Gesipa powerbird

Gesipa Blindnietgerät Power-Bird 7240031.0
Battery riveting tool Power bird'Working Range: Up to 6.4 mm diameter for all materials. Same forward and reverse speed of the hold mechanism. After Setzvo Rgang immediate Trück position of the hold mechanism into the original position. Electronic control, no mechanical Schaltel elements. Electronic safe temperature and overload protection, low-loss force transmission thanks to the cone edge band buoyancy with high efficiency. Compact made from break-resistant device, dispose of broken rivet pins by tilting at the back in the container or the top of the through the mouth piece. Box Contents: 4 mouthpieces 17/24; 17/27; 17/29, 17/32, 1 installation tool, 1 quick release Li-Ion battery 14.4 V, 1.3 Ah, 1 Schnellladege rät14,4 V, 1 sheet steel case. Mouthpiece assignment: Rivet Diameter: 4.8 and 5 mm; Set of materials: steel, aluminium/aluminium;/Battery: 700; Mouthpiece 17/32 Rivet Diameter: 4.8 and 5 mm; Material: Stainless Steel; Pieces/Battery Charging Method: 560; Mouthpiece 17/36 Rivet Diameter 6.0 mm, material: aluminum; each piece/Battery Charging Method: 560; Mouthpiece 17/36 Rivet Diameter 6.0 mm, material: steel, pack of/Battery Charging Method: 300 - 17/mouthpiece 40 Rivet Diameter 6.4 mm, Materials: Aluminum/PG Aluminium; each piece/Battery Charge: 420 mm (16.6 inch), the mouth pieces 17/45 Rivet Diameter: 1/4 ", Material: Steel, items/Battery Charging Method: 250 - 17/mouthpiece 45 Rivet Diameter: 8.0 mm; Material: Alu; each piece/Battery Charging Method: 350 - 17/mouthpiece 45
Würth ni-MH replacement cordless drill battery device 12V 1.5Ah G12 0702915 Gesipa AccuBird PowerBird FireBird 7256020 7251017 70291510, battery box for four micro (AAA/AA) cells
Replacement cordless drill battery for Würth 12V Gesipa AccuBird riveting tool: FireBird PowerBird die cutting equipment: PunchBird riveter Ni-MH 12V 1500 mAh compatible battery, no original battery/battery box for 4 micro/mignon (AAA/AA) cells
2x Battery Gesipa AccuBird Firebird PowerBird battery Tool 070291510061/Battery Box for 4 Micro/Mignon AAA/AA Batteries Cell Acku
2x Replacement Battery for tool kit from and Würth riveting tool: AccuBird, FireBird, PowerBird hole punch device: Punch Baugl. Org. Manufacturer's Bez.: 070291510061 Ni-Cd 12 V 1500 mAh Compatible Battery - Not an original battery/battery box for 4 Micro/Mignon AAA/AA) cells
Gesipa battery Blind Rivet Gun PowerBird Pro, 7300002.0
Battery blind rivet gun PowerBird Pro up to 6.4 mm bzw. 8 mm Aluminium Circular Motif.Case GesipaELECTROMECHANICAL blind rivet gun for use with blind rivets from 4.8 mm Diameter in steel, up to 8.0 mm diameter in aluminium and up to 1/4 "(6.5 mm) in diameter All materials · Releases also Bulb Sta-Tite blind rivets up to 7.7 mm in diameter All materials, as well as Mega Grip blind rivets - 6.4 mm diameter all materialsEAN: 4007081928151Manufacturer No: 1457636 Features:Contents: 7 PiecesDrive: Brushless DC Motor: 14.4 V Li-ion (BLDC)Weight (including battery): 2 kgDevice stroke: 25 mmLearn when force: 2000 N
Firebird PowerBird battery charger + battery Gesipa AccuBird Tool 070291510061 + Battery Box for 4 Micro/AAA/AA Cells Battery Bateria Battery
New Battery for tool from and Würth riveting tool: AccuBird, FireBird, PowerBird hole punch device: Punch Baugl. Org. Manufacturer's Bez.: 070291510061 Ni-Cd 12 V 1500 mAh Compatible Battery, No original battery + Universal Fast Charger for Gesipa battery power fast charger L/1830 Automatic Voltage Detection battery pressure increase protection pulse Erhaltungsladung battery fault detection Reverse polarity protection Quality "AP Schorn Village control: Processor Power Supply: 220 V rechargeable batteries: 6 Battery Charger - 15 number of cells, Ni-CD, Ni-MH + Battery Box for 4 Micro/Mignon (AAA/AA) cells
Spare li-ion battery for Würth Gesipa blind riveting gun, Accubird, Powerbird, 070291510061, cordless riveting tools 725 MCS 5800, accu battery rechargeable battery
Replacement battery for Gesipa / Würth Accubird Powerbird baugl. Org. Manufacturer-Bez.070291510061 070291510061 cordless riveting tools, 725 MCS 5800, li-Ion 14.4 V, 1500 mAh, compatible battery, not an original battery.
Trade Shop Premium Ni-MH Battery 12 V 3300 mAh Power Bird 39,6wh for Gesipa AccuBird Firebird Punch Bird CPT12/2 EHD, Würth 7256020 7251017 70291510 0702915 Ang12 070291510061 G12 070291510 Master G12
High-performance Ni-MH battery.With this powerful battery you are purchasing a quality product. This battery is 100 % compatible with the original battery. The batteries are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, are characterised by longevity and can be used exactly like the original batteries. Just like the original battery, these batteries contain all electronic safety mechanisms.Technical details:High performance Ni-MH battery, 12V/3300 mAh/39.6 Wh.Made from high-quality cells.Not an original product, 100% compatible with the original battery.Can be charged using any standard or original mains adapter.Protection against overheating, overcharging and short-circuiting.No memory effect thanks to its superb quality and the latest Ni-MH technology.Replaces the following battery types: Gesipa 70291510061 and those with an identical construction.Suitable for the following devices:GesipaPowerbirdAccubirdFirebirdPunch BirdCPT12/2 EHDWürth72560207251017702915100702915Riveting tool ANG12070291510061G12070291510Master battery G12 12 VLematec 12 Vand those with an identical construction.
AP Spare Battery 12V 2.0Ah NiCd
Compatible models include: Gesipa 12 V Accubird Nicd; Gesipa 12 V Powerbird Nicd, - This product is brand new and is made with high quality components. It conforms with the exact specification of the original manufacturer and the battery is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.