Xpelair DX100T 4
Applied Energy Products Ltd
DX100 model have a softly curved flow line grille design which will blend into wall or ceiling décor, whilst the shallow depth of the outlet spigot ensures compact window installations. Hole Dia: 115mm (wall) x 125mm (window) x 110mm (shaft)
Xpelair DX4T (DX100T) 100mm 4
Xpelair 100mm / 4 inch Bathroom / Toilet Fan. With Built in Timer for run on feature. Timer Fan requires a permanent live for run on feature to work.
BATHROOM FAN KIT 4 WITH TIMER Diameter:99mm External Depth:30mm External Height:99mm External Width:30mm Fan Flow Rate:76m³/h No. of Output Settings:1 Plug Type:- Power Rating:12W Supply Voltage:240VUK Standard Manufacturer's Term WarrantyA stylish, compact and easy to install 4 (100mm) single speed extractor fan. Suitable for a wide range of applications including bathrooms including zones 1 and 2.Single speed 4" (100mm) axial extract fans Maximum fan performance 21 l/s Lubricated for life motors with thermal cut-out protection Clip-off front cover for ease of cleaning IPX5 Rated BEAB approved Wall, window or ceiling mounting Air operated backdraught shutter Contents: Universal mounting kit comprising of a wall tube, gasket x2, outer grille and skirt moulding"
Xpelair C4TS 4
Xpelair Simply Silent C4TS Square Extract Fan with TimerThe Simply Silent C4TS Fan from Xpelair is a two speed, silent, intermittent, timer fan which is suitable for wall, ceiling, window and panel mounting.  This Simply Silent timer fan inorporates Ghost Airflow Technology which offers all of the following benefits. - - - - - -         - - - - - - - - - - Flow straighteners guide air through ducting which reduces turbulence, smoothing and making the air flow laminar. - - - - A cone reduces turbulence in front of the fan and air is directed straight into the impellor - - - - Ball-bearing motors suppress noise from the motor - - - - - - - - - Features and Benefits - - - - - -         - - - - - - - - - - The fan has two speeds - - - - Intermittent and silent in operation - - - - Integral timer - - - - Suitable for wall, ceiling, window and panel mounting - - - - Easy to install and/or to replace an existing fan - - - - 2 year warranty on the product - - - - The unit is IPX4 rated - - - - Meets with Building Regulations Part F - - - - Quiet Mark pending. - - - - - - - - - For ease of installation - - - - - -         - - - - - - - - - - Strengthened ducting reduces duct distortion on fitting and avoids breakage - - - - Radial screw slots for easy aligment of back plate prior to final fixing - - - - Features a level line at bottom of back plate for ease of alignment - - - - Large cable access for ease of wiring - - - - Front cover is easy to remove or replace - - - - To replace  - hook at top, rotate, press and clip back into place - - - - Notch to remove cover with tool - no screws - - - - Easy cleaning thanks to twist and turn baffle - - - - - - - - - It is finished in white and boasts a modern discreet design which will complement even the m
OOPPEN quiet bathroom extractor fan Features: Input: 10W Noise: 30dB Install Space ( D:mm ): 100 Front Panel: 150*150mm Temperature Range: -20 to 50℃
Xpelair 93225AW 4-Inch Bathroom Ventilation Wall/Ceiling Extractor Fan with Run-on Timer - White
The Xpelair VX100T single speed extraction fan is suitable for a wide range of applications, including bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, including zone 1 and zone 2 installations. This product meets Building Regulations Part F and has a timer control which means that when connected to a remote switch, such as a lighting circuit, the fan will turn on when the circuit is switched on and overrun for a selectable time of 30 seconds to 30 minutes when the circuit is switched off. The VX100T has a sleek, slim line design and will protrude from the wall by 15mm when installed. Specifications:Extract performance: 20 l/s.Electrical power rating: 16 Watt.Specific fan power: 0.78 W/l/s.Sound pressure level: 35 dba at 3m.IP rating: 4.PTDXPL93225AWW
Vent-a-matic Cord Operated Fan 162mm Diameter Model 106
