Fluke T90 Voltage & Continuity Tester-Yellow
An essential part of any electrician's selection of tools, the Fluke T90 contains all of the functionality you need for accurate and reliable two-pole voltage and continuity testing. Part of Fluke's range of 'T' voltage and continuity testers, the T90 is the entry-level product in the range and is the most cost effective model for those wanting a voltage tester that simply does what it is meant to do.Ideal for use in any low voltage electrical outlet, the T90 can be used to measure voltage across a range of 12V to 690V and continuity from 0 to 400kΩ with audible indication. The tester uses LED indicators to show the current measurement taken. Other models in the Fluke T series also come with integrated LCD screens that show a full measurement value or provide vibration feedback.GS38 compliant tip caps. Compliant with IEC EN 61243-3: 2010.
Fluke T5-1000 Voltage Continuity Tester, H5 Carrying Case & 1AC Voltage Indicator Kit
The Fluke T5-H5-1AC Kit is a great kit for electricians. The first device you’ll receive in the pack is the 1AC. This device is capable of ensuring that you get accurate results and can obtain them with total ease. This electrical tester features an OpenJaw system which allows you to take measurements without any direct contact, by simply feeding the wire or conductor through the slot in the top of the device. It also features a simple push button/dial system which makes it easy for you to change the settings to perform the measurements you want. Whether you need your Fluke tester to measure voltage, current or continuity, you can be sure that it can do the job. Depending on the specific model of electrical kit you purchase, too, you’ll be able to choose between 600V and 1000V. It also comes with a T51000 that lets you check voltage, continuity and current with just one compact tool. Select volts, ohms or current and the instrument does the rest. This models measure 1000 volts AC/DC. It also comes with a holster for holding your tester. The Fluke T5-H5-1AC Kit includes: T5-1000 Electrical Tester H5 Holster 1 AC VoltAlert
ULTRICSÂ Digital LCD Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter OHM AC DC Circuit Checker Tester Buzzer 1000V 10A Probes
Features • Data hold function probe & diode test facility. • Housed in rugged rubber boot with integral stand. • Large LCD display with blue backlight. • 20 Position rotary switch. • Removable thick rubber casing protects the multimeter from splashes and minor bumps. • Supplied with full set of leads and probes. • Full overload protection DC Voltage: • Display: Blue Backlight LCD, 1999 counts, updates 2-3/sec • Measuring method: Dual-slope integration A/D Converter • Operating Environment: 0 to 40 °C • Storage Temperature: -10°C to 50°C • Power: 9V Battery, NEDA 1604 or 6F22 Type • Fuse Protection: 200mA/250V • Size: 138mm x 69mm x 31mm • Weight: Approx. 280g • Measurement Range 200VmV-600V • ±0.5% of rdg ± 2 digits • Overload Protection: 250V rms AV Voltage: • Measurement Range 200V-600V • ±1.2% ± 10 digits • Overload Protection: 600VDC or rms Resistance: • Measurement Range 200 Ohms - 2M Ohms • ±0.8% of rdg ± 3 digits • Maximum Open Circuit Voltage: 3.2V • Overload Protection: 250VDC or rms Transister: • Measurement Range hFE TEST (0-1000) Packet content: • 1 x Digital Multimeter, • 1 x Full Set of Leads / Probes, • 1xOperator's Instruction Manual • Audible Continuity • Diode/Transistor Verification Mode
Dr.meter VD-1 Non-Contact Voltage Tester Detector, Multi-sensor Safe Voltage Measuring Tool Electrical Test Pencil Electrometric Detector Sensing Range Ac 90-1000v
