Famag drill bits

Famag HSS-G Set of 19 Twist Drill Bits for Wood
Cut360 UG
High speed made of high quality steel.The sharp lips score the wood prior to cutting giving a tear free edge.Fluted sides reduce the area of the bit which contacts the wood keeping friction and heat build up to a minimum.Total length: 60 mm - 160 mm.Unlike cheaper drill bits, these professional quality German made brad point bits have an extremely high diameter accuracy. This means that when you need a hole of a specific diameter, that is what you will get. Made from premium quality high speed steel, these lip and spur bits are specially designed for fast, clean cutting. The sharp lips score the wood prior to cutting giving a tear free edge to the hole and the central spur keeps the drill in position for more precise drilling.The large flutes have a parabolic profile giving these bits highly efficient chip clearance capabilities. Fluted sides reduce the area of the bit which contacts the wood keeping friction and heat build up to a minimum. These bits will work in all softwoods, hardwoods including exotics, plywood and MDF. Available in a range of sizes, these bits have an over all length of 60mm - 160mm.©
Famag CV Wood Twist Drill Bit Set 8 Piece Set in Plastic Box
Cut360 UG
With centre point, 2 main cutters and above cutting edges.Quality: Hobby: with centre point, 2 main cutters and above cutting edge material: CV Revolution Speed: 1500 - 2500 rpm, Base Soft Wood Application: For accurate drilling in soft and some European hardwoods tip: Great value spiral drill bit. At higher quality (also with), we recommend the range 1594 HSS Taper Tap g packaging: Pack of 1 SB in PE bag. EANFeatures: 8 Piece Set In Plastic Box. Diameter 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 mm
Famag- Bormax- 6 pcs. Set in wooden case. 15, 20, 25, 30, 35mm.
Bormax WS - Satz 5tlg. D=15,20,25,30,35mm
Famag 1597805 Wood Spiral Drill Bits HSS 5-Piece
Length: Famag 1597 wood twist drill bits HSS-G, Bliester - 5 - piece 'tool: "bit (e 6.3) with centre point, 2 lips, 2 spurs and hexagonal shaft for bit holder (1/4; E 6.3)Quality: Professional 'tool: Bit (e 6.3) with centre point, 2 main cutters, 2 spurs and hexagonal shaft for bit holder (1/4; E 6.3) Material: HSS-G: Maximum rotational speed of the battery wrench, mini-receiver. : 3000 min-1 use: for pre-drilling and quick tool changes to bit. Drilling in all wood-based materials and many plastics tip: ideal handling in battery powered screwdrivers. Thanks to its particularly smooth tensioning Mortice is achieved a good chip removal. Also available as a metal spiral extractors, the 2597 Series packaging: Pack of 1 SB in polyethylene tube. EANFeatures: 5 Piece Set in blister packaging diameter 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
Famag Machine CV Wood Twist Drill Bit – Pack of 1 445055
Quality: Hobby For Accurate Drilling in Soft and some European hardwoods
Famag 1630505 Forstner Drill Bit Set WS 5-Piece
Forstner bit Classic WS - Set 5 pcs. D = 15,20,25,30,35 mm
Famag Drilling – Extension GL 125 mm Internal Diameter 10 mm – 10 mm, 16 mm ø Outside 163 900 100
Available for three forstner bit shank sizes, these extenders allow you to drill deeper with your forstner bits. The 8mm and 10mm extenders both have 10mm shanks and add an extra 100mm of drilling depth to your bit. The 12mm extender has a 12mm shank and adds an impressive 360mm to your drilling depth. The forstners are held securely in the extender by four hex screws and each extender is precision machined for precise, true running. For drill press use only. Made in Germany. ©
Famag 1591.511 Wood Spiral Drill Bit Set 11 Pieces Diameter 3,4,5,6,8,10,12,13,14,15,16 mm in Wooden Box
highest requirements we normally recommend the premium twisted wood drills, line 1594. These tools are manufactured in HSS with a special, fully ground spiral which makes perfect chip conveying possible. These drills are known for their small wear and work best at high rotational speed. Modern cordless screwdrivers reach higher speeds than needed. But if the cordless screwdriver can't reach the speed which is needed, it is possible that the results aren't perfect. Regarding this issue we are able to present a twisted wood drill for cordless screwdrivers today. Because fully ground spirals proved itself, we manufacture this HSS tool in exactly this production type: A fully ground spiral in type N with double back guides. This way, you'll get a great drill result - even at a slow speed. To close the gap between bobby and premium price-wise, we only grind two cutting shoulders at the cutting head. Thanks to this the tools are cost-effective with a really great quality. By the way: These new twisted drill bits substitute line 1590. We didn't change the shank diameters of the old line, so now every drill over 10mm diameter has a shank diameter of 10mm.
Famag HSS Step Drill Bit, D5/7/10 and without Depth Adjustment Ring 188 615 000
Step Drill HSS for furniture/connection screws step drill bits HSS for furniture connecting screws without depth adjustment ring | For Standard Confirmat/Unitaschr screws HSS Step Drill Bit for furniture connecting screws of the benefits and features: Wood Drill in professional quality for high level of hand tools and use 3 position selector Wood twist drill bit with centring tip and cutting edges without depth adjustment ring above (that is sold separately) For pre-drilling required the connection screws as standard Confirmats screws or Unitaschr screws in one operation Material: High-speed steel (HSS) drill bit diameter: 5 mm 5000 min-1 in uncoated particle board. When coating slow, technical data: Diameter Can turn 1: 5 mm Length 1: 36 mm Diameter 2: 7 mm (0.27 inch) Length: 20 mm diameter 3: 10 mm Length: 3: 20 mm shaft diameter: 8 mm Shaft length: 25 mm
FAMAG Wood spiral drill bits long HSS-G 7-tlg. SET
Wood burs; Quality: professional (for high demands on tools and application) 7-part in the blister Ø 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm      Bit (C 6.3) with center point, 2 main cutting edges, 2 pre-cutters and hexagonal shank for bit holder (1/4 "; C 6.3)      HSS-G      Maximum speed of the cordless screwdriver. In drill recommended 3000 min-1      For pre-drilling and rapid tool change to the bit. Drilling in all wood materials and many plastics      Ideal handling in cordless screwdriver. Thanks to particularly smooth chip flutes, a good transport of goods is achieved
Bormax Wooden drill bit WS - Satz 5tlg. D=15,20,25,30,35mm
• Comprises of 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35mm forstner cutters and a brad point drill• Achieve clean, accurate holes easily regardless of the entry angle or material• Made by Famag in Germany from premium quality German high carbon steel• Supplied in a wooden presentation case Using forstner bits to drill at an angle can be a tricky and inaccurate process. Specially designed for drilling at an angle, the forstner bits in this professional set will make clean, accurate holes easily regardless of the entry angle or material being bored. Made by Famag in Germany from premium quality German high carbon steel, these angle drilling forstner bits each have removable central spurs that can be replaced with the included, longer brad point bit. In use, this bit enters the wood before the forstner cutter and keeps it on course for impressively precise results. Featuring the same low friction waveform design as the other Bormax forstner cutters, these bits are cooler cutting and stay much sharper for longer. Suitable for use with hardwoods, softwoods, plywood and plastic laminated boards, these cutters are precision machined to produce guaranteed diameters. This set contains 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm forstner cutters, a brad point drill and two allen keys and comes in a wooden presentation case. ©