*A Non Electrical Window Ventilator* The Simon ventamatic cord operated (NON-ELECTRICAL) fans are durable and are an effective range of in-glass ventilators that can solve most ventilation requirements. *Model 106 to suit 162mm diameter hole* *Model 106 For Single Glazed Windows* *Can be fitted to 4mm or 6mm single glazing* Model / Application / Performance (Area mm2). *Model 106 for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, average size rooms / 9000mm2* *Equiped with diffusing rotor to prevent draught and improve fresh air distribution* **Helps prevent condensation in most sized rooms** *Rotor operates under own inertia even when air pressure equalised*
Xpelair GXC6 Kitchen Window, Panel or Wall Extractor Fan with Pull Cord Operation
Applied Energy Products Ltd
Xpelair GXC6 Kitchen Axial Extract Fan with Pullcord The Xpelair GXC6 is a standard 150mm (6 inch) fan with an integrated pullcord activation, specifically designed for use in large bathrooms, domestic kitchens and utility rooms and are also suitable for commercial use in small offices.Direct ventilation to the outside is achieved due to the fact that the GXC6 is a highly efficient axial fan which is suitable for wall, window or panel mounting using the universal mounting kit provided.All models have a silent shutter operation contained within an aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean cover and have an integrated finger guard.  They also benefit from a design focussed on allowing easy maintenance. All Xpelair GXC6 fans comply with Building Regulations Mechanical Ventilation for Kitchens.All units have a three year warranty and are BEAB approved and are rated as Class 1 earthed appliances.FeaturesSingle speed extract fan.Integral pull cord switches fan on and opens electro thermal shutter. Integral pull cord switches fan on and opens shutter.Specification1 Speed266 (FID, m3/h) Extract Performance74 (FID, l/S) Extract Performance37 (dB(A) @3m) Sound Pressure Level30W Electrical Power Rating184mm Hole Diameter1.9 Kg Weight3 Year Guarantee
Manrose Primeline PEF6130 Window Extractor Fan with Pullcord & Automatic Shutter
Made in UK by Manrose Manufacturing, badged Primeline
Manrose 240V 100mm Centrifugal Inline Shower Fan Kit
The Manrose 100mm In-Line Fan Kit with Timer is quiet, unobtrusive yet very powerful with an incredible extraction rate of 110m3/hr (31 litres per second). These bathroom accessories will remove the excess moisture from the air to prevent any mould from growing, as well as any bad odours from moist materials. This unit also contains an adjustable timer to give you the ability to control when you want it to function. The timer can be set from 1 to 20 minutes. The fan also contains backwards curved centrifugal impellers for a large air flow to cope with high pressure effectively. As well at this, it is designed to handle temperatures up to 40°C which is easily high enough to handle the temperatures reached in a household. This fan's power is supplied by a single phase induction motor which contains pre-oiled bearings. In addition, this fan is designed using a spring operated non-return flap to the discharge spigot, to prevent any backdraughts. Technical Data:• Maximum pressure 120p.a.• Fan speed: 1400 r.p.m.• Sound volume: 45.0dB(A)• Maximum operating temperature: 40°C• Energy Type: 220-224V - AC.50Hz Dimensions:• Depth: 180mm• Height: 175mm• Width: 175mm
A stylish, compact and easy to install 4'' (100mm) single speed extractor fan. Suitable for a wide range of applications including bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, including zones 1 and 2. Single speed 4'' (100mm) axial extract fans. Maximum fan performance 21 l/s. Lubricated for life motors with thermal cut-out protection. Clip-off front cover for ease of cleaning. IPX5 Rated. BEAB approved. Wall, window or ceiling mounting. Air operated backdraught shutter.
Manrose WF100T 100mm/4
Manrose WF100T WF100 Series Axial Window Fan c/w Timer 100mm/4" 230V
Xpel Mosquito & Insect Repellent Pump Spray KIDS 70ml & Xpel Mosquito Insect Fly Bite Adult and Kids Repellent Tropical PEN Spray, SET WITH 2 PIECES NO BOX
Apply carefully to all exposed areas of the skin, avoiding contact with eyes and lips. Renew application every 2 to 3 hours or as necessary and after swimming.