Dr.Meter Voltage TesterThe Dr. Meter VD-1 voltage detector is a non-contact voltage tester(Test Range: 90-1000VAC) with a built-in torch to indicate the presence of voltage in switches, circuit breakers, cables, light fixtures, outlets and wires etc. Place it closer to objects under test(better within 1cm), it is an essential tool for electricians, home inspectors, and those who fancy themselves repairman.  The tool is simple to use. Place the device within 1 cm of any wire or electrical outlet and the tip will turn green while the unit makes an audible "beep" if voltage is detected. Note: Don't use the detector if it is broken or can't work properlyDon't use the detector to test objects exceeds voltage detection range30V(AC) above has potential electiric shock risk.Be sure to take extra care when opearting SpecificationsWorking voltage: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery(Not included)Storage temperature environment: 10 - 50?, < 95%RHTest Voltage Range: 90 - 1000 VACOff quiescent current = 4 uAFrequency Range: 50 to 500 HzSafety Rating : CAT II 1000vMaterial: ABS PlasticColor: Orange Package Contents1 x AC Voltage Detector2 x 1.5V AAA battery
Spmall UNI-T UT15C LCD Display Waterproof Type Voltage Testers
Product description Technical Specifications: Specifications Range Best Accuracy Model UT202 DC Voltage (V) 200mV/2V/20V/200V/600V ¡À(0.8%+1) AC Voltage (V) 2V/20V/200V/600V ¡À(1.2%+5) AC Current (A) 2A/20A/200A/400A ¡À(1.5%+5) Resistance (¦¸) 200¦¸/2K¦¸/20K¦¸/200K¦¸/2M¦¸/20M¦¸ ¡À(1%+2) Temperture(¡ãC) -40¡ãC~1000¡ãC ¡À(1%+3) Temperture(¡ãF) -40¡ãF~1832¡ãF ¡À(1%+6) Features: Display Count ¡¡ 2000 Auto Range ¡¡ ¡Ì Jaw Capacity 28mm Diode ¡Ì Continuity Buzzer¡¡ ¡Ì Low Battery Indication ¡¡ ¡Ì Data Hold ¡¡ ¡Ì MAX Mode ¡¡ ¡Ì Full Icon Display ¡¡ ¡Ì Input Impedance for DCV Around 10M¦¸ ¡Ì General Characteristic Power 1.5V Batteries£¨R03) ¡Á2(Not included) LCD Size 35.6mm X 18 mm Product Color Red and Grey Package includes: 1 x UNI-UT202 Digital Clamp Meter 1 x Test Lead 1 x Point Contact Temperature Probe 1 x User's Manual Note: The product UNI-T has passed the CE certification, the battery has passed the SGS testing certification. Be assured, if in doubt please contact us, thank you. Please read relevant information carefully and observe all the warnings and note strictly. Sometimes, the readings will change at a range due to the influence of the exposure to electromagnetic fields, then just get any one within those readings. The meter can be cleaned with soft clean cloth to remove any oil, grease or grim. Do not use liquid solvent or detergent.
Fluke 1AC-II VoltAlert - Non-Contact Voltage Detector Pen CAT IV 1000V
TACKLIFE Clamp Meter, Clamp Multimeter CM02A Advanced Auto Range TRMS 6000 Counts with NCV, Temperature, AC/DC Voltage, AC Current, Continuity, Resistance Electrical Tester Amp Volt Meter
Tacklife - A professional team on Amazon, which deals only with the development of tools. We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to improve the quality of life. Designed to Make Complicated Electrical Maintenance Safe and Simple This clamp meter determines true RMS for measuring AC/DC voltage, AC current, combining an auto sensing range on temperature, frequency, resistance, capacitance and continuity measurement. Fool Proof Clamp Test With a capacity of max 600amps, the clamp jaw allows you to measure AC current of cords and wires without breaking the circuit for the fool proof and convenient troubleshooting. End Shields - The subtle design of insulated probes with plastic caps can handle them safely and keep them from getting rusted or filled with impurities. Data Hold - Data freeze keeps the measured readings on the screen for a quicker record. Specification Security Level: IEC61010 CAT.III 600V, double insulation Sampling Rate: Approximately 3 times per second Display: Maximum display 5999 DC Voltage: 6V/60V/600V ±(0.5%+3) AC Voltage: 6V/60V/600V ±(0.8%+5) AC Current: 6A/60A/600A ±(2.5%+8), 400A-600A ±(3.0%+10) Resistance: 6K/60K/600K/6M/60M ±(0.8%+3) Capacitance: 600uf/6000uf ±(4.0%+3) Temperature: -20~1000℃(-4~1832℉) ±(1.0%+2) Temperature Coefficient: Less than 0.1 x accuracy/ ℃ Working Temperature: 18℃-28℃ Storage Temperature: -10℃-50℃Auto Shut-down Time: 10 minutes Notes 1.Jaw opening test has the capacity to measure AC current rather than DC current. 2.You have to expose one wire to clamp that one to get a real current reading. Package Content 1 x Tacklife CM02A Advanced Clamp Meter 1 x K-Type Thermocouple 1 x Test Leads (Pair) 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries 1 x User Manual 1 x Cloth Pouch 1 x Warranty Card
