensor technology to calculate exact angles simply by tilting it to the desired angle.Applications:AutomotiveDrive line MeasurementRace car wing & chassis adjustmentWheel alignmentFrame straighteningIndustrialMachine tool set upLathe and mill alignmentQuality Assurance verificationFeatures:V-groove base plate with b built-in magnetsFull range 360° measurement allows you to work both horizontal and vertical planesDynamic measuring tool: Angle Finder, Protractor and LevelWith Beeper / Sound Function that can be setConverts angles to different units : degrees (°) to mm/m, to percent slope (%), to pitch (in/ft)Measuring range of 4 x 90°Backlight Functions to be able to use it in the dark placeDisplay remains upright enabling viewing at all anglesFast and accurate measurementFactory CalibratedCompact & portable designAbsolute and relative measurement conversionWith CE, RohS, PAHS Marking  Specifications:Measuring Range : 4 x 90° , mm/m : 1000mm/m,% : 100%, in/ft : 12in/ftAccuracy : 0° and 90° : ±0.05°, the rest : ±0.15°Resolution : 0.05°Working Temperature : 32 ~ 122°F (0 ~ 50°C)Working Humidity : ≤85%Protection Grade : IP65 Set Includes:1 x Digital Protractor2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery1 x Protective Pouch1 x English Instruction ManualStandard Factory Package
CMT Daf-001 Digital Protractor With Size 0 – 360 ° Rod, Grey
From the manufacturer: This digital angle finder is a multi-functional tool for many measuring applications. Easy to operate the base, unit carries the electronics giving a very clear detailed LCD display as well as a pair of levelling vials and a pivoting measuring arm. When the arm is extended the angle it makes with the base is indicated clearly on digital read-out to the nearest 0,05°. The measuring range is 0 - 360°. The vials allow variations from the vertical and the horizontal to be accurately measured. Other features include a lock function to prevent the last measurement being lost, a low battery indicator and automatic shut off function. Being robust but light in weight this is a very well thought out tool with a lot of uses. Instructions included.