Gesipa battery rivet gun

Battery Blind Rivet Gun 2.4 mm 2.2 kg/Gesipa AccuBird I. Metal Case
Battery, blind rivet gun AccuBird 2.4 mm 2.2 kg/Gesipa I. Metal CaseELECTROMECHANICAL blind rivet gun for processing of blind rivets up to 5 mm Ø of all materials and bulb Sta-Tite ® blind rivets up to 4.0 mm 5.2 mm & 1/4 (6.3 mm diameter in aluminium and steelDesign: Sheet I. case with chargerPackage Content: 1 x electromechanical blind rivet gun AccuBird® 1 Quick Release Battery 14.4 V/1.3 Ah (Li-ion) 4 mouth pieces: 17, 24, 17/27, 17/29 and 17/32, 1 Fast Charger 14.4 V Li-Ion (charging time: 50 - 100 minutes depending on battery) Supplied in sheet steel case
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Gesipa battery Blind Rivet Gun PowerBird Pro, 7300002.0
Battery blind rivet gun PowerBird Pro up to 6.4 mm bzw. 8 mm Aluminium Circular Motif.Case GesipaELECTROMECHANICAL blind rivet gun for use with blind rivets from 4.8 mm Diameter in steel, up to 8.0 mm diameter in aluminium and up to 1/4 "(6.5 mm) in diameter All materials · Releases also Bulb Sta-Tite blind rivets up to 7.7 mm in diameter All materials, as well as Mega Grip blind rivets - 6.4 mm diameter all materialsEAN: 4007081928151Manufacturer No: 1457636 Features:Contents: 7 PiecesDrive: Brushless DC Motor: 14.4 V Li-ion (BLDC)Weight (including battery): 2 kgDevice stroke: 25 mmLearn when force: 2000 N
Gesipa 1450841 Rivet Grey
GESIPA battery blind rivet nut gun Firebird Pro Gold Edition b.m12 steel M10 VA (1450841)