Voltage Tester Non Contact AC Circuit Voltage Detector Pen High Sensitivity of 12V~1000V/48-1000V Electrical Testers with LED Flashlight, Alarm Mode & Live/Null Wire Judgment -FraFong Black
Voltage Detector, FraFong Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester with led flashlight ▲Live/Null Wire Judgment Separate the two wires to be detected as far as possible, and push the inductive head of the tester close to the wire, and plug the probe into the jack, and the tester detects that one of the strong induced signal is live wire, and the weak or non-sensing signal of the induction signal is neutral wire. ▲High Sensitivity Detect Range Default Auto Mode is 46V-1000V; Manual Mode is 12V-1000V. ▲Safe and Reliable International CE CAT III 1000V certificated, safe and reliable. ▲Led Flashlight Led flashlight design makes user more convenient to work in dim or dark environment. ▲Battery Undervoltage Indication When the battery voltage is below about 6.5v, the power indicator light will flash for 3 times, and the buzzer will turn off automatically after a sound. Specification: Weight:68g Dimension: 174*47*35mm AC Voltage Range: about 12V~1000V (Manual)/ 48~1000V (Automatic) Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Alarm Mode: beep and light alarm Flashlight: White LED Working Temperature: 0~40℃ Storage Temperature: -10℃~50℃ Altitude:
KKmoon Automatic Electric Socket Tester Neutral Live Earth Wire Testing RCD Test UK Plug
It is a socket tester which rapidly detect whether the socket's wire connection is correct or not. With RCD test function, it is more practical.Features: The product is a socket tester which rapidly detect whether the socket's wire connection is correct or not. It is used to detect whether neutral, live and earth wire is connected correctly and to indicate which wire is missing. With RCD test function, it is more practical. Several indicators to indicate the state of the socket, easy to judge. Compact size, light weight.Specifications: Plug Type: UK Voltage: 230V Item Size: 6 * 6.5 * 6cm / 2.36 * 2.56 * 2.36in Item Weight: 48-59g / 1.69-2.08oz Package Size: 10 * 13.5 * 6cm / 3.94 * 5.31 * 2.36in Package Weight: 63-74g / 2.22-2.61ozPackage List: 1 * Socket Tester
Voltage Tester Pen, AIJIWU Non-Contact 90V-1000V AC Voltage Tester Alert Pen Voltage Detector LED Display
AEA group
The Non Contact Voltage Detector is an essential tool for electricians, home inspectors, and those who fancy themselves reapairman. The tool is simple to use. Place the device within 1 cm of any wire or electrical outlet and the tip will turn red while the unit makes an audible "beep" if voltage is detected. The unit is equipped with a flashlight to help navigate through dark spaces. Digital multi-sensor measuring electrical tool 1. dirctly test 2. Sense Test 3. Leakage test 4. can replace the battery 5. Dark Vision Function Clear dignal voltbe canibe shown in the dark night 6. Auto-detecting function a.testing Domestic appliances b.testing circuits c.testing alternating circuits d.testing direct current power e.indirect testing high oltage f.Distinguish zero phase line and find the broken point Frequency Range: 50 to 500 Hz Test Voltage Range: 90-1000V AC Safety Rating : CAT II 1000v Powered By: 2 x AAA Batteries (not included) Material: ABS Plastic Color: Yellow Item size: 152*23*15mm Package weight: 60g FQA: 1. Why does it not work when I test socket? But LED light normally, and test hot wire normally? Answer: Please make sure your voltage detector tip must be inserted into the hot slot. When some wall socket has child safe lock, the tip can't detect it, you have to take apart the cover to test. Sometimes our batteries didn't put well, it will make the device seems not work, please take out the battery, inspect the battery connection and then try again.