High Power 220 m3/hr Inline Loft Mounted Bathroom/Toilet Extractor Fan Kit 4
Swiftair 100mm - Mixed flow fan Timer Fan. (1 Year Warranty) SMF100T (Timer) AG4 - (White Internal grille) ALU4100 5m - (5 meter of ducting) BD-CON4100 - (Back Draught Shutter) FG4 - (White 4" fixed Grille) Clamps x 6 Quiet and powerful, high performance up to 220 m3/hr. They are less bulky than large in-line centrifugal fans and can be installed in loft spaces or service shafts. This range is specially designed for residential applications requiring remote extraction. It is also supplied with a mounting bracket for quick and easy installation on wooden joists and panels. The inlet/outlets are compatible with flexible and rigid pipe. Application SMF100T fans are suitable for removing damp moist air, odours and airborne pollutants from bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms, utilities, kitchen and other internal living spaces without windows or natural ventilation. Main Features Quiet and powerful mixed flow fan Run on Timer High performance up to 220 m3/hr (30 Watts) Low Speed 160 m3/hr (24 watts) Sound Level 30 dB (3m) Remote mounting in lofts and cupboards Double-up - Two fans in series - double the pressure Two fans in parallel - double the flow Thermally protected motor
Swiftair - SF100T 1 - Year Warranty You will receive everything in the picture thank you Fan SF100T - Timer 1-15min Internal Grille Circular White Grille Ducting 3m - 4" 100mm PVC Ducting Outside Grille Fixed Grille White Clamps 4 x Clamps Included About the Fan Input Watts - 15 Airflow - 100m3/h 39 Dba TIP: Recommended Length of Ducting - 1.5m Designed for the safe ventilation of bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms, the SF100 (100mm 4") range of in-line extractor fans remove any risk of an electric shock in wet areas as the fan is mounted remotely.
High Power Inline Loft Mounted Bathroom Extractor Fan Kit 100mm 4
Blauberg UK
Everything you need in one box: fan with run-on timer, ceiling vent, duct, clips and wall/ soffit outlet
Xpelair Dx100t Bathroom Fan Kit, 4
4" (100mm) Timer Axial Extractor Fan inc Mounting Kit   Operating Instructions (3.57MB) EN A stylish Diameter: 99mm External Depth: 30mm External Height: 99mm External Width: 30mm Fan Flow Rate: 76m³/h No. of Output Settings: 1 Plug Type: - Power Rating: 12W Supply Voltage: 240V Diameter: 99mm External Depth: 30mm External Height: 99mm External Width: 30mm Fan Flow Rate: 76m³/h No. of Output Settings: 1 Plug Type: - Power Rating: 12W Supply Voltage: 240V MSL: -
MEETEW Hand Held Folding Fans Paper Bamboo Frame with Tassels 100% Handmade Oriental Chinese/Japanese Vintage Retro Style
Hand Held Fans Silk Bamboo Folding Fans Handheld Folded Fan for Church Wedding GiftFeatures: This is a very beautiful vintage bamboo folding hand fan, made of wood with elegant pattern Smooth opening and closing. Material: Paper + bamboo Best choice for summer wedding and party Suitable for business occasions, birthday gifts, etc. With a firm fan of nail fixed axis. Size: Close Length 22CM ,Unfolded Width 29 CM Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurementThe real color may be slightly different from the photo, due to a variety of factors such as computer screen contrast or light.Package inculded:1 Pcs Folding Fan
Premium Kitchen Bathroom Wall High Flow Extractor Fan 100mm with Humidity Sensor by Airroxy
airRoxy fans are designed using the newest innovations and possibilities given by the modern technology. Our fans are unique not only because of their design but also thanks to: Modular construction: Using the modular construction and production unification, give us the flexibility in modifying the electronic controllers both with the direct or alternating current sensors, and turbines. Innovative solutions: Only airRoxy fans, among other products available on the market in this sector, have the turbines with changeable paddle geometry. It gives a large airflow with low acoustic pressure. The turbine in airRoxy fans isn't made in proportion, what means that each size has different adjusted shape of the turbine. Moreover, our fans have fan baffle which improves the airflow even more. High quality materials: The casing of the fans is made of the best quality ABS which is characterised by its high durability and scratch resistance. Active elements exposed to the high temperature are made of technical material called polycarbonate. It makes the usage safer and it prolongs the operating life of the fan. Silicon seals and a special casing construction of the fan ensure high class of waterproofness confirmed by the IPX4 class. High performance: Our fans are tested with three measurement methods, which gives the most precise results. Thanks to the used materials, and innovative technologies our fans reach high performance with low noise level.