WJEC/Eduqas GCSE Music
Illuminate Publishing
Endorsed by WJEC/Eduqas and designed specifically for the new GCSE Music qualification, it covers all four Areas of Study: Musical Forms and Devices, Music for Ensemble, Film Music and Popular Music / Provides practical activities, extension tasks, suggestions for additional listening and useful tips for individual and group work / Supports students in all aspects of Performing, Composing and Appraising / Helps students prepare for the Performing Assessment and presentation of their coursework for Composing: includes identifying best practice, practical advice and guidance on how to complete the required log, evaluation and programme notes.
WJEC / Eduqas GCSE Music Listening Tests
Rhinegold Education
Written by an experienced teacher and examiner, this book will help you to prepare for the Appraising (listening) part of both the WJEC and WJEC/Eduqas courses. It contains: Practice questions for each Area of Study, for both specifications A complete practice paper for the WJEC/Eduqas course A complete practice paper for the WJEC course A comprehensive mark scheme Downloadable audio for all the tests
WJEC / Eduqas GCSE Music Revision Guide
Rhinegold Education
This revision guide presents the key information you need to know for the written exam (Appraising) part of the WJEC and WJEC/Eduqas GCSE Music syllabuses. It includes: Notes on the prepared extracts for both syllabuses Guidance on all questions in the appraising exam, including those on prepared extracts and those on unprepared extracts Practice questions, with answers included Notes on the music history you will need to know and the musical forms and devices that you will need to understand An introduction to music theory Tips on how to revise
Eduqas AS and A Level Music Study Guide
Rhinegold Education
A definitive study guide for the AS and A Level syllabuses. This comprehensive guide: covers all three components of both levels offers tips for performing and composing has a detailed chapter on each Area of Study, followed by sample exam papers contains an extensive glossary of technical terms
WJEC GCSE Music Listening Tests Pupils' Book
Rhinegold Publishing Ltd
WJEC GCSE Music Listening Tests (English)