Martindale VT12 Two Pole Voltage and Continuity Tester
Martindale Electric Co Ltd
Voltage Tester - Safe and Reliable Measurements and Testing. Rated to CAT III 690V. Acoustic indication up to 200k Ohms. GS38 Compliant
Extech Instruments CT20 Remote and Local Continuity Tester
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Remote & Local Continuity Tester · One person operation for wire and cable testing: · Local continuity checking is accomplished by a bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beeper · Remote continuity with the use of the remote probe, it does not tie-up two people when identifying and labeling long distance wire/cable runs · Flashing remote probe - two lead, bi-color (red/green) LED probe allows a single user to identify up to three wires or cables at a a time for correct labeling with only one trip to the other end location - cuts down on multiple trips back and forth · Lightweight and pocketsized, clips on and hangs from the cable(s) under test without falling off · Great from Electricians and Helpers, Cable TV and Audio System Installers, Alarm Technicians, Plumbers, HVAC Installers, Auto Repair Technicians, Carpenterse, Handymen, and Do-it-yourself Homeowners
Fluke T5-1000 Open Jaw Electrical Tester 1000V - Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester
The fast and easy solution to basic electrical testing. The Fluke T5-1000 Voltage, Continuity and Current tester lets you check voltage, continuity and current with just one compact tool. Select Volts, ohms or current and the instrument does the rest. This models measure 1000 volts AC/DC. For 600 volts see the T5-600 model. The OpenJaw current technology lets you check current up to 100A without breaking the circuit. Features of the T5-1000 Display count Automatic selection Continuity Bleeper Sleep mode AC Voltage - 1000v DC Voltage - 1000v AC Current - 100A Resistance - 1000 ohms Safety Range - 1000V CAT III 400 hours of battery life Weight -0.38kg Size (HxWxD) - 203mm x 51mm x 30.5mm Two year warranty The Fluke T5-1000 Voltage, Continuity and Current tester lets you check voltage, continuity and current with just one compact tool. Select Volts, ohms or current and the instrument does the rest.
Silverline 457014 3-in-1 Voltage Tester, 760 mm
Indicates voltage range 110-150V, 220-330V and 380-500V AC. Determines if cables are live and helps trace faults. Includes 760mm long cable.
TACKLIFE Multimeter, DM10 Digital Electrical Tester Auto Ranging Battery Tester AC/DC Voltage AC/DC Current Resistance Continuity Diode Measuring Meter with NCV, Flashlight and Data Retention
Tacklife - The first professional team on Amazon, which deals only with development of the tools. We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to solve your life problems.Why Choose This TACKLIFE DM10 Professional Digital Multimeter? ☞✿Through the transparent outer case,you can see clearly the circuit board from the outside, large display screen, compact and convenient to carry☞✿Accurately measures your household batteries and car batteries of 1.5V, 6V, 9V, 12V☞✿HOLD Button for data retention, easy to read the test☞✿NCV function: When detecting the AC voltage greater than 90V, the internal buzzer beeps☞✿15 minutes without any operation, the meter will automatically shut down.☞✿Backlight and flashlight offer a clear reading and makes it easier and more convenient to work in dark placesSpecifications▶DC voltage: 200mV/200V (± 0.5% + 2) 600V (± 0.8% + 2)▶AC voltage: 2V/200V (±1%+3) 600V (±1.2%+3)▶Resistance: 200Ω/2MΩ (± 0.8%+2) 20MΩ (± 1%+2)▶Diode: Forward DC current 1mA, reverse DC voltage 1.48V▶Continuity: When measured resistance is lower than 100Ω, the meter beeps▶DC current: 200μA/200mA (± 1.5% + 3) 10A (± 2.0% + 5)▶AC current: 200μA/200mA (± 1.5% + 4) 10A (± 2.5% + 5)▶Measurable battery1.5V, resolution: 0.001v6v, resolution: 0.01V9V, resolution: 0.01V12v, resolution: 0.01VPackage Content 1X TACKLIFE DM10 Digital Multimeter1X A pair of Test leads with Alligator Clips3X 1.5V AAA batteries1X Screwdriver1X User manual1X Warranty Card
Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester, Tacklife VT01 Circuit Voltage Detector Improved Version High Sensitivity of 12V~1000V/48-1000V Voltage Test Pen with LED Flashlight, Alarm Mode & Live/Null Wire Judgment
Tacklife wish you special joy everyday and all year, peace and love for you。 May this auspicious year, bring in loads of joy and success in your life. We wish you a very happy journey of life. May you get all you desire.Check the ☞✿Promotion Messages✿☜ to get speacial offers A Sensitive Alertor - Dual Range Prevents the Risk of High VoltageThis VT01 voltage detector beeps when close to electromagnetic field within 10-20 centimeters, indicating that there is live power to get your attention; The alarming sound and light are at different intensities when testing live and null line (yellow for safety, red for danger).Dual Range - Auto detects low voltage (12-48V AC) and standard voltage (48-1000V AC) in wide applications.Non-Contact Standard Voltage Detection - Applied in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires.LED Spotlight - Concentrates the light onto the precise area which the user is detecting into.Smart Saving Power - Loaded with the latest innovative energy conservation feature.SpecificationSecurity Level: CE CAT. III 1000V / CAT. IV 600VRange of AC Voltage: 12V-1000VService Temperature: 0~40℃Frequency: 50Hz / 60HzAltitude:
Megger TPT320 Voltage Tester
The Megger TPT320 voltage tester provides electricians and electrical engineers with voltage indication but has additional functions / features that makes the instrument a versatile instrument. The TPT320 features both LCD and LED displays that provides AC and DC voltage measurement from 12 to 690 volts, in addition, a continuity function ranging from 0 to 500 kΩ. Continuity and voltage measurements greater are accompanied by an acoustic sounder. A bright LED torch feature allows safe working in poorly lit environments. When conducting a test between phase and earth on a circuit protected by an RCD, RCBO and Safety Breaker the TPT320 will not trip these devices. The phase rotation indication feature is simplified which avoids the crossing of the test probes adopted by some 2 pole testers. With safety in mind, the TPT320 is CATIV 600 V rated with an IP64 rated strong body that provides easy and comfortable grip. GS38 shrouds are provided as standard. The unit has a feature that will warn the operator of dangerous test voltages even when the batteries have become exhausted.
Multimeter Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeters Multi Tester Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter AC/DC Voltage DC Current Resistance Diodes Transistor Audible Continuity Tester with Backlight LCD for School Laboratory Factory and other Social Fields
All Neoteck Product Comes With 18 Months UK Base Warranty Overview: This Multimeter can be used for AC/DC voltage test, DC current test, electric current resistance, hfe (DC amplification) test, Frequency test, two-electrode valve test, NPN PNP transistor test, etc. You can use the Multimeter in more places, such as factory, school lab, home hobby, machine repairing, etc. Specification: 15mm high LCD Display Max display: 2000, Auto polarity display Portable and compact design, overload protection on all ranges Diode assembly test/Transistor P-N junction test/Transistor HFE test Continuity test with buzzer sound in circuit Low battery voltage indication DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V ±0.5%, 600V ±0.8% AC Voltage: 200V/600V ±1.2% DC Current: 200μA/2mA/20mA ±1%, 200mA ±1.5%, 10A ±3% Resistance: 200ω/2Kω/20Kω/200Kω/2Mω ±0.8% Fuse protection: F-200mA/250V Operating Temperature: -0℃ to 40℃ Over Range Indication: Only figure "1" on the display Polarity Indication: "-" displayed for negative polarity Low Battery Indication: - /+ display Battery: 9V Dimension: Approx 138mm x 69mm x 31mm Package Included: 1 x LCD Digital Multimeter 1 x Test Lead Banana Plug to Alligator Clip(pair) 1 x Test Lead(pair) 1 x Orange Back Cover 1 x Manual 1 x 9V Volt Battery